MT Chapter 69


Chapter 69: Abyss of Death

The Giant Spirit Scholar, Yin Wind Swordsman, bronze masked old man, and Purple Lightning Young Master, were all well known strong people, the cultivators that dared come explore this ruins, were all people that had a bit of self confidence.

After entering the ten thousand corpse ancient tomb, not only would they be placed under the suppression of the ancient tomb, traps, demons and ghosts, and other cultivators would all need to be guarded against.

The ten thousand corpse ancient tomb was a dangerous closed environment, what happened inside no one could expect.

The difficulty of this treasure hunt would not be low!


Cai Die followed beside Chu Tian, she was comforting him in a low voice, “Lu Ren, don’t be angry, Yun Yao is not an average person and her background is very powerful, you can’t go against her.”

Chu Tian gave a relaxed smile, as if he did not care about it, “Don’t worry, my brain is very clear, I know what I should do.”

Cai Die was relieved when she heard this.

Although she did not know this youth for long, but Cai Die could feel his attitude, this person was crazy to the bones, so she was afraid of what he would do.

Yun Yao was born in the Central State Yun Family.

The Central State Four Families, Chu, Luo, Ye, and Yun, not a single one was weak!

To oppose the Purple Lightning Young Master for a small matter, it was not sane, even if he wasn’t killed by Yun Yao, annoying this large family, he could give up on a single safe day from now on.

What Cai Die didn’t know was.

Chu Tian was not afraid of trouble, out of the Four Great Families he had already offended three of them, an extra Yun Family did not matter.

Around two hours passed.

The main hall began to rumble.

The eight armed statue that was standing in the middle of the hall, suddenly slowly opened its eyes, a vast formidable aura shot up into the sky.

Everyone was shaking with excitement!

It was what they had been waiting for!

“The Eight Armed Demon’s eyes are open, the ten thousand corpse ancient tomb is now open!”  The bronze masked old man had been waiting for this moment, he immediately stood up, “Everyone, we opened the gates together, as for the treasures inside, whoever has the ability will get them, what do you think about that?”

The Purple Lightning Young Master let out a snort, “Why are you still standing there, quickly make a move!”

Several cultivators with profound cultivation bases, began to release spirit energy at the same time, only feeling a faint vibration coming from the ground, countless serpent like runes lit up the floor, gathering at the end of the hall.

A ten meter high beast head was imbedded into the wall of the main hall, when the spirit energy instill itself inside.  The originally metallic animal head, suddenly came to life, it opened its large mouth, a deep bottomless purple tunnel appeared in its mouth.

An ancient aura of death slowly filled the air.

The ancient tomb was open!

The cultivators in the audience cheered!

The Giant Spirit Scholar’s heart was the most anxious, holding the ancient tomb token in his hand, he directly walked in.  He was enveloped in a purple glow and his person immediately vanished.

“The ancient tomb is open!”

“Everyone charge!”

Everyone walked into the glowing door.

The ghost masked old man looked at Chu Tian and said, “This is the entrance of the ancient tomb, after we enter this door, we’ll be sent to a random place on the first floor of the ancient tomb.”

Chu Tian’s brows wrinkled, “Random transportation?”

“That’s right, random transportation.” The bronze masked old man paused before continuing, “The ancient tomb’s first floor is the Abyss of Death!”

Chu Tian asked, “What kind of place is the Abyss of Death?”

“From what we know, the astral wind in the Abyss of Death is very strong, the longer you stay, the easier it is for you to be hit with it.  You must be careful, do not get blown into the abyss, otherwise you’ll never be able to return.  The Abyss of Death’s level of danger is normal, but there will occasionally be things that appear that will be so enticing people can’t resist.  Be sure to remember, even if it is enticing, do not try to get it.”

Chu Tian remembered.

“After you pass the Abyss of Death, you’ll enter the second floor, the Wraith Palace!”

“There are fierce spirit attacks in the Wraith Palace, the level of danger is also normal, but in the past years the ancient tomb has opened, several weak small cultivators have died there.  The cultivators had died but their souls had not dispersed, after changing into resentful spirits, they feel an extreme hate towards cultivators who came seeking treasures, so that causes the level of danger to multiply!”

Cai Die knit her brows as if she was worried about something, “How do we deal with this?”

The bronze masked old man said, “Do not take treasures from the palace, quickly move through, do not stay long!  Remember, the longer you stay, the easier it is to be affected by the spirits!  Go as fast as you can through this floor!”

“The third floor?”

“After passing the first two floors, then you entered into the true ten thousand corpse ancient tomb, we will regroup on the third floor.”

Cai Die excitedly said, “Then let’s go!”

“Hold on a minute.”  Chu Tian opened his talisman pocket and took out a talisman, “This is a level 1 light talisman, you hold on to this, use it in critical moments to break through evil spirits, you hold onto this just in case.”

Cai Die revealed a face of gratitude, “Thank you!”

Chu Tian slightly nodded his head.

Although he did not know Cai Die for long, but she was a partner he went through thick and thin with, so he should take care of her.

Cai Die’s cultivation was not strong, but the ancient tomb sealed cultivation, so everyone would be below the Awakened Soul Realm, the spirits would not be that much stronger.  Cai Die had a high grade spirit weapon and adding on the level 1 talisman, she would be safe.


The two of them held their ancient tomb token as they walked into the glowing door.

In an instant, their surrounding changed, the view and sound, all disappeared, the temperature dropped by 10 degrees, as their view became dim and dark.

This was a dark space of emptiness!

Profound and mysterious, open and deadly silent, enough to inspire the ancient fear of all men.

Chu Tian felt under his feet, it felt like a boat floating in water, because Chu Tian was standing on a black stone platform, under it was a deep bottomless abyss!

Looking into the distance, were thousands of stone platforms, the height was randomly distributed, it created a long path, the end of which could not be seen.

Was this an illusion technique?

Chu Tian closed his eyes to open his Mind’s Eye.

The illusion technique was too large, the Mind’s Eye range was limited, he could not find any flaws.

Strong, strong, the realistic illusion unified perfectly, the designer of this ten thousand corpse ancient tomb, was definitely a master of array formations.

“This is the legendary Abyss of Death!”

“Everyone be careful not to fall into the abyss on the sides!”

“Accidentally falling down, you will be immediately swallowed by the abyss, your soul will be forever imprisoned in this ancient tomb, no hope of ever reincarnated!”

Everyone had just adapted to the circumstance, as they were just about to proceed, from the endless void, an ice cold astral wind suddenly erupted.  The astral wind had a great strength, even a cow would be blown over!

Several youths could not react in time, they were blown off the stone platform.


“Help me!”

“Please save me!”

The youth’s four limbs thrashed wildly, they could not grab onto the stone platform, falling into the abyss and their pitiful cry suddenly stopped.


A lively person was gone just like that!

As if they had never existed!

Everyone hurried to protect their body with spirit energy to block the astral wind, to avoid being blown into the abyss. This place was too frightening, accidentally falling, beyond redemption, it made people’s hearts tremble, it seemed it would be better to not stay for long!

Chu Tian was stepping on a stone platform, slowly going forward.

“Everyone look!”

“There are Source Energy Crystal Stones!

“There are so many Source Energy Crystal Stones!”

A few people with surprised faces were shouting, everyone’s attention was attracted, floating around the sides of the road, countless Crystal Stones floated in the void, giving off a seductive glow.

Source Stones!

It was all Source Stones!

Hundred upon thousands, it was enough for even Awakened Soul Realm Cultivators to go mad for!

A low grade spirit stone could trade for at least 10000 gold coins, this many spirit stones could be worth around several tens of millions of gold coins!

Astonishing great wealth?

Even Chu Tian felt a little agitated!

But the bronze masked old man had warned Chu Tian, the Abyss of Death will show many enticements, most of them cannot be obtained, if he acted rashly, he would die.

Although money was attractive.

His life was still the most important!

Chu Tian hardened his heart and continued moving forward.

At this time another person shouted out with a face of excitement, “There are many treasures in front!”


Chu Tian raised his head to look.

There was an ancient plain bronze mirror, it was blown from the void by astral winds, the surface of it was covered in Runes with profound meaning, it looked like a very strong treasure!

It was only around 30 meters away!

Many people felt the impulse to take the risk!

The treasures in the surroundings increased, a cold bright treasured sword, a blood red treasured sabre, a bright gold threaded armour…..there were too many treasures here!

Were they left by treasure hunters, or did they come from the ancient tomb?

In short, they were all spirit level equipments, not a single one failed to make people’s blood boil in excitement!

Chu Tian was not affected, the treasure was definitely attractive, but he had to be alive to take them.  These treasures were only regular spirit level things, even if the value was high, it was still limited, it was not worth taking the risk.

The wind from both sides was too strong!

If one went into them, they would be blown away!

Chu Tian continued to walk forward and the surrounding treasures became more attractive.

One cultivator said with red eyes, “Pure Yin Grass!  Unexpectedly there is Pure Yin Grass here!”

Some broken debris emerged from the void, each with a diameter of several meters, floating like small stones, various heaven and earth treasures growing on them.

The Pure Yin Grass was a very precious treasure!

When the cultivators saw on the small island, there grew dense amounts of the Pure Yin Grass and the island was tens of meters wide, they went crazy with excitement.

“With the Pure Yin Grass’s support, I can refine extreme Yin Sword Qi!”

“When everyone’s at the same level, who can block me!”

“This is mine, no one can steal from me!”

A cultivator roared in a low voice, white spirit energy glow came from his body, suddenly leaping forward, right for the island covered in Pure Yin Grass.

10 zhang! (3.33 meters)

9 zhang!

8 zhang!

The spirit energy on his body slowly dissipated!

Because the further from the stone platform, the stronger the astral winds are, with his peak 9th Body Refinement Layer cultivation, how could he block such strong astral winds?

Around the time he was 5 zhang away, the spirit energy covering his body was dying like a candle, finally it was blown away.

“No! NO!”

The cultivator screamed in panic, wanting to turn back, but as expected the astral winds covered his body, instantly blowing him away and not leaving a trace, in the darkness only a pitiful cry remained.

This cultivator’s pitiful condition, was like cold water splashed on everyone else’s ambitions.


Too hard!

Countless treasures, but wanting to obtain them was easier said then done?

Chu Tian’s eyes flashed, he was using his Mind’s Eye, it let him observe the changes in the astral wind.  The astral wind had a rule, in a certain period of time it would be at its strongest, but then it would become weak.

If he made a move when the astral wind was weak, would he have a chance then?

Everyone continued walking forward, several more tragedies took place, it would always be a cultivator trying to obtain a treasure and then being blown away by the astral win.  And there was a single person who had reached his destination and grabbed the treasure, but was blown away when he tried to come back.

Everyone couldn’t help but sigh with regret!

The Abyss of Death, it really was place that ate people and didn’t even spit out their bones!

It stimulated people’s greed and then guided them to death!

Chu Tian was critically watching the whole time, he firmly believed there was a rule to the astral wind!

There was a way!

There had to be a way!

This time another little island appeared, the island was covered in a blue herb, there was also a stone table and on top of the stone table was a jade bottle and a ring.

It was around 7 zhang away!

The transparent bottle was filled with a revitalizing energy, even though it was far away, it could make people feel their bodies shake, even quickly healing the small injuries on their bodies.

The plain ring was filled with a sharp aura, it was obviously a very strong treasure.

The blue herbs, was filled with an attractive aura.

Even the simplest herbs, if grown for hundreds or thousands of years, the could also become elixir rank treasures, the entire small island was completely covered in blue herbs!

How could people not be excited?

This was a huge opportunity!

At this time, the astral wind had blown at peak strength, it was at its weakest now, Chu Tian already knew the rules of the astral wind.

This was a good chance!

Taking a few steps forward and leaping off the stone platform road, entering the endless void and flying toward the small island.

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