MT Chapter 72


Chapter 72: Nether Spirit Palace

Her brain completely went blank!

Yun Yao was 20, one of the Four Young Masters, was regarded as a precious treasure since her youth, her nature was overbearing and strived for success, also stuck in her own way, she was used to bullying others, how could she have ever been bullied?

Let alone being spanked on the butt by a man!



Yun Yao could not respond in time.

The plentiful butt was smacked once again!

This woman’s body was not as good as Meng Qingwu’s, but the feel was still very good, very flexible, it was truly enjoyable.  She was one of the dignified Four Young Masters, to be able to discipline a person of this caliber, it truly gave on a satisfied feeling!

Chu Tian asked again, “Will you go or not?”

Yun Yao’s round eyes stared, “Don’t even think about it!”

Chu Tian fiercely hit her again!

Yun Yao had already collapsed, she was already crying from being hit, “You shaming me like this!  I will not let you go!  Will not let you go!  I will definitely kill you!”

“You naturally can shame others, then other people can’t shame you?  Perhaps you’ve never heard, despicable people deserve to be shamed!”  Chu Tian did not show any compassion to this woman, he fiercely smacked the buttocks a few more time, “I’ll ask you once again, will you go or not?”

“Why don’t you just kill me?”

“Aiyo, truly a stubborn person!”  Chu Tian grinned as he said, “There’s no way then, relax I won’t kill you, but I’m a kind of person that loves to destroy pretty flowers.”

“You…..You dare!”

“What don’t I dare to do?”  Chu Tian ominously said, “Decide, first I’ll rape you 10-20 times, then I’ll waste your cultivation and disfigure you face!”

Such excessive cruelty!

She had never seen anyone this ruthless!

“You…..You pervert!”  Yun Yao was in complete panic, “Stop!  You dare do anything to me, even if I become a ghost I won’t let you go!”

If that was the case!

She wouldn’t have the courage to continue living.

“You think I won’t dare?”  Chu Tian did not pity her at all, “I’ll ask you one last time, will you go or not!”

Yun Yao bit her lips, her eyes began to mist, “I……I’ll go!”

Chu Tian ruthless patted her butt again, “Do you know your wrongdoings?”

Yun Yao was about to burst, “I……I know!”

Chu Tian patted her again, “Will you take revenge!”

Yun Yao eyes popped out again, “Nonsense!  I want to cut you into a thousand pieces!  Eat your flesh and drink your blood!  Turn your bones into ashes!”

“Fuck, how fierce!  That bad?!”  Chu Tian made a move as if he wanted to remove Yun Yao’s clothes, “There’s no way then, I don’t want to leave trouble for myself, although you are not my type, I’ll force myself do this terrible deed.”

“Stop, stop!  Won’t take revenge!  I won’t take revenge!”  Yun Yao’s tears began to fall, “Quickly stop it!”

“You really won’t take revenge?”


“Alright, I’ll trust you this once!”

Yun Yao’s butt was burning, the hatred in her heart was thick, as for the promise to not take revenge?  Pei!  How could she not take revenge!  Once she leaves this ancient tomb, the first thing she would do is take care of this bastard!

How could Chu Tian not see through her intentions, but he didn’t care about it, “You’re still not quickly guiding the way?  Is your butt still itchy?  Want me to help you rub it?”

Yun Yao’s face turned as red as a monkey’s bottom, she was biting her teeth so hard it almost broke.

That place was one she had found, she never thought she would have to share it with this bastard!

Stay in the castle peak, do not worry about firewood!

You just wait for me!

Yun Yao viciously stared at Chu Tian, an ordinary appearance, without any fame, but was even crazier than her, letting Yun Yao not have a single way out.

Originally she wanted to force Chu Tian, in the end she was the one being forced.

Yun Yao had no choice, she could only be dragged by Chu Tian.

In the dense fog, an outline of a jet black palace appeared.

The black palace was in the centre position, at the same time it was the place with the most dense Yin Qi.  Even through the heavy fog, an ancient aura could be felt coming from it, it seemed the treasure being hidden within was not as simple as it seemed.

Yun Yao clenched her with unwillingness.

Did she really have to lead away the spirit inside?

She really had to give this bastard a share?

While Yun Yao was preparing herself.

Chu Tian suddenly noticed something, immediately he called Yun Yao, “Wait!”

While Yun Yao was stunned, several explosion sounds came through the mist, followed by a mournful spirit’s crying voice, a surprised expression appeared on her face, there seemed to be people here.

“Quickly run!”

Three cultivators rushed out in distress.

A single spirit following behind them, covered in thick mist, its face was ugly and vicious, in his hand was a black trident covered in blue ghost flames.  Wherever he went, a cold wind followed, blowing fast.

Chu Tian was shocked, “It’s a Spirit Demon!”

Spirit Demons were a type of very fierce spirits, spirits that were formed after hundreds, even up to a thousand years of cultivation.  If their strengths were not sealed, even Yun Yao would not be a match for this Spirit Demon!

Even if Spirit Demons were suppressed by the ancient tomb, wrapped in its shroud of mystical powers, it would be sufficient for it to fight Awakened Soul Cultivators!


The Spirit Demon let out a scream!

Yun Yao felt as if a nail was digging into her soul, instantly causing intense pain, her eyes blacked, her whole body was paralyzed as she fainted!

Chu Tian shouted, “Wake up!”

Yun Yao’s body shook, instantly restoring her consciousness, showing an amazed face, it……it attacked the soul!

The fleeing cultivators did not have the same luck.

The Spirit Demon raised it trident covered in ghost fire, the ghost fire shot right at one of the cultivators, he pitifully fell to ground and cried, tumbling and kicking, but the ghost fire was not an ordinary fire, it could not be extinguished with usual methods.

His skin quickly became wrinkled.

His hair also turned white.

After a few seconds, the vigorous young man had suddenly turned into an old man on the verge of death.

The Spirit Demon inhaled, the ghost flame with all the cultivators life essence, was all absorbed into its body.

Such a terrifying skill!

The two remaining cultivators were scared out of their wits, they once again tried to escape.  Seeing Chu Tian’s group, as if wildly grasping at straws, “Save us!  Save us!”

Yun Yao’s expression fell, “That Spirit Demon was led over by them!”

Chu Tian wanted to help, but he couldn’t react in time.


The Spirit Demon stuck his weapon into the ground, blue ghost flames sprouted out.  A long trench was created by the flames, just like a blue dragon, slithering its way forward.

The two cultivators didn’t have a chance, the ghost flames slammed into their bodies and they died a tragic death!

Chu Tian and Yao Yun jumped aside to avoid it, they didn’t dare touching this life draining ghost flame!


Yao Yun shouted in mid air, awakening the power of her thunder and lightning source spirit.  Suddenly extending her ten fingers, countless thunder rays shot out.

The Spirit Demon was a spirit without a body, its body was made of nothing, completely invisible, it was hard to make a move against, common martial arts had no effect.

The long trident was raised!

The several lightning bolts were attracted by the trident!

Yun Yao let out a shocked expression, the spirit could block her lightning attack, how was this possible?  Thunder was the weakness of spirits!

Chu Tian didn’t find it strange, “The Spirit Demon has lived in the ancient tomb for a long time, although its cultivation has been sealed, its foundation is very deep, it forcefully countered the lightning with the Yin Qi in its body, this is a very rare occurrence!”

Yun Yao did not stop releasing her lightning, her face began to turn white, “I can’t hold on!  Are you just gonna stand and watch?”

Chu Tian casually pulled out a talisman.

His legs kicked out!

Shooting forward!

The Spirit Demon was not simple, one hand holding the trident to stave Yun Yao’s attack, with the other hand, he started shooting ghost flames at Chu Tian.

Two sword qi sliced apart the ghost flames!

Chu Tian smoothly arrived in front of the Spirit Demon and he stuck the Illumination Talisman onto the Spirit Demon’s empty body!

In an instant, gloriously radiant, like a small sun exploding, gold white rays covered the Spirit Demon, instantly melting a huge part of the Spirit Demon’s body.

A good chance!

Yun Yao seized the chance to condense the power of her lightning, while the Spirit Demon was suffering heavy injuries, she shot the lightning to tear the Spirit Demon apart.

The sparkling lightning bolts shot out, blasting several large holes in the surrounding.

The position that Chu Tian was in, just as he moved out of the way, a lightning bolt struck down right where he was, “Fuck!  This girl!  Taking this chance to deal with me!”

Yun Yao’s eyes flashed a trace of pity, “There was too much force behind it!”

It’d be strange if I believed you!

This is the so called poisonous female heart!

It would simpler to just kill her, better than leaving a disaster by my side!

Yun Yao saw Chu Tian’s uncertain face, her heart skipped a beat, “You…..What are you doing?  I really didn’t mean to do it!”

Chu Tian was truly prepared to kill, but looking at the black palace, the killing intent in his heart calmed.  This palace will not be easy to pass, with Yun Yao by his side, he would at least have someone to help.

“I hope there won’t be a next time.”


Even in Yun Yao’s dream she wouldn’t have thought, she would become so obedient to such a small character.

This youth was too hateful, he clearly hadn’t even grown any hair yet, but he was still this mysterious, making it hard for people to guess what he’s thinking.

Yun Yao saw Chu Tian pick up a purple black bead, “What is that thing?”

“You don’t even recognize a spirit core?  Truly stupid and ignorant!”  Chu Tian placed the strange bead into his pocket, this thing was a treasure, its value was much higher than corpse cores, “The spirit core is the condensed soul of the spirit, it is not inferior to a same level beast core, it probably could be considered even better.”

The Spirit Demon was a very strong spirit.

If this Spirit Demon was outside, it would be much stronger than Yun Yao.  This spirit core that Chu Tian took, it was very valuable.

This kind of good thing being taken away!

Yun Yao clenched her teeth, she was a little unwilling.

Yun Yao let out a breath of air, “This fellow has been killed, you should hurry and enter!”

Chu Tian looked at her with intrigued eyes, “Hei, hei, do you really not understand or are you playing the fool?”

Yun Yao’s eyes flashed a trace of light, “I really don’t know what you’re talking about!”

Chu Tian lightly said to her, “This palace doesn’t only have one Spirit Demon, there should be other spirits inside!”

Yun Yao snorted and said, “I’ve never been inside, how would I know?”

“Actually, normal spirits, we can deal with.”  Chu Tian eyes became solemn as he stared at the black palace, “Spirit Demons are the guards of the Spirit King, if there is a Spirit Demon here, there is the possibility of there being a Spirit King here.”

The Spirit King was a type of evil spirit that had cultivated for a thousand years!

On the outside they could easily sweep through Awakened Soul Cultivators, even if it was suppressed by the ancient grave, it would still be a powerful existence!

“Hei, hei, hei, hei, I never would have thought, there would be someone who knew of the Spirit King’s existence!”

A hoarse old voice, came from the dense fog, a black robed old man and a middle aged swordsman, slowly walked over.

Once Yun Yao saw the middle aged man, “Wan Wuyi?”

She then looked at the black robed man, “Dark Flame Medicine Master Mo Yan, I never thought you would come too, I didn’t see you in the main hall!”

The middle aged man was the rogue cultivator expert, his name was the Yin Wind Swordsman, Wan Wuyi.

The black robed old man was being low key in the main hall, so no one noticed him there, but he was also an extraordinary person.  His nickname was “Dark Flame Medicine Master” and was one of the most famous alchemists in Central State.

Wan Wuyi was staring back at Yun Yao, “Does the Purple Lightning Young Master also want a piece of the Nether Spirit Palace?”

“Old Brother Wuyi, no need to worry.”   Mo Yan was a skinny old man with a wrinkled face, he had a gentle smiling face, “If I haven’t guessed wrong, the Purple Lightning Young Master wants the Thunder Spirit Bead in the Nether Spirit Palace, am I right?”

Yun Yao clenched her fist, “So what if it is?”

Mo Yan slowly said, “Old Brother wants the Netherworld Sword, I want the Netherworld Ghost Flame, and we’ll give you the Thunder Spirit Bead, like this, why don’t we work together?”

Yun Yao’s heart skipped a beat.

This was a good chance to take out Chu Tian!

Yun Yao directly walked beside them, “What you say makes sense, I’ll cooperate with you, after we finish this matter, we’ll take what we need.”

Chu Tian was angered, “If you take everything, what will Father take?”

Mo Yan saw Chu Tian looked average, was young, and his aura was weak, he coldly snorted and said, “Is this a friend of the Purple Lightning Young Master?”

Yun Yao snorted, “I don’t know him!”

“An unknown peasant want to divide the treasure with us?”  Wan Wuyi pulled out a black jade treasured sword, “While I still don’t want to kill you!  Scram!”

Chu Tian coldly smiled and said, “I’ll be frank, if you small characters go in you won’t even be enough to fill the holes in the Spirit King’s teeth!”

Purple Lightning Young Master!

Yin Wind Swordsman!

Dark Flame Medicine Master!

Which one wasn’t a well know famous person?  In this boy’s mouth they were nothing but small characters!

“How bold!”

The Yin Wind Swordsman was furious, his sword swept out, a fierce sword qi, suddenly shot forward!

Yun Yao showed a face full of schadenfreude, the sword of the Yin Wind Swordsman was not weak, this little brat was doomed!

A fuzzy black sword shadow, appeared right in front of Chu Tian.


Chu Tian used his sword source spirit to slice out, a devastating wild power swept out, Wan Wuyi was knocked back several steps, his face changed several times in a row.

Yun Yao’s face was full of shock.

Sword Source Spirit!

This brat unexpectedly had a source spirit!

That being said, when he was fighting her, he hadn’t fought for real!

Wan Wuyi showed a little fear, “I never would have thought you would have some skills, but it is far from enough!  I’ll let you see the true might of the Secret Yin Wind Sword Art!”

“Old Brother, hold on for a minute!”  Mo Yan looked Chu Tian up and down, “This little brother’s strength is not bad, he’s qualified to join us, as for the treasure, we’ll split it evenly ok?”


Chu Tian was also exhausted.

His spirit energy was already spent, he had no way to summon the Demon God’s sword anymore.

Yun Yao was furious in her heart, she couldn’t extinguish this evil star, he even was invited to join!

The Yin Wind Swordsman, Dark Flame Medicine Master, those two idiots couldn’t see it.  This brat was not as simple as he seemed, if they fought him alone they wouldn’t be his match!

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