MT Chapter 74


Chapter 74: Netherworld Sword

If the Spirit King was in the outside world, it would be able to easily sweep through Awakened Soul Cultivators.  Even being suppressed by the ancient tomb, it was still a hard to defeat existence.

But Chu Tian had defeated it with a single punch!

Yun Yao was shocked speechless, in this world there were certain natural born individuals who had the ability to awaken two source spirits, these kinds of people were an one in a billion kind of rare.

But having twin source spirits wasn’t always a good thing!


Because the potential of a person’s soul was limited, sometimes it was barely enough to nurture one source spirit, let alone two.

Source spirits represented a cultivator’s talent, better to be strong than for there to be more, better to be refined than to be varied.

A strong source spirit could split apart, and can turn into two ordinary source spirits, but that would be a loss rather than a gain.

Chu Tian’s two source spirits, whether it was the sword source spirit or the shadow source spirit that just appeared, both of them were top class source spirits, particularly that shadow source spirit that had the strength of a demon god.  Because of his cultivation, it was not very clear, but it was at least at the level of a God Level Source Spirit!

He had overdrawn his body strength by summoning his source spirit!

Chu Tian was incredibly weak, he took out the Yuan Essence Grass and swallowed a piece of it.

But it was truly terrifying, if not for Yun Yao using the Thunder Spirit Bead to help weaken the Spirit King, if not for Mo Yan launching a sneak attack to distract the Spirit King, if not for Chu Tian being able to use the Mind’s Eye and finding the weak spot of the Spirit King.

Would it have been this easy?

The Spirit King left behind a large spirit core, the spirit core’s surface was covered in blue white flames.

“Fire Seed?”  Mo Yan’s face filled with disappointment, “Originally I thought there would be a mature Netherworld Flame, but who would have thought that the Netherworld Flame would already have been refined by the Spirit King.  The difficulty in cultivating a Fire Seed is too high and would require large amounts of time and energy!”

Spirit Fires were not cultivation law weapons, nor were they cultivation techniques.

But it was like a cultivation law weapon and it was like a cultivation technique.

Spirit Fires could be directly used, they would instantly increased the user’s strength, but Spirit Fire Seeds needed to be slowly cultivated, the entire process would require massive amounts of resources and time, just like training a cultivation technique.

The ancient grave no longer had a Netherworld Flame.

There was only a thousand year old Netherworld Flame Fire Seed.

From the potential of the Spirit King had refined the Netherworld Flame for a thousand years, it was much stronger than ordinary Netherworld Flames.  This was no longer an ordinary Netherworld Flame, it had already absorbed the power of the Spirit King for a thousand years, it had evolved into a thousand year Netherworld Ghost Flame.

If this Fire Seed was properly nurtured, it would definitely be a stronger flame than the Netherworld Flame!

But was nurturing the Fire Seed an easy thing to do?

It would consume resources like a bottomless pit!

Although this was not satisfying, but it was better than nothing, so Mo Yan did not wait to pick up the Fire Seed.

Yun Yao was standing to the side with the Thunder Spirit Bead, her eyes were twinkling as she stared at Mo Yan and Chu Tian.  Now that the Thunder Spirit Bead was in her hands, her power had increased several times, she was confident that she could deal with Chu Tian now.

Mo Yan wasn’t a threat!

But should she take her revenge now?

Of course Chu Tian was not an idiot, the only reason he threw the Thunder Spirit Bead to Yun Yao was because of the crisis they were in, now that the Spirit King had already been taken care of, Yun Yao had undoubtedly become the largest threat.

Mo Yan saw the atmosphere had become tense, in his heart he felt a bit of fear.

Not good!

If the Purple Lightning Young Master makes a move now.

Even if they collaborate it wouldn’t be certain they could block the power of the Thunder Spirit Bead!

Mo Yan looked over at Chu Tian, the minute their eyes met, an understanding formed between them.  If the Purple Lightning Young Master attacked one of them, they would work together against her!

The three of them spread out together, they were all wary of the other parties.  What they were thinking, only they themselves knew.

At this moment, Mo Yan suddenly thought of something as he moved his head to look in all four directions, “That’s strange, Old Brother Wan should not have died, why is he gone?”

That’s right!

Where had Wan Wuyi gone?

There was not a trace of Wan Wuyi in the main hall!


He couldn’t possibly have left.

He had used his Secret Yin Wind Sword Art, letting him hide himself!

“Not good!”  Chu Tian noticed something as he turned to look at Yun Yao, “Behind you!”

Yun Yao’s body trembled!

She had been paying full attention to Chu Tian and Mo Yan in fear that they would collaborate against her to steal the Thunder Spirit Bead, she did put any attention into guarding against sneak attacks.

A quick and fierce cold aura exploded out.

A terrifying killing intent surged over.

Yun Yao was startled, she didn’t even have time to turn around.


A swift and fierce sword qi, stabbed right into her back, flying out through the front, large amounts of blood spilling out!

Yun Yao’s beautiful eyes turned round, she could only feel her strength leaving her body as she fell backwards!

“Ha, ha, ha!”

“Mine!  It’s all mine!”

Wan Wuyi took out a cloth and quickly wrapped up the Thunder Spirit Bead, putting it away in his chest, he walked past Yun Yao’s body and stared at Chu Tian and Mo Yan with a face of greed.

Mo Yan revealed a surprised face, “The Purple Lightning Young Master is a member of the Central State Yun Family, are you not afraid of retaliation from Yun Tianhe after killing her?”

“With Yun Tianhe’s reputation, who wouldn’t be afraid?  But there is only us here and dead people will never talk!”

Mo Yan’s eyes turned round in shock, “You…….”

“You can die now!”

“Yin Wind Soul Slash!”

Wan Wuyi once again displayed his Secret Yin Wind Sword Art, his figure disappeared once again.

Mo Yan’s heart filled with amazement, the reputation of the Yin Wind Swordsman was not undeserved, the Secret Yin Wind Sword Art was fast enough to leave not a shadow or trace, it was the best assassination skill in the Southern Summer Country.

Wan Wuyi had cultivated the «Secret Yin Wind Sword Art» for twenty years now, he had long reached the Large Success realm.  If Mo Yan was in his normal condition, he would be able to retreat, but now his spirit energy was spent and he suffered heavy injuries from the Spirit King, how could he still escape from the Yin Wind Sword?

“I’ve been friends with you for so many years, you actually still want to silence me by killing me!”

Mo Yan angrily shouted, two black flames appeared in his hands, preparing to create a barrier around him, but before the flames could close.

A sword light shot through the opening!

Mo Yan’s eyes were wide open, the world spinned around him and with a splash he fell on the ground, the last he saw was a familiar looking headless body!

Yun Yao was collapsed in a pool of blood.

Mo Yan had been decapitated.

Wan Wuyi calmly reappeared, picking up the Netherworld Flame spirit core, “Ha, ha, ha, ha, the thousand year Netherworld flame is mine now!”

Such a ruthless fellow!

Chu Tian had underestimated him!

He was this skilled in killing someone to steal their treasure, perhaps this wasn’t his first time.

Wan Wuyi’s sinister eyes fell onto Chu Tian, “Little brat, I really have to thank you, you guys fought the Spirit King and managed to kill it while being injured, thus giving me an opportunity to swoop in, I really have to thank you!  I have to admit, you are much stronger than I imagined, but now that you’re this exhausted, can you still block my sword?”

Wan Wuyi didn’t know that Chu Tian had already used the thousand year Yuan Essence Grass, his spirit energy had already refilled by half.

Chu Tian still did not dare to be negligent, the strength of the Yin Wind Swordsman was not small, he was a person with experience in the Jianghu.  All his skills were very fierce, each one would kill with a single strike, he could not be underestimated.

“My sword is truly fast, you won’t feel any pain!”

“I’ve heard that people that die in the ancient tomb, their souls will never be able to pass on, they will be imprisoned here, in the end they will be turned into an evil spirit, I hope you enjoy it…..Ha, ha, ha, ha!”

Once the words were said.


Wan Wuyi instantly vanished!

Just like a invisible cold wind!

This was the strength of the Yin Wind Sword Art, every strike left no shadow or trace, it was impossible to perceive.

Wan Wuyi’s achievements in the sword arts were high, not only was it impossible to identify him with the naked eye, even the sound and aura were all hidden, ordinary cultivators had no way to find him.

Chu Tian slowly stepped back, letting his back face a pillar, his eyes swept across the main hall as he coldly said, “Your sword art is only a low grade assassination skill, it cannot even be considered a powerful art!”

“Stubborn fool!”

“I’ll let you taste the strength of the Yin Wind Sword Art!”

Wan Wuyi’s voice rang out from an undeterminable place, it rang back and forth, it was impossible to figure out where he was.  But Chu Tian could feel a wisp of killing intent, his mouth could not help but turn into a sneer, it was impossible for him to suppress his killing intent, this assassination sword art, to say it was low grade was already generous!

“Go and die!”

The minute Wan Wuyi made his move.

“Mind’s Eye!”

Chu Tian opened his Mind’s Eye, he instantly saw through the attack, the minute Wan Wuyi’s sword approached, a fuzzy sword shape appeared behind Chu Tian.



Two sword light immediately appeared in the air!

One ray of sword light, lacerated Chu Tian’s Glass Body and the pillar behind him had a sword mark carved into it.

The other ray of sword light, had split Wan Wuyi’s body, from his left shoulder to his right abdomen.

Wan Wuyi stared wide eyed in surprise, his mouth was opening and closing like a fish in water, when the half of his body fell, blood bloomed just like a flower, scattering everywhere.


Chu Tian was clutching his deep chest wound, gently coughing twice, he was clearly heavily injured, he walked over to Wan Wuyi’s body with difficulty, then he took both the Thunder Spirit Bead and the spirit core.

“The Yin Wind Sword Art is only mediocre!”

Taking out the jade bottle, pouring the Life Essence Water on his wound, the flesh and blood slowly began to creep and immediately the wound closed and the bleeding stopped.

There was no saving Mo Yan.

Chu Tian searched through Mo Yan’s body, he found a bunch of bottles and jars.  Mo Yan was an alchemy master, he had countless pills and medicines, but for Chu Tian, these things were very poor.

Mo Yan focused on refining poisons, nine of ten bottles were filled with poisonous pills.

At this time, Yun Yao had not died yet, she was in a difficult situation, because of her excessive blood lost, her face turned completely white, “Cold……I’m so cold……Am I about to die?”

Yun Yao still had dreams she had not achieved.

She had always been self sustaining, but who would have thought she would die in an unknown place like this.

Yun Yao finally understood her grandfather’s warning, the world was too dangerous, what use was natural talent?  No wonder the Chu Family, Luo Family, and the Ye Family wouldn’t let their young talents go out alone.  Geniuses that had not grown up yet could easily be dragged down from the heavens.

If she knew this earlier.

She wouldn’t have sneaked out!

Chu Tian lifted Yun Yao up, his hands pulled at her chest and her clothes were ripped open, two snow white peaks were revealed.

On the topic of that, she wasn’t on the scale of the young miss, but she was still quite strong, she could easily excite a normal man.

Blood continued to gush out from the wound, making anyone who saw it feel uncomfortable.

Yun Yao could be considered lucky!

Because she had heard the warning, she had dodged by half an inch, so her heart hadn’t been pierced through, otherwise she wouldn’t have lived until now.

Yun Yao was angry, “What are you doing!  Even if I am dying……You can’t violate me like this!”

Chu Tia was holding the jade bottle, he first gave her a bit to drink, then he sprinkled a bit onto her wound.

Yun Yao could clearly feel it, her wound slowly began to itch as the flesh began to heal itself.

“You……”  Yun Yao’s face filled with disbelief, “Why did you save me?”

“That’s right!”  Chu Tian patted his head, “I must be going crazy, why did I save you?  I must be possessed!  I wasted half a bottle of my Life Essence Water!”

Yun Yao was so angry she almost spat out blood, “Isn’t it only a bottle of Life Essence Water?  Once you come to Central State City, I’ll give you 10 bottles!”

Chu Tian had a face of disbelief, “Don’t think that I don’t know, you’re still planning to kill me in your heart!”

Yun Yao’s face turned slightly red, “I was thinking about killing you!  But…..You’ve saved my life, so now we can call it even!”

“Do you mean what you say?”

“I won’t gain anything from killing you!”

“Alright, I’ll believe you this time!”  Chu Tian cast another look at her large and white chest.

Yun Yao quickly drew her clothes together, but she discovered that her clothes had already been crudely ripped by Chu Tian, there was no way for her to cover the view, she could only block with her hands as she angrily stared at Chu Tian, “Manage your eyes!”

“It’s not that rare, I’ve seen bigger!”  Chu Tian scoffed letting Yun Yao feel hate enough to make her teeth ache, he then threw over a cloth covered package to her, “You can have this thing!”

Yun Yao showed an excited expression, as if she had found a treasure as she held the Thunder Spirit Bead, “You’re really giving this to me?”

“What this about giving this to you?  You’re thinking too positively, I’ve wronged you!  Anyway I have no use for it, with this in your hand, at least you can be of some help!”


Then just wrong me for a hundred years!

With this treasure in my hand, you shouldn’t think of taking it back!

Yun Yao rubbed the dust off the Thunder Spirit Bead, her beautiful face filled with pleasant surprise.  The reason she participated in this dangerous journey was all because she heard that there was a Thunder Spirit Bead in the ancient tomb.

Accomplishing her goals this time, her grandfather will definitely be surprised!

Actually Chu Tian was testing Yun Yao.

If after Yun Yao obtained the Thunder Spirit Bead, she let out any bit of killing intent, Chu Tian wouldn’t have been forgiving and he would have killed this girl on the spot.

From this distance, he wouldn’t miss.

From Yun Yao’s appearance, she was only pleasantly surprised and did not display any other emotions, Chu Tian felt relaxed.

The Thunder Spirit Bead truly was a treasure, it’s a shame that Chu Tian could not use it.  He had no one on his side that could use it, if he went straight to the third floor of the ancient tomb.

A single Spirit King was already this difficult to deal with!

The Corpse King would be ten times harder at least!

He truly had no idea how powerful it would be!

Frankly, Chu Tian felt a bit of regret, but he he had no way to stop it.  To be honest, he had already been daring with his words and agreed to the bronze masked old man’s request, running away was not his style.

Yun Yao was not weak, with the Thunder Spirit Bead, she would be able to increase the odds of success going against the Corpse King.

Yun Yao was finding it harder and harder to see through Chu Tian, “What are you called?”

“Lu Ren.”

“Passerby?”  Yun Yao rolled her eyes in her heart, he’s truly worthy of that name, it’s really a good name, “I was just watching you fight Wan Wuyi, you were able to completely see through his moves, as if you were using……the Mind’s Eye?”

Chu Tian was casually picking up the spirit cores one by one as he casually said, “That’s right, it’s the Mind’s Eye!”

Yun Yao’s body trembled.

As she felt a bitter feeling.

She had always thought that she was talented, but not that she had met this “Passerby”, she finally realized that her thoughts were nothing more than a joke!

Mind’s Eye!

The skill that her Grandfather dreamed about!

This kind of unknown “Passerby” actually knew how to use it!

Yun Yao was not convinced the whole time, but now she no longer thought this way.  Dual source spirits, able to open the Mind’s Eye, and such a strong defense cultivation technique, all these were enough to convince Yun Yao.

“Yi?  There’s a secret hall over here!”

“Come help me!”

Chu Tian had found a secret door, the two of them worked together to open it.  When the secret hall opened, the two of them stared on dumbfounded.

In the secret hall, there were a massive amount of materials and weapons, the sheer quantity was enough to shock people.

It was a pity though.

Because many years had passed and these materials had not been treated with any special preservation techniques, everything was decayed, except for a single item…..

Chu Tian was attracted with a single glance.

Atop a high throne, there was a single ancient and plain long sword.

Although it had been here a thousand years.

It did not have a single speck of dust on it!

A three foot long blade, as beautiful as crystal jade, covered in profound runes, an ancient and powerful aura spilled out from the sword.

Yun Yao muttered, “This ancient sword is…….”

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