MT Chapter 77


Chapter 77: Black Jade Coffin

“There are still many treasures in this old tomb waiting for me to take.”  Yang Kun shook the bell in his hand and the corpses that stood like sculptures began to move, their eyes glowing green, burning just like ghost flames, “I don’t have time to waste with you!”

There were a total of 100 black coloured Yin Corpses.

What a terrifying battle strength!

The bronze masked old man, Yun Yao, Flame Ghost, Ice Demon, and Cai Die, their faces all turned ugly.


This is bad!

What should they do?

No matter what they did it would become a dead end, could they really pass through the Three Thousand Floating Coffins?”

Yang Kun loudly roared, “Brother Qu, Brother Hei, let’s begin!”

“Hei, hei, hei…….”  Black demonic flames surged from Qu Yun’s body, an eye shaped source spirit was released, the minute the demonic eyed opened, an invisible spiritual power covered them, “You can rest easy now, Demonic Eye Fantasy!”

They all felt their bodies tremble.

A cold chill blew through, a hundred ghost cries sounded out as countless hideous green fanged ghost appeared out of thin air, each holding a trident searching for living beings.

“Dai!”  The bronze masked old man let out a shout, it rang out loud and clear like a beast’s roar, scattering the spiritual attack as he loudly shouted, “This is only an illusion!  Don’t be surprised!”

Yang Kun coldly snorted as he said, “Bronze mask seems to have some skills.”

Hou Chengyin did not say anything, but his eyes glowed with a fierce light.  The monkey like Evil Breaking Beast’s mind was linked to his master’s, its mouth opened as a dark mist began to spill out.

The black mist was made of countless struggling evil spirits that had been refined, it was a demon that was refined by the Evil Breaking Beast for 200 years.

The Evil Breaking Beast was truly worthy of being a Heaven and Earth strange beast, not only was it strong against evil spirits, its strength was not weaker than an Awakened Soul Cultivator.


Chu Tian shot out two talismans at this critical moment and a large smokescreen erupted, instantly blocking Yang Kun’s group’s line of sight.

Chu Tian stepped forward into the Three Thousand Floating Coffins array.

If they entered they would die!

If they didn’t entered they would still die!

Then he might as well take a chance!

The bronze masked old man, Yun Yao, and the others steeled their hearts and rushed in after Chu Tian.

“Everyone don’t make careless moves!”  The minute Yang Kun’s sight was blocked by the smoke, he shouted in a loud voice at the people beside him, “There is the Three Thousand Floating Coffins behind them, they have nowhere to run!  We just need to guard this spot, we can’t give them any chance to escape!”

The smoke lasted for several seconds before it dissipated.

Yang Kun stared at them, in such a short time, they were already a few kilometers away, they had already arrived at a cave in the cliff wall.

How did this happen?

Did the floating coffin array lose their power?

“Ha, ha, ha, ha!”  Chu Tian was standing at the cave entrance, he lifted the Netherworld Sword as he shouted, “Wei, giant fool, didn’t you say you wanted the Netherworld Sword?  Right now the Netherworld Sword is in Father’s hands!  Don’t be scared, come and take it!”

Yang Kun exploded with anger, “Exterminate them!”

Dang, dang, dang!

The Soul Controlling Bell rang out.

The hundred black Yin Corpse rushed at the cliff.

Qu Yun was someone skilled in arrays, he noticed that the Three Thousand Floating Corpse array had not faded, he quickly shouted, “Don’t!”

Too late!

The Yin Corpses had already rushed in.

Chu Tian’s mouth curled into a smile, “He truly is an idiot!”

The entire cliff began to shake.


Several coffins fell straight down, like sword ruthlessly stabbing into the ground, a powerful strength surged out from inside, instantly crushing the coffin lid.

One by one, blood covered human figures stood straight inside, a pair of eyes glowed with a wild scarlet colour.

Yang Kun’s body trembled, “Thousand Year Corpse Monsters!”

White Haired Yin Corpses were the most basic kind, next was the Black Haired Yin Corpses and finally there were Red Haired Yin Corpses.

The longest time it took to create a Red Haired Yin Corpse was a thousand years, but what kind of concept was a thousand years?  It was the life span of an entire clan!

Yin Corpses were not living beings, in theory they could last forever, but after a thousand years, to be able to evolve into a Thousand Year Corpse Monster, for this kind of giant transformation, it would require them to have quite a bit of luck.

The first important deciding factor would be the location.

The energy distribution on the Continent was not uniform, places rich in spirit energy, rich in products, abundant in resources, these places could support a large kingdom.  Places barren in spirit energy, there was a scarcity in resources, it could only support a small kingdom.

The spirit vein of the Southern Summer Country was thin, it was unable to create a top existence of the Continent.

Not to mention a thousand year old Yin Corpse, even if it was ten thousand years old it could forget about becoming a Corpse Monster.

These floating coffins were a part of a giant array, each one was equipped with a Yin Qi Gathering Array, it was an excellent vessel for refining corpses.  When a Yin Corpse was stored in a floating coffin for a thousand years, it had a chance to evolve into a Thousand Year Yin Monster!

This Yang Kun really did not have a brain!

As long as you insulted him a little, this idiot would obediently charge forward!

“We need to go!”

Chu Tian did not want to fight with the Corpse Monsters, they couldn’t compare to the Spirit King, but they were not much weaker.  With this many Yin Monsters awakening at once, it would be bad for anyone!

Their group rushed into the cliff.

“Damn!   Why!”  Yang Kun flew into a rage as he screamed, “Why did nothing happen to them!”

Nothing had happened to the bronze masked old man’s group, but when Yang Kun entered, they triggered the array and were instantly surrounded by several terrifying Thousand Year Corpse Monsters!

“Rush in with me!”

“We have to kill them!”

Yang Kun hysterically roared out!

“Peng, peng!”

Several loud sounds rang out and the floating coffins broke, a dense blood red fog spewed out, like a giant red cloud, it instantly filled the entire area.

“Not good!”

“Corpse Poison!”

Several cultivators standing in the red mist started to began to scream, it was as if a strong acid was sprinkled on their bodies, their skin instantly began to dissolve.

Before a few rest’s time.

Their entire body, from head to toe, looked like it had just been skinned, they became a terrifying corpse of blood.


The screams of the pitiful cultivator soon turned into roars, his eyes filled with a fierce red glow as spirit energy was released from his body, just like a flame wrapping around his body as he turned himself to attack the people around him.

The Corpse Poison of a Thousand Year Corpse Monster, not only killed people, but it could also ignite a cultivator’s spirit energy, letting them for a short time, become a man slaughtering monster.

“Useless things!”

“Kill them all for me!”

Yang Kun shaked the Soul Controlling bell, the Yin Corpses surged forward in waves, blocking the cultivators controlled by Corpse Poison.

The Evil Breaking Beast let out a roar and the black cloud covered the corpse of the poisoned cultivator, the corpse twitched and was instantly corroded into a pile of dried flesh.

“We have the advantage of numbers!”

“What will fearing them do!”

“The Thousand Year Corpse Monsters are powerful, but they can’t use their true powers in the ancient tomb!  Kill!  Kill them for me!”

The black coloured Yin Corpses were like pieces of paper, they were instantly ripped apart by the Corpse Monster.  The Corpse Monster’s body was covered in a strong Corpse Poison, anyone who touched it would die, no one dared to get close.

Yang Kun angrily released his spirit energy, as a large golden outline appeared around him, like a three meter long giant golden arm.

Golden Arm Source Spirit!

Yang Kun with his source spirit’s power, his strength rose by over ten times as a fist shot out at the Corpse Monster.

“Giant Spirit Power Fist!”

The giant golden fist collided with the blood mist!

The blood mist was extremely corrosive, it melted the gold fist be less than a half.

But just depending on pure strength, Yang Kun had the advantage as the golden fist continued on its path, scattering the blood mist in front of it, just like a small meteor as it rammed right into the Corpse Monster’s chest.

A terrifying strength exploded and the ground split apart, a blast of air exploded as the Black Yin Corpses nearby were blasted away.

The Corpse Monster slammed into the cliff like a meteor, leaving a giant hole!

It truly was powerful!

Because his cultivation technique focused on body refinement, so with his body strength promoting source spirit, even under the spirit energy seal, Yang Kun could still use most of his strength.

With Yang Kun’s current condition, he could easily fight with a 1st or 2nd layer Awakened Soul Cultivator!

“You guys follow me!

“We’ll kill those cursed scoundrels!”

Hou Chengyin’s Evil Breaking Beast let out a black mist, covering the bodies of their group.  The Evil Breaking Beast was the greatest adversary of evil beings, with the protection of the Evil Breaking Beast, the Corpse Monsters would not dare get close.

With the Black Yin Corpses blocking the Corpse Monsters, Yang Kun brought Qu Yu, Hou Chengyin, and the five Yang Zhan brothers to charge through the Three Thousand Floating Coffins.

While Yang Kun, Qu Yu, Hou Chengyin, and the five Yang Zhan brothers, these eight people were chasing them.

Chu Tian, the bronze masked old man, Yun Yao, Cai Die, and the others had entered the main hall inside the large hill.

The palace was not large and the floor was covered in a black jade, smooth and incredible flat.  In the main hall, beside some pillars, it was completely empty, no ornaments decorations could be seen and on each of the large pillars, there was a large black chain wrapped around it.

Tens of black chains all gathered in the middle, sealing off a large black jade coffin!

The black jade coffin had a hideous demonic figure carved into it, like it had been carved by a fine chisel.

The dozen large black chains sealed off the coffin.

The Corpse King must be lying inside!

The bronze masked old man found it hard to calm himself.

The Corpse King was already this close, as long as he could obtain the Corpse King corpse core, then he would have performed a large merit for the sect, he would be well awarded and enjoy basking in the glory!

The black jade coffin gave a kind of intense nervous feeling to anyone nearby.

The dozen chains sealing it, no matter how it was seen, it didn’t seem like a good sign.

Chu Tian had a kind of uncomfortable feeling, “Are you certain you want to awaken the thing inside?  Yang Kun could come in here at any moment, it’ll be hard enough to cope with him with just us already, if we awaken the Corpse King, wouldn’t that be a bad thing?”

“Because he hasn’t entered yet, we still have a chance!”  The bronze masked old man didn’t even think about it before saying, “This old man has suffered so much to find it, now the Corpse King is in my hand, how could I let it get away?  Flame Ghost, Ice Demon, break the seal!”


With a few “pa, pa, pa” sounds.

The chains sealing the black jade coffin were destroyed.

The entire Corpse King main hall began to tremble.

This old fool!

Why won’t he listen?

You already know how terrifying the Corpse King is!

Cai Die’s face turned white, her heart filled with intense anxiety.

Chu Tian pulled out a Talisman for her, “This Rest Talisman can hide your aura, it can guarantee your safety for now.  This fight, you should just sit out.”

Cai Die gave a bitter smiling face.

She understood the meaning of Chu Tian’s words.

Cai Die was too weak, she wouldn’t be helpful if she fought, rather she would be a distraction for Chu Tian.

The trembling in the Corpse King hall became stronger, an intense evil, ancient aura slowly filled the air, the bronze masked old man stood 10 meters away from the black jade coffin, “Everyone prepare yourselves, I am about to destroy the coffin!”

Chu Tia raised the Netherworld Sword and Yun Yao gripped the Thunder Spirit Bead.


The bronze masked old man gave a low roar as a black spirit energy condensed, a demonic sabre shaped like a crescent moon suddenly appeared above his head.  The bronze masked old man’s source spirit was this strange crescent moon demonic sabre.


The bronze masked old man’s hands closed together and he swung them down, the crescent moon demonic sabre followed, leaving a streak of black light, falling onto the black jade coffin.

A loud sound rang out.

And at this moment, it was as if time stopped.

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