MT Chapter 78


Chapter 78: Chaotic fight in the Corpse King Palace

The bronze masked old man used all his strength in this one attack, as if his life depended on it.

No sound rang out.

No scratches appeared.

Not even a single spark was created.


This strange sight shocked everyone, the bronze masked old man became angry from the shame, he once again stirred his source spirit to cut another dozen times.  The results were the same, the black jade coffin was not damaged at all, even though each attack contained all his strength.

No use?

Why was it like this!

After all the trouble went into finding it, in the end it couldn’t be opened?

Chu Tian suddenly felt something, “Wait, something’s moving inside!”

Everyone carefully observed, the black jade coffin began to vibrate, as cracks began to form on it, the cracks were very small, it was hard to see it with the naked eye.  These cracks were not formed by the bronze masked old man’s attacks, it was being formed from the inside.  It was as if there was a power inside the coffin and it was slowly forcing its way out.

No matter what.

The black jade coffin was about to open.

The bronze masked old man didn’t even have time to be happy before hearing a loud roar from the main hall entrance, his expression instantly changed, “They chased us inside!”

Everyone else was surprised.

They didn’t come early, they didn’t come late, they had to choose now to come in.

“Ha, ha, ha, ha, you think you can hide in here?”  Yang Kun wildly laughed as he rushed forward, just like a wild charging rhinoceros, his right hand was covered in a golden glow from his source spirit, sending an immense pressure at their group.  “Go and die!”

Chu Tian pulled Cai Die and dodged to the side.

Yun Yao lifted the Thunder Spirit Bead up high and thunder and lightning poured out creating a large barrier.


The giant golden fist slammed on the thunder barrier, creating a giant depression in the thunder barrier.

Even with the Thunder Spirit Bead, Yun Yao could only barely resist Yang Kun.  Yang Kun’s body strength was too strong, it was not inferior to a wild giant beast, even under the spirit energy seal, his battle strength did not decrease by much.

“You’re only the weakest of the Four Young Masters, not to mention Chu Xinghe, even the other two are much stronger than you, now break for me!”  Yang Kun angrily shouted as the thunder barrier broke, Yun Yao was forced back several steps before stopping her body.  Yang Kun then shouted to the Yang Zhan brothers who had reluctantly caught up, “I’ll leave the rest of them to you, I’ll take care of this girl!”

Yang Zhan gave a wild smile, “Brothers, kill them all!”

No one here was a simple person.

This would be a difficult fight!

The bronze masked old man’s face filled with anxiety, “Flame Ghost, Ice Demon, block them!”

The Flame Ghost brothers were rising stars in the sect that the bronze masked old man had brought out with him, they were elites from the younger generation, they’ve grown up in a large kingdom and they practiced a top grade cultivation technique, their strength was not weak.

Although their true strength was much weaker than the Central State Five Sabres, but under this sealed condition, the Central State Five Blades were not necessarily a match for them.

“Brother Huo, I give these two brats to you to feed to the Evil Breaking Beast.”

“Let me take care of the bronze masked old man!”

Qu Yun flicked his hand and took out a black talisman, the demonic eye source spirit was glowing above him, the talisman began to emit black flames, transforming into a half a body tall demon, grasping a giant hammer as it charged towards the bronze masked old man.

The bronze masked old man called out his crescent moon demonic sabre, its speed was hard to see with the naked eye, it sliced at the demon as fast as lightning, cutting the demon in half.

“It seems like the powers of the Spirit Taoist Qu Yun are only mediocre!”

“Jie, jie, jie, I’m not done yet!”

After the demon had been sliced in half, it did not disappear, rather it turned into two demons.  But the bronze masked old man’s crescent moon demonic sabre was too fast, several cuts shot out in the blink of an eye, however the more they were cut, the more demons appeared, in the end it turned into a dense crowd.

What kind of magic was this?

He couldn’t underestimate small country cultivators!

This kind of place thin in spiritual energy, facing a cultivator at the same level, it could only be explained with a chance encounter, that his strength would not be less than his.

“Let’s go.”

Chu Tian and Cai Die held their swords as the charged out, Hou Chengyin had a cold face as he clapped his hands together, then he suddenly attacked, shooting a black array at Cai Die.

The autumn water sword glowed, chopping down with the strength of a high grade spirit weapon.


Cai Die was forced back several steps.

She was the weakest out of everyone here, but with the power of her high grade spirit weapon, she could also show the strength of a peak 9th layer Body Refinement Cultivator!

At this time the Evil Breaking Beast gave an “Ao!” roar and jumped from Hou Chengyin’s shoulder, changing into a purple shadow, howling as it sped up.

Too fast!

A shadow rushed over!

Chu Tian quickly condensed the starlight to protect his body, he felt a tap on his back, as if he had been hit by lightning, a burning pain transmitted through.  Several deep wounds were on his back and the pillar beside him had several deep scratch marks on it.

The Evil Breaking Beast stood on the pillar, then once again he turned into a purple, light and like a drill shot at his chest.

A little monkey dared to bounce up and down!

He almost pooped on Big Brother’s head!

You think Big Brother is that easy to bully?

Chu Tian opened his Mind’s Eye, instantly seeing through the path of the Evil Breaking Beast, he brandished his sword, an evil ghost qi filled the air.  A terrifying murder intent locked down the Evil Breaking Beast, a bright glow from the sword as it slashed forward.

Hou Chengyin’s face fell, “Run!”

The Evil Breaking Beast gave pitiful cry as two of its claws were sliced off.

Hou Chengyin’s cold face filled with anger, he quickly recited an incantation and the two claws flew up, returning to the body of the Breaking Evil Beast.

“Injuring my Spirit Beast!

“I will make you unable to reincarnate!

Hou Chengyin had been thoroughly enraged by Chu Tian, the Evil Breaking Beast and its master were connected by their minds, it immediately looked up and screamed, a large mass of evil spirit dark fog spewed from its mouth.  After the black fog had left the Evil Breaking Beast’s mouth, it seeped back into the Evil Breaking Beast through its pores.

“What is going on!”

The dozen centimeter tall Evil Breaking Beast began to grow to more than ten times its size, until it turned into a 10 meter strange giant ape!

The strange ape’s body had no fur, its skin was like black stone, it was covered in profound ruins from head to toe, a vicious and wild aura was emitted from its body.

“Kill him!”

Hou Chengyin loudly shouted.

The strange ape’s body glowed with runes, a giant fist slammed into the ground, making it hard for people to keep their balance.

Chu Tian’s reaction speed was fast, otherwise he would have been turned into a meat patty.

This wild beast’s strength was not below Yang Kun’s strength.

It was as if the large ape had eaten a ton of ***, it was wild and excited, its fists shot out like a wild storm, continually attacking Chu Tian, each fist creating a large hole in the ground.

[TL Note: It says *** in the raw I’m assuming steroids….]

Chu Tian could only use hyper-focus to dodge each attack, like a butterfly floating around, he could only occasionally throw 1-2 attacks back, but it was clear he was at an disadvantage.

How could this brat be as slippery as an eel?

Chu Tian could already see through it, the Evil Breaking Beast’s main function is to suppress demons, although it can use a secret technique to temporarily increase its body strength and gain the strength of a 3rd layer Awakened Soul Cultivator, on the surface it was able to suppress Chu Tian, but it could not keep it up for long.

A cold look flashed through Yang Zhan’s eyes, “These two fellows I’ll leave to you guys, I’ll go for the Netherworld Sword!”

A burning hot flaming long sabre, shot at Chu Tian from behind him.


“I never would have thought!”

“That in the end you would die in my hands!”

The flames on the long sabre became stronger, until it became a sabre of flames!

He already thought this brat was unsightly, his blade pierced out to kill, to vent all the anger he had!

In front was the strange ape’s fist storm.

Behind him was Yang Zhan’s sneak attack.

Cai Die face filled with anxiety, because Chu Tian was in a very dangerous situation.

In this kind of crisis, Chu Tian’s lips curled into a cold smile, his spirit energy was released and a single fuzzy sword shape appeared!

Yang Zhan said in surprise, “Sword Source Spirit?”

He had actually been hiding his strength?

The minute the Demon God’s Sword Source Spirit appeared, an ancient and terrifying aura was released.

The Netherworld Sword with the strength of the Demon God’s Sword, profound runes began to glow on the sword’s edge and the sword’s glow began to shine out, it exuded boundless might, like a god of destruction awakening from a deep slumber, once again releasing its destructive might!

“How is this possible?!”

Yang Zhan felt a terrifying aura covering him, he could feel a chill penetrating to the depths of his soul as if he had just entered into hell, and he was surrounded by the wails of the dead.


A radiant purple sword light, slashed through the flaming sabre!

The sword light fell onto Yang Zhan’s body and with a single slash, it slice him in half!

One slash!

The head of the famous vicious Central State Five Sabres.

Chu Tian had killed him with a single slash!

The four brother shout out in panic, “Big Brother!”

Chu Tian raised his sword, the Demon God’s Sword terrifying strength erupted once again and covered the sword, the endless destructive power condensed within the sword as it heavily chopped at the strange ape.  Under the suppression of the terrifying power, the strange ape was sent flying several feet and it turned back in the shape of the Evil Breaking Beast.

Hou Chengyin’s face fell.

Not good!

This brat’s strength was too strong, the Evil Breaking Beast was not a match for him!

Chu Tian had hidden his power of purpose by staying silent all throughout, but now the time was ripe, he suddenly showed his strength, without any hesitation.  Acting like this, how was he like a young man, he was like a wily old fox.

What’s happening?

How is this brat this strong!

Yang Kun also felt intense shock, he was not the least bit inferior to Yun Yao with the Thunder Spirit bead!

It wasn’t clear who would be the winner today!

The bronze masked old man saw that Chu Tian’s strength was stronger than he estimated, instantly his confidence increased and he put all his strength into the crescent moon demonic sabre, working hard to resist the Spirit Taoist Qu Yun, “You dare ruin my plan, then just leave your life here!”


An explosion from behind them!

Without any warning.

The peaceful black jade coffin, suddenly erupted open as a red human shaped being came out!


Qu Yun showed a look of panic, quickly withdrawing his attack and withdrawing thirty meters.

The bronze masked old man felt the aura cover him and his body froze, he quickly turned his head around and a terrifying face appeared in front of him, it was less than ten centimeters away.

It was surprisingly a feminine face!

Unexpectedly very lifelike!

Looking at its appearance, it was hard to tell that is was a Yin Corpse, the only difference was that its eye sockets were completely empty, it was like staring into a deep dark abyss.

The most terrifying thing was its face!

It was unexpectedly a beautiful fox face.

[TL Note: Ahri waifu confirmed!]

A human shaped fox faced being, what kind of demon was this?


Without any time to react.

The fox faced corpse king’s palm shot out, the bronze mask the bronze masked old man was wearing, was shattered just like a watermelon, it had been turned into pieces as it scattered everywhere!

The two palms ripped!

Chi La!

His body was ripped in half, one half hitting the left wall, the other hitting the right wall, both halves had been turned to mush under the terrifying strength.

Flame Ghost and Ice Demon both revealed a face of shock, “Elder!”

The bronze masked old man had died!

He was a 3rd layer Awakened Soul Layer level expert, he was not any weaker than the Yin Wind Swordsman, but unexpectedly he was done in with a single attack!

The Corpse King jumped out of the black jade coffin, from its figure, it seemed to be a female corpse, but there was not a single trace indicating it was a Yin Corpse, its skin was pale and incredibly smooth, it did grow any fur.

Long black hair, blood red clothes and pale skin, it did not seem any different from a normal person, the only difference was the strange fox face.

The female corpse stomach was sticking out.

As if it had been pregnant for many months!

It can’t be!  Can a female Corpse Monster get pregnant?

Being sealed in the black jade coffin for at least a thousand years, if the thing in the female corpse’s body can be born, it would definitely be an absolutely evil monster!

This was the Corpse King?

It was finally about to be born!

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