MT Chapter 86


Chapter 86: Chu Tian’s anger

Ye Xiong was aggressive time after time.  If he only wanted to discredit Chu Tian, then Chu Tian wouldn’t have minded.  No matter what, Chu Tian had stood on top of the 30000 years in the future. Someone from a small family in a small kingdom, was there any difference between them and ants in his eyes?

How could a giant bother with little ants?

Chu Tian didn’t find it worthwhile to fight and he only fight if it was life and death.

But it was different this time.  Ye Xiong had tried to take Chu Tian’s life again and again, now he even almost took Yingying’s life.


This was the so called dragon that could not be touched!

Chu Tian didn’t like to take the initiative to find trouble.  But if others went past his bottom line, then Chu Tian would not withdraw


What was he scared off!

Chu Tian’s dictionary did not have this word!

It didn’t matter if a man could not keep his own life.  But if he implicated his friends and family, this was not acceptable!

Ye Xiong had to be dealt with!

It would be done today!

This kind of threat could not exist any longer in South Sky City!

Chu Tian had decided!

He would go and take his revenge directly!


At this time, countless amount of people had all come.  Blocking the street that even water could not flow.

Chu Tian’s conflict with the Ye and Chu Families, the entire city knew of this.  At the most crucial moment, he almost didn’t even have enough time to run away, why did he come back to South Sky City?

In this world, in this era, how could there be that many principles to care about?

Killing people, sometimes didn’t need a reason.  The law was only suited for the weak.

If the Ye and Chu Family really killed Chu Tian, would the country’s laws punish the two families?  This was simply a joke!

Chu Tian had came back arrogantly, this was not a sane thing to do!

Did he know that he couldn’t escape from the grasp of these families, did he come back to accept his death?

In front of the Mayor’s Palace, there were eighteen black robed mysterious people.  They were standing straight as if they were sculptures.

An ash gray robed young man holding an ancient sword on his back, came out openly as he walked out.

An ancient bell hung from his waist gave off a clear and long drawn out sound.  It wasn’t known whether it was the bell sound or the young man’s aura, but an invisible pressure that shocked people’s souls soon filled the air around the area.

The street was completely silent.

Countless eyes stared at him.

Once Chu Tian walked past the eighteen black robed people, their bodies began to shake.  It was like they had just awakened from a deep slumber and they all turned to follow behind Chu Tian as he walked in the direction of the Ye Family’s manor.

Nangong Yi and Meng Qingwu followed behind Chu Tian with a strange look on their faces.

The countless citizens were shocked as well as admiration began to rise in them.

The Central State powers had brought forces to come pressure the powers of South Sky City.  This had covered South Sky City in a depressing atmosphere.  These over ten experts from Central State City were like mountains.  They made people look up at them, tremble in front of them and made people submit to them.

Everyone had thought that Chu Tian had already run away.

Now someone wearing an ordinary ash gray robe and holding an ancient mysterious treasured sword was walking to the Ye Family’s manor in front of everyone’s shocked gazes.  

This youth clearly knew that there were several mountain like existences in his way, yet he had resolved himself to challenge them.

An aloof character like Nangong Yi.

An outstanding beauty like Meng Qingwu.

When faced with this youth’s peerless style, they could only follow behind him!

Youths were wild, the brave were fearless, gods and Buddhas will be killed if they standing in the way, quickly forming gratitude and hate!  People that could live like this, even if they were on a straight path to hell, they would still be considered not to have lived in vain!

Go and take a look!

They had to go and see!

This would be a historical moment for South Sky City!

Chu Tian represented the weak public while the large families represented aristocratic might.  This was a single person bearing the collective rage of the public and at the same it would be a hot blooded fight against the powerful officials!

Chu Tian was taking his revenge!

This was the talk of the town!

The citizens increased from over twenty to over a hundred, everyone in South Sky City slowly all came out, the people were in an uproar.  The miraculous youth of South Sky City had come back, would he be able to do it?

This was no longer a competition of skills.

Rather it was a direct confrontation based on strength.

What use would there be to having talent?

“Chu Tian!”

“When did you come back?”

“What are you doing?  Are you seeking death?  Quickly run away!”

Once Nangong Yun, Zhang Liqing and the Xiong Tianyan brothers heard the news they all came rushing over.  When they heard the news about Chu Tian returning to South Sky City and that he was preparing to pay a visit to exact revenge shocked them!

Too wicked!

Experts that came from Central State, how could they be ordinary people?  Moreover there were that many of them.  If he deliberately sent himself over, it would simply be sending a lamb to the tiger’s den!

Chu Tian did not care about any of this.  He looked at Zhang Liqing and gave a calm smile, “We haven’t seen each other in a few days, Old Zhang’s face is already looking better!  Xiong Tianyan…..Yi, you’ve already broken through to the Awakened Soul Realm?”

Xiong Tianyan had smoothly broken through to the Awakened Soul Realm.

Now he had already ascended to the position of the Alchemist Guild’s Chairman.  He had already thoroughly taken the place of his predecessor, Li Changyun.

Xiong Tianyan was strongly trying to discourage him.  Meanwhile Nangong Yun’s elegant face was red with excitement, shouting as if the sky was about to fall down, “Chu Tian!  This old lady had been painfully waiting for you!  I already wanted to take revenge on those brats!  My «Starlight Immortal Body» has already reached the Small Success Realm, today I’ll definitely be able to help you!”


This fact shocked Chu Tian!

Nangong Yun in terms of progress with the Immortal Body, she was even a bit faster than Chu Tian?

Although Chu Tian had left for ten days and couldn’t practiced, but Nangong Yun had caught up to him in just ten days.  This showed that she had a terrifying talent!

If Nangong Yun had not suppressed herself for 2-3 years, perhaps she could have become someone that could have been on par with the Central State Four Young Masters!

This short tempered girl had an infinite potential!

“You don’t believe me?  I’ll let you see then!”  Nangong Yun was very proud as she clenched both her fists.  The starlight began to condense, forming a glittering and translucent glaze that covered her body, “Well, isn’t sister strong?  I tell you, even if a 1st layer Awakened Soul Cultivator attacked me, I could still knock them down!  Today we’ll show them just how powerful we are!”

Not bad, not bad!

This was truly powerful!

Nangong Yun had already achieved the Glass Body realm!

“Not bad, you truly are powerful, but……”  Chu Tian’s eyes swept over every one of them one by one, “Today’s matters, you guys aren’t allowed to interfere!”

As soon as they heard these words.

Their chins all fell down.

Chu Tian had refused their help?

If he didn’t have the help of Nangong Yi and Zhang Liqing, could he live under Ye Xiong’s hands?  This was a big joke!

Nangong Yun suddenly opened her mouth, “Let him go then!”

Nangong Yi, Zhang Liqing and Xiong Bing, the three of them had a strange expression.  Their eyes were on the eighteen black robed people that Chu Tian had brought with him.  They felt a kind of dread coming from them.

The three of them were people that had entered the Awakened Soul Realm for many years!

Zhang Liqing and Xiong Bing were in the 2nd Awakened Soul Layer.  Nangong Yi was the strongest one, he was already at the peak 3rd Awakened Soul Layer!

When the three of them were facing the black robed people beside Chu Tian, they all felt a dangerous aura coming from them.

It had the largest effect on Nangong Yi, he could clearly feel it all.  These black robed people were covered in death qi and yin qi.  This kind of aura could not appear on a living person’s body unless they practiced a special cultivation technique.

These eighteen mysterious people seemed to suddenly appear!

Was it related to the Yin Corpse Canyon?

In any case, these eighteen black robed people definitely were not ordinary people!

“Old Dog Ye!”

“Come out for me!”

Chu Tian had arrived in front of the Ye Manor and loudly shouted without any reason


“Who is it!”

A group of patrolling mercenaries rushed over, but once they saw the lineup they couldn’t help but tremble in fear.

Chu Tian released his sword source spirit, “You little ants can’t block me, scram!”

The Netherworld Sword swept out with a gust of cold wind.  It instantly surged forwards, just like a storm.

The dozen mercenaries could not block it and they were all sent flying by the sword’s blade.  Heavily slamming into the wall, each one spat out a mouthful of blood and suffered heavy injuries.

Everyone was scared silly!

A single slash from Chu Tian had sent a dozen mercenaries flying!

Even Awakened Soul Realm experts might not be able to do this!

Before anyone could even respond, Chu Tian had already rushed at the Ye Family’s gate.  Wildly slashing the door open with a single slash!

“Chu Tian?”

“You actually dare send yourself over to seek death!”

“If we don’t kill you today, wouldn’t the Ye Family’s face be destroyed?

A terrifying aura that stopped people’s hearts spilled out from the Ye Family manor.  Over ten figures came out with Ye Xiong walking at the front.

When the several Chu Family swordsmen saw Chu Tian, they instantly revealed a face of anger.

“It really is you!”

“A bastard like you dares to come back!”

Chu Tian had killed Chu Yi, a talented junior of the Chu Family.  He had caused quite a big stir within the Chu Family.  These people were famous masters of the Chu Family, they had been sent to South Sky City to deal with Chu Tian.

A little bastard wanted to act against this many Awakened Soul Realm Cultivators?

These people had been suppressing a lot of anger.  Once they had arrived in South Sky City, Chu Tian was nowhere to be seen for them to vent their anger.

They had not finished their mission, they still couldn’t go back and they couldn’t not go back.  So they had to stay in a small place like South Sky City with nothing to vent their anger on.

Who would have thought that Chu Tian would deliver himself to them!

“Die for me!”

A Chu Family expert raised his sword.

Chu Tian coldly smiled and said, “You don’t have the qualification to speak to me!

He rung his bell.

Suddenly a cold wind exploded and corpse poison spilled out as several Yin Corpses jumped out.

The Chu Family’s swordsmen each chopped their sword into a Yin Corpse but the Yin Corpses was unharmed.  They used a palm filled with poison to counterattack and it slammed its palm onto their body.

In an instant.

Each expert that had attacked had been knocked down.  Each one of them spat out a mouthful of black blood, it was clear that they had suffered a strong poison.

“Corpse poison?”

“How could there be corpse poison?”

“What are these people?”

Ye Xiong’s group revealed faces of amazement.

The ancient bell clearly rang out and Chu Tian gave an order, it was instantly transmitted into the corpse soldier’s minds, “Waste them all for me!”

The Chu Family’s swordsmen and the Ye Family’s experts were all surprised.

“You dare!”

“Don’t you know who we are?!”

[TL Note: cannon fodder for the main character?]

“Since you dare go against us, from today you and our two families cannot coexist under the heavens!”

The eighteen corpse soldiers released a wild animalistic low roar.

The eighteen of them rushed out as fast as lightning.


“Have mercy!”

“Let me go!”

“I surrender, I surrender!”

How could the Chu and Ye Family resist these strong Yin Corpses?

Each one of them had been hit until they cried for their parents.  They didn’t have any strength to fight back.

“Waste them all!”

Chu Tian ruthlessly gave the order.  The Yin Corpses shot out with corpse poison palms, slamming onto the stomachs of the Awakened Soul Cultivators, directly scattering their spirit energy.

The audience was shocked!

No one had thought that it would be this one sided!

Chu Tian had ordered the eighteen black robed people to attack and the Ye and Chu Families didn’t even have the ability to fight back.  It was completely one sided, completely different from what they imagined!

Did the tens of Awakened Soul experts just become cripples?

If this news was sent back to Central State, it would be enough to cause an earthquake!

“Old dog Ye Xiong!”  Chu Tian raised his sword to angrily point at Ye Xiong, “The trash you invited can’t even take a single hit!  Should we settle our differences now!”

Facing the ground full of wailing experts from both families, Ye Xiong had lost all his sanity.

Panic stricken!


As well as regret.

These countless complex emotions were all interwoven.

He knew it was over, it was all over.  Chu Tian had brought back this many experts, how could he stop them?

“What does relying on the strength of others count for!”  Ye Xiong hysterically screamed out, “If you’re a man, then fight against me personally!”

“Ha, ha, ha, ha!  Since you, Ye Xiong, are allowed to look for reinforcements from Central State, then I, Chu Tian, am not allowed to find helpers?  What kind of shit logic is this!”  Chu Tian wildly laughed as he said, “But, what you said is correct.  Why should I guard against weaklings like you?  I’ll give you this chance, let’s duel!”

Under the public’s eye, Chu Tian had fearlessly accepted Ye Xiong’s challenge!

Ye Xiong’s body was covered in a dirt yellow glow until it turned into the figure of a dirt yellow wolf, “Die!”

His two legs jumped.

The wolf howled into the sky.

He jumped at right at Chu Tian to kill him.

Chu Tian’s body was covered in a black glow.  He raised the Netherworld Sword high up and the Demon God’s Sword Source Spirit’s power covered it with a terrifying black glow.  No retreat and no dodging, he was meeting the enemy head on.

The yellow wolf and the black sword collided.

Both sides passed each other.

At the same time they anchored themselves.

At this moment, it was as if time froze!

Ye Xiong’s eyes were opened wide and there was a large red line on his neck.  Blood sprayed out as an unwilling and unbelieving expression appeared on his face before he fell on the ground to never move again.

This was one of the large characters of South Sky City, he had died in the hands of a youth that everyone had ignored!

No one exclaimed in shock, no one cried out, and no one broke out in joy.  There was only a silence.

What did this moment mean?

No one knew the answer!

Everyone just felt fear in their hearts!

When this youth had appeared at the South Sky City summit his strength was only in the 6th Body Refinement Layer.  In a short twenty days time, he had unexpectedly reached the peak 9th Body Refinement Layer.

He even had the strength to kill a peak 1st Awakened Soul Layer Cultivator!

This kind of terrifying growth in the spiritual energy barren Southern Summer Country, it was unprecedented.  A single slash had killed an Awakened Soul Cultivator, with only a trivial Body Refinement Cultivation.

One slash.

He had killed Ye Xiong!

Chu Tian’s anger was as strong as a bolt of thunder!

This was the fate of anyone who offended Chu Tian!

This is the result of offending Miracle Commerce!

Ye Xiong had acted so arrogantly in South Sky City, but in the end, he had suffered such a sad end!

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