MT Chapter 87


Chapter 87: My clan will prosper not die

While Chu Tian had killed Ye Xiong with a single slash in South Sky City, he didn’t know that in Central State City a thousand li away, another large stir would start because of him.


Central State City, Yun Family’s manor.

A crane white clothed old man was sitting cross legged on a cushion, his eyes were closed and his brows were slightly wrinkled.  His body was covered in winding thunderbolts around him, interweaving together to form a profound rune.



The white clothed old man’s hands formed complex seals and his body was covered in an awe inspiring might.  The thunderbolt runes arranged to form an array in tune with heaven and earth.  It gradually condensed into cultivation technique chants, each one working in tandem.

10%, 20%…….

The runes continued to condense and the entire technique began to improve.  A powerful beyond compare invincible might broke through the roof, shooting out into the heavens and merging with the world.


A mistake in the link occurred and the chant that was about to condense suddenly loudly exploded!


“I failed again!”

The old man had suffered some backlash and blood flowed from the corner of his mouth, he then revealed a look of disappointment and helplessness.

This old man was not a simple person.  From the richest men in Central State to the dirty beggars on the street, they all respected his name.  He was the Yun Family’s patriarch Yun Tianhe.  

Even high leveled Awakened Soul Cultivators, a hundred years was considered old.  Their cultivation bases would slowly weaken and various aspects would drop from their peak conditions.  They would enter into seclusion and stop worrying about family matters.

But being the backbone of the Yun Family, he was the only backbone.

Yun Tianhe did not have this kind of peaceful life.

The Yun Family was one of the Four Great Families.  Their name was well known, their strength was strong, and tens of thousands of people respected them.  The Yun School had countless students.  Their influence was incredibly large, they could be considered the top academia of the Southern Summer Country.

However only a few people knew.

This seemingly prosperous Yun Family, actually was beset with a large crisis!

The entire Yun Family faced the brutal face of destruction, the cause of this was – the Yun Family had a lack of talent!

Ye and Luo Families.

Their family heads were in the prime of their life.  The Ye Family’s Heavenly Wolf Young Master and the Luo Family’s Dragon Lion Young Master, each one was a talent rarely found in a hundred years.

The Chu Family was even more terrifying.

The Chu Family’s head, Chu Shanhe was a rare talent in his generation.  At forty years old he could already become one of the top experts of Central State.  The swordsman of the Chu Family had the reputation of being the strongest and the Heavenly Sword Young Master Chu Xinghe was regarded as the strongest of the Four Young Masters.  He looked down disdainfully on others of his generation and on Central State.  His elegant demeanor was peerless, his glow was too bright that it made it hard for people to stare at his back.

And the Yun Family?

Yun Tianhe was almost over a hundred years old.

After Yun Tianhe, in the forty to fifty years after, not a single person appeared that could support the family.  The Yun Family’s second generation was a generation that was skipped over.

The Yun Family’s third generation created a single Yun Yao who could barely stay at the end of the Four Young Masters.  Compared to the other three Young Masters, they weren’t on the same level.  If it wasn’t for the Yun Family’s status, she wouldn’t have the chance to even be compared with the other three.

The family was in a crisis!

This was a very serious family crisis!

The Yun Family was short on quality, this matter was only a matter of time!

How many generations of Yun Family members did it take to establish the Yun School?  The Yun School was not a normal school, it did not bind its members, it was only an academic alliance.  The Yun Family’s influence was large so people would come to study from them.  If the Yun Family was weak, how many people would study at the Yun School?

If the Yun Family was strong, the Yun School would be strong.

If the Yun Family was weak, the Yun School would diminish.

If the Yun Family was extinguished, the Yun School would die.

The Yun Family had spent several generations to build the Yun School, its fate was closely tied with the Yun Family’s fate.  In these two years, the rumours and slander against them had increased.  The other three families had been secretly instigating it and the songs singing praises about the Yun Family began to fade.  This was already quite a large hit to the Yun School.

If they didn’t find a way to solve it, perhaps something large would happen!

Yun Tianhe thought that even though Yun Yao couldn’t compare to the terrifying Chu Xinghe, she was at least not any inferior compared to the Dragon Tiger Young Master or the Heavenly Wolf Young Master.  Being unable to break through her bottleneck, it was because there were problems with the Yun Family’s cultivation technique.

The Yun Family’s cultivation technique focused on destructive might, but this was killing the goose that laid golden eggs.  The cultivation technique was very overbearing and it used up the vitality within the body.  This caused the cultivation process to become slow and this was the reason why the Yun Family had no experts appearing in these ten years!


It had to be changed!

The Yun Family’s cultivation technique’s flaw was the root of the problem!

Yun Tianhe was the supervisor of the Yun School and the vice headmaster of the Central State Academy.  Not only was he well studied but he was also skilled in cultivation techniques.  It was safe to say that improving cultivation techniques was not difficult for him.

Who would have thought that even with five years, he still had not achieved any success!

The Yun Family’s cultivation technique, «Lightning Blitz Secret Art» was an excellent cultivation technique in the Southern Summer Country.  It had already been optimized over several generations of Yun Family members and now it had to be slightly modified once again.


“Will this be the day my Yun Family perish?”

Yun Tianhe gave a long sigh.  He leaned on his walking stick and slowly walked out.


“Since closing up, you haven’t had water in seven days.  You’re very old, you have to take care of your body!”

Several Yun Family members came over to greet him.  When they saw the patriarch’s expression they all understood, did he really fail again?

Yun Tianhe couldn’t fall.  Once Yun Tianhe fell, the Yun Family would start to decline.

Yun Tianhe shook his head to show he was alright, “What about Yun Yao?”

The people had strange expressions, “Patriarch, the young miss has bought an ancient grave command from the auction.  Hearing that it could open up a ruin, so she…..”

“What?  She went to the ten thousand corpse ancient tomb!”

“We couldn’t block her and you were in seclusion……”

“This little girl always does things her own way, when will she learn to see the bigger picture!”  Yun Tianhe’s entire body trembled, “The ten thousand corpse ancient tomb is not a place she can go!”

The ten thousand corpse ancient tomb was a famous ancient area in Central State.

The four families knew of the existence of the ten thousand corpse ancient tomb, but they sent no one to participate.  Why was this?

First to get an ancient grave command required bit of luck, but the main reason was: the ten thousand corpse ancient grave was a forbidden area.

Even if Yun Tianhe went into the ten thousand corpse ancient tomb, his cultivation would still be suppressed.  Under this kind of situation it would be very dangerous.  If several rogue cultivators that normally wouldn’t be strong outside ganged up, perhaps they would be strong enough to kill him.  Even rival families can send in killer at a low price to kill him while he was in the tomb.

A situation where one misstep meant death!

The treasures of the ten thousand corpse ancient tomb were attractive but to the four families, they would only help improve their power a little, it wouldn’t be able to make their power soar up.  There were ancient ruins everywhere, why did they have to go to the dangerous ten thousand corpse ancient tomb?

Yun Yao had secretly ran away!

Wasn’t this asking for Yun Tianhe’s life?

The Yun Family was already in such a serious situation.  Yun Yao had a pure Thunder Source Spirit, the family had placed great expectations on her.  If she inexplicably died in the ancient tomb, then the Yun Family would be finished!

Yun Tianhe suddenly had a kind of dejected feeling.

Blindly charging in, lacking consideration for the big picture, this is not a quality of someone who would take charge of the family.  Even if Yun Yao became the head of the family, what use would that be?

The Yun Family was doomed to decline!

Yun Tianhe’s walking stick heavily knocked onto the ground, “Quickly, gather the Yun School.  I’ll personally go to the Yin Corpse Valley and bring Yun Yao back!”

Yun Yao liked to be superior to others and this was what worried Yun Tianhe the most.  

She didn’t have experience with the Jianghu, how could she fight against rogue cultivators?

At this time, thunder roared from the sky and a purple figure dropped down from the sky.

“No need to look for me, I’m already back!”  Yun Yao looked over the people here, “I have something to say, you guys can all withdraw!”

“Yes, young miss!”

The people here all withdrew.

Yun Yao knew her grandfather’s temperament, this time he would teach her a lesson himself.  So before anything could be said, rays of thunder began to condense in her palms.  Carrying the strength of a thunderbolt, she threw it at Yun Tianhe.”

“Grandfather, look at this move!”

“Overestimating yourself!”

Yun Tianhe didn’t think that his granddaughter would try to challenge him.  He patted out with his palm.  Since he had this opportunity, he would make her suffer a bit!


The rays of thunder split into four!

It surged forward with a wild strength!

Yun Tianhe was forced back several steps!


I clearly used strength at the 4th Awakened Soul Layer, how did I still get pushed back by her!

At this moment, with his heart filling with excitement, Yun Tianhe had an unbelievable expression as he said, “You, you, you broke through!”

“Look at what this is!”

Yun Yao pulled out a purple coloured bead.  An incomparable energy was stored within.  Suddenly a giant thunder spear shot out right at Yun Tianhe.

Such a powerful strength!

When Yun Yao used the bead to send out this attack, it at least enhanced her strength several times.  Yun Tianhe revealed a shocked expression, “Soul Contracting Spirit Weapon, Thunder Spirit Bead!  How did you obtain this!”

This was simply unbelievable!

Yun Yao had left only left a few days, but not only had she broken through, she had also returned with this precious Thunder Spirit Bead!

Yun Yao had the strength of the 4th Awakened Soul Layer and even the stronger Thunder Spirit Bead.  This was enough to make her strong enough to catch up with the other three Young Masters and becoming a genius worthy of her reputation!

Yun Tianhe suspected that he was in a dream ,”What happened to you in these few days?”

Yun Yao gave a simple narration.  Going alone into the ten thousand corpse ancient tomb, entering the Nether Palace, rushing through the ten thousand corpse cliff, even entering the Corpse King’s Palace.  Killing the Spirit King, fighting against Yang Kun, even her suffering at the hands of the Corpse King.

Any part of this adventure had a high chance of death!

In fact if Yun Yao had not ran into that mysterious youth, she would have died several times!

Yun Tianhe was very shocked, “When did such a monstrous genius appear in Central State?  How did your cultivation base increase like this?”

“That is because that Lu Ren helped me modify my cultivation technique!”  Yun Yao revealed a proud face, “After I practiced his modified cultivation technique the bottleneck opened up and I instantly broke through!”

“What?”  Yun Tianhe’s old heart almost jumped out of his chest, “You can’t joke about this kind of thing!  Do you think modifying a cultivation technique is child’s play?  Something done randomly will cost a person’s life!”

What kind of person was Yun Tianhe?

One of the masters of cultivation in Central State!

Yun Tianhe had spent five years time trying to change this cultivation technique just to fail.  How could a mysterious youth just randomly change it?

Isn’t this causing trouble!

Yun Yao gave a self confident smile as she said, “If you don’t believe me then I can practice it once for you to see!”

Yun Tianhe was completely concentrated as he stared at Yun Yao practicing.  His eyes constantly changed from suspicion into shock then into obsession and finally into fanaticism.

His heart continued to beat faster.

It almost jumped out from his chest!

How was this an improvement?

It was simply a rebirth!

This was a brand new cultivation technique!

If the «Lightning Blitz Secret Art» was considered an excellent technique before, the current «Lightning Blitz Secret Art» could be considered a top class cultivation technique now, or at least in the Southern Summer Country.  This top class cultivation technique was not inferior to the Nangong Family’s «Burning the Heaven Art» or the Eastern Emperor Family’s «Grand Spirit Art»!

The Lightning Blitz Secret Art could be on par with the kingdom’s three big inherited cultivation techniques!

What did this mean?

No one was more clear about this compared to Yun Tianhe!

Heaven is on our Yun Family and Yun School’s side!”  Tears fell from Yun Tianhe’s old eyes and he shouted into the sky, “My clan will prosper not die!”

But the issue was…….who was this Lu Ren?!

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