MT Chapter 89


Chapter 89: Guest Official

Ye Xiong had been killed.

Several elders had been wasted.

The military might of the South Sky City’s Ye Family had greatly dropped!

Chu Tian’s strength had exceeded the imagination of the two great families and the two families had paid a larger price than they expected.  Add in the fact that the Ye Family main forces were not currently in Central State City, they had no way to take revenge on Chu Tian.


Nangong Yi’s letter for help had already reached the Imperial City.

Once the Imperial City began to exert pressure on Central State City.

The Ye and Chu Families would have to stop moving against Chu Tian temporarily.

The next day.

The Wolf Fang Mercenaries announced their intent to leave.

The Ye Family had been in business in South Sky City for over ten years now.  They monopolized the mercenary trade, they controlled the talisman business with Blackwater Commerce, and they teamed up with Li Changyun to control the medicine market.  Their business had been booming and they made over ten million gold coins per year.

This kind of large pie, now they had no choice but to let it go.

Although it wouldn’t cut into the bones of the Ye Family, it would still slice off some meat from them.

The Ye Family has used the mercenaries to be arrogant for many years and the Meng Family were just one of their victims.  But the people didn’t have any courage to say anything.

Now that this kind of miracle youth had appeared and ferociously slapped the Ye Family’s face, hitting the Ye Family until they turned into this.  The people of the city couldn’t help but be happy, it was on the level of a celebration of a holiday.


South Sky City.

The Mayor’s Palace’s garden.

Trees lined the area and a hundred flowers bloomed, beautiful maids were working on the shrubbery.  A cool breeze blew across the lake, causing ripples on the mirror like surface.  The waves sparkled from the light, it was exceedingly beautiful.  

In the small cabin in the middle of the beautiful lake, a young person was playing chess with a middle aged person.

The more than ten black robed people were standing like statues around them!


Chu Tian placed down a game piece, “Sir Mayor, you have lost!”

The little fox was taking a nap on his shoulder, using its little claws to give a yawn.

Nangong Yi looked at the board and gawked for a long time before giving a long sigh, “Your play style, from times it is majestic, from times it is light and elegant, from times it is powerful and straightforward, and from time it is underhanded.  It is hard for people to imagine!”

Want to play chess with me?

Try again in another hundred years!

Nangong Yi put away the board and pieces, “Life is like chess, a single mistake will end everything, one needs to be prudent.”

His words had reason, he didn’t know whether it was because he sad about Ye Xiong’s ending.  All his crimes and his eventual retribution.  Or if it was to warn Chu Tian to not cause more trouble.  A single action could cause a lifetime of hate.

“The god of fate is also a player, the world is his board and all living things are his pieces.  But how does he affect the pieces?  Through heavenly knowledge and heaven’s will!”  Chu Tian also started putting the board and pieces away, as he slowly said, “Even if humans enter the chess game, they are unable to move the player’s hands.  Only by jumping off the board itself and going against the player can they do it.”

Nangong Yi’s heart slightly trembled.

Chu Tian’s seemingly casual words, were actually very profound.

This youth was not as simple as he seemed, he had high ambitions that normal people had no way of understanding!

What was he actually thinking off?

Jumping off the chessboard, becoming the player and playing against fate?

What a joke.  Victory and loses, life and death, whether you were talented, could you resist destiny?  No matter how strong a person was, they would still die from old age.  This was one of the inevitable things in life.

“Come!”  Chu Tian did not explain anything, rather he enthusiastically said, “Let’s play another game.”

“I’ll go first.”  Nangong Yi impolitely put down a game piece while his mouth said, “Your Miracle Commerce must be busy.  You little brat wouldn’t come to the Mayor’s Palace to play chess for no reason.  Say it, what do you want.”

This old fox was quite shrewd.

“These words aren’t correct.”  Chu Tian stretched out his back and once his body was relaxed he said, “Miracle Commerce is busy, but doesn’t it have the young miss and your daughter?  I just killed Ye Xiong and removed a large spiritual burden.  Now my body and mind is calm and I should rest for a few days.  You already know that I’m very stressed!”

“You’re stressed?  I can’t see it!  But don’t think that the Ye and Chu Families are soft.  You caused them a huge lose, you think they’ll let you go?”

“Then how does the Mayor think I should deal with it?”

Nangong Yi stared at him with narrow eyes, “You already have your plans, why are you still asking me?”

“The Mayor truly is shrewd, I can’t hide it.”  Chu Tian plainly said, “The Mayor can keep me safe in South Sky City, but to cope with the Central State Families, I need to find a larger family to protect me.”

Nangong Yi’s hand holding the chess piece trembled!

Does this brat want to borrow the Nangong Family’s strength?

Then that would be too good.  If he took this chance and reeled him in, then that would be a large merit to the family!

Nangong Yi didn’t show his excitement as he slowly put down the chess piece, “Seems like you know what you need to do, I recommend to join the Nangong Family!  This position has a high status and you can enjoy a large resource ration each month.  Our family has large resources, there are even authoritative positions we can give you, it’s a cheap deal for you!”

Joining the Nangong Family!

How many people dreamed of this

“Sir Mayor isn’t thinking about trapping me right?”  Chu Tian did not appreciate the kindness.  He put down a chess piece, “Although this is tempting, but once I am branded with the Nangong Family’s seal, in the future it would be hard to leave.”

“You not knowing good from bad fellow, what do you still want?”  The corner of Nangong Yi’s eye twitched as he forcefully slammed a chess piece down, “The Nangong Family is one of the Three Large Families of the kingdom and we’ve inherited the phoenix bloodline.  Is this not good enough for a deity like you?”

What kind of family?

With your kind of family, you still want to tie me down?

Actually when Chu Tian was still in the black market, he had already began to prepare for a rainy day

Why would he help Yun Yao improve her cultivation technique?  Was Chu Tian truly that bored?

Chu Tian had taken the initiative to do this after completely understanding the Yun Family’s situation.  The goal was for the Yun Family to owe him a large favour, one that he could use in critical moments.

Giving Cai Die the cure was also done based on this logic.  Cai Die’s name was not a full name, but Chu Tian did not care what Cai Die’s surname was or who her family was.  But from her appearance, if she didn’t belong to the Four Great Families, she would still not be from an ordinary background.

A relationship built and a speculative investment, to Chu Tian this was enough.

Now fishing for a relation with the Nangong Family, this was just to improve on perfection!

“You also know that I, Chu Tian am a hot tempered person.  I don’t like being tied down by people, with a single word I might go and beat someone up and they’ll either be dead or wasted.  To not bring trouble to the Nangong Family, I think we’ll just forget about it.”  Chu Tian put down a game piece, “I, young miss, and Yingying all want a guest official position!”

“Are you sure you want to be a guest official?”  Nangong Yi was a little dissatisfied as he said, “The guest official position doesn’t have any power and doesn’t receive any resources, it is basically an honorary title.  Although the guest official can receive the Nangong Family’s protection, it isn’t easy to become one.  They have to fulfill three large conditions.”

“What kind of conditions?  Tell them to me!”

“One, they have to at least have power comparable to the Awakened Soul Realm!”

“This is easily achievable!”

“Two, they need to make a large contribution to the Nangong Family.”

“This is easily done!”

“Three, they need to be recommended by an elder!”

“I’ll trouble the Mayor for this.”

Once Nangong Yi heard this, he could only helplessly recognize the fact that he could not tie Chu Tian down.  Then he’ll be a guest official, at least he’ll have some ties with the Nangong Family!

Chu Tian had an free and uninhibited personality, it was unlikely for him to be tied down.

“Awakened Soul Realm to me isn’t that big of a deal.”  Chu Tian paused and took out a thick scroll from his chest, “I ask Sir Mayor to receive this.”

Once Nangong Yi saw this thing, he braced himself, “This is……”

“I carefully calculated before and created an auxiliary spirit cultivation secret technique, it is now all written in the scroll.”  Chu Tian said this, “I think, this should count as a large contribution!”

“It counts, it counts!  Of course it counts!”

Nangong Yi was delighted as he rushed to take it.

Although the content wasn’t much and it only contained a few thousand characters.

Hidden pearls in each character, each sentence was like gold.  Brief and straightforward, hidden truths were within.

Nangong Yi’s eyebrows slightly wrinkled and then stretched out.  His eyes flashes with wild joy as he put the scroll again and gave three loud laughs, “Good, good, good!  Truly an unprecedented technique!  With this as a stepping stone, it will be guaranteed that you’ll become a guest official!”

There was no need to test it!

Nangong Yi only gave it a glance and could already feel the profoundness.

These few thousand words were priceless.  Nangong Yi believed that he could practice his Divine Sense and at least entering into the “hyperfocus” realm wouldn’t be a dream!”

Nangong Yi hid it like it was a treasured scroll, “The long time dream of this Mayor, there’s finally hope to accomplish it!  The elders of the family will be holding a meeting in a few days, I’ll think of a way to mediate for you.  We’ll first set aside a guest official position and as long as you reach the Awakened Soul Realm, we’ll immediately confer it to you!”

The Nangong Family Elders had the ability to confer the guest official position.

Nangong Yi currently was only a senior deacon.

Because the Nangong Family Elders, the weakest was still at the 4th Awakened Soul Layer!

Nangong Yi was only at the peak 3rd Awakened Soul Layer, he didn’t qualify to become an elder.  He didn’t have the ability to confer the guest official position.  He could only wait for the family elders to convene in South Sky City and help Chu Tian solve this problem.

Chu Tian relaxed.

As long as he had the Nangong Family’s glory.

The Ye, Chu, and Luo Families wouldn’t be able to go against him.

The three families were local rulers of the Central State area, they were used to ruling by force.  How could they allow sand in their eyes?

Chu Tian had fiercely trampled them.  Regardless of whether it was for face or to let off some steam, they couldn’t retreat now.  Like a wild rhinoceros, it already couldn’t stop itself!

The wasp nest Chu Tian poked grew larger and larger.

It was at the point where he was scared of nothing!

But after Yingying had been injured, Chu Tian had decided that he needed to find a backer.  At least he could protect Meng Yingying and Meng Qingwu, letting him feel a little better.

The matter of becoming a guest official for the Nangong Family, he should first take care of it.


“Mayor, you’ve lost again!”  Chu Tian put down another chess piece, “I’ve played enough, it’s time for me to go back.  Goodbye Sir Mayor!”

The Mayor looked at the board in a daze.

How was this little brat looking for someone to play with?

Both sides were on different skill levels!

Chu Tian coming to the Mayor’s palace, it was all for the Nangong Family guest official status.

“Wait.”  Nangong Yi called.

Chu Tian turned his head and asked. “Is there a problem?”

Nangong Yi revealed an embarrassed expression, “I helped you with something, can you help me out with a small matter?”

Chu Tian saw Nangong Yi’s expression, he could already guess in his heart, “Is it related to young miss Nangong?”

“That’s right!”  Nangong Yi had a troubled face as he said, “Yun Er has been invited by the Central State Academy for a while, but she isn’t willing to go to Central State.  This little girl doesn’t listen to what I say and I’m afraid in South Sky City only you can convince her, don’t you think……”

Chu Tian rubbed his chin as he pondered.

Nangong Yi continued, “I’ll be honest, the Central State Academy has a deep relationship with the Nangong Family.  She will be specially looked after at the Central State Academy and will receive many resources to cultivate with, this will be very important for her growth.  So, in any case, we have to make her go there and train.”

Nangong Yi had a depressed face.

It wasn’t easy being a father.

Whoever has this kind of daughter would die before the age of fifty!

“I understand, leave it to me!”

Chu Tian had his own plans, so it was easy to help with this favour.

Nangong Yi reminded him, “This little girl is very rebellious, so don’t force her or else she’ll contradict you.  Then this matter will become even harder to do.”

“How hard is  this?”  Chu Tian gave a yawn, “In a day or two, Nangong Yun will not only take the initiative to go to Central State Academy, but she’ll do it happily.  At that time even if we pull her with fourteen horses, she still wouldn’t come back!”

Nangong Yi was speechless.

Did he not know how exaggerated of a boast this was?

If we compared Nangong Yun’s personality with yours, it actually goes beyond yours!

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