MT Chapter 90


Chapter 90: The Central State vanguard

Chu Tian came back and treated everyone to a meal.  Meng Qingwu was busy with the Commerce and Meng Yingying was secluded to stabilize her body so the two sisters did not come.  But Zhang Liqing, Xiong Tianyan, and Nangong Yun had all come.

Nangong Yun casually walked over once she saw him, her arms went around Chu Tian’s shoulders as she said, “Boss, you truly are destined to go against the heavens.  A simple stroll brought you fame and fortune, congratulations, you’ve taken back face for our Miracle Commerce!”

“It’s nothing!”

“But while you were out, we had to guard the Miracle Commerce.  We didn’t have a single good day.”


“Of course I can’t forget about your contribution!”

This time their backyard had been set on fire, but Miracle Commerce received no fundamental damage.  This was all because of everyone guarding it, so he couldn’t be stingy, he had to give everyone their share.

“Old Zhang, I’ve brought a gift back for you.”

Chu Tian gallantly took out a heaven defying ginseng.

“The Black Jade Purple Marked Ginseng, purifies the body and also helps prolong life span.  You’re already an old man and your body has residual poison in it, if you take this you’ll live another ten years.”

Zhang Liqing’s beard trembled.

This…..This is too precious!

Zhang Liqing had heard of this thing before.  It had appeared in the Central State auction before and sold for at least several hundred thousand gold coins.  Moreover it was something rarely encountered, even those with money couldn’t buy it at will!

Chu Tian gave Xiong Tianyan a golden red lotus, “Thousand Year Lava Lotus.  You just broke through to the Awakened Soul Realm, this thing can help stabilize your strength and increase your cultivation base by a step.  Also, it should increase your ability to control fire, helping you increase your alchemy skills!”

Xiong Tianyan was also very shocked.

A thousand year elixir!

Where did Chu Tian obtain this from?

Seeing him be so generous, they had never seen anyone as generous as him!

He randomly gave out two things and these were things that Awakened Soul Cultivators would risk their life for!

What chivalry?  What generosity?

This was simply family ruining behaviour!

Nangong Yun had just thoughtlessly said one sentence, she never thought Chu Tian had prepared this much.  Immediately she anxiously said, “Then me?  Then me?  What kind of good things did you prepare for me!”

“Nangong, you aren’t lacking anything, what kind of thing do you even need.”

Nangong Yun’s talent was the best out of all of them.  Other people tried everything so they could break through and Nangong Yun kept purposely suppressing her own cultivation.

“What you say makes sense.”  Nangong Yun stroked her chin.  She wasn’t a person who suffered a loss.  She suddenly looked around and saw the little fox on Chu Tian’s shoulder, “Yi, this little animal is very cute.  How about you let me play with it for two days?”


The little fox instantly stood up and its fur majestically stood up, it looked just like an angry lion.

Its sparkling eyes were filled with discontent.  It stuck its claw out at Nangong Yun showing its strong protest!

“Aiyo!  This little fellow can actually understand human language?  Moreover its temperament is not small!”  Nangong Yun’s eyes shined, “I like it, I like it a lot.  Let me play with it for two days.”

Zhang Liqing and Xiong Tianyan were both scared silly!

Zhang Liqing said in amazement, “How is there such a clever demon beast under the heavens?”

Zhang Liqing didn’t know that.

This was not just a simple spirit beast that could understand human nature, rather this was a spirit beast that had just been born that could understand human nature.  Something newly born and already possessing this kind of intelligence, it was a unimaginable existence.

Also, it had been in the Corpse King’s stomach for at least over ten thousand years.

Even with Chu Tian’s knowledge he still couldn’t guess what this thing was!

“I want to give you this little fox, but the cost to raise this fellow is quite high.  If you want to use your family’s property to support it, I’m afraid you’ll lose everything!”

Chu Tian had a resigned look as he spoke.

The expenses for this fox were too high!

The little fox was not ashamed.  Rather he was proud as he snorted.

“I don’t care!”  Nangong Yun was not happy, “Everyone has a gift!  I want a gift too!”

Chu Tian had no ways to deal with this witch, but it was fortunate that he was prepared as he took out a small book from his chest, “I accidently obtained this cultivation technique, perhaps it’ll be useful to you.”

“Cultivation technique?  It won’t be better than my Nangong Family’s «Burning the Heavens Art»!”

“What does the Burning the Heavens Art count for?”  Chu Tian said, “This is called the «Great Nirvana Scripture».  If it wasn’t very compatible with your source spirit, you think I would want to take it out!”

This cultivation technique was brought back from thirty thousand years in the future!

But it wasn’t created thirty thousand years later.  Rather this cultivation technique came from an ancient era, but it had been improved over the ages and finally this strong cultivation technique was left behind.

Chu Tian hadn’t brought many cultivations techniques with him.  This «Great Nirvana Scripture» was one of the strongest one, it was not the slightest inferior compared to the «Starlight Immortal Body».  Naturally it was also very hard to cultivate

With Nangong Yun’s current condition, it was impossible for her to practice it.  But if he gave it to her early and let her study it, it would bring her many benefits.

“Once you memorize it, burn it.  This cultivation technique cannot be given to anyone else.”

“Alright!  I’ll follow your orders!  Many thanks Sir Chairman!”

Nangong Yun excitedly gave Chu Tian a large bear hug!

This trip.

Everyone was curious about it.

What kind of experiences did he have in the Yin Corpse Valley?

Chu Tian’s experiences in the Yin Corpse Valley, he gave the general description for everyone.  

“Then these are eighteen ancient grave Yin Corpses?”  Zhang Liqing had an unbelievable face as he stared at the eighteen black robed people that stood like sculptures at the door, “I’ve never heard that Yin Corpses could be refined into weapons.  This is truly technology I’ve never heard of before.”

Chu Tian gave a disdainful light snort, “What’s so difficult about it?  It’s only a small trick of refining away the brutal nature and only leaving a strong empty shell, that is your so called Corpse Soldier.”

Xiong Tianyan had a face of regret, “If we could bring out a Corpse Monster, who would need to fear the Ye and Chu Family!”

Yin Corpse had to be refined to become Corpse Soldiers.

The Corpse Monsters Chu Tian had met in the floating coffins, they had all been naturally formed.  These kinds of Corpse Monsters had not been refined, so there was no way to control them.

Moreover, these Corpse Monster’s strength was too strong and Chu Tian’s current strength was too weak.  Even with the Soul Controlling Bell, it was hard to control them

Nangong Yun’s face was filled with dissatisfaction, “Such an interesting adventure, you actually left this old lady out!  Otherwise with this old lady’s skills, I could fight against ten people in the ancient tomb!”

This sentence, Chu Tian believed.

This witch’s strength wasn’t exaggerated!

The God Level Phoenix Source Spirit’s destructive might was frightening.

Let alone, Nangong Yun had already practiced the Starlight Immortal Body so it could be said she had strong defense and attack.  Yun Yao and the bronze masked old man were both people with strong cultivation, but inside the ancient tomb they still couldn’t win against Nangong Yun.

But they couldn’t blame Chu Tian, the adventure in the ancient tomb ruins was an accident.

The gifts had been given!

Now was the time to talk business.

Everyone returned to their seats and Chu Tian asked, “Everyone please tell me the current situation of the company!”

“Relax, I’ve personally taken control.  The restaurant was not affected that much, business came naturally and the income was stable, we made around twenty to thirty thousand gold coins per day.”

Each month’s minimal profit was around six hundred thousand?

This was a truly unbelievable performance!

“South Sky City has two hundred thousand cultivators, a single source energy restaurant is not enough.”  Nangong Yun proudly said, “We should increase the number of branch stores and swallow the entire South Sky City market.  It wouldn’t be difficult to gain around several million gold coins per month!”

Not bad, truly not bad!

This was simply a money tree!

Chu Tian asked, “What is the situation with Southern Cloud Commerce?”

Xiong Tianyan had a bright smile, “Relax, young miss Meng is overseeing it.  I’ve also invited a few reliable alchemist to enter the company.  We’ve been storing materials through many channels and have been refining night and day.  We’re finally ready to open.”

Xiong Tianyan took out a pill, “Take a look at this!”

“Is this a Qi Refining Pill?”

“That’s right, this is a Qi Refining Pill that the masters have made.  Right now we have over a hundred pills.  I guarantee that we’ll create a large stir in the city and earn a large profit.”

Zhang Liqing said, “The situation with the talisman store is around the same.  Right now we’ve stockpiled several kinds of new talismans.  As long as we open our store, they’ll earn us quite a profit.”

The Ye Family had suffered heavily losses.  South Sky City’s talisman and pill markets were currently facing a shortage.  Once Southern Cloud Commerce made their move, they would definitely make large progress!

Although the Chu and Ye Families’ retaliation was menacing.

But since Chu Tian had hurried back, Miracle Commerce had not suffered that big of a loss.

Meng Qingwu had secretly stored large amounts of crude crystal oil and was now preparing to mass produce batteries.  The electric lamps were already being mass produced, as long as Miracle Commerce was prepared, they could instantly start doing business.

Chu Tian was very please with the company’s progress.

This adventure had yielded a lot of money, but for this money to be spent, wouldn’t it only take a minute?

Chu Tian had to plant a money tree, to deal with his cultivation costs and to provide strong materials so he would not have to worry about anything!

Chu Tian nodded in satisfaction, “Since the South Sky City situation is dealt with, we should now plan how to charge into Central State City!”

Central State City?

That was an unbelievable place!

South Sky City was only a normal city and Central State was a large city with over a million cultivators.  It had the highest concentration of spiritual energy in the county.  Regardless of Heaven and Earth Treasures, or resources, Central State had the best available in the Southern Summer Country.

Chu Tian said, “Central State is very populated, there are over a million cultivators there.  There are six to seven times more people compared to South Sky City and there are over ten times the resources compared to South Sky City.  If we want to eat up this market, Miracle Commerce needs to grow into a first class company within the country!”

Nangong Yun laughed, “You talk too much!  I wanted to do this for a long time!  I already mentioned to sister Qingwu, but she said the time wasn’t right yet.”

Zhang Liqing knitted his brows, “I also think that this is a little too early.”

“No, everything must be saved for a rainy day.  Although our main focus will be on South Sky City, we can still form a strong vanguard.”


Chu Tian rubbed his chin, his face was awkward as he said, “This person not only needs to be trusted enough to be our backbone, they also need enough strength, quick wits, and skill.  They will build a foundation for us, now who should we pick?”

“Choose shit!”  Nangong Yun didn’t even think about it, “I’ll go!”

Zhang Liqing was a little worried, “Central State contains many enemies.  If Yun Er singlehandedly rushes over, isn’t this very dangerous?”

“Hai, what danger?”  Nangong Yun had a disdainful expression, “Right now even if it was a 1st Awakened Soul Layer Cultivator, I still wouldn’t put them in my eye.  Let alone the fact that I can rush into the Awakened Soul Realm whenever I want, how could they cope with me that easily?  My father keeps urging me to go to Central State everyday.  If I do go, I can even bring my family’s army with me.  At that time with an entire army, I’m the most suitable person to be the vanguard!”

Nangong Yun’s argument was strong!

This was a golden opportunity to perform a large merit!

She was afraid Chu Tian wouldn’t agree so she said, “The Nangong Family doesn’t have a high standing in the Central State military or politics, but we do have backing in the Central State Academy.  If I go to Central State then I’ll have the student status to protect me and I can take advantage of the Central State Academy’s resources.  Regardless of safety or any other aspect, I’m clearly the most suitable person!”

Nangong Yun was very powerful herself!

The status of a super talent of the Nangong Family could cancel out thoughts that other people had of dealing with her!

“Since Nangong is willing to volunteer, how could I not support you?”  Chu Tian stood up and raised a cup for Nangong Yun, “I’ll first raise this cup in respect to you, I wish you a safe journey!

Nangong Yun straight up drained a cup and wiped her mouth as she said, “Leave it to me!”

“A person going to Central State alone will need funds.”  Chu Tian didn’t even think before speaking, “I’ve asked Meng Qingwu, Miracle Commerce has around one million gold coins, you can take all of it as operating expenses!”

Recently with the large consumption of meteor grass, refining pills, refining talismans, and investing in a new restaurant, the company did not have a lot of extra money.

“What?  One million gold coins!”  Nangong Yun had been so touched that she almost fell over, “This……this is too much!”

“Much?  Not at all!  One million gold coins is enough to accomplish a lot in South Sky City, but if it was used in Central State City, it wouldn’t even be enough to create a splash on the large pond.”

“Chu Tian is right.”  Zhang Liqing nodded his head, “Central State City can’t be compared to South Sky City!”

Chu Tian continued, “Don’t be hasty, this is money that the company is giving you for you to buy cultivation materials to practice your cultivation technique.  Moreover, the company is lacking in manpower.  With money you can do things, you can use it to recruit some trustworthy people.  Obtaining people and territory for the company, building a foundation.  Wait for us to come over and then we can accomplish earth shattering things.”

Was a million gold coins too much?”

This depended on the situation.

This kind of money to an individual, it was enough for a Body Refinement Cultivator to live without worry for food or clothing.  Even to a preliminary stage Awakened Soul Cultivator, this was still a very large sum of money!

But to a faction with power, to a large scale company, this was only one hair of nine oxen.

When talking about a special cultivation technique like the «Starlight Immortal Body», this couldn’t be considered a lot of money.

Chu Tian still had not even reached the Small Success Realm and he still required resources worth one hundred thousand gold coins per month.  Once he finished refining his Glass Body like Nangong Yun had done, the consumption rate would increase by at least ten times.

A trivial million gold coins.

This can’t count for anything!

Nangong Yun was very excited!

From her youth until now she had never had this much money.  She had never been this trusted by anyone.

This moment she had a kind of mission feeling.  Chu Tian had given her the heavy responsibility of being the Central State vanguard, she had to complete it perfectly!

Nangong Yun was an impatient person, “Then we’re agreed!  I’ll leave today!  You guys keep eating, I’ll go back and prepare!”

Chu Tian didn’t say anything.

Nangong Yun burst through the gate and rushed back home.

Zhang Liqing’s expression revealed a trace of affection, “This little girl truly has a temper, she really needs to control it!”

When Nangong Yi received the news, he immediately felt his old heart fill with comfort.

A father can’t give nothing right?  He gave his daughter five hundred thousand gold coins on the spot as cultivation expense!

In the evening, Nangong Yun sat in a white rhinoceros beast carriage under the heavy guard of the Nangong Family guards.  She said goodbye to Chu Tian and the others and set off on a large scale for Central State City.

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