MT Chapter 91


Chapter 91: Heavenly Book Source Spirit

Chu Tian sending off Nangong Yun, not only did he do a favour for Nangong Yi, but it was also for the company.  If Miracle Commerce wanted to grow larger, sooner or later they would need to enter the Main City.

Once Nangong Yun left, Meng Yingying only had a few helpers left.  She became incredibly busy.

Miracle Commerce’s second restaurant “Secret Cloud Territory” and the third restaurant “Grand Miracle Hotel” had began to do business.

Miracle Commerce already had a comprehensive layout for their pill and talisman refinement plan.  Also the Mayor’s Palace also agreed to their “City Street Lamp Production” program.  They had invested a large amount of money to install street lamps in South Sky City’s main block, city square, and other public places to create a livelier South Sky City!


Miracle Commerce of course welcomed this large development plan!

Honor, money, and authority were all established based on foundation.  Otherwise it was like an imaginary bubble, it could be popped at any time.

The Ye, Chu, and Luo Family could still come back at any time!

The influence of the three families were like a knife hanging over their head!

Chu Tian felt that he couldn’t wait.

The Awakened Soul Realm.  It was imperative to break through not only to increase his ability to survive but also it would allow him to receive the Nangong Family’s guest official status.  It would provide another strong protection for Miracle Commerce!

In the past few days, Chu Tian had taken all the level 1 Elixirs he had brought back from the black market and used it all to refine a miracle pill which he gave to the Meng Qingwu sisters.

This was enough to bring Meng Qingwu and Meng Yingying to the peak 9th Body Refinement Layer.

As for Chu Tian?

Because he had succeeded in breaking through the 9th Body Refinement Layer at the black market.

Now after the life threatening battles in the ancient tomb and continuous use of the thousand year Yuan Essence Grass, his spirit energy had increased quite a bit.

Therefore Chu Tian only needed to close up for two days and he could easily break through to the peak 9th Body Refinement Layer.

No problems occurred through the process, it was a straightforward process.

Therefore level 1 Elixirs for him were already not that important.

Chu Tian had prepared over ten thousand pieces of meteor grass and began crazily practicing «Starlight Immortal Body».  The «Starlight Immortal Body» had saved Chu Tian’s life several times in the black market and because Chu Tian had continued to use it, he had become more skilled at using the Starlight Immortal Body.

Now he was using these ten thousand pieces of meteor grass.

Chu Tian could finally advance a step with the «Starlight Immortal Body» and enter into the Small Success Realm.  He did not need to focus on condensing it, he could condense the starlight glaze over his body at any time.  Any expert not above the Awakened Soul Realm, if he stood there letting them attack, as long as he still had spirit energy, they could not injure him!

His cultivation base had increased!

His cultivation technique had increased!

His strength had received a significant growth.

Chu Tian’s naked body stood up from the vat.  He shook his arm and nodded his head in satisfaction, “If I continue to practice this cultivation technique, my physical body will also improve quite a bit.”

“Si, si!”

The little fox saw Chu Tian’s naked body and used its two small claws to cover its eyes, then it gave a loud shout of protest.

“Fuck, you can be shy?  You’re only a fox, perhaps you’re a female fox?”

The little fox stood up on its four feet and instantly vanished into a cloud of fog.  When it appeared again it had already appeared beside the window, it gave a dissatisfied protest.

It was willing to let go the fact it was mistreated the past few days, but now even its gender wasn’t known!

Was there another master as irresponsible as him?

Chu Tian stared at the fox not amused and put on his clothes.  He took out a corpse core and gently threw it.

The little fox’s eyes lit up.


It instantly vanished.

It flew up to grab the corpse core and landed on Chu Tian’s shoulder, it was very pleased with itself as it gnawed on it.

Chu Tian tapped its little head with a finger, “I really don’t know what kind of creature you are.  You are picky about what you eat and only eat Heaven and Earth treasures!

The little fox lifted its head and its nose gave a snort.

Normal spirit beast couldn’t eat this kind of thing even if they wanted to!

This little fox was a super god level beast so he had this ability!

So you don’t know your luck, feeding this fox was your blessing!

Chu Tian was amused with the little fox’s narcissism.  No matter what, the little fox’s intelligence was not low.  It was not less than a human’s and was actually even more intelligent.  But Chu Tian had a serious face as he said, “Don’t blame for not telling you, there are only a few corpse cores remaining, once you finish eating you’ll be out of food.”

The little fox was calm and suddenly with a putong sound it disappeared.

Chu Tian’s waist felt lighter.

The little fox appeared on the window holding a heavy bag.  Its eyes shined through the narrow seam and it gently threw down the bag causing a thud of source stones to ring out.

Its little claw dug around.


Several pieces of low quality source stones fell on the table.

The little fox slapped the shiny source stones and it used its claws to point at the source stone then pointed at its mouth.  With a calm and composed look, as if it was righteously saying, “Don’t you have money?  Use it to buy food for me!”

“You still dare to steal money from me?”  Chu Tian’s nose was so angry his nose was crooked, “You think that I’m an orphanage!  I’ll tell you, you better show me what use you are, otherwise I, Chu Tian will not raise a useless pet.”

The little fox chose not to respond as it turned its butt towards him.  Its tail swung in his face as if to express his contempt.

What was this fellow?

It was as refined as a ghost!

Chu Tian shook his hand and raised the Netherworld Sword.  He went out into the courtyard and slowly brandished the sword.

Chu Tian’s defensive power was strong enough, but his attack power was still lacking.  The «Netherworld Flame Sword» was a strong sword style and if he could practice it to the Small Success Realm, Chu Tian was certain his power would rise another level.

But after practicing the sword art 4-5 times, he didn’t have any feeling.  It was as if his sword was missing something.

What was he lacking?

Chu Tian pondered for a while.

The small white fox sat on the window, its eyes showed a laugh of ridicule going “si, si” as if it was laughing at Chu Tian’s stupidity.

“Stupid fox, you actually dare to laugh at me?”

It was unknown when the little fox obtained it, but in its hand was a blue and white bead.  It forcefully threw it over to Chu Tian.

It couldn’t be underestimated since it was only the size of a fist.

The strength contained within was not small.

The blue and white bead was like a meteor as it shot over at Chu Tian.

Chu Tian raised out a hand to grab it.  It was the Netherworld Flame Seed.  He immediately understand the little fox’s meaning and began to practice the Netherworld Flame Sword.  Only having the sword art and Netherworld Sword wasn’t enough, the Netherworld Spirit Flame was the key to the sword art.

The little fox felt as it had performed a great deed.  With a sou sound, its speed very fast, it jumped onto Chu Tian’s shoulder.  It impolitely stretched out a claw.

“You should save a little!”

“Based on your eating habits, I won’t be able to raise you!”

The little fox held a corpse core in its paws and it disappeared to who knows where.

Right at this time.

A sudden light pressure came from the room of the young miss.

Chu Tian revealed a happy expression.  With his help, Meng Qingwu had taken several pills. Had she finally broken through?

A deep and mysterious power filled the air.

This was the aura of a source spirit.

A source spirit had been born!

Chu Tian was incredibly happy as he immediately ran over to the room of the young miss to find out what the situation was.

Meng Qingwu had just finished practicing.  She had smoothly broken through to the peak 9th Body Refinement Layer and gave birth to a source spirit.  But what was strange was the fact that her source spirit was just a book.

To have a book as a source spirit, even in the future this was incredibly rare!

Chu Tian asked Meng Qingwu, “Do you feel any changes with your body?”

Meng Qingwu was bewildered as she shook her head, “I don’t feel any change!”

Chu Tian asked again, “Do you feel as if anything has become stronger?”

Meng Qingwu shook her head.  Awakening a sword source spirit could increase the might of one’s swordsmanship, but what could a book source spirit do?  You couldn’t hold a book in a fight!

Meng Qingwu could feel that this source spirit did not increase her strength at all.  This made Meng Qingwu feel dejected, thinking that this was a waste spirit.

It didn’t have any combat strength!

Having a source spirit was the same as not having one, wasn’t a source spirit like this a waste?

“No, any source spirit will always have its use.  Your spirit is not a waste spirit!”  Chu Tian thought carefully and suddenly he thought of a person, “Perhaps…..”

Meng Qingwu was in a daze.

Chu Tian wrote several large characters on a piece of paper and then opened it for Meng Qingwu to read, “First read the characters on this paper!”

“Chu, Tian, I, love, you!”


Meng Qingwu only read the paper and realized what was wrong.  The serious and beautiful face turned red and her beautiful eyes popped out as she angrily said.

“You dare make fun of me!”

“I wasn’t making fun of you.”  Chu Tian forced down his smile, “Look a little more carefully!”

Meng Qingwu looked at the words again in a daze, “What kind of words are these?  I’ve never seen these words before……Strange, how could I understand what they mean?”

“Of course you’ve never seen them!”  Chu Tian scrunched the paper into a ball, “This is the language of ancient high elves.”

Meng Qingwu thought this was impossible.

The language of ancient high elves, how could she read it?

Chu Tian continued, “The words you just said was the language of the ancient high elves, it wasn’t the language that we use on the continent!”

Meng Qingwu carefully thought back.  The words that she had just said really weren’t the words she commonly used.  But she had a kind of a strange feeling, being able to speak a strange language proficiently.

It was as if it was carved in her soul.

And she just reflected it out.

“The book source spirit is a very special source spirit as it contains ancient records.  The stronger the source spirit becomes, the more ancient memories it awakens.  Your source spirit will not give you strength, but it can give you the thing that many sages dream of…….knowledge!”

Chu Tian performed another experiment.

He randomly took a book and placed it in front of Meng Qingwu.

He stayed on each page for 4-5 seconds and in a few minutes he had gone through the entire book.

When Chu Tian randomly asked details about the book, Meng Qingwu didn’t even know what she had read, but she could easily answer each question as if she had already memorized it.

It was this!

Meng Qingwu didn’t have a fighting type source spirit.

This was a very rare wisdom type source spirit!

Chu Tian’s main source spirit also gave him strong memorization abilities, making it so he never forgot anything.  But if it was compared with Meng Qingwu’s, it would seem trivial!

Meng Qingwu flipped through the book, but she didn’t even know what she was looking at.  The book source spirit had recorded all of it down and when she needed to use this knowledge, it would directly feed it into her brain.

It could be said!

Meng Qingwu was a natural scholar!

Chu Tian was very satisfied with this!

Chu Tian’s knowledge was very profound and it exceeded the current era by tens of thousands of years.  If he had to take it out, there would be no one that could understand it.  If a person of this world had to be found that could learn from Chu Tian, that person would definitely be Meng Qingwu!

This source spirit was too great!

It was enough to make Chu Tian a little jealous!

This made Chu Tian even more determined to train Meng Qingwu!

Not to mention that within Meng Qingwu’s book source spirit, there were many ancient records contained.  The stronger her strength became, the more records would be revealed and perhaps even records of an ancient era would be revealed.

Chu Tian had knowledge from thirty thousand years in the future.

Meng Qingwu would have the knowledge of the ancient era.

This kind of combination would be unparalleled in history.  This kind of chemical reaction, it allowed people to feel very anticipated about the results!

Meng Qingwu said, “Yingying’s cultivation is lower than mine, I’m afraid it’ll take her a while to reach the peak 9th Body Refinement Layer.”

“It’ll only take a few days!  I’ve decided to attack the Awakened Soul Realm!”  Chu Tian paused before continuing, “From the materials that I’ve brought back, the most important ones are the Infant Soul Fruit.  If the Infant Soul Fruit can be refined into Infant Soul Pills, it will be enough for us to break through to the Awakened Soul Realm.  There are three fruits, one for each person.”

The materials for the Infant Soul Pill were expensive.

But, other than the main Infant Soul Fruit, the rest were not hard to buy.

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