MT Chapter 94


Chapter 94: Comparing notes in martial arts

No wonder Tianchen Commerce had brought this many guards.  They had harboured bad intentions from the beginning of these so called business negotiations!

“Such a strong killing intent!”  Chu Tian was leisurely sipping his tea, seemingly self composed.  It was as if he regarded the over one hundred Tianchen Commerce guards to be nothing, “You seem confident.  Are you that confident Tianchen Commerce is stronger than Miracle Commerce?  I don’t think so!”

These words.

Jing Xian and Jing Hao were speechless.


These words were like a joke.

This Chu Tian seemed to be a frog in the well!

How could there be a strong family in South Sky City?

A newly established company, what kind of expert did they have?

“How about we compare notes?”  Chu Tian put down the teacup and his finger gently tapped on the table, “Pick someone from the people I’ve brought with me, and if you can win against any one of them, then I will accept your conditions!  Otherwise……I’ll use a different method to solve things!”

“You must be tired of living!  Tianchen Commerce’s guards are all veterans and mercenaries that we’ve used a lot of money to hire, each one is an elite above elites.  What will you bring out to compete with us?!”

“Strength is not measured by words, it can only be measured by fighting!”

Refusing to be convinced in this grim circumstance?

Then we’ll help you!

Jing Hao shouted, “Jing Hu!”

The captain of the guard Jing Hu ran over, “Please give your instructions, junior chairman!”

“Several country bumpkins have their eyes shut and actually dare challenge Tianchen Commerce.  What do you think we should do?”

“Please allow me to teach them a lesson!”

“Go then, don’t show them any mercy!”


Jing Hu arrogantly walked over and used a taunting gaze to look at Chu Tian.  Then he swept his gaze across the people he brought.

Eighteen black robed people, silently standing there.  They didn’t reveal a single bit of aura and their chests did not move, almost as if they didn’t need to breathe.  They were like eighteen pieces of stone.

Truly strange.

They gave people the same feeling.  It was impossible to tell who was strong and who was weak.

Jing Hu didn’t know who to choose, but he had nothing to fear.  As the vice chairman’s personal guard, his strength was at the 1st Awakened Soul Layer.  He didn’t believe that a guard from a small town company would be stronger than him!

“Do you want to come one by one or come all together?”  Jing Hu proudly pulled out his sabre and shouted, “Let the strongest come up first.  Our time is very precious, I’ll solve it in a single slash!”

The corners of Chu Tian’s mouth rose into a smile, “Why do we need the strongest to deal with you?  Let the weakest go forth!”

Without any warning.

A light bell’s sound rang out.

A black robed person jumped out from behind him!

Too sudden and too strange.  There was no gathering of spirit energy as he just jumped out.

The black clothed person rushed forward at a high speed, but his body didn’t seem to move.  With a glance, it seemed like he was being moved at a high speed.  From his body he emitted a black fog and a terrifying aura began to cover the area.

Jing Hu was shocked.

This, this……How was this possible?

He quickly sent out a flurry of sabre light!


The black clothed person’s palm shot out and a terrifying strength sent the sabre flying.  It flew straight into the wall and the sabre kept buzzing non stop.

Black Yin Corpse, invincible body, hard as steel!

Jing Hu’s brain didn’t even have time to react.  He could only watch helplessly as his opponent began to gather black fog in his hands.  His entire hand became pitch black as it filled with an intense aura of death.  Then he attacked with the violent qi.

Not good!

Jing Hu braced himself to receive the palm strike.  The power surged forward and spread, destroying the nearby table and chairs.


Jing Hu spat out blood and was sent flying into the wall.  His body was covered in the black aura as he fainted on the spot.

One move!

The black robed person only used one move!

Jing Hu was the Tianchen Commerce vice chairman’s personal guard!

He actually couldn’t block a single palm from this black robed person?

After the black robed person had taken care of Jing Hu, he immediately returned to stand behind Chu Tian.  From the beginning until now, he didn’t say a single word.  He stood there like a powerful statue, as if he had not even made a move.

“Truly too disappointing!”  Chu Tian’s eyes became ice cold, as sharp as a hawk, “This kind of strength, you dare spout nonsense in front of Father!  With your little strength, you dare threaten Father!  You’re truly tired of living!”

It was as if Chu Tian had changed into another person.

This sudden terrifying manner hit like a tsunami, making the hearts of the two of them go cold!

A single palm defeated Jing Hu, not leaving a bit of suspense.

This black robed person had to have a strength at the 2nd Awakened Soul Layer!  These eighteen black robed people, regardless of aura or clothing, they were all the same.  Perhaps……all eighteen of them were Awakened Soul Cultivators?

Jing Xian broke out in a cold sweat.

It seemed they kicked an iron sheet this time!

Was this group of monsters something they could annoy?


It was impossible!

Eighteen Awakened Soul Cultivators as personal guards, even the Main City’s Mayor couldn’t receive this kind of treatment.  Chu Tian was only the founder of a small city’s company, how could he win over this many experts?

“Such a vicious evil palm skill!”  Jing Hao angrily stood up, “A battle between warriors should be fair and yet you dare to use a poison to secretly kill Jing Hu!  You are simply shameless to the extreme!  This result, I refuse to accept!”

Chu Tian indifferently said, “The world’s martial arts are complex, who says studying a poison technique is despicable?  Being rude after losing, this is the stance Tianchen Commerce takes!”

“This round doesn’t count.  If you have skills then let’s go again!”

Meng Qingwu angrily said, “A loss is a loss, your way of doing things is blatantly breaking your promises!”

“Is Miracle Commerce afraid of a challenge?  If they want to compete again, then we’ll just give them another chance.”  Chu Tian was as fearless as ever, “How do you want to fight this time?”

“I’ll personally fight!”  Jing Hao’s eyes flashed with a trace of a sinister plot, “I’ll ask young miss Meng Qingwu to fight this time!”

Meng Qingwu was only a young girl.  Since she was young, she had been taking care of the company.  This kind of person did not have any kind of strength.

Meng Qingwu’s face fell, “You……”

“What?  Someone had personally said that we can pick anyone he brought.”  Jing Hao used his voice to point someone out, cutting off Meng Qingwu, “So the guards are people he brought, but young miss Meng Qingwu isn’t?”

Jing Hao used the loophole in Chu Tian’s words to attack Miracle Commerce!

“Ha, ha, ha, ha.  Young Master Jing Hao has a grasp of the situation, this is truly a talent of a merchant that does not care about face.  To be able to express it so vividly, Chu Tian admires this.”

Jing Hao’s face turned cold, “If you’re scared, then obediently sign the contract so that a beautiful girl like young miss Meng Qingwu won’t be hurt!”

“Remember this!  My Miracle Commerce does not have any waste or any pretty vases.”  Chu Tian didn’t buy into his trick, “Since this is a sincere challenge, then young miss will properly teach you.”

Meng Qingwu was filled with hesitation, “I…..I don’t have experience with fighting!”

Once Jing Hao heard these words, he was overjoyed.

Then that would be the best!

Jing Hao was weaker than Jing Hu by a bit, but he was still at the peak 9th Body Refinement Layer!

Chu Tian encouraged the young miss by saying, “I believe in you, go and try!”

Jing Hao was sizing up Meng Qingwu’s beautiful physique.  In his heart he was very pleased with himself.  A young girl who has grown up in a small city, can she beat me?

If Meng Qingwu was strong, then her name would have spread across Central State!  But after being in South Sky City for so many years, she had always been bullied.  How could she possibly be strong?

This round was guaranteed.

“Be careful young miss Meng!

Jing Hao pulled out a short sword and thrust forward.

Endless starlight was emitted from her body and the short sword bounced off the protective layer with a ding sound.

Jing Hao staggered back several steps.  Seeing the body covered in light, it made Meng Qingwu look like a sacred girl from the heavens.  He revealed a trace of surprise, “Such a strong defense!”

The Jing Hao uncle and nephew could both see that Meng Qingwu’s cultivation base was much higher than they imagined.  It was almost around the same as Jing Hao and she even practiced an especially strong defense based cultivation technique!

How was this girl this strong?



Today was truly strange!

Chu Tian lightly said, “I’ve said it before, Miracle Commerce doesn’t have waste nor a flower vase!  Our young miss is the vice president, her grace and talent can only be found once in a millennium.  How could some random trash compare with her?”

Random trash?

You actually called me random trash!

Jing Hao gave a loud roar and sent out several slashes!

Dang, dang, dang, dang, dang!

Each slash had been blocked without exception!

Meng Qingwu’s body did not have a weak point.  It didn’t matter how Jing Hao attacked, as it was all useless!

On Meng Qingwu’s gentle and serious face, she couldn’t help but reveal a smile.  She was pleasantly surprised, even she didn’t know when she had become so powerful!

Meng Qingwu had a chronic injury on her body since she was young.  As long as she used spirit energy, she would feel pain!

At that time, not to mention fighting, every night her meridians hurt, making it hard for her to sleep!

And now?

Meng Qingwu wasn’t as abnormal as Chu Tian or Nangong Yun so she couldn’t skip levels and challenge people.  But for cultivators at the same level, she could easily sweep through heavenly talents!

All of this.

It seemed like a dream!

“I say young miss, are you a statue?”  Chu Tian drank some tea and impatiently shouted, “You should hit back!”

Meng Qingwu was in a panic, “But I……I don’t know how to hit!”

“His legs aren’t stable!  Kick!”

Meng Qingwu gave a conditioned response and kicked out.  Hitting him right in the crotch!


Jing Hao’s face turned green as he fell onto the ground.

The little fox applauded with his small claws and Chu Tian gave a large smile, “HA, HA!  Beautiful!  A good move to cut off his legs, it only required a little effort!”

Were the man and beast watching a competition?

This was simply watching a play!

Jing Hao’s eyes filled with anger as he roared, “You’ve gone too far!”

Chu Tian loudly shouted, “Use your right hand to punch his face!”

Meng Qingwu was like a puppet, being completely controlled by Chu Tian.  She instantly punched Jing Hao’s face as he rushed forward.  This made it feel like he was delivering up his face.


He flew away with a nosebleed!

Jing Hao was sent to the ground once again!

“That won’t do!  That won’t do!”  Chu Tian was like a severe teacher, “How can you be this stupid!  Your output method is very bad.  Synchronize the body, synchronize your energy, gather your strength into a single point, that’s how you release the strongest attack!  Come try again!”

Even a fool could see!

Meng Qingwu was clearly a person without any battle experience!

But such a person without any battle experience, with Chu Tian’s guidance, every movement became better.  As they continued to fight, Jing Hao gradually lost any way he had of fighting back.



Chu Tian could not only give Meng Qingwu the best guidance, he could also find all of Jing Hao’s weakness.  He allowed a person without any fighting experience to fight Jing Hao to the point where he couldn’t even fight back!

Was this man or was this a spirit!

Jing Xian felt a chill!

Regardless of Chu Tian’s strength, his eyes were at a master’s level!

This won’t do!

If this fight continued, Jing Hao would definitely lose.  He quickly stood up, “Hao Er, calm your mind!  Use the frost sword against her!”

Jing Hao had already been angered to the point of confusion.

This woman was clearly a novice in fighting, yet she had forced him into this situation.  He had suffered several hits and now his face had swelled up like a pig.

“That’s enough!”

On the sword, a large glowing rune appeared.  This was clearly a powerful spirit weapon.  A lingering cold filled the air, filling the surroundings with frost.

“So what if your defense is strong?”  Jing Hao’s beaten face wore a fierce look as he held the cold sword, “Once my frost sword stabs you, you’ll be frozen into an ice sculpture!  I want to see how you fight against me now!”

Meng Qingwu’s felt a chill in her heart.

Jing Hao still had a trump card.  This was not a simple sword, how should she fight against it!

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