MT Chapter 95


Chapter 95: Forcing to buy and sell

The frost sword began to emit stronger might!

Jing Hao’s face filled with cold viciousness, “Meng Qingwu, stop stubbornly resisting!  If you’re willing to come with me then I’ll keep your position and let you remain as the vice chairman!  Otherwise I won’t show any mercy in destroying a flower!”

Meng Qingwu coldly said, “Even if I die, I still wouldn’t submit to you!”

“Young miss, good words!”  Chu Tian lightly said, “But you need to believe in yourself.  You’re much stronger than him, this level of attack isn’t much!  Alright, stop wasting time.  Take care of him already!”


Is that true?

Am I really stronger than him?

Meng Qingwu’s recent strength increase had happened too fast, so she wasn’t clear on her own situation.  She wasn’t even clear on how much her strength had increased!

Chu Tian wouldn’t lie to me!

Since he says I’m stronger, then I’m definitely stronger!

Meng Qingwu’s solemn face disappeared and it was replaced with a relaxed and contemptuous look.

Meng Qingwu’s expression changed, letting Jing Hao think he was being looked down on.  His self esteem had already been shattered by the attacks and he couldn’t suppress himself anymore as he roared, “Seeking death!  Then I’ll help you!”

The cold treasured sword viciously stabbed forward!

The endless starlight began to spill out and it condensed together to form a kind of glaze.  The bone chilling cold air, it had no way of penetrating the glazed defense.

Chu Tian nodded his head in satisfaction at this.  To be able to condense the Glass Body, the young miss practice with the Starlight Immortal Body was not bad!

The intense starlight power erupted forth!


The sword broke on the spot!

That frost power lost its carrier and immediately rebounded!


Jing Hao stared with wide eyes as he shouted out in panic.  He turned around to escape, but it was already too late.  The frost power rebounded and swallowed Jing Hao’s body, turning him into an ice sculpture!

Meng Qingwu was at the peak 9th Body Refinement Layer like him, but unlike him she practiced the «Starlight Immortal Body».  Because of this, Jing Hao was not a match for Meng Qingwu.

Even with a stronger weapon, it would still be the same!

“Hao Er!”  Jing Hao was shocked and at the same time he knew things were bad, “These bastards have plotted to murder the junior chairman!”


The teacup fell onto the ground.

Smashing into pieces!

This was the signal Jing Xian had arranged.  Once the negotiations broke down, he would break this teacup and the people hiding in ambush would immediately come forth.  Before Chu Tian could respond, they would capture them all alive.

At this moment, the negotiations wouldn’t succeed.  So he could only use force.

Over a hundred to two hundred elite guards came out, who could fight against them?

Jing Xian didn’t believe it was possible!

But the minute the teacup signal was given.

Sou, sou, sou, sou, sou!

A countless amount of blows shot in all directions!

“Ha, ha, ha, can’t win in single combat so you want to use force to suppress me?”  Chu Tian gently shook the bell, “You’ve actually done something foolish!  Let this group of true bumpkins now open their eyes and see just how powerful my Miracle Commerce is!”

The eighteen black robed people swept out like wild winds.

It only required a second.

All the arrows had been knocked down.

The eighteen figures turned into eighteen shadows.  Their speed was hard for the naked eye to see.  The Tianchen Commerce members were scared silly.


This was a nightmare!

The eighteen black robed people were like tigers jumping at prey, suddenly rushing through the guards.  Instantly the sound of bones and muscle breaking could be heard.


“Save me!”

“I surrender, I surrender!”

Jing Xian had never seen a scene like this.  He was trembling on the spot in fright, a look of terror on his old face!

The eighteen black robed people were all in the Awakened Soul Realm and the weakest one was in the 2nd Awakened Soul Layer.  This fight did not have a single bit of suspense as all of the elite guards that Tianchen Commerce brought, were all knocked down.  If they weren’t dead then they were crippled.  The remaining people were all wailing on the ground!

All of the elites that Tianchen Commerce had spent a large amount of money to train!

If they had all been annihilated, how could he report back to the chairman?

“Stop!”  Jing Xian was about to stand up, “We’re not discussing anymore!”

“These kinds of words, don’t you think it’s a little too late?”  A cold sword edge swept across, landing gently on his neck.  A little force was used and he was forced back into sitting down, “Come, come, come, sit down and let’s discuss.”

Chu Tian sat in his initial position without moving.  In his right hand was the Netherworld Sword which currently rested on the other side’s shoulder, “Don’t blame me for not reminding you.  If you move again, you’ll lose your dog head!”

Jing Xian’s body was stiff just like stone.  His face was covered in cold sweat as he said, “Old….Old man knows he was wrong!  What do you want to do?”

Chu Tian gave Meng Qingwu a look.

A heavy bag fell onto the table.

Chu Tian opened the bag, “Five hundred low grade Source Stones.  Not only do I want the meteor grass basin, all your resource production sites around the Hidden Sound Village will all be given to me.  Not a single one can be missing!”

The bag was filled with glittering low grade Source Stones.

Jing Xian gawked, “Source Stones?”

Source Stones were the most commonly used currency on the continent.

Southern Summer Country was a low grade kingdom, it didn’t have any ways to produce Source Stones, so there weren’t many people that did business with Source Stones.  A single piece of low grade Source Stone was worth around ten thousand gold coins.  In places like the black market or the underground market, the price of Source Stones would be even higher.

Miracle Commerce was a company established in a small city.

How could they have this many Source Stones?

This was obviously very abnormal!

This company was not simple!

But, only using five hundred low grade Source Stones to buy all of Tianchen Commerce’s property?  Wasn’t this simply extortion?

Jing Xian was angered from the shame as he shouted, “Five hundred Source Stones only have a market value of five-six million gold coins.  You want to use only five-six million to buy Tianchen’s properties worth tens of millions?  You’re dreaming!  I won’t agree to this!”

He had brought back the five hundred low grade Source Stones from the black market.

Miracle Commerce did not have any extra money.  How could they have the ability to gather over ten million gold coins to bring?

Chu Tian had planned to use the five hundred Source Stones as advanced payment.  Once the resources were transferred over, he would then pay the remaining amount and complete the transaction.

Who would have thought that this old fellow had thoughts of annexing Miracle Commerce?

Don’t you like playing this trick of forcing to buy and sell?

Then Father will play with you!

“Fuck, you still dare to be arrogant?”

Chu Tian didn’t care that he was an old man, he raised his sleeve and slapped him.  Jing Xian fell onto the ground, his jaw was clearly dislocated.

“No, no!”

Jing Xian was like an old bug, trying to crawl away on the ground.

Chu Tian lifted him up, his eyes glowed with anger as he viciously shouted, “Will you sell!”

Jing Xian’s face swelled as he spat out blood and shouted, “You’re trying to rob me!”

“What robbing?  Don’t you know your words, this is called forcing to buy and sell!”  Chu Tian slapped him again.  Jing Xian had lost several teeth and he spat out blood again.  He was clearly distressed.

Chu Tian picked him up again and shouted, “Forcing you to buy and sell is already giving you face!  Don’t you understand!  Without strength, stop worrying about face!”

This was an attack on mind and body!

Jing Xian was close to tears from the beating.  He had completely collapsed, “I…..I’ll sell, but can you give a bit more money?  This amount is too small!  I can’t go back like this!  The chairman will kill me!”

“Fuck you, you actually still dare to say it’s too small!”

Chu Tian heavily threw this old man onto the ground so that he could lie beside the frozen Jing Hao.

“Let me calculate for you!”

“Five-six million gold coins is not much, but if you add in the lives of your nephew and the over hundred guards.”  Chu Tian gently moved the sword’s edge, so it gently rested on necks of the two.  The cold meaning of his words cut into their necks, “This could still be considered cost effective!”

His meaning was, if you reject, then the over hundred people here wouldn’t see the sun tomorrow.

The uncle and nephew were terrified!

The guards all broke out into a cold sweat!

How was this a human!  He was simply a devil!

The previous harmless appearance, it was all an act!

This bastard, he, he……was pretending to be a pig to eat the tiger!

“Fuck!  Are you mute?  Every minute of Father’s time is worth around several hundred thousand gold coins and now you two trash want to waste my time!  If you want the land then give up your reputation, if you want your life give up the land.  One word, quickly.  Pick your choice!”

They could see a killing intent coming from Chu Tian.  He was definitely a vicious person, he would definitely do it.

Jing Xian had a crying face as he said, “The meteor grass basin is worth around twenty million.  The nearby Hidden Sound Stone mines also belong to Tianchen Commerce and they are worth around eighteen million gold!  If we give them up for 5 million, how can we go back and face the chairman!”

“I don’t care about this.  We originally wanted to come here to talk business, but who expected you brats to only talk about strength and not care about morals?  To have hidden ambitions and provoke this calamity!  Alright, you like using strength to talk?  Then Father will show his strength to you!”


Chu Tian held the Netherworld Sword in his hands, “I’ll count from three.  If you don’t sign, people’s heads will fall!  Three!  Two!”

What was getting caught in one’s own trap?

What was called playing with fire?

This was Tianchen Commerce’s current situation!


“I’ll sign!”

They’ll first preserve their lives!

Jing Xian shouted with a head of sweat.

Chu Tian snorted and said, “You people are cheap people.  You have to be hit to do something.  You truly don’t know good from bad!  Quickly sign!”

Both sides took out their contracts.  Jing Xian prepared himself and signed.

A meteor grass basin and two Hidden Sound Stone mines were all given to Miracle Commerce!

Jing Xian’s heart was cold, but he thought it was more important to keep his life right now.  As long as he could go back alive, he could still think of another method.  He could just refuse to accept the contract.

Chu Tian received the book with satisfaction.

Jing Xian helped up the frozen Jing Hao.  He bowed and said, “The contract has been signed.  Can we leave now?”

Chu Tian narrowed his eyes and stared at him, “Since you’re this anxious to go, it must mean you have some plot!”

Jing Xian quickly said, “I don’t dare, I don’t dare!”

“You don’t dare?  I can see that you’re planning to go back and immediately cancel the contract!  Your Tianchen Commerce is such a big company and the kingdom’s laws will definitely interfere.  I can’t let you take advantage of me.”  Chu Tian said with a cold face, “To pay money and receive nothing, you think that I’m an idiot?  You want to play me!”

Jing Xian opened his mouth to argue.

Chu Tian quickly pulled out a black pill and forced it into his mouth,  He covered his mouth and forced him to swallow.

Jing Xian shouted in a fluster, “You….What did you give me to eat?”

Chu Tian revealed an evil smile, “Have you heard of Dark Flame Medicine Master Mo Yan?”

The Dark Flame Medicine Master was one of the most famous alchemists in Central State.  He had refined many poisons without any cures, how could he not have heard of him?”

“This is the Dark Flame Medicine Master’s Hundred Day Heart Eroding Pill!”

Jing Xian’s face turned as pale as piece of paper.

The Hundred Day Heart Eroding Pill was infamous.

Of course he knew of it!

This pill contained heart eroding poison.  Once it was swallowed, one would be poisoned.  The heart eroding poison was a kind of incurable poison.  Even Zhang Liqing would not have a way of curing it.

The heart eroding poison didn’t kill people immediately.  It would gradually corrode the heart’s vein.  It would cause great pain to the person, making them feel tortured and finally corroding their heart and dying!

Chu Tian arrived in front of Jing Hao’s immovable body and opened his mouth, then he threw another poison pill in.

These poison pills had been found on Mo Yan’s body in the ancient tomb.  He originally thought he wouldn’t have a use for them, but now it seemed like he did.

The uncle and nephew’s faces were like dying embers.

They were dead for sure this time!

“No need to despair, the heart corroding poison can be cured.”  Once Chu Tian said this, his voice suddenly turned, “From today onwards, you just need to follow my orders and I’ll give you the antidote.  Otherwise, in a hundred days, you’ll feel the pain of the ten thousand poisons devouring your heart!”

Such an evil brat!

He wants to use poison to control the two of them!

Jing Xian screamed in anger and indignation, “Stop thinking we will be your puppets!  I won’t betray the company even if I die!  If you have the skills than kill me!”

“You seem to have quite the moral integrity?”  Chu Tian laughed, “If you don’t fear death then you wouldn’t cancel the contract!  Stop trying to feign ignorance with Father!  Whether you believe it up to you!”

Jing Xian’s body trembled as he said with a dejected face, “What do you want us to do?”

“Alright, alright, stop having that depressed face.  I, Chu Tian am a righteous person.  Doing thing and being a person requires morals and reason, to become a virtuous person.  Today’s situation, I regret to say, is something you’ve brought on yourself!”

Suddenly his voice changed, “But your misfortune has turned into a blessing!”

Misfortune turning into a blessing?

Being forced to sell their property.

Being forced to ingest poison.

From the beginning to end, was there even a bit of luck?

Chu Tian sincerely educated them, “To be a person, you can’t look what’s in front of your eyes, you need to look far into the future.  Right now you’re being controlled by me and have been turned into my dogs.  But you need to remember, if a dog follows the right master, he wouldn’t have a bad day.  Many people wish to be my dog, but I rejected them!  Don’t you agree now?”

Jing Xian and Jing Hao were torn apart by their shame!

They’ve seen insulting people before!

But they had never been this insulted!

Jing Xian said with a crying face, “Yes, yes……”

“That’s right.  Master has meat and dogs have bones to chew.”  Chu Tian slowly withdrew his sword, “Now, I’ve come up with a plan and I need to discuss another piece of business with you!”

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