RE Chapter 103


Chapter 103 Duel Qualifications

The banquet hall was extremely quiet as the two women who just fainted were noiselessly carried out. Everyone present recognized the two women with outstanding appearances, they were Angel and Anleen’s mothers.

The West Continent didn’t actually care very much about a girl’s chastity; finding some lovers before or after marriage wasn’t a big matter. But this kind of ‘harem affair’ was a shameful secret that shouldn’t have been made known to the public. Geare Tang, by saying such words in public, thought that he was chivalrously upholding justice, but in reality he had greatly offended the two girls’ families.

Many thing could be done, but not be mentioned, yet Geare Tang made these things public.

Tang Qiao’s face miserably turned green. The split second the two women noiselessly fainet, he had the urge to cut his own son inch by inch using a butter knife. Damned child, didn’t he know that these thing cannot be mentioned casually? And how did he know the private affair between Long Cheng and the two girls?


Geare Tang still hadn’t realized the mistake he had committed. He said with gritted teeth, “You shameless scum, duel with me! When I passed by a crack at the hotel door and saw two honorable young ladies was beaten by you to that extent, gasping while lying under the window sill unable to move, I knew then how shameless of a bastard you are! I want to use my sword to pierce through your chest!”

Heavily taking a step forward while grasping his sword hilt, Geare Tang raised his left hand and pointed straight at Long Cheng’s nose.

Lin Qi snatched the wine cup in Enzo’s hand and drank the ‘good wine’ inside it in one gulp. The sour and astringent wine entered his stomach and exploded within like a fireball magic. The hot and stinging flavor abruptly shook Lin Qi’s mind. He saw Tang Qiao’s miserable expression, then took another look at the self-righteous Geare Tang, also the unconcerned Long Cheng, before using his elbow to nudge Enzo.

“Long Cheng beat….”

Before Lin Qi finished speaking, Enzo already covered his mouth. It was currently extremely quiet inside the banquet hall; if Lin Qi said something unexpected now, it wouldn’t just offend one or two people. Enzo moved closer to Lin Qi’s ear and cautiously explain what was actually going on.

Lin Qi who had seen many outrageous things in the underworld, yet whose knowledge regarding man-woman matters was still shallow, suddenly understood. Hie eyes shone as he looked at Long Cheng. “This guy is actually this good? It was only one afternoon, yet he had turned Angel and Anleen from girls into women already? Heavens, how long has it been? But he is also quite unlucky, to actually be tangled by Geare Tang.”

Similarly lowering his voice, Lin Qi carefully explained Geare Tang’s history to Enzo.

Enzo was dumbfounded by what he heard. At this age, this kind of freak actually still existed? A chivalrous knight? Hadn’t this kind of rare breed been extinct since the Darkness Age? Of the so-called knight stories currently circulating on the continent, the majority were extremely ancient legend.

Long Cheng coughed lightly. The skin on his face was extremely thick; facing the gazes of several hundred people inside the banquet hall, he still smiled calmly. Waving his hand unconcernedly, Long Cheng indifferently said, “A duel? May I ask if you are a nobility?”

Geare Tang turned blank for a moment. His father, Tang Qiao, was the current president of the Joint Chamber of Commerce, his family rich and powerful. His father could definitely ranked in the top three among the numerous rich and powerful people in Dunerk. But his family were businessmen and had been doing business for a living for many generations. Although his family was once connected to many small aristocratic families by marriage, but because the number of people in those families was numerous, so they never lacked a successor, as the in-laws of those aristocratic families, Geare Tang’s family couldn’t inherit a title of nobility.

Shaking his head in honesty, Geare Tang lowered his voice and said, “I apologize, I’m not a nobility. I’m only a commoner who walks this earth to maintain righteousness. My sword, will only strike evil existences in the world.”

With a brilliant smile, Long Cheng lightly shook his head, extended two fingers to pinch Geare Tang’s finger, and slowly moved it away from his nose. He indifferently said, “Oh, then I also apologize, you don’t have the qualifications to duel me. According to the rules of the West Continent, if one side is a nobility, then the side who isn’t doesn’t have the qualifications to challenge the other party to a duel.”

Geare Tang was dumbfounded. He foolishly looked at Long Cheng and was speechless for some time.

It was indeed a duel rule on the West Continent, which was also a part of the famous ‘Grace for Nobility Order’. The so-called ‘Grace for Nobility’ order was part of the legal code created to protect nobilities’ interests, including ― a commoner had no right to challenge a nobility to a duel, but a nobility could challenge a commoner to a duel anytime, the commoner had no right to refuse.

Naturally, a nobility would challenge a commoner to a duel only when the nobility had an overwhelming advantage in power.

Geare Tang was inflexible and old-fashioned, but because of this, he couldn’t ignore the various restrictions of Grace for Nobility Order. He blankly looked at Long Cheng and shouted in extreme astonishment, “How can you be a nobility? How can a nobility beat two fragile young ladies until their lower parts bled!”

Long Cheng sighed softly, shook his head and said, “Truly an idiot, I’m even lazy to talk to you.”

Shrugging his shoulders, Long Cheng calmly walked through the passage created by the crowd to Lin Qi’s side and smiled at Blackbeard while nodding his head. “Oh, I didn’t expect that in this place full of monkeys and savages, it can still produce such pure-blood Easterner, truly rare, for a phoenix to fly out of a pheasant nest, a surprise indeed.”

Long Cheng’s words was still as mean and harsh as before. All Dunerk leading figures was angered after hearing what he said.

Lin Qi secretly cursed in his heart. He grabbed Long Cheng’s hand, smiled to the high officials and aristocrats around him and nodded while saying, “This is a survivor the Big Maritime Windmill rescued at sea, he turned nuts from being frozen inside an iceberg, please forgives his presumptuousness!”

After deeply bowing to the people around him, Lin Qi pulled Long Cheng out of the banquet hall.

This guy’s tongue was full of poison; his words could offend everyone present. Lin Qi didn’t wish for several members of the aristocratic families to challenge Long Cheng to a duel. This guy would definitely kill them without the slightest hesitation, then things would truly go out of hand.

Long Cheng was hastily pulled out of the banquet hall, yet Geare Tang suddenly shouted in a loud voice, “Damn it, you said that you are a nobility, then take out the evidence!”

After shouting several times, in spite of his father’s loud rants, Geare Tang pulled out his long sword and chased after them.

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