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Chapter 109 Blackbeard’s Heart

Black Tiger Family’s new year banquet this year was still so merry and lively. Although Lin Qi and Arthur’s conflict covered the banquet with a layer of faint blood, Lin Qi returning to the family and attending the new year banquet was enough to counteract any unfavorable effect.

So the banquet was still a success. Everyone dispersed after enjoying themselves, but everyone’s mood was also a lot more tense compared to the last three years. In any case, young master Lin Qi, who grew up in front of their eyes, was naughty and mischievous since young, was very much conforming to the worldview and life view of Black Tiger Family members, had returned; it was, after all, a huge happy occasion.

As for Arthur who was hit by Lin Qi on new year even until he was badly bruised, basically no one paid attention to him. After all he was only Blackbeard’s foster son, no matter his importance or intimacy level, even if Arthur was born as an attractive pretty boy, he was simply incomparable to Lin Qi. Let alone the fact that his pretty face was ruined by Lin Qi, could a one-eyed pretty boy attract anyone’s fondness?

Under the attack from countless happy family members, Lin Qi also eventually collapsed from intoxication again and was assisted by female servants to return to his bedroom like Enzo.


Very late at night, Lin Qi dizzily laid on his bed, merely feeling that there was heat constantly flowing from his stomach to his whole body, unceasingly cleansing the meridians in his whole body. This heat even penetrated into his muscles and bones, and into his internal organs, making his whole body burning hot. Sticky sweat continuously seeped out of his body while his body occasionally twitched, bringing with it a kind of exquisite relief.

The tipsy feeling was also thoroughly dispersed by the heat. Lin Qi who had recovered consciousness opened his eyes. Blackbeard who was sweating profusely was standing by Lin Qi’s bed while his right palm was pressing against Lin Qi’s chest. The heat that Lin Qi enjoyed very much precisely came from Blackbeard’s palm.

“Father!” Lin Qi lightly groaned.

Blackbeard rolled his eyes and let his butt fell onto the stool by the bed. He put one leg over the other and lit himself a cigar before strongly inhaling two mouthfuls. Then only he pointed at a bowl of black decoction on the bedside cabinet. Lin Qi held the soup bowl that was as big as his head with both hands and drank the smelly and bitter concoction in one gulp. Heat waves immediately surged out of his abdomen, circulating to his whole body following the meridians that Blackbeard opened for him.

Lin Qi didn’t dare to delay. He hurriedly sat cross-legged on the bed, silently circulating ‘Black Tiger Energy’ cultivation method to draw the heat to his whole body. The surging heat wave was nearly boundless. After circulating three times within Lin Qi’s body, it transformed into powerful qi that was stored within his dantian.

Only after cultivating for no less than three hours, could Lin Qi absorb the heat wave. His whole body was light as if he could float with the wind at any time, but the unlimited energy within his body could be felt through one fist, as if killing a bull with one punch was a trivial matter. Although his qi hadn’t broken through to middle-stage Earth Knight, its rigorousness was at least tenfold compared to before. The strength of his physical body also received a certain growth.

What made Lin Qi felt more pleasantly surprised was that the meridians within his body were all clear without any obstruction. At least according to his strength now, he couldn’t sense which meridian in his body was still blocked. Slightly shaking his body, the joints of the bones all over his body cracked like thunder. Lin Qi took a deep breath before jumping out of bed and bowing slightly at Blackbeard, “Lord Father.”

Blackbeard intentionally puffed out a mouthful of thick smoke towards Lin Qi. Lin Qi also wasn’t reserved, he took out a cigar from Blackbeard’s pocket and lit it. He sat like this with one leg raised on the bedside, puffing out smoke towards each other with Blackbeard.

Blackbeard snorted. He who was sweating a moment ago already recovered; it was as if his sweat had never appeared. His breath that was a little hurried a moment ago had also returned its calmness at this moment. He said with a deep and low voice, “I just spend a little effort to open all the closed meridians in your body up to middle-stage Heaven Knight. Afterwards, as long as you work hard, your qi would be able to go up to middle-stage Heaven Knight without any bottleneck.”

Lin Qi strongly nodded without uttering a word.

Blackbeard muttered to himself for a while before shaking his head and saying, “The grudge between Arthur and you, oh….”

Lin Qi indifferently said, “If there’s a chance, I must get rid of him.”

Blackbeard was silent for a long time. Then he secretly glanced left and right and muttered in a low voice, “He couldn’t be any threat to you. You have to know, he is so much older than you, but why is it that until now his qi still hadn’t broken through to Earth Knight?”

Lin Qi looked at Blackbeard in astonishment, “I remembered when I was young, you once praised his qi aptitude!”

Blackbeard blinked and said with a cold smile, “That’s natural, in front of so many martial brothers of the northern coastline, I naturally had to praise him well. Yet I wasn’t casually praising, his qi aptitude is only lacking a little compared to you!”

Coldly laughing, Blackbeard puffed out a mouthful of thick smoke and spoke in a low voice, “But, when he was fifteen, I also did what I did to you today, secretly opening the meridians in his whole body.”

Lin Qi looked at Blackbeard in shock. He gritted his teeth and said, “Hey, irrigating outsider’s field, you helped him opened the meridians in his whole body, he….”

Blackbeard secretly glanced at Lin Qi and coldly said, “But he isn’t my biological son, a wolf cub doesn’t grow well, I know this point. So I helped him open the meridians in his whole body, however, once careless, his meridians was opened a little too much by me. To be exact, on his meridians, there were a lot of small holes. He bitterly train everyday, but out of all the qi he cultivates, ninety percent disappear.”

Lin Qi blankly looked at Blackbeard. These words truly made him extremely shocked. Until now, Blackbeard was exceedingly good towards Arthur. Lin Qi had wanted to kill Arthur so many times, but Blackbeard always saved him. Because of these things, even Lin Qi was severely punished many times.

Not even in his dreams did Lin Qi expect that Blackbeard had secretly yet thoroughly dispose of Arthur as early as when Arthur was fifteen years of age. It was no wonder that Arthur was so much older, yet his qi cultivation was inferior compared to Lin Qi. Everytime Lin Qi took action against him, the advantage was always with Lin Qi.

“That boy, he wants money, I give him money; he wants women, I give him women. He had damaged his body when he was thirteen, growing up among a mass of women from young.” Blackbeard said with a sneer, “After damaging his own body when he was thirteen, even if his meridians weren’t broken by me, his qi could never break through to Heaven Knight.”

Sighing deeply, Blackbeard narrowed his eyes as cold light flickered past them, making Lin Qi not dare to meet his gaze.

Blackbeard indifferently said, “After all he is an adopted son, after all he is my friend’s only son, I have to adopt him, also take good care of him. But he isn’t this daddy’s seed, for me to take good care of him, doesn’t mean he can climb up my son’s head, doesn’t mean he is qualified to spy and pry into Black Tiger Family!”

Lin Qi silently raised both his thumbs. Brilliant, truly brilliant. Blackbeard adopted Arthur and nurtured him from young with everything he had. People under heaven all said that Blackbeard’s morality reached the clouds, that whoever had a brother like Blackbeard wouldn’t regret even in death. But heaven knew, Arthur was actually put into a hole alive by Blackbeard.

These means, too brilliant.

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