RE Chapter 110


Chapter 110 Arthur Was a Memorial

Blackbeard moved his huge body and slowly stood up. Lin Qi also quickly followed suit.

Father and son stood side by side; Blackbeard was still half a head taller than Lin Qi and his body bulkier. But different from the fat Lin Qi, Blackbeard was tall and robust, without any excess fat. His body was like a sculpture of an ancient hero casted with steel, exuding a hint of indestructible and powerful aura.

“Change your clothes, follow me!” Blackbeard muttered. Lin Qi hastily ran to his closet to change his clothes and wore a pair of ankle-high boots.

Blackbeard brought Lin Qi out of the bedroom to a secret door at the end of the corridor. After Blackbeard opened it, a downward spiral stairs made of metal appeared in front of them. They walked down the stairs for nearly one hundred meters before a gloomy and dark corridor appeared before them. Blackbeard softly muttered, “Remember the tricks to open the door and where the mechanisms to shut the traps are located, this is one of the eighteen most important secret passage of the family.”


Lin Qi looked around. The secret passage was made completely out of metal, so it was extremely stable. Furthermore, the walls, ceiling and floor were carved with a fine magic formation that was inlaid with magic gems as small as green beans of various colors. With the protection of the magic formation, the secret passage could withstand the onslaught of nearly all natural disaster. Even if people attacked, it would also be extremely difficult to damage it.

“Red-haired Demon was my ally!” Blackbeard’s enormous body nearly filled the entire corridor. He walked in front while Lin Qi followed behind. Blackbeard’s hand kept moving to and fro while he was walking, constantly pounding the various mechanisms to shut the concealed traps. After the father and son duo walked past a part of the corridor, Blackbeard once again activated the trap mechanisms.

“But Red-haired Demon had been very ambitious all along, I know this. He wasn’t satisfied being a pirate captain, he wanted to be like me; not only having an enormous force at sea, but also wanted his force to enter land.” With a bitter smile, Blackbeard sighed and said, “But the northern coastline was already crowded enough: if Red-haired Demon also climbed ashore, there wouldn’t be enough jobs for so many people.”

“If he insisted to do it, it undoubtedly would give rise to chaos in the northern coastline. This kind of chaos would ultimately trigger an underground war.” Blackbeard said with wrinkled brows, “Although the underground world wasn’t those those public empires or kingdoms, but the manpower and resources that the underground world could maneuver weren’t less than a normal kingdom.”

“If Red-haired Demon insisted to climb ashore and establish his foothold, a war was inevitable.” Blackbeard shook his head and said, “But war…. Lin Qi, when you are in charge of Black Tiger Family in the future, you have to understand, a balanced benefit is the fundamental law of maintaining a lasting existence of the underground world. Once the balance was tipped, an underground war was even more cruel and bloodier that a war between empires or kingdoms.”

Lin Qi looked at Blackbeard’s tall figure. “So, Red-haired Demon, how did he die?”

Blackbeard smiled faintly and lowered his voice to say, “Naturally by running into the fleet of the alien tribes of Five Dalian Islands at sea, that’s how he died. Since he wanted to destroy the many years of stability and balance, he must meet that fleet.”

Sighing deeply, Blackbeard shook his head and said, “What a pity, he was such a good thug. Even more unfortunate was, he unexpectedly escaped and brought Arthur to me. In front of so many people, he begged me to adopt his son.”

Turning around to rub Lin Qi’s head, Blackbeard indifferently said, “Mixing with the underground world, you have to let everyone know that you are a trustworthy person. Of course I am a trustworthy person, so naturally I had to adopt Red-haired Demon’s son. Furthermore, I have to give Arthur the best treatment, food and drinks expenses, including maids and bodyguards, they are the best, even better than what my own son has.”

“So all the brothers at the northern coastline said that I, Blackbeard, your father, Tiger Lin, am a compassionate and warm-hearted person whose morals reach up to the clouds!” Blackbeard complacently snorted. “In fact, I had always been sincere and considerate in treating Arthur, but that boy was already intelligent enough when be was sent here. He…. was a wolf cub that can no longer be tamed. But I still had to raise him, because as long as he lives well, in everyone’s minds, I, your old man, am the great chief of Dunerk Black Tiger Family with high morals!”

Lin Qi understood; Arthur was a memorial, it could even be said that he was the most important layer of clothing on a girl’s body. Regardless of whether the clothing was natural of man-made, as long as Arthur lived, Blackbeard’s good reputation would be passed on by all big shots of West Continent underground world. A good reputation would often be very useful.

“But Arthur, this ungrateful wretch, is truly a wolf cub that can no longer be tamed!” Blackbeard coldly said, “Ever since making his maid pregnant when he was thirteen, he even intentionally pushed you into a well when he was fourteen, so on his fifteenth birthday, I gave him a lot of wine to drink, then unblock his meridians like I did to you today, spending a lot of effort to help him.”

Lin Qi smiled strangely; he was Blackbeard’s biological son, so Blackbeard spent an enormous amount of energy to help him unblock his meridians. Henceforth, before reaching middle-stage Heaven Knight, Lin Qi’s cultivation wouldn’t have any bottleneck. As for Arthur, Lin Qi clearly remembered the time when Arthur nearly pushed him into a well to drown, then Blackbeard unblocked his meridians, one could imagine the result.

“He is already a crippled person, so I had been constraining you all along, you can’t truly kill him.”

Blackbeard wrinkled his brows and coldly said, “But because he is already a crippled person, I loosened my grip over him these few years; what he did outside, I didn’t pay attention too much. But seeing the situation now, he seems to fool around with several quite influential people again.”

“Then, old man, what are you going to do?” Lin Qi laughed mischievously.

Blackbeard lowered his voice and said, “The chick has grown up, eventually it has to leave the nest to soar freely. You go to the imperial capital to develop Ironfist Brotherhood, Arthur will naturally return to inherit his father’s old territory, his home. Hehe, My own son prospered in the imperial capital, as for Arthur…. piracy are always very dangerous.”

Lin Qi thoughtfully nodded. Blackbeard indifferently said, “If one day Arthur turned out to be like Red-haired Demon, killed by the army of those alien tribes, I’ll just avenge him. This way, many things would be perfect. But time has to decide, you, boy, have to learn to be patient.”

Lin Qi lowered his head while receiving the advice. He suddenly realized, comparing him and his old man, there was still too long of a distance.

Arthur, the memorial, was basically going to be squeezed out the last drop of profit by Blackbeard before letting him die.

Served him right, who told him to conspire against Lin Qi and Black Tiger Family?

After walking for a full hour, a bronze door appeared at the end of the passage.

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