RE Chapter 111


Chapter 111 Family’s Secret Warehouse

A bronze-colored door made of metal, approximately three meters high and no more than two meters wide. The jewels inlaid on it let off brilliant rays of light inside the passage while the bronze-colored door itself shone with a cold and desolate radiance. Thick, cold and emotionless, these were the impressions that the door gave.

The surface of the door was carved with a fierce tiger roaring at the sky. Anyone who understood a little about Black Tiger Family would know that it was the family’s insignia. Evidently, behind the door was one of the genuine core places of the Black Tiger Family. Lin Qi held his breath while blankly looking at the door as his heart felt a little scared and anxious.

Blackbeard looked at the door, smiled proudly and said, “What do you think, this door is very firm, it was forged from a kind of metal that can no longer be made today. Oh, This door’s history is awfully long, it had experienced at least the entire Rebirth Age and Darkness Age, it was said to be passed down since Destruction Age.”

Lin Qi was momentarily speechless. Rebirth Age was more that 1,000 years long, but how long was Darkness Age? No one knew how long Darkness Age actually lasted because constant wars and terrifying natural disasters destroyed the records dozens of times. But one thing was certain, the only definite written record of the later period of Darkness Age lasted for 500 years.


There was no need to mention Destruction Age; it was only a myth. Everything about Destruction Age and the time before it was only a legend. Such an ancient time, who knew what happened then? A metal door passed down since the Destruction Age? Lin Qi was a little skeptical towards the statement.

But, it was after all a statement passed down by the family’s forefathers, so Lin Qi kept his own opinion and refrained from commenting.

Blackbeard laughed drily. He rubbed his nose and softly murmured, “I also feel that those old fellows were just flattering the ancestors. Although the material of this door is a bit strange, but seeing as it is so bright and clean without even a little rust, I think it can’t be more than 500 years old!”

Coughing drily, Blackbeard walked up to the door before softly pressing the area around tiger’s mouth several times with his hand. Lin Qi saw that Blackbeard pressed the several teeth inside the tiger’s mouth. Yet the door had no response. Then Blackbeard retreated several steps while pulling Lin Qi along, then he pressed a certain conspicuous yet small magic array on the wall, inserting a hint of black tiger qi into the array.

The thirteen small gems on the magic formation lit up. Blackbeard bit his own index finger and smeared a drop of blood on the core of the formation. A bizarre light lit up within the formation, instantly evaporating the blood. A faint bloody mist spread out, enveloping the entire magic formation before the bronze door noiselessly opened upward. Blackbeard hastily walked in while pulling Lin Qi along.

“Remember the steps of opening the door just now.” Only after entering through the door did Blackbeard solemnly said to Lin Qi, “If you made a mistake, the passage, even including the entire Black Beech Hill would collapse with a bang! Underneath this place is a huge self-destructive magic formation, sufficient to destroy half of Dunerk, you must not make a mistake.”

Lin Qi’s forehead broke in cold sweat. A magic formation sufficient to destroy half of Dunerk? Black Tiger Family’s ancestral residence had always been located above such a terrifying thing? If the formation suddenly went out of control, wouldn’t everyone in Dunerk be buried along with Black Tiger Family?

Grinning, Lin Qi exhaled deeply. He earnestly said, “I won’t forget.”

Blackbeard looked at Lin Qi in a serious manner. He nodded and said, “Remember the family’s first ancestral teaching, a man of Black Tiger Family can only marry a woman of pure eastern bloodline. You have to remember, if you and a woman of West Continent gave birth to a child, you absolutely couldn’t let him enter this passage.”

Lin Qi looked at Blackbeard in shock. The first ancestral teaching of Black Tiger Family was that all men of Black Tiger Family could only marry a woman of the same pure eastern bloodline, the teaching had already been carried out for countless years. But the teaching apparently exist because of the passage?

“Why?” Lin Qi curiously asked Blackbeard.

Blackbeard wrinkled his brows, clearly he also had a head full of fog. He muttered to himself for a while before shaking his head and said, “I’m also not very clear of the reason, but if our family mixed with the people of West Continent, the blood of the mixed bloodline is incapable of activating the magic formation, in turn, this door also won’t open. Not only this door, the family’s eighteen secret passages, all of them used this kind of blood authentication magic formation.”

“A descendant of mixed bloodline means losing the right of inheriting the core places of the family!” Blackbeard earnestly said to Lin Qi, “To play around and have fun is okay, but you can’t give birth to a child with those women of West Continent. Only a child born from a woman with pure eastern bloodline was qualified to inherit Black Tiger Family. Those mixed breed would only turn the family into a mess; this is a lesson of blood, you have to remember!”

Lin Qi recalled two extremely terrifying internal conflicts in the history of the family that Blackbeard told him when he was young. Black Tiger Family that originally had a flourishing number of people was ruined because of the two internal conflicts. As a result, today, because of the damage from the century-long Land Island War, only two directly-related male descendants remained in Black Tiger Family!

At that time, Blackbeard didn’t explain the cause of the internal conflicts to Lin Qi. Now, it seemed they were conflicts between the descendants of the mixed breed and pure bloodline. Lin Qi solemnly nodded. He lowered his voice and said, “I understand, but to find a woman of pure eastern bloodline in West Continent….”

Lin Qi was suddenly extremely worried about his future marriage.

Blackbeard thoughtfully rubbed his chin. He said in a low voice, “If your luck is good, you can be like me, snatching one at sea; if your luck is bad, you can be like that uncle of yours who died at war. Right, aha, you can pay a huge price to buy some from the east.”

Laughing drily, Blackbeard helplessly said, “Naturally, the women you bought, their appearance, character, upbringing and knowledge wouldn’t be very good. After all, of the big eastern families, who would marry their own daughter off to the west that is thousands of miles away? Boy, this will depend on your luck in the future, hehe, didn’t you get to know that Long Cheng?”

Lin Qi’s eyes suddenly brightened. He grinned and said, “Right, that guy apparently is a nobility!”

Rubbing Long Cheng’s imperial order tablet tied around his wrist, Lin Qi suddenly had confidence in his heart. Lin Qi wasn’t very fond of women; he liked dazzling gold better. But in order to pass on the family’s bloodline, he would have to think of a way to bring dozens of beauties back from the east in the future.

Blackbeard patted Lin Qi’s shoulder and sincerely said, “The family’s growth in number shall completely be on your shoulder. Your old man won’t do. I’ve promised your mother, after she died, I won’t look for a stepmother so she could bully you, so your old man can’t do anything about it!”

While Lin Qi felt slightly moved, Blackbeard already laughed heartily.

“Look, this is the family’s most important secret warehouse. Go choose some things, as long as it’s helpful for you, pick a few more good stuff.”

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