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Chapter – 25 My Territory

The first glimmer of dawn spread from the east horizon and gradually brightened the sky. The cold wind that had been devastating the continent for ages still whistled, but the snowfall temporarily stopped. Borali’s residents simultaneously let out a breath of relief, and many people ventured out of their homes, causing the streets and lanes to suddenly become crowded.

Several people on the street were whispering to one another; they discussed the incidents that happened at the Sword and Pretty Ladies Tavern last night. The large fire came out of nowhere, the hundred drunk and unconscious Army Academy students found in the tavern, along with the minister of the Imperial Land Army that personally hurried to the scene and flew into a rage . . . along with the headmaster of the Army Academy’s ugly expression and how he nearly pulled out his sword to hack at people.

Rumors on the street gradually spread. All kinds of crazy news were continuously discussed amongst the masses.


Some people said that those Army Academy students were gathered to gamble, some people also said that they were conducting illegal business, and still some people said the Sword and Pretty Ladies Tavern was a dirty place, where a lot of their waitresses were fooling around with those students. All kinds of scandals rapidly spread. In this winter, when there was little news to entertain the people, these scandals rapidly traveled by relay station carriages to every corner of the empire and every country in the West.

The drowsy Mister Ge Lang stepped out of a carriage at the  Fifth University school gate. Cold wind whistled pass, making him shiver, but his spirit was suddenly roused. He straightened his chest, adopting the proper attitude fit for the head of the university administration department, a Lord, and a member of the upper-class society.

Mister Ge Lang, whose face was glowing, was in a good mood. He had a wonderful time last night n the clean, comfortable, secret hotel with no one to disturb him. He and the lead dancer of the Jisai performing troupe, Gina, had spent the night together.

“Lovely little leopard, she truly has vigor!” Although his waist and legs ached, and despite that both of his arms constantly trembled, Mister Ge Lang felt light from head to toe, as if he could freely fly up to the sky. Last night, as if an old tree germinated, he had been revived.  As swift as the wind, as silent as the forest, as fierce as a fire, and unshakable as a mountain, he swept across the bed and vigorously made his opponent wail and beg for mercy!

Not merely his body, but even more so his mind, Mister Ge Lang was extremely satisfied.

Thinking back to Miss Gina who, even with the sun fully risen, was still limp like mud, lying on the bed and unable to move, Mister Ge Lang subconsciously stretched his hand into his pocket and cautiously but firmly grasped the bottle of medicine that Lin Qi had sold to him. Miraculous, extremely miraculous, that kind of majestic sensation simply made Mister Ge Lang go crazy.

Merely one drop and Mister Ge Lang had experienced a kind of happiness as though he had momentarily returned to his youth.

He had to get several more bottles from Lin Qi, absolutely had to get several more bottles. For the sake of this medicine, Mister Ge Lang would spare no cost. At present, he was the head of administration of the Fifth University. On the day that aging headmaster retired or suddenly kicked the bucket, he could very possibly become the headmaster of the Fifth University. He already had the title of Lord. After his wife’s father died, he could possibly inherit at the very least the title of Count from that rich and powerful family.

His status was already secure, and with a higher reputation, Borali’s upper-class society would fawn over him. After all, the empire hadn’t gone to war for 30 years already, and as a result, the nobility had already replaced the military men as the empire’s most respectable figures. What did he still lack?

Perhaps the only thing he still lacked was his youth which would never return!

But the medicine Lin Qi sold to him was a miraculous medicine that allowed him to return to his youth! So, no matter the cost, even if it was Lin Qi’s price tag of 100 gold coins per bottle, he still wanted to procure several more bottles. As long as Lin Qi was willing to cooperate, he would even help Lin Qi in pursuing his studies by recommending him to the Borali First University after he graduated!

If Lin Qi could receive a diploma from Borali First University, which was the empire’s oldest royal academy, his future prospects would be sufficiently guaranteed. No matter which administrative department he applied to, he would be able to obtain at least a low official position.

“Then I should give him this little suggestion!” Mister Ge Lang was in an excellent mood. As long as Lin Qi sold several more bottles of that medicine to him, what could a trifling recommendation be counted as? He had the authority; after all, he was the one in charge of the administrative department.

Waving his small mountain vine cane and walking with light steps, Mister Ge Lang, whose body and mind had received maximum satisfaction, happily hummed the royal waltz while striding into the campus. This was one of Mister Ge Lang’s highly delightful hobbies; every time he returned to the campus, he would stroll around the campus once, like the dominant, male lion of a pride inspecting its territory.

However, today’s inspection was interrupted before it could even begin. It made Mister Ge Lang very furious.

He looked with annoyance at a group of arrogant Dragon Cavalrymen and dozens of Copper Hats, who subtly emitted an oppressive aura around them, as they broke into the university and rushed towards the biggest male students’ dormitory. A burst of anger immediately took over Mister Ge Lang’s mind and heated his forehead. What on earth was this? What was this supposed to be?

When did these vulgar Dragon Cavalrymen and Secret Police, who normally dealt with conspiracies, find the courage to break into an elite university so openly? The university was the training place of the empire’s elites, and every student here was the most accomplished and most talented! How could this group of damned bastards who should only be dealing with ruffians and hooligans wantonly come here?

What he couldn’t stand was the fact that they actually dared to trespass into his territory!

This was the Fifth University,  the territory of the respected Imperial Lord, Mister Ge Lang. They actually dared to break into his territory in broad daylight?

Coughing heavily, Mister Ge Lang felt like shouting at this group of presumptuous creatures to stop.

However, the sound of his cough sounded particularly weak in the cold wind. Those Dragon Cavalrymen and Copper Hats simply didn’t hear the warning in Mister Ge Lang’s heavy cough and charged towards the dormitory building in large strides and high spirits. As they climbed the building steps, they savagely shoved against several students who were coming down and continued advancing in an orderly pace up the building just like mad dogs.

Very soon, the distinctive warning given by the Dragon Cavalry and Copper Hats when apprehending criminals could be heard: “In the name of the imperial family, open your door!”

In less than the time it took for one breath, a muffled crash could be heard; obviously those Dragon Cavalrymen and Copper Hats with impatient temperaments used force to smash the doors and directly intrude into the rooms.

The corner of Mister Ge Lang’s eyes twitched. He was so enraged that he was trembling from head to toe. Too presumptuous, simply too presumptuous! This group of vulgar military men actually ignored a noble Lord? Mister Ge Lang berated angrily, then pointed at the nearest part-time worker and bellowed, “Go call people, call everyone who can be put to use, all of the security guards, call all disciplinary teachers and students!”

Mister Ge Lang angrily brandished his cane, puffed through his nose, and scowled while barreling madly towards the male students’ dormitory.

He absolutely wouldn’t allow someone to be so presumptuous in his territory! He was still the spokesperson with the highest authority in this place!

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