RE Chapter 26


Chapter 26 In the Name of God

A group of 15 Dragon Cavalrymen and 12 Copper Hats aggressively broke into the dormitory building, accurately arriving in front of the door to Lin Qi’s room. One Copper Hat straightened the helmet  that was shaped like half an olive on his head, then stretched out his hand to knock on the door with incomparable dignity.

“In the name of the imperial family, open your door!”

After merely less than one breath of time that the brown door remained closed, the Copper Hat who had knocked on the door retreated two steps. Two Dragon Cavalrymen grabbed a lead hammer made to force open doors and heavily pounded the door while shouting loudly. As they were pounding the door, the two Dragon Cavalrymen’s bodies emitted a ray of faint, red light while the lead hammer similarly flashed red.

The oaken door was smashed to pieces, and its fragments were forcefully swept into the room. Seven to eight Dragon Cavalrymen pulled out their long swords and burst into the room. One of them violently kicked a small, square table in the middle of the room to pieces. As a result, the jug of frozen drinking water on the table fell and shattered, and a piece of brown bread that had been next to it tumbled to the floor.


The room was originally small, so when seven to eight Dragon Cavalrymen who were as tall as cows and as big as horses crammed in, for a moment, it seemed the whole room was packed too tightly.

A Copper Hat, whose figure was very thin and shriveled and whose face was gloomy and pallid, entered the room with difficulty, put on airs, and shouted: “Does Borali Fifth University finance and accounting major third year class one, student Lin Qi, indeed live here?”

Wearing thin, white clothes, Lin Qi, who was sitting upright behind a desk while scribbling rapidly, turned his head in astonishment, nodded his head with incomparable calmness, and said: “That’s right, honored sir, I am Lin Qi. Could it be that your parents didn’t educate you, that you should knock before entering someone else’s room?

The Copper Hat raised his thin and nearly invisible eyebrows, then sneered and said: “In the name of the imperial family, you are arrested. We have ample evidence to prove that you have something to do with last night’s raid and arson case. If the charge is proven to be authentic, you will serve time in prison for 20 years, poor child!”

The Copper Hat displayed extreme anger while staring at Lin Qi, then unhurriedly pulled out a pure steel baton, preparing to give Lin Qi a lesson.

‘In the name of the imperial family’?

Lin Qi stood up with a calm expression, then carefully placed the rabbit-fur writing brush from the East into the penholder. He turned his body to face the Dragon Cavalrymen and Copper Hats and said word by word, “In the name of god, please leave my room, otherwise all of your actions shall be counted as blasphemies against the gods! If the charge is proven to be authentic, you shall receive punishment from the Church Divine Court, and you shall be burned at the stake!”

‘In the name of god’?

The Dragon Cavalrymen and Copper Hats who were filled with pride just now simultaneously shut their mouths. The baton in the hand of the thin Copper Hat also magically disappeared. They looked at one another, then simultaneously looked towards the desk in front of Lin Qi – there was an oddly-moulded penholder in the shape of an iron crucifix with shackles binding a man with a pair of wings on his back. That rabbit-fur writing brush was laying on the man’s shoulders.

Next to this penholder was  bowl of golden colored ink. The special ink emitted a glittering radiance under the light. It was like a living organism, rotating slowly, and the radiance it emitted seemed holy and filled with intelligence.

The Dragon Cavalrymen didn’t have much understanding towards this, but the Copper Hat leader exhaled cold air.

The ‘Judgement Penholder’ and ‘Baptism Holy Water’ were the essential tools used by the church clergymen to transcribe scriptures. The writing brush that Lin Qi had been using wasn’t the goose-feather writing brush preferred by the nobility in the West Continent but rather the rabbit-fur writing brush from the East. In the church’s scripture, at the end of every year, the past one year was to be displaced by the arrival of  the new year. During the prayer mass assembly in welcoming the new year, the prayer scrolls burned as offerings to the gods could only be transcribed using the rabbit-fur writing brush.

Because the writing of the goose-feather writing brush were very slender, the written words had a casual and inadequate feeling. Although it was convenient to use, no writing brush from the East could write the necessary grand and broad words. As a result, the church’s clergymen thrived according to their capability to utilize the writing brush. Several elementary clergymen who were incapable of mastering the writing brush would expend a bit of money to employ people to copy litany for them.

Recalling that jug of drinking water and brown bread that had been on the table they had kicked and broken to pieces a moment ago, the hearts of all the Dragon Cavalrymen and Copper Hats couldn’t help but sink.

When transcribing litany, in order to show respect towards the gods, one couldn’t consume meat or drink wine; one could only drink water and eat brown bread. Those two things were on Lin Qi’s table. Moreover, with these two tools — the Judgement Penholder and Baptism Holy Water — as long as one’s brain wasn’t spoilt, one would know what he was doing!

He was copying prayer scrolls used as offerings for the gods for a certain clergyman!

“Damn it!” All of the Dragon Cavalrymen and Copper Hats wrinkled their brows. In a collision between ‘in the name of the imperial family’ and ‘in the name of god’, if nothing unexpected happened, generally speaking, ‘in the name of the imperial family’ would have to concede!

“God, curse this group of heathens who profane your glory, they should be burned at the stake, their whole family should be burned at the stake, their neighbors should be burned at the stake, their mothers who gave birth to them that year and  the midwives who helped deliver them should also be burned at the stake! Why would there be such sinners who profane your glory?”

Just when the Dragon Cavalrymen and Copper Hats were mentally calculating what was at stake, the fat Priest Bahrain rushed up while gasping for breath, then shouted a torrent of abuse while gesticulating towards the group of Dragon Cavalrymen and Copper Hats. As the spiritual teacher of the Fifth University, Priest Bahrain was responsible for spiritually guiding all of the Fifth University students. He had an extremely special status in the Borali Parish. Although the real power of a spiritual teacher was a little lacking inside the church, Priest Bahrain was actually a middle-ranked priest.

The position of a middle-ranked priest was sufficient to be placed above the deputy head of the Guardian Office or the general of the Dragon Cavalry. Facing the roars of the ‘furious’ Priest Bahrain, all of the Dragon Cavalrymen and Copper Hats simultaneously lowered their heads. Their hearts were at a loss. This time they had caused a big trouble.

“In the name of god!” Priest Bahrain stomped his foot and roared, “Anyone who destroys my copy of new year prayer scrolls are damned, you all should be burned at the stake. No, burning at the stake is letting you off lightly, being burned completely is simply not enough to cleanse your hideous souls. You should be punished with boiling oil, splashed all over your bodies with melted lead poured into your mouths! Only then should you be burned at the stake, letting you receive god’s punishment!”

The complexion of all the Dragon Cavalrymen and Copper Hats turned deathly pale. They suddenly regretted provoking such trouble for the sake of ingratiating themselves to that family behind Dark Horse Hao Si.

Damn it, the church mustn’t be provoked, but they had already infuriated a spiritual teacher!

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