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Chapter 27 Please Atone for Your Sins

The furious Mister Ge Lang and the large crowd of people he brought to rush into  the dormitory building witnessed Priest Bahrain furiously scolding the group of unlucky Dragon Cavalrymen and Copper Hats. As the empire’s supreme institution of higher learning, the Fifth University held in its expansive campus  close to 100 security guards at any point in time who were  specialized in handling the students’ discipline. Not only that, but there were also many burly teachers and students who could be mobilized.

No less than 200 people followed Mister Ge Lang in rushing up the dormitory building, blocking an entire corridor in a knot of bodies. What made others even more astonished was the fact that among that group of security guards behind Mister Ge Lang were 10 half-beast humans. From their tall and bulging foreheads and long faces to the thick, black body hair that was different from ordinary people’s, these 10half-beast humans seemed to be the descendants of ox-heads and humans.

These half-breeds also existed during the century-long Land Island War, when the flames of war swept across the five Dalian Islands in the north and every country in the continent. Some of the savage half-breeds that were tyrannical by nature had been executed by the joint forces of the empire and the church, but hybrid descendants like the ox-head humans were good-natured, so there were many of them who served the human empire.

After all, the ox-heads’ nature was faithful and reliable; once tamed, they were the most dependable subordinates. Also, their physical strength was more than double that of ordinary humans, awing others with their their innate super strength. Even if they were just hybrid descendants of ox-heads, they were still an excellent choice as soldiers, and their rate of progress in practicing battle qi was also many times faster than ordinary people’s.


Furthermore, these half-breeds were unlikely to occupy high positions. They generally did some odd jobs or became ordinary security guards. Their wages were also not as good as the wages of ordinary humans in the same position. So the appearance of 10 ox-head human half-breeds among the Fifth University security guards was not at all unexpected, but to these Dragon Cavalrymen and Copper Hats, 10 ox-head human half-breed descendants were an enormous threat.

Mister Ge Lang angrily waved his cane while approaching these stupefied and unfortunate men step by step, then berated in a stern tone word by word: “Who gave you the authority, who gave you the guts, to actually dare assaulted the Fifth University school grounds?”

Raising one finger, Mister Ge Lang said with a ferocious expression, “First, you disrupted the campus’ regular teaching order. Regarding this point, I can request the Minister of Education to lodge a complaint to the army headquarters and the Guardian Office.”

The Dragon Cavalrymen and Copper Hats trembled, even to the extent that their foreheads were dripping with sweat.

Raising a second finger, Mister Ge Lang sneered and said, “Second, you violently destroyed a door of the university dormitory. As the empire’s government officials, you openly destroyed the empire’s property. This charge, I will raise an appeal to the empire’s Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Education!”

The Dragon Cavalrymen and Copper Hats simultaneously retreated one step, exposing the two stupefied and unfortunate men who were still holding the hammers they used to force open doors.

Mister Ge Lang glanced in a disinclined manner at those two Dragon Cavalrymen whose legs were trembling, then raised a third finger and berated while gnashing his teeth, “Third, this is a sacred school ground, a place where the empire trains talents, and you actually dare use swords to threaten a good university student? Who gave you this authority? Do you still remember the final article of the imperial educational law?”

The Dragon Cavalrymen blankly stared at Mister Ge Lang. As members of the Dragon Cavalry, they were the elite force of the imperial capital Borali and experts in hand-to-hand combat, but with regards to the imperial law, they truly didn’t understand. But more and more cold sweat appeared on the foreheads of the Copper Hats. As the Secret Police, which was a major component of the imperial law enforcement organization, how could they not be familiar with the imperial educational law?

The last article of the imperial educational law: any imperial university student who violated the imperial law had to first appeal to the local school. Only after that could the law be enforced on the student.

The empire was vast and the population numerous, but students who could enter Borali University City, especially those who enter into the best universities, were all accomplished talents of the empire with outstanding intelligence and character. Therefore, the last article of the imperial educational law specially gave them a bit of preferential treatment. Even the Secret Police, whose jurisdiction was nearly limitless, had to go through the local school. Only after discussing with the local school could they then enforce the law on a student.

No matter what, today these Dragon Cavalrymen and Copper Hats hadn’t notified the local school, in this case the Fifth University, before directly charging into the dormitory building with the intention to arrest Lin Qi. They even used  force to breach Lin Qi’s room and pulled out weapons to threaten him. If everything was seriously investigated, they were the ones who had violated the imperial law.

The expressions of the Dragon Cavalrymen relaxed a little. They weren’t familiar with the law, so this responsibility shouldn’t be theirs to shoulder.

On the othe rhand, the expressions of the Copper Hats were extremely ugly as if their own fathers had just died. The gangly Copper Hat duly explained, “Sir, please listen to my explanation.”

Priest Bahrain suddenly jumped one meter and slapped that thin copper hat right on his face, nearly making him fall to the ground. He then angrily roared, “Explain what? What explanation could there be? Explain to the Divine Court, you group of sinners, that you actually dare to interrupt Lin Qi’s work copying prayer scrolls for me! You group of heathens profane the gods!”

Mister Ge Lang’s gaze towards Priest Bahrain slightly flickered with approval.

Priest Bahrain was the middleman between Mister Ge Lang and many others. Many of Mister Ge Lang’s unfavourable matters were settled through Priest Bahrain. So Mister Ge Lang knew clearly Priest Bahrain’s character, and it could be said they were old friends.

Seeing Priest Bahrain suddenly strike out, Mister Ge Lang coughed heavily, then berated loudly and clearly, “Respectable Priest Bahrain, could it be that they also damaged a copy of sacred prayer? Damn it, one must not be interrupted when copying prayer scrolls! This group of heathens, I want to report them to the Divine Court together with you. They should receive the most severe punishment!”

Priest Bahrain repeatedly nodded his head with a gloomy face. At this moment, Mister Ge Lang who represented worldly authority and Priest Bahrain who represented religious authority formed a perfect partnership. They overlooked these Dragon Cavalrymen and Copper Hats with a commanding presence, frightening them to the extent that they were unable to say a single word.

The thin copper hat who had just suffered a slap nearly cried. He stammered, wanting to say something, but under Mister Ge Lang’s and Priest Bahrain’s powerful prestige, he who was merely a lowly chief of police could only cower and lower his head, passively awaiting fate’s trial.

Lin Qi walked out of the door with a gloomy face. He glanced at Priest Bahrain, then walked up to Mister Ge Lang’s side and politely bowed to him.

“Head of administration, sir, priest, sir, their sins really cannot be pardoned, but the great gods show mercy beyond the law, and their sins aren’t extremely evil.”

Priest Bahrain’s eyes suddenly brightened, then he took out a thick roll of redemption talismans from his sleeve.

“Lost children, please atone for your sins!”

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