RE Chapter 28


Chapter 28 Darker Sin

Redemption talisman —  this miraculous item only appeared after the Land Island War. Because the church’s income experienced a steep decline, it was invented by a certain wise and farsighted senior in the church. A sheet of paper the size of a palm of the hand that was too rough to be used to wipe one’s butt, on it were printed several sentences of the gods’ instructions as well as several, indecipherable symbols. It became the church’s biggest tool in accumulating wealth for the past 30 years, known as the redemption talisman.

The redemption talisman’s production cost was very low; one copper coin could print dozens of sheets, but the selling price of even the most inferior redemption talisman was ten copper coins. This profit that was more than a hundredfold made the church go mad. That wise and farsighted senior who invented the redemption talisman was now already the most illustrious bishop in the church. He was also in charge of the whole church’s financial operation and had truly become a lofty and arrogant individual.

One sheet of redemption talisman could get rid of one specific sin. If enough redemption talismans were bought, then one’s sins could be thoroughly washed away, allowing that individual to avoid falling into hell. Instead, he or she would enter the country of gods to live happily forever under the radiance of various mighty gods.

Furthermore, humans committed new sins everyday, so according to the church’s propaganda, every person was encouraged to purchase one to two or even several sheets of redemption talisman in order to wash off any newly committed sins – just like that day after Lin Qi sold the six sharp swords, he took out his last 20 copper coins to buy two sheets of redemption talismans from Priest Bahrain.


Lin Qi didn’t actually believe in the effectiveness of redemption talismans; he merely sought some peace of mind.

But how could ordinary people know these things? They sincerely took out their hard-earned copper coins to buy all kinds of redemption talismans. Money unceasingly flowed into the church’s wallet. After the war, the church also rapidly became the richest and most powerful force in the continent.

Priest Bahrain took out a thick pile of redemption talismans in front of these Dragon Cavalrymen and Copper Hats. Pressured under the joint power of worldly authority and supreme religious authority, those Dragon Cavalrymen’s and Copper Hats’ minds went blank, and they thoroughly lost their thinking capabilities. They obediently took out all of their money, and every person bought a big pile of redemption talismans.

Priest Bahrain nodded his head in satisfaction. He patted the reduced stack of redemption talismans in his hand and complacently said: “Then, your sins today are washed clean. But bear in mind, next time don’t repeat the same sin. You interrupted the copying process of my prayer scrolls and wasted some Baptism Holy Water. I will sent the bill to the Guardian Office and the headquarters of the Dragon Cavalry.”

Mister Ge Lang straightened his chest. He glanced at Lin Qi’s broken wooden door, then looked at those deathly pale Dragon Cavalrymen and Copper Hats and didn’t want to overdo things. After all, he was different from Priest Bahrain who represented religious authority. Behind Priest Bahrain was an extremely strong backer, giving him the ability to ignore the powerful individuals behind the Dragon Cavalrymen and Copper Hats. But Mister Ge Lang didn’t wish to overdo things, because after all he was merely a worldly mediator.

Lightly coughing, Mister Ge Lang was about to speak some mediating words when Lin Qi calmly approached him, his arm lightly touching Mister Ge Lang’s wide robe. Mister Ge Lang immediately and acutely sensed his robe’s right pocket becoming slightly heavier. This kind of feeling must be a certain subordinate covertly putting some gold coins inside his pocket, requesting him to do something similar with what just happened.

Once again lightly coughing, Mister Ge Lang stretched his hand into his pocket and felt an extremely familiar crystal medicine bottle. His heart violently throbbed; it was that miraculous medicine, that kind of miraculous medicine that could make an old tree like him germinate. He coughed twice, calmly took out a white handkerchief and rubbed his nose, then put the handkerchief back into his pocket and unhurriedly said: “Then, now there is only one more problem!”

Gazing in a dignified manner at these Dragon Cavalrymen and Copper Hats, whose expressions underwent a tragic turn, Mister Ge Lang coldly said: “The door that you destroyed must be replaced with a new one. Moreover, you have to pay triple the amount as punishment. Also, you scared a lot of university students, so you must compensate every student in this dormitory building with ten silver coins each.”

Raising his fingers and counting, Mister Ge Lang nodded while seemingly lost in thought. “Seeing that you were also just following orders, just take out 50 gold coins, then this matter will be settled!”

Mister Ge Lang thought that yesterday early in the morning, he had already spent 30 gold coins to buy one bottle of the miraculous medicine, so this amount of money should balance the scales a little. 30 gold coins of the 50 gold coins returned to his possession, and of the remaining 20 gold coins, a negligible amount should be used to repair Lin Qi’s door while the rest he regarded as his personal reward for helping Lin Qi this time.

He, a dignified Imperial Lord, the Fifth University’s head of administration, a possible future headmaster, had warded off the Dragon Cavalry and Copper Hats for the sake of one student. This had to at least produce a little profit, otherwise it simply insulted his status.

Lin Qi smiled modestly while obediently standing next to Mister Ge Lang, just like what any innocent and well-behaved student would do. He innocently widened both of his eyes, looking at those ghastly, pale-faced Dragon Cavalrymen and Copper Hats in a somewhat terrified and confused manner, as if doubting why this big shot who represented worldly power would defend him.

The complexion of the Dragon Cavalrymen and Copper Hats became no different from a dead person. ’A fine of 50 gold coins?’

They took great pains early in the morning to rush here to arrest Lin Qi; even if they received all of their promised rewards, the profit would only amount to ten gold coins. Just now they already exhausted all of their money to buy a thick pile of worn-out papers which if used to wipe their butts would be construed as profaning the gods. Now they unexpectedly still had to pay a fine of 50 gold coins?

Forced into a corner, the thin Copper Hat widened his eyes in exasperation, then mustered his courage and shouted in an angry tone, “Sir, we were only following orders!”

Mister Ge Lang flew into a rage. These sinners who had violated the last article of the imperial educational law and had also profaned the gods by disrupting the copying process of prayer scrolls actually dared speak to him like this? He waved his cane in a rage and was just about to let off his might when Lin Qi suddenly casually said at the side, “Since you were following orders, then the major responsibility shouldn’t rest on you!”

With a hint of pity and a pure smile, Lin Qi gently said to that thin Copper Hat: “Then, esteemed police officer, please tell me, who ordered you to arrest me? Who solemnly vowed that he had sufficient evidence to charge me?”

Lin Qi said in a deep voice, “You were merely following orders. Granted, you had violated the imperial law, but you also already washed away your sins. But the person who prompted you to arrest me, he is the real sinner! He had committed an even darker sin, so he has to receive the punishment!”

The Dragon Cavalrymen and Copper Hats simultaneously shut their mouths. Their gazes flickered, seemingly hesitant.

A deep and powerful voice could suddenly be heard.

“That’s right, I admit my mistake.”

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