RE Chapter 29


Chapter 29 Family Enmity

The hefty group of security guards, teachers, and students behind Mister Ge Lang parted, revealing a wide corridor.

A majestic and robust youth with a short, black cloak draped over his shoulders, a piece of armor plating on his left chest covering his heart, and a sword hanging from his waist strode in. This youth wore a pair of ankle-high boots, and behind their heels were two spurs which occasionally rammed against each other and produced a crisp sound.

This youth’s appearance could be described as handsome. His long, light golden-colored hair were dazzling. Though it was a pity that his left eye suffered a cut. An ugly scar extended from the left side of his forehead all the way to his chin, thoroughly destroying his appearance. His eyeball was most likely cut and damaged, as a black, leather eyepatch was firmly tied onto his face, covering his left eye.

Mister Ge Lang frowned. He felt as if he had little impression of this youth. Lin Qi similarly frowned because this youth resembled Dark Horse Hao Si, except his demeanor was a lot more mature and steadier. In particular, the insignia on that youth’s armor plating and on the sword and shield was a crowing rooster looking up to the sky, its talon firmly clutching the neck of a dying, poisonous python. This insignia stood for the Imperial Family Corps.


Lin Qi’s face fell. Was he one of Dark Horse Hao Si’s family members? He had heard that Dark Horse Hao Si inherited the Knights of the Round Table from his elder brother. That year, his elder brother had graduated from the Imperial Army Academy with the most outstanding result. After joining the army, he allegedly performed many meritorious services.

He once heard Dark Horse Hao Si had bragged under the influence of alcohol that his blood-related elder brother of his once led a group of the empire’s most elite knights to venture into the five Dalian Island in the north, pillaged a werewolf tribe and returned victorious. Looking at the figure of this youth, he indeed seemed like a veteran that had gone through life and death battles, just like that group of fugitives under Lin Qi’s father’s leadership.

A group of six soldiers with light body armour closely followed behind this youth. Their chins were raised in a forty five degree angle, arrogance displayed on their faces. Even a proud and valiant general couldn’t be more arrogant than this. The soldiers’ haughty aura made Mister Ge Lang and Priest Bahrain grimace.

The youth arrived next to Lin Qi. His single eye rigidly looked at Lin Qi, then slowly, he extended his hand and smiled. “Student Lin Qi? I apologize. This time I have committed a small mistake. I shouldn’t have listened to Hao Si’s nonsense. As someone who had just sobered up, he still hadn’t been clear on that night’s events.”

Looking at the hand that the youth extended in front of him, Lin Qi straightened his chest and simply held both of his hands behind his back. Shake hands with this youth? Lin Qi wasn’t so stupid. He was  obviously a brave, military elite. Lin Qi wouldn’t be so stupid as to compete with him in terms of physical strength. Although Lin Qi had been under the guidance of his father and numerous, unusual uncles since childhood, tempering his body and physical strength since he was three years old, Lin Qi felt that it wasn’t necessary to stake everything to win.

What if he won? What if he lost? Lin Qi was currently a Fifth University finance and accounting major student, so he had to uphold the image of a good student. He constantly kept in mind that he was a university student who used his brain, not a bare arm fighter who carried weapons everywhere to attack people.

The youth’s expression slightly sank. To him, who came from an aristocrat family, this kind of reaction from Lin Qi could be viewed as disrespect towards his whole family. Snorting coldly, the youth withdrew his hand, slightly bowed towards Mister Ge Lang and Priest Bahrain, and said, “I am Hao Lin from the Barwell Family. I apologize for today’s matter. My Barwell Family will bear the cost of all of the damage.”

After pausing slightly, Hao Lin indifferently said, “But Head of Administration, sir, and Priest, sir, please don’t blame them. They are a group of respected people who give their utmost for their duties. You two won’t be unreasonably unforgiving just because of one, unintentional mistake, right?”

Hao Lin stated clearly his family background. The Barwell Family was an aristocratic family that abruptly rose to prominence during the century-long Land Island War due to their military exploits. Nearly all of the male members of the family held  official positions within the army. Although the family’s title wasn’t high, their latent power made others unable to underestimate them. Hao Lin declared his family’s name, so unless Mister Ge Lang and Priest Bahrain wanted to fall out with the Barwell family, they could only put this matter at rest.

After all, Lin Qi didn’t suffer any loss, the Dragon Cavalrymen and Copper Hats already received their punishment, and the empire’s aristocratic circle had their own unwritten rules. Granted that Priest Bahrain was god’s servant, and he was detached from worldly authority, but he also didn’t dare to rashly offend a hereditary, aristocratic family with abundant resources.

Especially when Lin Qi almost chopped him into eighteen pieces yesterday!

Priest Bahrain could only assume that Lin Qi’s group of rogues couldn’t compare to life and death brothers. So Priest Bahrain straightened his fat chest and said in an extremely solemn manner, “Since they already washed off their sins, then, god is merciful.”

After winking, Priest Bahrain stood to one side, assuming an appearance as if this matter didn’t have anything to do with him.

Mister Ge Lang took out his white handkerchief again to rub his nose while easily stroking that small and glossy medicine bottle in his pocket. After putting the handkerchief back into his pocket, Mister Ge Lang lowered his voice and said, “I hope no such thing will happen in the future. Sir Hao Lin, this is the Fifth University school grounds.”

Hao Lin slightly bowed, then sincerely apologized, “This time, it is my mistake, and my Barwell Family will be responsible for all of the damage. Also, I still want to apologize to Mister Lin Qi. He is innocent, and it was that worthless, younger brother of mine who, after getting drunk, talked some nonsense.”

Hao Lin wrapped everything up beautifully. Lin Qi had already prepared an irrefutable alibi as a good university student who was helping Priest Bahrain copy prayer scrolls. How was it possible for him to be related to the tavern’s raid and arson case? So Hao Lin simply no longer looked into this matter. Even if this case was presented before the emperor, with a spiritual teacher as a witness, Lin Qi would certainly come out unscathed.

Priest Bahrain and Mister Ge Lang left the dormitory with satisfaction, knowing that Hao Lin would have several matters to discuss with Lin Qi in private. The disheartened Dragon Cavalrymen and Copper Hats deeply looked at Lin Qi. After receiving the wallet Hao Lin gave them, they also quickly left the scene.

Reclining on the doorframe, Lin Qi smiled happily while looking at Hao Lin who wore a similar smile on his face. “Sir, is there anything you would like to speak to me about?”

Hao Lin ordered the six soldiers behind him to make the students watching in the corridor disperse. He stood in front of Lin Qi with his hands clasped behind his back. Sighing, he shook his head and said, “Hao Si is trash, he actually can’t surpass you. He is a descendant of a military, aristocratic family, yet he can’t deal with an ordinary student with a common background on tactics and force. He will receive a severe punishment from the family.”

Lin Qi slowly nodded his head. He looked straight at Hao Lin’s single eye, sneered, and said, “And so?”

Hao Lin turned his body, then leisurely walked towards the staircase.

While walking, he indifferently said, “My family has remembered you. Lin Qi, you have successfully earned the Barwell Family’s hatred. But my family can’t be bothered about a common person like you, so we will let Hao Si openly defeat you and your entire family!”

Lin Qi smiled in amusement, then lightly shook his head.

“My entire family? Go to hell!”

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