RE Chapter 30


Chapter 30 Final Exam

Although Lin Qi became more cautious with his actions, he didn’t take Hao Lin’s threat seriously.

Would the Barwell Family  stake everything and utilize the family’s forces to deal with him just because of Dark Horse Hao Si? Lin Qi didn’t think they would do such a thing. As a military aristocratic family, their family force couldn’t be put to use so easily. As for Dark Horse Hao Si’s revenge? He was merely one person, so what did Lin Qi need to be nervous about?

Like this, the matter of the burning tavern that alarmed the empire’s upper class simply passed.

Dark Horse Hao Si and several core members of the Knights of the Round Table remained safely in the Army Academy after receiving merely a severe warning from an upper level authority.  In comparison, more than 80 members of the Knights of the Round Table who had fainted from the vertigo medicine that night in the tavern received a severe punishment. They were forced to prematurely leave the university to be put into the empire’s most arduous North Coast Defense Army which had the highest death rate.


The main military encampment of the North Coast Defense Army was at Fort Norman, which was located on what had been the main battlefield during the Land Island War. Their responsibility was to guard against the beastmen of the five Dalian Islands, attacks from giants and other sinister existences; it was the genuine front line.

Originally, as Imperial Army Academy students, if these more than 80 people had successfully completed their studies, even if they joined the North Coast Defense Army, they should at least have had a status as primary officers. Since they were forced to leave the university ahead of schedule, however, they could only become an ordinary soldier of the North Coast Defense Army. Furthermore, a record of bad behavior was recorded in their files.

In this world, Lin Qi once again gained a batch of enemies who hated him to the bone. Yet he still didn’t care. After all, did he need to care about a group of unlucky bastards who were likely to be hacked into pieces by some crazy beastman’s ax at any time?

“Oh, the North Coast Defense Army? 10 gold coins to bribe a certain mediator, and these bastards will be hacked to pieces while raiding the land of the beastmen! There’s already no need to care about them because they’ll die very soon!” This was Yu Lian’s response when he heard the news. Enzo agreed; the North Coast Defense Army had a daily mortality rate of forty percent —it really was no joke.

The matter was resolved in this way, and Lin Qi only needed to be on guard against Dark Horse Hao Si’s revenge, so he wasn’t really nervous.

Time passed day by day, and after two weeks, many of Borali’s universities began their final exam period.

For the Army Academy exam, in addition to strategy, it also included an actual combat evaluation. Enzo and the Seven Bloodstained Swordsmen formed one small group, and they left Borali under the supervision of a teacher, carrying out the one-week drill outside of the city. Under the observation of the teacher, they voluntarily selected a specific region of the wilderness to live in for seven days, killing at least ten normal, wild animals and one extremely powerful magical beast in a world of ice and snow.

As for Lin Qi, although he had an extremely good personal relationship with Mister Ge Lang who had promised Lin Qi and his group of rogues an excellent final grade,  as third-year students of the Fifth University’s finance and accounting major, they still had to attend the final exam as a formality.

Lying on the desk, Lin Qi looked at the finely printed test papers in front of him in a trance. The quality of the final exam test papers was more than ten times better than the redemption talismans Priest Bahrain sold. The paper was not only tough and clean, but each and every letter of the printing was also clear. Lin Qi held a goose-feather writing brush, lightly dotted its tip on the test papers, and unhurriedly drew a fine monster’s head.

The shape of this monster’s head was like a snake, but its mouth was filled with sharp teeth. It was that strangely-shaped animal Lin Qi had seen on the robes of Jiang Yong and his companions. Lin Qi vaguely recognized it, as if he had seen this animal somewhere. He knew that in the East, this type of animal had a unique status, representing some kind of special force or authority.

But what exactly was this monster called?

The student next to him was scribbling rapidly with his writing brush. There weren’t many questions on the test papers, merely five questions, but every question required an extremely comprehensive answer. For example, the first question was ‘What was the impact of the century-long Land Island War on the economy of the main continent as well as on the imperial tax policies?’.

When considering these questions that gave people headaches, Lin Qi thought there must be a problem with the brain of the person who made the questions. They were finance and accounting students. Therefore, they only needed to know how to earn gold coins and even more gold coins while simultaneously not letting other people gain even one gold coin from their hands. This was enough. Why did a finance and accounting student have to know issues that occurred during that Land Island War?

It ended 30 years ago, this century-long Land Island War! God, may the professor who set the questions be struck to death by a lightning bolt. What did the damage on the economy of the main continent caused by the Land Island War have to do with him? All he knew was that during the century-long Land Island War, his family’s financial resources grew 35-fold under the leadership of his paternal grandfather, his paternal grandfather’s father, his paternal grandfather’s grandfather, and even older members of the family.

Did the Land Island War damage the economy of the main continent? Lin Qi really didn’t share that perspective.

On the contrary, Lin Qi clearly remembered his father, Black Beard, complaining in front of him when he was little – a century-long war? That was a really good time, when good men could earn a fortune. During the final phase of the war, one piece of brown bread could be exchanged with five silver coins. Dear Lin Qi, one brown bread could be exchanged with five silver coins, you know! At no other time was it easier to make a fortune than during the Land Island War.

Brown bread alone could make such a profit, not to mention the human slaves, as well as the beastmen and giant slaves, that were sold to the five Dalian Islands from Dunerk Port.

It truly flourished, the good times when good men could always easily make a fortune.

But now? The war had ended 30 years ago. Lin Qi’s father even had to worry about the problem of the wheat in the warehouse not being sold out!

Land Island War, such a wonderful phrase. Lin Qi lightly sighed. When would the next Land Island War erupt? Could he still chance upon such a great and wonderful era that belonged to a genuinely good man in his lifetime?

Casting aside all of the sorrows that suddenly arose in his brain, Lin Qi slowly recalled his impression of that strange, snake-like creature on the robes of Jiang Yong and his companions. He wrinkled his brows, grinned, and sighed. That wretched Jiang Yong, he was actually a Heaven Knight.

Such bad luck, he was actually a Heaven Knight. Fine, if Jiang Yong was a Heaven Knight and those companions at his side were all Earth Knights, then Lin Qi’s small Ironfist Brotherhood simply couldn’t be their opponent. The ones with the most powerful military power in the whole Ironfist Brotherhood were Lin Qi, Yu Lian, and Enzo, in addition to the Seven Bloodstained Swordsmen. Those thugs hired as outer members were qualified to bully some civilians and ordinary students, but against a Heaven Knight, that was just courting death.

It seemed he had to give up on this, big fat sheep.

He was really unresigned to it, letting go of such tender, big, fat sheep.

In the midst of Lin Qi’s continuous lamenting, the Fifth University finance and accounting major’s final exam ended.

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