RE Chapter 33


Chapter 33 Magic Fierce Medicine

The final exam period of all the universities in Borali University City had already ended, and students began their preparations to return to their respective hometowns for the New Year holidays.

Lin Qi, who hadn’t gone home for three years because of various reasons, was finally going back home to see his father this year. Enzo, who had lost both parents and had no relatives or wife, was bored and  decided to follow Lin Qi to Dunerk. He had also been wondering what kind of family could actually nurture such an outstanding person like his boss?

Gelang Mu’s New Year plans were to return by carriage to his faraway hometown, Bonaudo, in the south. During the peak of winter, the road was hard to traverse. He had to spend ten days on the road, then ten more days to come back, so he would actually spend a fortnight of his New Year holiday on the road. But Gelang Mu persisted in going home every New Year because he wanted to fight for a year’s living expenses from that father of his who was even stingier than he was. It was really an extremely exhausting war.

Yu Lian, on the other hand, had family in Borali. Although they were a declining aristocratic family, they also had their own social circle to meet during the end of the year. As the eldest son of the family, Yu Lian had to be present at a lot of banquets arranged by various declining aristocratic families. He also had to represent his family in carrying out ceremonial visits to those upper level aristocratic family who had high power and authority.


As for Wei Ke, he was born into an ordinary family like Lin Qi. To help lighten his family’s big financial pressure, he had to bring home the end of the year award money given by Lin Qi . The thousand fake redemption talismans extorted from Priest Bahrain had all already been sold, and Lin Qi had distributed all the profit, especially to core members like Wei Ke, who received even more award money since his home conditions weren’t very good.

After spending one night happily to his heart’s content at the Crippled Shop using the final several silver coins in his pocket, at dawn, Lin Qi waved his hand to his brothers in farewell. Gelang Mu went to the post station to ride the long-distance carriage, Yu Lian tipsily returned home, Wei Ke also travelled by carriage to return home, and only Lin Qi, followed by Enzo, returned to the dormitory. He still had several little things he hadn’t packed to bring back home.

Furthermore, Cripple also told Lin Qi, only at noon would there be a big ship along the river, which would arrive at Dunerk at noon on the third day. Lin Qi intended to travel by that ship, and as of now, there were still several hours before it set sail. Travelling by ship had one advantage, and that was it could save him money. There only remained a few dozens of copper coins left in Lin Qi’s pocket. This little money was only enough for him and Enzo to nibble on some brown bread while on the ship. As for the travelling expenses, the ship owner didn’t even take the Cripple’s money to give him some face.

Humming an odd tune, Lin Qi and Enzo swaggeringly entered the dormitory.

Under Mister Ge Lang’s authority, the efficiency of the school’s logistics department was very high; the door that was destroyed two days ago was already renovated, and Lin Qi’s room was also already neatly put in order. The two people sauntered into the dormitory while laughing merrily, when the light of a fireball suddenly shone.

Lin Qi was greatly shocked. He instinctively thought that Dark Horse Hao Si had brought some people to take revenge. After reaching behind the door, a large, single-edged axe was already grasped in his hand. Enzo’s response was even faster. With a wave of his hand,  the sharp sword he was holding made an ear-piercing sound as it cleaved the air and pierced towards the source of the fireball.

Soon afterwards, a miserable howl could be heard. Enzo’s sharp sword momentarily became very red, and the leather strip wrapping around the sword hilt was also burned until it melted off. A big piece of skin on Enzo’s palm was also scalded. He shook his hand, throwing away the sword as he flew up and kicked the ball of fire to one side. An extremely thin lightning bolt tore through the air, hitting Enzo’s calf. He once again issued a miserable howl, twitching from head to foot, then collapsed to the floor and could no longer move.

Lin Qi, who was grasping the large axe and was prepared to go all out, gasped a mouthful of cold air. Although the curtains were drawn tightly, with the help of that ball of fire, he still clearly saw the person inside the room. After carefully putting back the large axe behind the door, Lin Qi closed the door, then respectfully and cautiously bowed towards that person and said, “Great Master Ke Zha, why have you come?”

Lin Qi’s heart was even more endlessly surprised. He had always thought that Ke Zha could only cast fire magic, but he had just found out today that Ke Zha actually also mastered the extremely rare lightning magic. Without mentioning Ke Zha’s attainments in arcanum, with his ability in lightning attribute magic alone, he could obtain an extremely high position in the empire.

With a red fireball suspended on his palm, Ke Zha cast it to one side, lighting up the several candles on the table. The fireball with power strong enough to momentarily heat a sharp sword until it became red noiselessly died out. Ke Zha’s control over fire magic already allowed him to do as he pleased.

Ke Zha, who was enveloped in a cloak from head to foot that only exposed his face that was destroyed by some medicine, lightly coughed. He glanced at Enzo who was collapsed on the floor and twitching, then lightly beckoned Lin Qi to approach him with his finger.

When Lin Qi carefully moved towards Ke Zha, a thin lightning bolt was shot from Ke Zha’s fingertips, hitting Lin Qi and making him tremble from head to foot, forcing him to kneel on the floor. Ke Zha pried Lin Qi’s mouth open and poured a bottle of light-purple colored medicine into his mouth, then slowly stood up.

Once the medicine entered his mouth, it immediately transformed into a terrifying heat that burst into his stomach. In the blink of an eye, it followed his blood vessels and bones to scatter all over his body. Lin Qi only felt that he was suddenly filled with power from head to toe, to the extent that his bones produced popping sounds.

“This is the medicine that I last refined, the Magic Fierce Medicine. According to your current actual strength, it should enhance your overall strength tenfold over the course of three days. Bone strength, muscle strength, internal organ durability, sheer physical strength, as well as speed and reaction capability—all of these will be doubled. Altogether, it will let you obtain a strength that’s ten times greater.”

Ke Zha narrowed his eyes, then indifferently said, “This is your reward for serving me loyally for three years. After you spend the New Year holiday with your family, quickly come back. I still have a lot of things for you to do. If you do them well, there will be even more rewards waiting for you!”

Enzo who was lying on the floor and twitching endlessly was so envious that his eyes turned red. Damn it, they were similarly struck by lightning, but why was he just lying on the floor twitching while Lin Qi could get such great profits? Enzo knew, Lin Qi was so strong that his genuine strength was even a little stronger than his. Now, after taking the Magic Fierce Medicine, Lin Qi’s strength would be enhanced tenfold. Enzo couldn’t even keep up with him in terms of flattery!

Enzo showed a fawning smile towards Ke Zha. “Respectable great master, I am Lin Qi’s closest brother!”

Ke Zha indifferently looked at Enzo, then coldly snorted and said, “So what? Even if you were Lin Qi’s son, what service have you given me?”

Waving his hand, Ke Zha threw a burn salve at Enzo, considering it as compensation for burning his palm.

Lin Qi nearly laughed because of Ke Zha’s words. He politely stood up, attentively supported Ke Zha’s arms, and happily said, “Great master, the road is slippery and hard to pass. Let me escort you to the Tower of Great Masters! Rest assured, I will return as soon as possible!”

A tenfold increase in overall strength! Lin Qi smiled until his eyes narrowed into slits.

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