RE Chapter 36


Chapter 36 Brothers

From the bustling Dunerk Port and down Oak Street, there were seven intersections, each block holding a small flower garden at their center, before opening into the lush and verdant Black Beech Hill, which was the oldest residential area in Dunerk. The streets here were spacious and neat, and although they were wet, not the slightest amount of snow was visible.

This area was occupied by the wealthy, and their colossal, ancient houses were closely guarded on all sides. Advancing down the street was a traditionally decorated carriage. It exuded a subtle ancient and luxurious aura, and the pure, white steeds were top-quality horses.

Lin Qi led Enzo on a stroll along the main street towards  Black Beech Hill. Standing on the Black Beech Hill, one could look down upon the whole Dunerk Port and Gulf, but not anyone would be able to approach the hilltop residences of the wealthy and respectable.

Both of Enzo’s eyes turned red from looking at those horses pulling the carriage. They were of pure bloodline that were worth at least one thousand gold coins each. These horses should be galloping on a battlefield, yet here, these rich families used them to pull carriages!


Lin Qi discovered Enzo’s peculiar glance, then curled his lips into a sneer and said, “Oh, there’s nothing to be done. During the Land Island War, these people could only use donkeys to pull their carriages. But now, any family that doesn’t raise seven to eight purebred horses wouldn’t be able to raise their heads.”

Lightly sighing, Lin Qi shook his head and said, “They’re all rich people, Enzo. The people here are all rich! You know, when I was little, I went around this big street extorting merely the children’s pocket money, and I could’ve gotten dozens of gold coins every time!”

After neatly going towards the gutter on the roadside to spit some saliva, Lin Qi looked up at the sky with incomparable nostalgia, deeply sighed, and said, “Flourishing childhood years! It’s too bad such good days didn’t stay for long, and I was suddenly sent to Borali!”

Just when Lin Qi was sighing with myriad emotions, an exquisite, pure-white carriage decorated with ivory stopped next to the two people. The yarn curtain covering the carriage window was raised, revealing a rather good-looking young girl gaping in surprise.

“Lin Qi? Is that you, Lin Qi?”

Lin Qi looked at that young girl in surprise. He complacently shot a glance at Enzo, then heartily laughed towards that nearby carriage. “Well, dear miss, I apologize. You still recognize me, but pardon me, I haven’t come home for so long that I must ask what this young lady’s name is?”

That young lady’s face blanched, then she ferociously stamped her foot. The carriage driver hastily clucked, hurrying the two horses pulling the carriage to flee. A terrified and uncertain voice could faintly be heard from inside the carriage. “God, that little scoundrel really has come back. I have to quickly tell everyone to be sure not to go out these next few days. God, why didn’t he die at Borali?”

Enzo hugged his belly while laughing very loudly. Lin Qi’s expression was gloomy as he looked at the carriage fleeing in panic, gnashed his teeth, and whispered, “I remember this woman! Fine, because her big brother wasn’t willing to obediently give me the protection fee, I smashed his head and pushed her into the sewer. But apart from this, what else did I do to her? Just because of this, did she have to go so far as to flee?”

Enzo took pleasure in Lin Qi’s misfortune as he folded both of his hands in front of his chest, smiled happily, and said, “Boss, if you dunk her into the sewer now, she would rather die. You don’t understand that to young girls, their appearances are very important. This beautiful, young lady absolutely won’t let you push her into the sewer again!”

Lin Qi angrily glared at Enzo. “Are you saying that I don’t understand women?”

Enzo raised his eyebrows as he snickered and said, “Do you? Ah, boss, I’m very curious, what have you accomplished growing up?”

Grinning, Lin Qi suddenly remembered that he wasn’t Enzo’s match regarding this issue, so he simply shut his mouth. He rejoiced in his heart, however. Fortunately for him, Yu Lian wasn’t here with them. Otherwise, he would definitely be attacked by both of their poisonous tongues until he felt that dying was better than living. Of course, Lin Qi consoled himself in his heart. His so called preserving his purity was actually him being absolutely opposed to spending even one copper coin on those tavern maids!

No matter how beautiful they were, how could they be lovelier than glittering crowing and sparkling chirping? Even mere copper coins were way lovelier than women. Twisting his mouth, Lin Qi sighed, lost in thought. Women? Was he lacking any troubles from women?

While walking along the neat Gooseberry Avenue, a house that occupied an enormous area appeared in front of the two people. The bricks of the house wall were black and covered with old vines. The front gate was made of metal and decorated with a mesh of exquisite tulip and grape vines entangled together. Standing in front of this gate were several conversing people.

Lin Qi’s expression became gloomy. His gaze subconsciously fell on an individual with a radiant face and fiery-red, long hair within the crowd. That youth’s figure was tall, his face handsome, skin fair and clear, and his fiery-red hair gave him an astonishing charm. He appeared to be 20 or so years old, at most 25 years.

But this youth’s left eye seemed to have suffered an extremely serious wound judging from the black leather eyepatch firmly covering it. His right eye was nevertheless deep, dark-purple and full of attractive force. One could well imagine if his left eye was good, he would be a very handsome, very attractive youngster.

Lin Qi’s expression was strange. His mouth twitched as he looked at that red-haired youth.

Enzo was sharply aware of Lin Qi’s strangeness. His hand tightly gripped his sword hilt as he asked in a low voice, “Boss, who is he?”

Lin Qi shrugged his shoulders and unhurriedly said, “Him? He’s Arthur, my father’s foster son, and nominally my elder brother. He’s also the reason I left the lovely Dunerk to go to Borali.”

Lightly sighing, Lin Qi narrowed his eyes, his gaze as sharp as the tip of a sword. “Because . . . because that left eye of his was dug out by my own hands.”

Enzo looked at Lin Qi in astonishment. It’d been three years since he’d returned home from Dunerk, which meant that three years ago, Lin Qi had personally dug out his father’s foster son’s eyeball. The Lin Qi at that time was only 15 years old, right? At just 15 years old, how much anger, how much ruthless intention, could make him dig out the eyeball of such a handsome youth like Arthur?

“Truly a pity. I originally was prepared to dig both of his eyes out before tossing him into the sea to feed the fish. It was a pity that my father came too soon!”

Helplessly shrugging his shoulders, Lin Qi walked towards the house in large strides. He laughed very loudly and said, “Well, dear Arthur, you wretched bastard, you’re actually still alive? That damned eyeball of yours, has it sprouted anew?”

Arthur, who’d been cheerfully talking with the people around him, had a sudden change in expression. He gritted his teeth and looked over with a green complexion.

Enzo’s expression was solemn. His right hand firmly held his sword hilt as he followed closely behind Lin Qi.

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