RE Chapter 84


Chapter 84 Slaughtering a Whale with a Flip of a Hand

On the fourth day at sea, in a rare moment, the cold wind from Odin Ice Origin temporarily stopped. Black clouds at the eastern sky gradually dissipated. Unexpectedly, a red sun rose from the sea. Red light illuminated the sea and the sky, even the huge icebergs were covered with a layer of red. Red icebergs floated on the sea like swaying pieces of clotted blood.

Lin Qi stood at the prow of the ship while carrying a sea pole with an internal organ of a Black-Lined Snapper hanging from it, fishing for turtles. This area of the sea was already not far from the territory of the Single-Horned Wild Whale. A type of Green-Skinned Sea Turtles were the specialty of this area. Their bodies were huge while their meat delicious. They were a type of delicacy aristocratic families of the continent would look for. At the same time, they were Single-Horned Wild Whales’ favourite food.

The reproductive ability of this kind of sea turtle was astonishing and its growth rate was extremely quick. Someone once said that if not for Single-Horned Wild Whales crazily hunted these sea turtles for food, they would have already filled the entire ocean.

“Such a huge Green-Skinned Turtle, it must be worth at least three hundred gold coins on the continent!” While looking at the red sun in the east with a sea pole in his hand, Lin Qi shook his head and said with a sigh, “Shit, the sun actually rose. This can’t be a good omen, there must be a snowstorm in the following several days.”


With a cloak of Blue Fox skin draping over his shoulders, Long Cheng, still with that arrogant face of his, was sitting on the head of the mermaid sculpture at the prow of the ship. He looked at Lin Qi in puzzlement. “Sunrise is a good this, what does it have to do with a snowstorm? Look, a clear and boundless sky, so blue as if brand new, such a good weather!”

While shaking his head, Long Cheng heaved a long sigh and said, “Such a fine time, such a wonderful view, if there were several naked beauties as companies, how perfect must it be?”

This guy is a damned pervert’ Lin Qi cursed Long Cheng in his heart. He snorted unhappily and said, “Honorable Mister Long Cheng, this is North Sea, during winter it can’t have sun. If it the snow kept falling and the wind kept howling, then this year’s winter will pass safely, if the sun came out, then there would be a snowstorm for the following several days, an especially huge hurricane will be a disaster for the continent!”

Long Cheng looked at Lin Qi in astonishment. He spread his hands, then smiled and said, “Is that so? Is that truly so? This damned weather!”

Lin Qi shook his sea pole, then looked at Long Cheng in puzzlement. “So strange, you don’t know anything about the sea, how could you row a small boat into the North Sea? Where did you come from?”

Long Cheng pursed his lips and sneered repeatedly before finally saying with gritted teeth, “Nothing, just a gamble between me and another person, that’s all. Gambling whether I can cross the North Sea with a small boat during winter and reach the West Continent, then bring some stuff back!”

A gamble? To cross the North Sea with such a worn-out boat during winter? This Long Cheng must be too overconfident, right? Lin Qi smacked his lips before asking in an extremely thrilled manner, “Then where did you set off? I know the East has quite a few famous harbor, Quan City, Su City, Hang City, Hai City, Xiong City, those harbors are all several times bigger than our Dunerk!”

Long Cheng was silent for a while before saying with a little anger, “I set off in Xiong City. It is our northernmost harbor, I sailed four thousand kilometers northward into the North Sea, then another thousand to land on Odin Ice Origin. I carried the small boat while crossing Odin Ice Origin, killing along the way, then at a place called Great Viking Axe Gorge, I entered the sea once again.”

“Great Viking Axe Gorge?” Lin Qi said in shock, “That is a dangerous place, oh, to be precise, that is the gathering place of bandits and ruffians!”

Long Cheng pursed his lips in a cruel smile. He glanced at Lin Qi and raised his head, then said with a sneer, “Right, there was a group of blind people who wanted to snatch that small boat of mine, so I ransacked Great Viking Axe Gorge. Of course, I didn’t seize their wealth, I only wanted their lives.”

Lin Qi opened his mouth wide. ‘What kind of formidable character is this?’ Great Viking Axe Gorge was a den of tigers and dragons even in the underworld of the West. Thousands of ruffians of different tribes and their relatives gathered there. It was an extremely important supply point of secret shipping route in the underworld and a major den of North Sea’s pirates and smugglers.

One person single-handedly ransacked the entire Great Viking Axe Gorge? Lin Qi blankly asked, “You, how many people did you kill?”

Raising the corner of his mouth, Long Cheng raised his fingers while counting. He slowly said, “Killed around half, burn down half of the rest, while the other half escaped. I think around that amount, those who escaped all had strong vitality, those elderly, women and children should all be burn to death.”

Sighing lightly, Long Cheng very helplessly said, “Originally, apart from killing, I was also about to do some raping, unfortunately the people there aren’t so good-looking, even the women had hair all over their bodies, I really couldn’t arouse any interest.”

Shrugging his shoulders, Long Cheng sighed deeply and said, “Killing and burning, ransacking and **, these things should have gone smoothly, unfortunately after killing and burning, I didn’t have time to do the other two things before a group of so-called Odin Holy Guards bastards surrounded me. I fought with all my might, killed dozens of them and escaped. In the end I also ran into a Three-Headed Sea Dragon at sea, indeed extremely unlucky!”

Lin Qi closed his mouth. ‘He is a pure pervert.’ He was lazy to talk to a person like him anymore. Odin Holy Guards, religious madmen who, during the century Land Island War, made the most elite soldiers of the continent trembled in fear from hearing their name, dozens of them were actually killed by him? After that he could still fight with the hegemon of all magical beasts in the North Sea, the Three-Headed Sea Dragon, without dying?

Long Cheng sighed faintly and said, “Unfortunately, the strength of that Three-Headed Sea Dragon was really out of the ordinary. I was already lightly injured when fighting with Odin Holy Guards. In the end, after fighting with all my might and losing a great amount of strength, I also lost all my food and water. Without any other choice, I could only seal myself within an iceberg, to heal myself through hibernation. Anyway, looking at the direction, that iceberg will float towards the mainland!”

Long Cheng’s words sounded too outrageous. Lin Qi frantically said, “Aren’t you scared that you will be frozen alive inside the iceberg?”

Long Cheng started to laugh strangely. He strongly patted Lin Qi’s shoulder, “This is called gambling your life! After all it is a gamble, isn’t it? In any case, I ran into you guys, I haven’t lose the gamble yet, have I?”

His voice hadn’t died yet when ten meters ahead on the surface of the sea, an over two-meters-long green-skinned Sea Turtle suddenly jumped out of the sea. Behind it, an approximately four-meters-long golden horn tear out of the seawater. A huge Wild Whale covered in golden light rushed out of the water, opening its huge mouth covered with fangs to bite at the sea turtle.

Lin Qi’s voice suddenly changed, “Single-Horned Wild Whale, whale-hunting prong, ready!”

With a wild laughter, Long Cheng’s figure flashed. Along with ten flying shadows, he was already standing on the head of the huge Wild Whale ten meters away.

His right fist covered with a layer of dark purple qi, Long Cheng hissed, as if leaving an imprint on the huge head of the Wild Whale.

A long mournful howl, the huge whale’s body twitched for a while before fell heavily back into the sea.

Such a huge whale quietly floated on the surface of the sea. It was already killed with one hand by Long Cheng.

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