RE Chapter 88


Chapter 88 Lin Qi’s First Sea-Battle

“Bastard, bastard, bastard!” Lin Qi brought a group of sailors to stand on a platform at the end of the ship, pointing at the chasing Odin Dragon Boat while cursing at them. Cold sweat continuously flowed from Lin Qi’s forehead. He was actually extremely nervous.

Even though Long Cheng was on board, he also escaped in panic from the encirclement of Odin Holy Guards before. These religious lunatics of Five Dalian Island and Odin Ice Origin were even more fanatic, more extreme and crazier than the Church of West Continent. Battling them was a nightmare no matter for whom.

Above all, aboard these four ships, they were actually overseen by four Temple Magicians.

God knew how Long Cheng killed one Temple Magician under the noses of Odin Holy Guards, but only the people of West Continent knew how terrifying these Temple Magicians were. Although their physical body were weak, they had magical powers; they could control the earth, fire and lightning, inflict plague, create all kinds of terrifying poison, control countless toxic bugs and savage beasts. They claimed to be the reincarnation of ten thousand souls, they were an existence between human and ghost!


They were a group of inhuman creatures. One Temple Magician may have an opportunity to kill him, but four Temple Magicians working together, unless they were besieged by a huge army, they were impossible to eradicate.

In contrast, Long Cheng very heroically stood on the railing at the end of the ship with a simple steel lance in his hand, pointing at those approaching dragon boats while shouting at the top of his voice, “Come on, today I shall let you experience the awesomeness of Long Cheng, the bloody mass murderer! Hahaha, a bunch of useless things, come, come!”

Long Cheng’s laughter was incomparably happy and bright, making Lin Qi so angry that he kept rolling his eyes. He was calculating whether to kick him from behind and let him be besieged by those Odin Holy Guards after he was thrown overboard, so as to obstruct their chaser. Yet after calculating carefully, this guy, Long Cheng, was too powerful. One would have to receive his revenge for kicking him overboard. The risk was too high!

Laughing bitterly before raising his head to look at the black pirate flag attached to the mast, Lin Qi waved his hand and shouted, “Ready the catapults, take down the black flag, hoist the flag of Dunerk Fishery Chamber of Commerce, hoist the imperial flag, hoist the SOS banner, send the SOS signal, see if there are any patrolling warship of the imperial navy nearby, best if there are several scapegoats to help us obstruct this group of bastards!”

The sailors’ actions were extremely efficient. The huge pirate flag was taken down while the flag of Dunerk Fishery Chamber of Commerce, a fishhook and a huge tuna painted on white and blue water ripples, and Gaul Empire’s three-colored thorny flower and rooster flag fluttered on the top of the mast.

Under the two huge flags was a long blood-colored maritime SOS banner. It was the highest level warning banner commonly used in West Continent. If there was a navy warship of any country in West Continent nearby, as long as they saw this kind of SOS banner, they would have to offer support with full strength.

Good Luck Valjean Qiao even personally left the bridge and ordered the strong-armed Tie Tong to aim at the sky. Following three muffled booms, three blood-colored fireball as big as a human’s head flew to the sky The hit the grey cloud above, exploding into three clouds of red fire dozens of meters in diameter. A muffled bang spread to the distance. The blood-colored light could clearly be seen for several hundred meters.

It was also the highest level SOS signal. Among the military signals in the West Continent, three continuous red shots like this means the invasion of tens of thousands alien tribe armies. All nearby navy warship had to immediately rush to the scene to help while all land-based army had to be ready to welcome the enemy. Although there were only a thousand or more people on the four dragon boats, they were the Odin Holy Guards, their fighting strength was much more valiant than ordinary corps of tens of thousands of soldiers.

Seeing as Big Maritime Windmill hoisted the SOS banner and fired the emergency signal, the four dragon boats behind her chased her all the more urgently. Following a long shout, countless oars were extended from the dragon boats’ both sides. Following a he-ya, he-ya chant, the paddlers inside the dragon boats started to row in unison, making the speed of the dragon boats increase by threefold.

Within several breaths, the biggest dragon boat was only less than fifty meters away from Big Maritime Windmill.

The the three meters tall giant with green-grayish teeth standing on the center of the big dragon boat put down his bone hammers, then walked slowly to the prow of the ship. In less than fifty meters, everyone could clearly see that the giant only wore a piece of animal skin around his hip while most of his skin was exposed. The muscles under his green-grayish skin were so robust they were nearly inhuman, simply not something a human could have, like granites on a mountain that stood strong even after being battered by the rain and wind for thousands of years.

“Shit, Stone Titan!” Lin Qi groaned. He shouted in a stern voice, “Catapults, crush that bastard to death!”

The sailors pulled the long throwing-rod of the six small-scaled catapults that were as tall as a person. Their capstans that were made of animal muscles made creaking noises. Six iron balls as big as a human’s head that were already burned red were put within the metal frame at the end of the throwing-rod. After adjusting the angle of the catapults, following Lin Qi’s order, the catapults were shot with a peng sound. Six iron balls that were already burned red were launched to the air.

With a distance of fifty meters, the accuracy of the standardized catapults that were taken directly from the imperial military weapon warehouse was extremely good. Three iron balls missed by around one meter, scraping against the side of the dragon boat and fell into the sea, making three tall splashing water. Of the remaining three iron balls, one fell on the prow of the big dragon boat, crushing the vivid dragon head carving into pieces. One smashed into the hold of the ship, while the other hit the Stone Titan’s stomach.

The iron ball that smashed into the hold of the ship destroyed quite a big chunk of the ship before rapidly burning a big part of it while dropping into the lowest level of the ship. But these Odin Holy Guards truly deserved to be called religious lunatics, a paddler with a tall and sturdy build jumped into the hold of the ship with a loud shout. Not long after, he hugged the extremely hot iron ball while climbing back up, then jumped into the sea headfirst. The iron ball burned his chest so bad that it destroyed his skin and flesh, even those watching from 50 meters away could hear the dreadful sound of skin and flesh burning.

“Idiot, can’t they just pour seawater over the iron ball?” Long Cheng cursed loudly.

On the contrary, Lin Qi’s expression turned incomparably ugly. To pour water over a hot iron ball to cool it down, this is the standard military strategy of West Continent naval battle. But if they still chose to follow standard military strategies, how can Odin Holy Guards still be called Odin Hody Guards? To let a living person hug the hot iron ball and jump into the sea, this is the proper behavior of Odin Holy Guards, this group of religious lunatics!

The last iron ball that hit the Stone Titan’s stomach similarly didn’t create a significant damage. That sturdy Stone Titan merely extended his big hand and threw the heavy and hot iron ball into the water. When his hand touched the iron ball, it even created a spark.

Even Long Cheng couldn’t help but exhaled a mouthful of cold air and shook his head in amazement.

Lin Qi gripped his machete tightly. Lin Qi muttered with apprehension, “Fine, fine, no way to escape, the only choice is to fight!”

Raising his machete, Lin Qi shouted loudly, “Brothers, prepare to attack! The bounty of Imperial Army Department, 500 gold coins for every Odin Holy Guard’s head! There are several hundred thousand gold coins waiting for us!”

The sailors cheered in unison as their morale abrubtly rose.

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