RE Chapter 89


Chapter 89 A Small Gain

“Attack!” The sailors of Big Maritime Windmill shouted in unison. Close to one hundred of the toughest and bravest sailors stood behind Lin Qi in a neat formation. Good Luck Valjean Qiao also arrived next to Lin Qi with his Tower Shield and Scimitar, steadily protecting Lin Qi.

The rest of the sailors occupied every level of the ship. Those who occupied the high ground took out bows and arrows in addition to power crossbows.

The six catapults still continuously threw hot iron balls at the pursuing dragon boats. The heavy iron balls fell on the bodies of the dragon boats, creating no small damages and killing ten Odin Holy Guards. Several spots on the dragon boats were even on fire.

However, religious lunatics were precisely religious lunatics. These Odin Holy Guards simply ignored the large fires on their boats. They merely stared firmly at Lin Qi’s group while continuously approaching, approaching, and approaching. The Odin Holy Guards on the deck already grabbed their weapons and adopted a ready-to-fight position.


When the huge dragon boat reached a distance of 20 meters, the Stone Titan standing on the prow of the ship let out a strange laughter. He raised both of his hands towards the sky as a deep and odd sound of enchantments rang out like thunder. A grey storm with a diameter of more than one meter rapidly twisted and rotated above both of his palms. Within a short one breath, one meter square boulder appeared above his head.

The boulder was originally indistinct. Following the Stone Titan’s enchantment, it gradually became clear as it slowly fell onto both of his palms.

When the boulder was about to truly condense, Good Luck Valjean Qiao suddenly shouted, “Whale-hunting Prong! Give him hell!”

A dull crack could be heard. The magic-powered Whale-hunting Prong hidden within the hold of the ship was already moved to the back of the ship. Several windows at the back of Big Maritime Windmill were opened. A flame light shot out from within, before hitting the Stone Titan 20 meters away. The powerful Whale-hunting Prong stabbed deeply into the Stone Titan’s stomach and shot out of his back, yet not a drop of blood was seen.

The Whale-hunting Prong penetrated deeply into the hold of the huge dragon boat. Following a loud sound, the explosion sent a huge amount of wooden pieces as well as dozens of paddlers flying while howling miserably. Fresh blood glistened under the sunlight. The Stone Titan howled painfully. He used both of his hands to cover the hole on his stomach as he staggered several steps backward, knocking against the large group of Odin Holy Guards who were preparing to fight and messing up their formation.

An even more frightening thing was, the boulder that the Stone Titan condensed with magic lose control. The split second when it was almost formed, the Stone Titan released his control over his magic. The one-meter-square boulder flashed brightly and a round grey qi flew out. More than twenty Odin Holy Guards standing near the prow of the ship were miserably thrown off the ship.

Several heavily-armored Odin Holy Guards struggled for a while on the sea surface as they were slowly pulled under by the weight of their armor. After a while, they seemed to struggle out of their armors under the water. Only then did they miserably surface. But several unlucky fellows actually surface on the path of the three dragon boats. Their heads just appeared when their brains were smashed by the incoming dragon boats.

Lin Qi laughed heartily while hugging his belly as the sailors on the deck also started to laugh one by one. Good Luck Valjean Qiao sighed softly before shaking his head and saying, “What a pity, at least five brains were smashed, that’s a loss of 2500 gold coins, children!”

The morale of the sailors rose even higher. Everyone raised their weapons one after another and shouted loudly, provoking the enemy who was almost within reach.

Good Luck Valjean Qiao suddenly shouted, “Give their big ship three rounds, three consecutive shots of Whale-hunting Prongs, pierce through the hold of their ship!”

Peng-peng-peng’ Three loud sounds rang as three flame lights were violently shot out.

However, the Whale-hunting Prongs had lost their deterrence effect this time. The Temple Magician standing on the deck of the huge dragon boat raised his hands and clapped and shouted an enchantment in a deep and low voice. A faint green fog started to spread from the prow of the ship. The three Whale-hunting Prongs exploded after colliding with the green fog, simply didn’t cause the least bit of harm to the dragon boats.

The Temple Magician laughed strangely. He clapped and a gale whistled around the back of Big Maritime Windmill as a small black cloud appeared in the sky over the back of the ship. This black cloud was merely two meters square, but within the black cloud were lighting as thin as a hair strand flickering continuously. Thin lightning struck against one another, creating big sparks.

Enzo suddenly shouted loudly, “Lightning magic, close the windows, pull the Whale-hunting Prong back into the hold of the ship!”

Fortunately, Enzo shouted in time and the sailors within the hold of the ship also reacted extremely quickly. They rapidly shut the heavy window and moved the metal Whale-hunting Prong Launcher into another cabin.

They just left the room at the back of the ship when the black cloud flashed. Three consecutive lightning as big as a pinkie struck while carrying ear-piercing claps of thunder, destroying a ship window and an area of one meter around it.

The structure of Big Maritime Windmill was made of a-century-years-old thick and solid planks plated with steel. A big piece of such a strong hull was unexpectedly destroyed, making it clear that the magic of the Temple Magicians was powerful. Fortunately Enzo ordered the sailors to withdraw the Whale-hunting Prong in time, otherwise if the lightning struck the magic formation on the Whale-hunting Prong, once it exploded, the whole back part of Big Maritime Windmill would probably explode along with it.

The Temple Magician who used the lightning magic cursed. Clearly he had wasted magic of great power without causing significant damage to his enemy, making him very angry. He grumbled for some time before raising his bone staff to unleash another magic

Before anyone realized it, Long Cheng suddenly crazily laughed. The steel lance in his hand was suddenly hurled out. It carried with it a cold light as it arrived in front of the Temple Magician’s chest in an instant. Standing next to him was a sturdy man who was apparently protecting him. He angrily shouted and raised a thick iron shield to cover the magician’s front.

With a muffled sound, the iron shield shattered. The lance that was covered with serene purple light pierced the magician’s forehead and brought the corpse flying for ten meters before falling into the ice-cold sea. A muffled splashing sound could be heard. All Odin Holy Guards on the four dragon boats looked at Long Cheng as if they were looking at a ghost.

The man who was holding the iron shield and was responsible for protecting the magician stood blankly for a while. A complicated blood-red pattern suddenly appeared on his dark skin. He raised the lance in his hand and released a mournful howl towards the sky. The man’s figure that was similar to that of Lin Qi abruptly grew taller by half. His armor was shattered one by one due to the swelling of his body. His entire naked body was covered in a strange blood-colored pattern. A ball of flame-like blood-colored light revolved around his body while continuously raging. Around this ball of blood-colored light was a faint purple halo.

“Shit, a Berserker of Odin Temple, this group of barbarians, they ignite their life force and at most can raise their strength by three levels!”

Lin Qi incoherently shouted, “Long Cheng, I leave this guy to you! We are all depending on you! If you got rid of him, once we return to Dunerk, I will introduce you to Angel. She is the number one beauty of our Dunerk, with long legs, big breasts, big butts, good upbringing, you will definitely like her!”

With an angry snarl, the maddened Odin Holy Guards sprung into action, crossing a distance of 20 meters and directly jumped onto the back of Big Maritime Windmill.

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