RE Chapter 90


Chapter 90 An Abrupt End

With a loud bang, the Odin Holy Guard whose body had swelled by more than one fold fell heavily on the deck at the back part of the ship.

The Odin Holy Guard wasn’t a beastman, rather he came from one of the different tribes in Five Dalian Islands with valiant strength and tough culture that was widely known as the Viking Barbarians. At first glance, there seemed to be no differences between the barbarians and ordinary people of West Continent. But once they got angry, a complicated fighting-pattern of blood would appear on their bodies. The stronger the warrior, the more complicated the fighting-pattern of blood would be.

The body of the Odin Holy Guard who jumped onto the deck was dense covered with fighting-pattern. The black and red fighting-pattern were fused together, making his body look like that of a multi-colored poisonous insect. In the middle of the complicated fighting-pattern, on the stomach of the Odin Holy Guard, the red and black lines formed the shape of an enormous bear head.

“Shit, it’s the Bear-soul Blood Warrior that’s famous for their strength and defence among that group of barbarians!” Even Lin Qi’s voice trembled. Faint purple light radiated from the maddened Odin Holy Guard’s whole body. Within such a short moment, he actually already possessed the strength to contend with a Heaven Knight.


Although Big Maritime Windmill had Long Cheng backing her up, if two Heaven Knight level experts fought here, the whole ship would be destroyed! Without the ship, Lin Qi and the rest were certainly screwed. The crazy Odin Holy Guards would absolutely not bother to even collect their bones to be turned into mallets for their war drums.

The Odin Holy Guard who rushed onto the boat raised both of his hands and let out a long whistle towards the sky. He roared in a stern voice, “In the name of god, you wicked and vicious heretics, suffer god’s fury! You, because of all that you had done, your soul will forever be suppressed under an iceberg, suffer the raging flames of hell!”

Lin Qi angrily cursed, “What did we do? Bastard, we have nothing to do with the Great Viking Axe Gorge matter!”

Long Cheng suddenly turned his head to look at Lin Qi. “Boy, you really have no sense of loyalty!”

Lin Qi glared at Long Cheng with disdain, “As a good man, you mustn’t implicate strangers!”

Long Cheng smacked his lips as he raised his two long sword-like brows. He sneered and said, “I’m not a good man, who under the heaven dare to call themselves a good man? I never implicate strangers when I do things, fine, I will stay on the ship and obstruct the army, you take a small ship and leave!”

Strongly patting his chest, Long Cheng heroically and righteously shouted, “You saved me, how can I bite the hand that fed me? Rest assured, with me cutting them off, they won’t be able to chase after you! Oh, it seems this ship has 20 small ships, enough for you to flee!”

Lin Qi was so angry he nearly vomited blood. He finally met an unreasonable and endlessly annoying bastard not unlike himself. Staying on Big Maritime Windmill to cut them off, letting him bring the others to escape in small ships? Shit, is this escaping or getting killed instead? The sky above the North Sea is clear today, it means after two days North Sea would undoubtedly face a terrifying storm. The consequences of escaping in small ships would be shipwreck and death.

Cursing Long Cheng’s mother using the most malicious, most vulgar, nastiest, and dirtiest words he knew, Lin Qi tightly gripped his machete with one hand while his other hand pointed at the Odin Holy Guard who was roaring at the sky and said, “Brothers, cut him into pieces and feed him to the fish!”

Lin Qi’s voice had yet to fade when the Temple Magicians on the three small dragon boats ended their extensive enchantment. Three magic simultaneously fell on the Odin Holy Guard’s body. One red, one grey, one blood-colored, three rays of light simultaneously entered the body of the gigantic man.

The red light is a berserk technique, sinking the man’s consciousness into madness. He would no longer feel pain nor have any rationality and would only kill the enemy according to his instincts.

The grey qi is a beast soul technique, a ‘soul technique’ where a Temple Magician refined the soul of a valiant magical beast. After the beast soul enter the body, it could greatly increase the strength and speed of a Odin Holy Guard, letting him experience a huge leap in fighting strength.

As for the blood-colored light, it was an all-out ‘blood drop technique’. This magic was extremely terrifying, it could transform a warrior’s defensive strength into offensive strength, could let a warrior display a dreadful 300 percent of his destructive power within a short moment, completely eliminating all enemy in the vicinity.

A Heaven Knight suddenly displaying a three-fold destructive power, such frightening power was sufficient to destroy a small city within a short period.

However, once Lin Qi saw the blood-colored light created by the blood drop technique, he immediately shouted in delight, “Killer crossbows, kill him!”

Six muffled sounds could be heard. The sailors standing on the ship’s upper level raised the six Killer Crossbows that were secretly brought onto the ship. The bow strings twanged as six cold light was shot. The maddened holy guard’s figure, whose defensive strength was transformed into offensive strength, trembled. His forehead, throat, stomach, lower abdomen, and both thighs were simultaneously pierced by Killer Crossbows.

The Temple Magicians on the three dragon boats simultaneously cried out in surprise. Two of them exasperatedly faced the other and cursed him. The Temple Magician that was cursed at lowered his head in anger. He unexpectedly chose the most frightening magic to support the maddened holy guard.

The maddened holy guard with a gigantic body was killed in an instant by six Killer Crossbows. The light around him vanished as he fell heavily on the deck. Long Cheng raised his pike, the holy guard’s rapidly shrinking body was thrown before heavily landing on the deck of the dragon boat 20 meters away and hitting several battle-ready Odin Holy Guards.

“Ugh, ah, hei!”

The Odin Holy Guards simultaneously let out a strange battle cry. They raised their weapons and, one after another,  cut a deep bloody scar on their stomach. Lin Qi’s expression suddenly changed. The Odin Holy Guards were prepared to stake it all, they were going to retain Big Maritime Windmill at all costs.

Secretly glancing at Long Cheng’s back, Lin Qi once again had the thought to kick Long Cheng off the ship and let him be the scapegoat.

When Lin Qi was hesitating whether he should order all sailors holding crossbows to attack Long Cheng and force him off the ship, a red fireball suddenly rapidly shot up from behind an iceberg in the distance before exploding with a loud bang, creating an enormous spark.

A mournful horn sound could be heard from the distance. A warship as blue as the sea with white sails gradually appeared from behind the iceberg. Two banners were hung on the ship, the one above had thorny flowers and a sword and shield design, while the one below had a ship with oars design.

One, two, three, one warship after another unceasingly appeared from behind the iceberg, with a total of twelve 50-meters-long medium-sized warships approaching rapidly with the help of the wind. The twelve warships adopted a ferocious battle formation. Small-scale catapults and heavy crossbows were already awe-inspiringly arranged on the prow of the ships.

The pursuing speed of the four dragon boats abruptly slowed. Following a deep and low sound of drumbeat, the four dragon boats slowly turned in a big circle before retreating towards the north.

Lin Qi loudly clapped. He said in a low voice, “Store everything that’s not supposed to be here into the secret cabin, immediately and properly store this Whale King, just leave those hammerhead sharks on the deck for others to see. Oh, store all the Whale-hunting Prongs, just say that in the bloody battle just now, we’ve used up all the Whale-hunting Prongs on the ship!”

Long Cheng once again gave Lin Qi a meaningful glance.

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