RE Chapter 91


Chapter 91 Navy Commander

“They’re gone!” Long Cheng, who was standing on the railing at the back part of the ship with a pike in his hand, exhaled. He looked at Lin Qi in astonishment and asked, “Didn’t you say they are religious lunatics? They should be chasing us and not stopping until we’re dead!”

Lin Qi threw the five-kilograms huge machete that clearly belong to the category of controlled goods to a sailor. The sailors on the deck were busily moving the illegal weapons into the secret cabin on the lowest level of the ship while taking out fisherman knives, daggers, big hatchets, and harpoons commonly used by sailors and distributing them to every sailor.

Hearing Long Cheng’s question, Lin Qi unhappily said, “They are religious lunatics, not religious idiots!”

Long Cheng was dumbfounded for a moment. Then he grinned, didn’t what Lin Qi said make sense? Religious lunatics, yet not religious idiots. The twelve warships were already rapidly approaching, if they still insisted to fight with Big Maritime Windmill, it would be throwing their lives away.


With a hint of a strange smile, Lin Qi coldly snorted and said, “But you, honorable Mr. Long Cheng, those guys may not be bothered about Big Maritime Windmill, but they certainly won’t let you go. You killed two Temple Magicians, even if they were merely the early stage Spirit Rank Magicians, this affair will definitely alarm those group of freaks of Odin Temple. You just created a huge trouble!”

Sneering in disdain as he passed the steel pike to a sailor, Long Cheng laughed towards the sky with wild arrogance and said, “How can I still fear them? A group of uncivilized savages, this kind of idiots, this uncle Long Cheng don’t even know how many of them he’s killed. If they dared bother me, I’ll just kill them all… Hehe, when I return to the East by land, I won’t pass by this place again.”

Lin Qi’s expression immediately sunk. This shameless guy, his words were so heroic, as if Odin Temple was just a group of useless people in his eyes. But the last sentence completely exposed his nature. Was he returning to the East by land? This particularly shameless guy, he just patted his butt and walked off. When the time came, the one to suffer this group of alien tribes’ revenge would be the people of the West Continent!

It was just that, as long as Dunerk didn’t suffer a calamity, there were so many port city in the northern part of the continent, so wherever those alien tribes wanted to go to cause trouble they should just go, what had it gotten to do with Lin Qi?

As Lin Qi gave Long Cheng a thumbs-up, the warship in the distance were already rapidly approaching with the help of the wind. Lin Qi ordered the sailors to restrain the murderous aura on their faces and everyone adopted the look of ordinary people. Several people even went ahead and made several cuts on their bodies before laying on the deck while groaning as if they were seriously injured.

Captain Valjean Qiao even ordered other sailors to splash some fish blood on these ‘injured’ sailors. It seemed these wounded people were bleeding so much they were about to return to the various gods’ embrace.

In the lookout post of the leading imperial warship, a flag carrier signaled a request to board. Big Maritime Windmill immediately slowed her speed following the signal’s command, advancing southward with normal speed. The twelve warships adopted a defensive battle formation around Big Maritime Windmill before a small boat was lowered from the leading warship.

Six fully-armed soldiers paddled as two officers stood on the small boat. The small boat was tossed around by the waves as it carefully neared the huge body of Big Maritime Windmill. Valjean Qiao ordered some sailors to lower a rope ladder and before long the two imperial navy officers along with four soldiers stepped onto the ship.

Valjean Qiao and Lin Qi welcomed the two young imperial navy officers. Valjean Qiao skillfully got intimate with them while Lin Qi just narrowed his eyes, carefully sizing up the two young officers.

Enzo was after all an outstanding student of Imperial Army Academy. He had some understanding towards the structure of the imperial navy. A patrolling fleet consisting of twelve medium-sized warships, it should be the main fleet responsible for patrolling the territory of the sea around Dunerk. Since it wasn’t part of the main army, the fleet commander should be of Lieutenant Commander level. But the two standing in front of Lin Qi were impressively a Commander and a Lieutenant, clearly the fleet commander and his aide-de-camp.

The commander of a patrolling fleet was unexpectedly a Commander, furthermore the Commander’s age didn’t appear to have reached thirty. This was one of the things worth investigating about. Above all, there were a medal decorated with silver thorns, iron anchor, sword and shield hanging from the Commander’s neck and a dark-blue ribbon hanging from the right side of his stomach, this proved the Commander came from a certain family.

Looking at the Commander’s neat uniform, shiny military boots, as well as the slightly worn-out golden belt made of magical beast skin, it was evident that he borrowed his family’s reputation to climb up to a position as high as a Commander at such a young age. But it was also clear that his family’s strength was no longer that powerful, so although he possessed a high title of Commander, he could only command a patrolling fleet.

Particularly, the worn-out golden belt appeared old, clearly also one of the remains of his family’s glory days. Wearing such neat clothes, yet such a worn-out belt, evidently, could his family’s current circumstances not be that good? Because young officers always paid attention to their military appearance, they would do their best to dress up nicely, just like what Enzo did in Borali.

A young officer with a rich military family behind him that could allow him to occupy such a high position at such a young age, would never wore something like the worn-out belt on his waist.

So Lin Qi enthusiastically stepped up. With tears in his eyes and a smile on his face, he gripped the Commander’s hand, “Sir Commander, thank you for saving us, you just saved everyone on Big Maritime Windmill! Heavens, without you, that group of wretched, vicious, barbarous, filthy, lowly alien tribes, they would definitely bring our skulls to be turned into wine cups!”

Passionately shaking the Commander’s hand again and again, Lin Qi loudly shouted, “Brothers, prepare some gifts for our noble, valiant, and fearless navy brothers. Oh, give them 30 Hammerhead Sharks, the wine and tea leaves we are carrying, also those lemons, give them all to our navy brothers. We are returning home, but our navy brothers still have to spend a long time at sea to ensure our safety!”

On an angle unseen by others, Lin Qi stuffed a small and flexible piece of paper into the Commander’s sleeve. He said with a smile, “May I know the great name of the honorable Sir Commander? I will send an official letter to the Imperial Navy Department, commending your heroic action in rescuing us from the hands of that group of lunatics of Odin Temple!”

The Navy Commander was slightly dumbfounded. He subconsciously touched the small piece of paper in his sleeve with his fingers before a smile appeared on his cold and solemn face. “Neville, I just received orders to come and oversee the daily security in the one thousand nautical miles around Dunerk, I’m Navy Commander Neville!”

Lin Qi’s smile grew increasingly wider. He repeatedly shook Neville’s hand and enthusiastically said, “Commander Neville, my name is Lin Qi, it’s truly a delight to know you!”

Long Cheng smiled thoughtfully. Lin Qi’s small action, only he saw it clearly.

He grew to like this little bastard called Lin Qi more and more.

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