RE Chapter 92


Chapter 92 Distribution of Military Accomplishment

Neville calmly reached his hand into his pants’ pocket and took out a white handkerchief to wipe his nose. After he returned his handkerchief into his pocket, the small piece of paper Lin Qi gave him was already laying safely within his pocket.

Straightening his chest, Neville looked at the bloody ‘injured people’ on the deck, knitted his brows and said, “You are really fortunate, how did you run into the patrolling fleet of those barbarians? Oh, during this season, their patrolling fleet don’t frequently appear.”

Lin Qi sighed deeply before saying in a heavy tone, “This is where we need your help. The one we ran into wasn’t their ordinary patrolling fleet, rather Holy Guards of Odin Temple, plus four Temple Magicians among them. Honorable Commander, we need you to testify for us, in order to stop the attack of those Odin Holy Guards, we used up all 120 magic-powered Whale-hunting Prongs!”

Neville was astonished. He looked at Lin Qi in surprise and exhaled a mouthful of air before saying, “120 magic-powered Whale-hunting Prongs? What was the result of the battle?”


Lin Qi solemnly and earnestly said, “Under the command of my comrade, Enzo, everything is settle with one sentence. Enzo is an outstanding student of Imperial Army Academy, he is my good brother, he followed me home during the holidays this time. Under his command, we killed two Stone Titans, one maddened Viking Warrior, as well as two Temple Magicians!”

Shrugging his shoulders, Lin Qi lightly said, “As for those ordinary fish, there were more or less a hundred, I guess?”

Neville and his aide-de-camp stared at Lin Qi. One whale-hunting ship, if they truly killed so many alien tribes warriors, especially the most elite Odin Holy Guards amongst the alien tribe warriors, this accomplishment wasn’t small!

Particularly, a student of the Imperial Army Academy like Enzo unexpectedly could command a whale-hunting ship to accomplish such things, undoubtedly, if Neville reported this to the military department, and make the elders of the military department believe it, Enzo would have great future prospects in the army.

“I need evidence!” Neville raised his eyebrows in surprise and shook his head. He frowned and said, “Where are their corpses?”

Lin Qi spread both his hands, “No evidence, the corpses were taken away by them. But I think as long as you report this matter, the eyes and ears of the Imperial Military Department on Five Dalian Islands should be able to confirm your report!”

Lin Qi looked straight at Neville’s eyes and lowered his voice, “Furthermore, I can let the Whale-hunting Company Big Maritime Windmill is under to send an official document to the military department, to prove that Commander Neville hurried over in time, commanding our valiant and fearless navy soldiers in a blood-soaked struggle, killing a huge number of Odin Holy Guards, before finally driving out those vicious and evil religious lunatics. You would have done a great service!”

Neville’s eyes brightened. Lin Qi moved closer to Neville’s ear and softly said, “Of the two Stone Titans killed, one was personally beheaded by you, wasn’t it? I only need you to pass all our accomplishments onto Enzo in the report you are giving the military department.”

Enzo stood next to Lin Qi like a sharp sword. His face was a little red. Regarding Lin Qi’s vile conduct of publicly snatching others’ accomplishments, he was moved yet also felt deeply ashamed. But he knew, Lin Qi did this for his own good. Thinking about it, during New Year holiday a student of Army Academy board a whale-hunting ship to go whale-hunting out of curiosity, in the end this student unexpectedly killed a Viking Berserker and two Temple Magicians, this accomplishment was sufficient to allow Enzo to have a huge head start compared to his fellow students after officially entering the army!

Perhaps once Enzo entered the army, he could straight away received a title of Major!

At one side, Long Cheng’s expression turned a little ugly. Killing the Viking Berserker was perhaps Lin Qi’s accomplishment, but it was he who personally killed the Temple Magician on the dragon boat. As for the matter of killing two Temple Magicians that Lin Qi told Neville, undoubtedly, Lin Qi passed the Temple Magician Long Cheng killed in Great Viking Axe Gorge onto Enzo as well.

Publicly distributing military accomplishment, furthermore in front of Long Cheng’s eyes, in order to distribute this military accomplishment, he even secretly bribed the Imperial Navy Commander!

This shameless and lowly bastard, I like him more and more! Oh, it’s a pity that he isn’t one of us, otherwise, with proper grooming, perhaps he can play with those crafty fellows at the court!’ Long Cheng grinned. He had no objection for Lin Qi’s shameless behavior. Looking deeply at the sky, he nodded to himself and said, ‘Oh, with respect to shamelessness, I indeed can’t compare to this young fellow, who let me, Long Cheng, be such a great and magnificent man, who would never do such shameful and shady business?’

The muscles on Neville’s face trembled for a while as he deeply looked at Lin Qi’s pitch-black eyes.

Lin Qi’s eyes were clean and pure just like a creek in a mountain that just melted in spring, they were sparkling and translucent without the slightest bit of impurity. Neville couldn’t find any harmful intention within Lin Qi’s eyes, hence he immediately accepted what Lin Qi just said.

Neville needed a military accomplishment, he really needed a military accomplishment to break out of his current awkward position. An Imperial Navy Commander unexpectedly could only command a patrolling fleet, it was simply a huge joke. He needed a genuine military accomplishment to add another color to his own background, he needed a military accomplishment to show to certain people and make those supporting him give him more advantages.

Moreover, he was an understanding and discreet youngster. Neville’s mind was burning as he recalled the small piece of paper that was burning against his thigh. Through this wonderful feeling, he knew what it was.

Only a document – just like what Lin Qi said, the battle result of killing Stone Titans, maddened Viking Warriors and Temple Magicians. Imperial Military Department had special intelligence channels which could verify everything within a short span of several days. As long as he made a report like what Lin Qi said, there was no big risk for him.

As for the usage of 120 Whale-hunting Prongs, what could it be counted ad? The manufacturing cost of a magic-powered Whale-hunting Prong was high while its might was formidable, but without the proper launcher, even magic-powered Whale-hunting Prongs wouldn’t be able to cause any threat or harm to the empire. Furthermore, facing a threat of thousands Odin Holy Guards, for a civilian whale-hunting ship to shoot all their Whale-hunting Prongs, it was just as expected.

Lin Qi winked before lowering his voice, “You can even add this one point on the report you are giving the military department, Great Viking Axe Gorge was destroyed by someone and you gave certain contributions in this matter. Of course, as for the details, you can fill them yourself.”

Neville’s body suddenly shivered as he looked at Lin Qi in shock. ‘How could he know the name, Great Viking Axe Gorge?’ It was practically a straight line from Dunerk across the sea, Five Dalian Island’s most notorious bandit harbor!

Lin Qi’s words made Neville heart grew heavy immediately. He looked at Lin Qi with a little hesitation. He wanted to be certain, was Great Viking Axe Gorge truly destroyed?

Lin Qi looked at Long Cheng with a smile. The helpless Long Cheng waved his hand and a purple qi shot out, making Neville believe all of Lin Qi’s words. With a Heaven Knight present, what was impossible?

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