RE Chapter 93


Chapter 93 Return to Port

In a guest room within Big Maritime Windmill, Lin Qi drank and chatted merrily with Commander Neville. Since Big Maritime Windmill was returning to Dunerk, Lin Qi gifted all extra supplies on the ship to Commander Neville. This made the navy officers of the patrolling fleet extremely delighted. After all, the supplies Imperial Navy Department gave to them weren’t as many as the ones given by Big Maritime Windmill.

Furthermore, Commander Neville also took the time to examine the small piece of paper Lin Qi gave him. An unremarkable small piece of paper, it was a golden note issued by Golden Lettuce Family’s bank in Dunerk. On it was written an amount that made even Commander Neville’s heart tremble ⎯ twenty thousand gold coins.

Military accomplishments of disposing a Stone Titan, accompanying Long Cheng in destroying the surrounding of Great Viking Axe Gorge, in addition to a personal profit of twenty thousand gold coins, when Dunerk Harbor appeared in the distance, Lin Qi and Neville already became good friends, very close friends.

Before Commander Neville returned to his ship and command the patrolling fleet to continue its patrol, Lin Qi and Commander Neville hugged each other emotionally as goodbye. Lin Qi enthusiastically invited Commander Neville to visit Black Tiger Family when he had the time while Commander Neville also promised Lin Qi that from then on any ship related to Lin Qi’s family would receive the patrolling fleet’s absolute protection in the sea area around Dunerk.


Standing on the prow of Big Maritime Windmill, Lin Qi continuously waved towards the patrolling fleet in the distance. Commander Neville also stood at the tail of his ship while facing Lin Qi for a long time. They both knew, they had found a good friend.

After the patrolling fleet gradually disappeared within an abrupt snowstorm, Long Cheng noiselessly arrived next to Lin Qi.

“I’m very curious, in this damnable place of yours, what kind of criminal charges will you receive from bribing a high-ranking military officer?” Long Cheng curiously looked at Lin Qi.

“Who did I bribe?” Lin Qi innocently widened his eyes. His eyes were as pure as that of a newborn baby’s. “Who did I bribe? Various gods above, honorable Sir Long Cheng, even though you are a powerful Heaven Knight, you can’t simply accuse me like this! Give me proof, otherwise you are just framing me!”

Long Cheng curled his lips. He didn’t have any evidence, currently the golden note was probably already kept by Commander Neville in the most hidden place within his bedroom, how can any proof? Snorting coldly, Long Cheng gritted his teeth and said, “Great Viking Axe Gorge and two Temple Magicians, these are my accomplishments. You passed these accomplishments to your friend, then, the profit from that big fish, I want more.”

A ray of golden light suddenly flashed through Lin Qi’s pure eyes before his eyes turned as savage as that of a starving wolf. He angrily roared in a low voice, “Even though you are a powerful Heaven Knight, you can’t go back on your words, don’t even think of snatching even one copper off my hands!”

Long Cheng firmly glared at Lin Qi. He said in a gloomy voice, “But, I am the one who killed those people!”

Lin Qi wantonly said, “True, you are the one who killed them, but after killing them, what benefits did you receive? Sir Long Cheng, we have to pursue the maximum benefit, my most respectable teacher, Professor Kou En, told me, we have to pursue the maximum benefit in anything!”

Politely reaching out to help Long Cheng pluck a snowflake sticking on the collar of his Blue Fox leather cloak, Lin Qi said with a smile, “You are not of our empire, you can’t benefit from killing them. But by passing this accomplishment to me, I can give you other benefits. Of course, not gold coins, but what about beauties? I can introduce several beauties to you!”

Long Cheng’s pupils brightened, immediately becoming similar to that of Lin Qi. Long Cheng’s pupils turned green like that of a starving wolf. The corners of his mouth slightly rose. Straightening his chest and with both hands behind his back, he proudly said, “Don’t use those ordinary rouge and vulgar powder to deceive me. Lin Qi, I, Long Cheng, am not that kind of cheap person. You have to know, I’m not the kind of person who would just let anyone stain my pure body, I….”

Lin Qi deeply understood Long Cheng’s character, he was an arrogant and narcissistic bastard. He impatiently waved his hand to interrupt Long Cheng’s words before saying with a complacent smile, “This point, rest assured, the West Continent may not be as populous and affluent as the East Continent, but we never lack beauties. In Dunerk, I will find several beautiful ladies for you!”

Sighing softly, Lin Qi narrowed his eyes and said with a strange expression, “You came several days too late, a few days ago there were a couple goddess-like beauties with unprecedented beauty, it’s a pity you came several days too late. I believe, if you met them, you won’t be able to bear not to violently ravage them.”

Long Cheng didn’t utter a word. He arrogantly looked at the sky, the expression on his face seemingly telling Lin Qi that, what kind of beauty hadn’t he met? But his twitching ears betrayed his real thought ⎯ ‘Was there such beautiful girls? Was it worth it for him, Long Cheng, to take action?’

Lin Qi smiled sinisterly. “Aling and Aya, these are the names of the beautiful twin sisters. They are proficient in godforce, moreover it’s fire-attribute godforce. A few days ago they are still in Dunerk, but they left in these few days, perhaps you will have an opportunity to meet them!”

Big Maritime Windmill was constantly approaching the harbor while a guide ship was already out to welcome her, using a rope to pull Big Maritime Windmill into the harbor. The dock in the distance was already filled with people, clearly Dunerk people who rushed over to welcome Big Maritime Windmill. They were impatient to see what kind of harvest Big Maritime Windmill that hadn’t been out on the sea for long, had gained.

Long Cheng looked at the foreign buildings which style was totally different from that in the East as an odd smile flashed through his face.

Beautiful twin sisters who were proficient in godforce seemed to be a very interesting goal! Long Cheng suddenly felt himself grow excited, oh, if he truly came across a pair of twin sisters who were proficient in godforce, he must definitely take action. Even if he couldn’t bring them back to the East, there was no reason not to enjoy a fragrant pool.

After figuring out Long Cheng’s intentions, Lin Qi laughed sinisterly in his heart. Very good, very good, perhaps Long Cheng would never come across the two dead women in this lifetime, but for Lin Qi to plant this seed in Long Cheng’s heart, what harm was there for him? If by any chance Long Cheng truly came across the two women? Then it was the various gods’ blessing, based on the scoundrel Long Cheng’s character, the two girls would be in for an enormous surprise.

Openly standing on the prow of Big Maritime Windmill, Lin Qi waved both his hands towards the crowd on the dock with a chuckle.

Surprised cries could immediately be heard from the dock, “Heavens, isn’t that Lin Qi? Didn’t he go to the mountain villa to recuperate? How can he appear on the Big Maritime Windmill?”

Blackbeard who was standing on the dock to welcome Big Maritime Windmill with a cigar in his mouth was caught unprepared by Lin Qi’s action. Listening to the surprised cries of the crowd around him, he looked at Lin Qi with incomparable gloominess.

With wolf-like ferocity and treachery, Blackbeard decided that he must properly teach Lin Qi a lesson.

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