RE Chapter 94


Chapter 94 Foster Son and Foster Father


Standing on a seawall located at a quite remote part of the harbor, Arthur who was wrapped in white cloak from head to foot, saw Lin Qi who was standing complacently on the prow of Big Maritime Windmill. He was so angry he kicked a big rock. In his anger, Arthur didn’t expect the rock that had been hit by the sea waves for countless years, didn’t move at all when kicked by his qi-covered foot. On the contrary, he almost broke his toe.

Groaning in pain, Arthur jumped with one leg like a crippled hen. He bared his teeth at Lin Qi before stumbling and falling on his butt. The seawall was covered in a mixture of snow and ice while sea waves unceasingly hit the seawall. There was a layer of seawater on the snow that had yet frozen. When Arthur fell, he immediately got wet.

Several fierce-looking men standing next to Arthur hastily helped him up. Arthur, whose eyes were twitching in anger, ruthlessly gave them several slaps on the face. He hysterically roared in a low voice, “Didn’t you said he was sent to the mountain to recuperate? How can he appear here? You group of trash, you group of pig’s shit-eating idiots, how did you get your information?”


Kicking the tallest and sturdiest man until he fell, Arthur berated with a gloomy face, “I’ve arranged for you to enter Black Tiger Family for five years already, five whole years, you can’t even accurately grasp Lin Qi’s movements, what use do I have for you?”

The men’s complexion turned green. They lowered their heads, not daring to make a sound. The man Arthur just kicked felt so wronged he nearly cried, to be unable to grasp Lin Qi’s exact movements, could they be blamed?

Sure, Arthur arranged for them to enter Black Tiger Family, but what status did they possess within Black Tiger Family?

Chopping firewood, boiling water, washing stables and pig pens, also strolling the city every month, visiting small stores to collect monthly taxes outside imperial taxes that belonged to the underworld ⎯ as was called ‘protection fee’.

They were all small bandits, couldn’t even be classified as big bandits. Lin Qi’s movements were personally arranged by Blackbeard, while bosses like Tie Chui, Tu Dao, Baltic, and the others personally executed it. They were still a million miles apart from that level, how could they know Lin Qi’s exact movements?

After giving vent to his anger through his kicks, Arthur gritted his teeth and said in a gloomy voice, “He went with Big Maritime Windmill, what did he do? What? To relax? To relieve boredom? Impossible, could Father have another plan? Then, what? Oh, what happened to the back of Big Maritime Windmill? How could there be such a huge hole? Looks like it was….”

Thoughtfully looking at the huge hole at the back of the ship that was tore apart by lightning, Arthur nodded thoughtfully, thinking of a lot of things within a short amount of time. One couldn’t help but admit that Arthur’s analytical capability was strong. He even thought of the possibility of Black Tiger Family engaging in some top secret business deal with certain external power, while Lin Qi was the executor of this business!

“Shit, why must it be him? Why let him do it?” Arthur said with gritted teeth, “Could it be that I’m not as capable as Lin Qi?”

Looking at Lin Qi, who was standing on the prow of the ship while continuously waving with a proud face, with a cold gaze, Arthur tightened his cloak with a bleak expression. He coldly snorted and turned his body to walk away. While walking, he ordered the men following him, “Speed up our relationship with Uncle Hai Ma, those old subordinates of my father, Red-haired Demon, as long as they are willing to follow me, as long as they are faithful and reliable, let Uncle Hai Ma assemble them once again. I want a force that completely belongs to me, that is strong enough and can be used at any time.”

The men hastily complied. Arthur lowered his head with a gloomy expression as he hurriedly brought them out of the harbor, entering a small alley.

Among the crowd in the Harbor Area, the gloomy Blackbeard angrily waved tha cigar in his hand. Small sparks scattered around, scaring several nobilities nearby who were wearing expensive fur cloaks into dodging miserably. Blackbeard indignantly spit some saliva and roared, “God, how can this happen? Two guys who are supposed to be recuperating in a villa, how can they appear on a whale-hunting ship? Heavens, could it be that despite their injuries, they went with a whale-hunting ship to go whale-hunting?”

Woah’! The nobilities around Blackbeard simultaneously cried out in surprise.

Blackbeard played out the words and actions of a bitter and grieving father. He stomped his foot and angrily said, “Even though I gave them a top-notch medicine made by an alchemy master of the East, but without healing for half a month, they won’t be able to completely recover! God, how can they secretly slip onto a whale-hunting ship? Could it be that they want to challenge those terrifying magical beasts, the Wild Whales?”

Tu Dao, whose body shrunk and who was prudently standing next to Blackbeard, shouted in a dry voice, “Lord, isn’t this what you have been teaching young master all along? You said your son must have the courage to challenge everything. Going to the sea to hunt Single-horned Wild Whale while being seriously injured, isn’t this the valiant behavior young master should have?”

Blackbeard stopped his exaggerated hand movements in surprise. He looked at Tu Dao with incomparable shock and shouted, “Really? Did I teach him that?”

Baron Mirro who was standing near Blackbeard earnestly said, “Mr. Tiger, I believe you must have taught your son, Lin Qi, like that! It must be, otherwise, how can we explain the matter of him and his friends pulling out their swords to heroically fight with so many beastmen?”

The nobilities standing around Blackbeard applauded and exclaimed in admiration one after another, “Right, two such valiant youngsters.” They just heroically fought with those filthy and wretched beastmen, rescuing Dunerk’s young masters and mistresses from under the butcher’s knife. Then they secretly slipped onto a whale-hunting ship with their injuries, like a true man, withstanding blizzards while fighting with Single-horned Wild Whales at sea. They were indeed too valiant, too fearless.

“You have a good son! Honorable Mr. Tiger!”

“Young master Lin Qi is truly the pride of our Dunerk, respectable Mr. Tiger!”

“Right, if those useless bastards of my family were just half as good as Lin Qi, even if the various gods call me right now, I will be content.”

“Mr. Lin Qi is a model for all youngsters in our Dunerk, this is without a doubt!”

Blackbeard’s face turned red from everyone’s compliments. He bowed his huge and majestic body like a huge black bear in a circus, courteously saluting the nobilities. He laughed and said with incomparable modesty, “You’re flattering me, I merely teach LIn Qi how a real man should behave. Everyone is really overpraising, actually, the youngsters of our Dunerk are all very good!”

Lin Qi’s mysterious appearance on Big Maritime Windmill was solved just like that, with basically no one doing an in-depth investigation.

Cheers enveloped the dock as everyone took out their handkerchiefs and waved them, welcoming LIn Qi and Enzo, especially the return of Big Maritime Windmill and its prey.

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