TSW Volume 1: Chapter 13


Volume 1: Chapter 13 – God Pilot

Xiao Fei was initially full of disdain. To start off with a speech on theory, that was biting off more than he could chew. Gradually, though, Xiao Fei was unable to speak, and near the end, her interest had been ignited. When Wang Zheng finished theorising, Xiao Fei was motionless.

“What did you say your name was?”

“Wang Zheng, reporting!”

“Very good, Wang Zheng! You will be enrolling into the Physics Department!” Xiao Fei, suppressing her excitement, finally encountered an enlightened mind! To a genius, the most depressing thing was to give lectures to a group of pigs everyday.


Wang Zheng stared blankly. “Teacher, I have come to take the exam for the Mecha Department.”

Xiao Fei stared blankly. “Out of the question! You are naturally a scientist.”

Wang Zheng scratched his head. Where was this singing coming from?

Xie Yuxin had indeed recommended the Physics Department because Wang Zheng’s understanding really was quite original.

After pondering a moment, Wang Zheng stood up and bowed deeply. “Teacher, thank you for your time, but I genuinely wish to become a soldier.”

“Hold on! Don’t leave. I’ll go find the old man and consult him. You will wait for me to contact you; you’re not allowed to move!”

Wang Zheng was also somewhat puzzled. He had only randomly said a few trivial theories, yet he still passed?

In the headmaster’s office, Xiao Fei had already slammed her hand upon the table.

“Headmaster, this person is a rare physics genius, he must remain here!”

“Haha, but doesn’t he want to enter the Mecha Department?” Gu Te laughed.

“Old man, don’t argue with me! If it were not for the fact that you are in charge, I wouldn’t care what you say. He will have to enter the Physics Department!” Xiao Fei resolutely stated.

Gu Te faintly smiled. “To settle this matter will be difficult. Hmph! Even as the Headmaster, I cannot act recklessly.”

Xiao Fei clenched her teeth. “You win! Speak your terms, but you cannot reduce the budget!”

“Haha, Doctor Xiao. No one would dare change the budget. Alright! You merely need to increase your physics lessons by two!”

The biggest headache for Xiao Fei was giving lectures to a group of idiots pretending to understand without actually knowing anything, so she only taught small classes. However, her subject was very popular and was also the Wargod College’s signature class.


Ha ha! Then this won’t be complicated. We’ll grant him Mecha Department qualifications, but he must complete the strict training program. As far as the Physics matter, you are the Director. It’s your decision.”

Gu Te was beaming with joy. This was what was known as killing two birds with one stone.

Leaving the Headmaster’s office, Xiao Fei was immediately aware she was fooled. This old fox wouldn’t raise wages, yet he increased her workload.

Just like that, Wang Zheng became a unique enrollment among Wargod Military Academy students.

Leaving the Wargod College enrollment office, Wang Zheng still had a sense of being in a dream.

Gazing into the distant blue skies, he saw a flock of wild geese spread their wings and soar. He, Wang Zheng, would also be like this one day!

Opening the enrollment details, a series of numbers astonished his heart.

Tuition fee, twenty thousand!

GOD! This was plain robbery, ah!

This amount of money truly gave Wang Zheng a headache. Ah! Even if he left school for a month and washed ten thousand dishes a day, it wouldn’t be enough.


Weng Zheng checked his balance. Over the past few days, he had spent almost all of his money. He had a hundred dollars at most…

Weng Zheng opened his eyes wide. The Skylink displayed that his balance was 683 dollars!


Where did it come from? After checking the transaction history, it turned out that a few days ago, there was a remittance of five hundred dollars from CT!

Wang Zheng immediately searched for a moment. CT had a payment system, It was no wonder those experts were so well off; it turned out they could earn money!

This indeed appeared to be killing two birds with one stone.

Wang Zheng decided a plan in his head!

Originally, he was going to sell himself, but now he thought of a solution. Where there was a will, there was a way!

To battle, youngster!

Brothers Net Cafe.

The boss enthusiastically brought Wang Zheng into the VIP room. Yan Xiao Su hadn’t been visiting too often lately. That birthday banquet had helped Yan Xiao Su understand a few things. Although things might have appeared happy and merry on the outside, his heart had been stirred. Whenever he had free time, he would accompany his father to events and sell sanitary towels!

Men must have some experience in order to mature.

Some women would always complain that good men had already gone extinct from this world.

However, what they didn’t know was that the bad men had all been raised by them.

Infatuation would lead to ruthlessness and anger.

As soon as Wang Zheng logged into CT, a bunch of messages exploded open. There were challenges, inquiries, and even some that asked for guidance. He had become quite famous after those three battles.

Actually, there was a lot of discussion about Skeleton in the forums. Carlos had already publicly declared that this wasn’t his alt. Although he had that kind of hobby, it was only towards Dragon God 007, that Dragon God Ma Xiao.

If that was really true, then the Dragon God’s speculations really had been overturned.

Numerous people began paying attention to Skeleton. As soon as his portrait lit up, everyone began patiently waiting for him to begin.

Wang Zheng started the matchmaking process and, not too long after, an opponent had appeared.

His ID was “Indisputable Highway Tyrant” with a Wild Beast Type 3.

Wang Zheng was still using Wargod No.1, equipped with a titanium blade.

Indisputable Highway Tyrant’s Wild Beast laughed. This was his hundredth battle, and his win rate was nearly fifty percent. He couldn’t be considered a rookie anymore. This Skeleton had some fame in the community; even he had watched the video. However, he was still doubtful. A Wargod No.1 being able to withstand the assault of a Wild Beast Type 3 simply made no sense.

He picked the Common Arena!

The so called Common Arena was just as its name implied; it didn’t have any complex terrain or obstacles in it.

Would the other party accept?

Skeleton agreed almost instantly.

Wang Zheng didn’t know that numerous players were paying close attention to their choice of arena. After Wang Zheng confirmed the other party’s circumstances, all of the newcomers in the forums began to boil.

So domineering and arrogant!

Without any obstacles, how was the Wargod No.1 supposed to deal with the Wild Beast Type 3’s attacks?

It seemed that last time really was an accident. Right now, Skeleton could be considered a small star, so his opponent definitely wouldn’t treat him lightly. Faced with the heavily armored Wild Beast Type 3, what could a Brittleskin possibly do?

In a flash, the officials had already handed out advertisement fliers.

A marvel had occurred by chance. Brittleskin against a tank in the Common Arena!

Over five hundred paying customers came to watch the battle in a flash. There were even some people watching from the sidelines.

Two mechs slowly appeared on top of the arena.

Skeleton and his Wargod No.1 against Highway Tyrant’s Wild Beast Type 3.

“Hey, Skeleton, I don’t care if you’re a sockpuppet. Today is the day you will lose! Don’t blame big brother. If you want to blame someone, blame your pretentiousness!

Highway Tyrant began taunting as soon as he opened the public channel.

However, Skeleton was still as silent as before. The battle begins!

The number of spectators for this battle had already exceeded seven hundred! This was already pretty good for the rookie area.

The Wild Beast Type 3, a rhinoceros class beast type mech, had first-class striking power, fierce defence, and mediocre agility. However, in this kind of open arena without any obstacles, it only had to charge the Brittleskin and instantly turn it into scrap metal.

The Wild Beast Type 3 roared and began charging at the Wargod No.1 as soon as the match started. The Highway Tyrant was shouting in the channel. He had never been this attentive before.

To dodge or not to dodge?

Everyone was asking this question at the moment. In the arena, it was clear that Skeleton’s skills were quite good. He was able to use Arc Slide Step to evade the Wild Beast Type 3’s attacks, but it was impossible to evade in such a narrow arena.

Wargod No.1 didn’t move!

Even though Wild Beast’s acceleration was slow, once it started dashing, it had terrifying top speed. This type of speed would place a heavy burden on the pilot’s performance.

The Wild Beast Type 3 was only ten meters away from the Wargod. This time, it would be useless to Arc Slide because you would also need to utilize high speed inertia.

In a moment, Wild Beast’s attack would be coming!

Destruction in only a split second!


The entire live broadcast room was in absolute silence. Immediately after, intense applause burst out, shaking the heavens and earth.


Skeleton WIN!

The Wild Beast Type 3 mech exploded. Highway Tyrant gazed blankly at the screen, completely unable to believe what just happened moments ago.

This wasn’t an accident, and neither was it a miracle. For Skeleton, this was just a battle.

Wang Zheng was indifferent to this matter. It was just that… The Rubik’s Cube didn’t have any sort of reaction.

Confused, he pondered it for a moment. This type of battle didn’t require any type of skill, so it couldn’t be considered as gaining any new understandings.

Wang Zheng had discovered recently that training himself would also upgrade his battle energy. However, if he slacked off a bit, the battle energy he had stored up would also fade away.

Without a decent opponent, there was no point to battling.

The Rubik’s Cube really was like a criticizing elder. It was really hard to satisfy it. Furthermore, he was a special recruit. Even though he had entered the college from a backdoor, he would be kicked out and sent home if he wasn’t satisfactory.

Anyway, he would go to the arena whenever he had time. Besides, Wang Zheng also found it embarrassing to use Yan Xiao Su’s room. Even blood brothers had to settle their debts with each other.

After paying for his own internet fees, Wang Zheng decided to get a second job. After all, two hands preparing was better than one. At the very least, his living and internet expenses would be paid for.

Wang Zheng left in a leisurely and carefree manner, causing the forums to explode into discussion.


That was clearly impossible. His opponent couldn’t comprehend what had just happened! How could a Wargod No.1 possibly bear the direct attack of a Wild Beast Type 3?

The forum was even more heated. There were already more than five thousand people analyzing the battle video.

Although the officials hadn’t come out yet, the experts among the spectators already began commentating.

Wargod No.1 and the Wild Beast Type 3 were only in contact for a split second, but in that split second, Wargod had adjusted the angle it received the attack at so that it only had one fifth of its full power! Before the impact was fully transmitted, the Wild Beast Type 3 was drawn in by the tilt and thrown. It was almost like flipping over a turtle. Its underside wasn’t protected by the energy shield, so with its underside exposed now, the Wargod No.1 was able to cut through it with its titanium blade like flowing water.

The players were like silent crows and peacocks after watching the video. Comments about the skillful control exhibited were already being submitted.

Even the military admitted to the weak point in the attacks of the Wild Beast Type 3. However, due to the fleeting openings to exploit this weakness, it was basically impossible to take advantage of. Even if anyone was able to take advantage of the brief opening, the mech pilot would still need to execute the proper movements to take advantage of it. Therefore, it was a weakness in theory but was practically negligible in actual combat.

The Wild Beast Type 3 was a mass produced mech, which was commonly used in the military.

However, it had been completely demolished in CT. This was textbook level timing used to defeat the opponent!

Regardless of whether they were veterans or rookies, they had all roared, ‘Now this is an expert!’

With his tyrannical control, he was able to take advantage of an opening that was revealed for less than one second! If he was just a bit slower, the Wargod No.1 would have been torn apart. But he actually had this kind of domineering confidence and cool-headedness!

God Pilot!

A God Pilot had appeared in the rookie area!

A super soldier had emerged!

Skeleton was rebelling against the gods! Could this be the dawn of a new age?

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