TSW Volume 3: Chapter 14


Volume 3: Chapter 14 –  This Mathematical Theory is indeed Pretty Good!

Student Wang was not particularly interested in seeking the limelight but so long as he was provoked, especially in front of Aina, he would definitely not let it go.

Wang Zheng paused for a moment in front of the blackboard before beginning to scribble equation after equation furiously.

Originally, Marcus was not very interested. However, his expression changed very quickly. The disdain on Busen’s face gradually changed into a look of petrification. He could only understand a small portion of it!

As one of the outstanding figures of mathematics in the Sol System, he had the best resources for the Sol Federation attach much importance to such individuals. Yet …


Marcus continued to nod his head. Aina, who was sitting below the stage, was similarly transfixed at the sight. She could understand the vast majority of it but there was some content that was beyond her realm of understanding.

After a period of time, the entire blackboard was filled with symbols. The audience remained deathly silent, awaiting Marcus’ judgment.

Marcus walked over and pointed at a string of inferences at the centre. “How did you think of this?”


His tone was one of inquiry…

Wang Zheng thought nothing of it as he had often debated with the Old Merchant about such topics. The way he saw it, the Old Merchant was like a library, therefore discussing with a mere professor wasn’t an issue.

Following another string of explanations made by Wang Zheng, Marcus couldn’t help but nod and smile, “Were you the one who solved the equation on the blackboard the other day?”

Wang Zheng stared blankly before coming around and nodding, “That was done casually.”

“Haha, I finally understand why Xiao Fei feigned complete ignorance about you.” Marcus said as he nodded his head.

“What Student Wang Zheng said here was completely right. However this method of analysis is at the very forefront of the Milky Way Galaxy and is only for the purpose of our discussion. Everyone here does not need to consider this at all.”

Following which, Marcus erased everything on the board. To the average student, forcefully teaching them these theories would only bring about harm.

It had to be said that everyone was stupefied. Wang Zheng returned to his seat as Aina stealthily gave him a thumbs up. That charming adorable look led Wang Zheng to want to give her an embrace and a kiss.

Girls were made to be conquered!

Aina truly believed that those supposed geniuses could not compare with Wang Zheng. Who would dare say that Earth’s standards were low; it could only be said that the Aslan Empire was too ignorant.

Aina did not dare to represent the highest tier geniuses of Aslan, however, she definitely should not be belittled. Even so, she now understood how far away Wang Zheng stood compared to her.

He had ability yet he was so hardworking. Who else could do that?

Busen wordlessly sat down; he truly could not understand it completely. Consequently, he could not even retort. The words from the professor had also affected him, he had been relegated to the position of just an ordinary student.

How could a monster like him be completely unknown in middle school?

Aina, on the other hand, knew that this guy liked to only score 60 points on his tests. It could be said that Wang Zheng had quite the personality.

This lesson has indeed been quite fruitful, especially for Professor Marcus. Most importantly, he had identified the genius. There was no escaping for him!

He had once heard Xiao Fei mention that she had found a student with great potential. However this student had wanted to join the Mecha Department. That was absolutely unacceptable! It would signify a great loss for the scientific world!

How could those weapon brandishing barbarians compare with the scientists that pushed the very frontiers of human society?

In this regard, he was definitely with Xiao Fei on this one.

The moment the class ended, Busen came to Wang Zheng. “What reference book did you use? Where did you discover this argumentative proof?”

Wang Zheng smiled. “In actuality, I have no clue as to what I had wrote. You should be able to find it in the Milky Way’s databases.”

Finishing his sentence, he grabbed Aina and left the classroom. The moment they left the classroom, Aina couldn’t help but laugh. “You’re so despicable, mocking that poor guy.”

“Who asked him to look at you so lecherously!” Wang Zheng replied, feigning seriousness.

Aina grinned. “What? Are you jealous?”

“You should reward me for being jealous for your sake. Furthermore I performed so well that you should reward me twice!”

Wang Zheng very quickly revealed his wolfish nature. He had managed to taste the sweetness of success yesterday. It was as though he had tasted an immortal fruit; nothing else could compare to it.

“What? I didn’t hear that.”

She was like the Little Red Riding Hood who escaped from the wolf.

Since he could not convince her with his logic, Student Wang was determined to use force. “Don’t run, if I catch you, I will punish you thrice!”

His maths was indeed brilliant!


Although he was training in an abyss of suffering, Student Wang felt as though he was in heaven. This was because fortunate times often came without warning. Wang Zheng had received an email from Solon. He wanted to ask if Wang Zheng was willing to participate in an interview. For every question answered, he would receive ten thousand Milky Way coins.

Solon was extremely polite. This plan of his was still in the budding stages and thus his funding was not exceptionally abundant. However it could not be too low if he wanted to attract Wang Zheng.

Student Wang was at a loss. How could something like this happen? It was as though someone was literally giving him money and on top of that, flattering him endlessly. In his mind, an image of Skeleton appeared. Whether Bonehead needed the money or not, he did not know. However what he did know was that he lacked money and the more the better.

On the other hand, Wang Zheng knew that it wouldn’t be good to do this excessively. Ideally, he could just answer a single question occasionally and not answer at all if he didn’t feel like it.

Wang Zheng was not particularly interested in becoming a celebrity of CT. He was perfectly content with CT being able to sustain his lifestyle. Occasionally being able to enjoy the thrill of battle and being able to gain Battle Energy was sufficient. Hopefully it would not change his current lifestyle.

All in all, Solon was well on his way.

After receiving Wang Zheng’s reply, Solon’s heart finally settled down. The current him was sitting in the Sol System’s Moon CT headquarters.

Actually, such a sight wasn’t strange. Ever since a couple hundred years back upon the advent of the internet, internet conglomerates were already on par with traditional commodity trading conglomerates. They possessed terrifyingly large amounts of resources and channels to obtain what they needed.

With Solon’s unconventional success, it had stirred up quite some noise among the upper echelons of CT’s management.

For today’s meeting, the key question was to decide if they ought to increase the level of Skeleton’s competitors.

Solon had prepared to increase the amount of publicity afforded to Skeleton. However, the higher ups were not agreeable.

“Hehe, Solon, it should be said that this risky plan of yours is inappropriate! We have no need to take such a risk!”

“I am of the same opinion. I have seen his battles. They are all extremely thrilling. Even if he were to continue winning, there are still too many unforeseen parameters! Who is he? What if he wants to stop? What would we do then?”

The board members continued to throw out opinion after opinion. On one hand, they were truly concerned about the riskiness of the situation. On the other hand, they were unwilling to see Solon have a reversal of fortune.

If Solon was to be successful, what could they do if Solon were to climb over them?

As the Sol System’s implementation board chairman, McLaren was absolutely silent. He continued to let the other board members continue to bicker. Solon also possessed some supporters but they were not as significant. Furthermore, Solon’s own position among the board members was not high.

After arguing for half a day, McLaren raised his hand to signal for silence. “Solon, with your excellent previous experience, I will represent the board in awarding you a bonus for the year. I have seen your new plan, your dedication and rewards come hand in hand. However the key reason is still that Lin Huiyin used the battle footage to create her MV. If not for that, this would not have been possible.”

After listening to his words, everyone knew what he was hinting at. McLaren clearly wanted to continue with the plan, Solon’s luck was just too good.

Although he was not superstitious, it was always best to do things after considering one’s fortune. Solon that old bastard was so lucky that opportunity was literally knocking at his door. He could very possibly succeed this time.

“Mr. McLaren, sir, I will swiftly advance with the plan. Hopefully I will be able to cooperate with Ms. Lin. On the other hand, I have managed to gain Skeleton’s agreement in carrying out an interview with him. During this period where Ms. Lin Huiyin will be carrying out our concert tour, we will have a massive opportunity which we need to capitalize on. If we don’t, we will definitely regret it!”

Solon was extremely confident. At times he would struggle to live even when faced with death. He was always cautious regardless and that was the case when he was speaking here.

McLaren nodded his head, “The benefits are great but this is still a company. What we are concerned with are profits. Such mass advertisement would break all precedence and take up the vast majority of our advertising resources. I’m sure you understand that. Thus the reward…”

“McLaren Sir! I am both the proposer and implementer of this plan. I would like to thank everyone for giving me the chance, if anything unfortunate happens, I will take all the blame!”

Solon spoke very calmly. At this stage he was already forced into desperate straits, he could only advance and not back down.

Frankly speaking, this wasn’t very difficult for him. When he thought of the situation he was in several months back, he was already at his wits end. At the very least he still had the luxury of choice right now and even influence the outcome.

“Very good. So long as you understand. This plan has been approved. All the departments should try and cater to his demands. I do not want to see problems arising from disunity.  Any problems that crop up will be borne by the group collectively!”

Spoke McLaren solemnly. As CT’s top management member, his word was law.

It was very clear from what he had said and done that McLaren was very supportive of this plan.

Solon had numerous problems but McLaren also had problems of his own.

In the Sol System, Earth’s performance was not outstanding. In the Milky Way coalition, the Sol System’s performance was average. If he wanted to excel, he needed a bright spot!

At McLaren’s position, he was not worried about stability but rather his reputation!

As the meeting came to a close, applause rang out. However one could see the false smiles that lay on their faces. They were all waiting to see a joke come to a conclusion. Being able to climb to such a position after being around for so many years was due to them depending on someone. Solon was clearly placing all his hopes on a single individual was too unreliable. Furthermore who could be so lucky as to continue winning?

Solon was clearly staking everything on this one throw.

Solon strutted out of the room vigorously. He finally experienced his second wind and at such an age to boot! He was finally able to do what he enjoyed after working in CT for so many years. He had climbed from a lowly programmer until he became Earth Sector’s vice chairman and the one in charge of the Asian Region. He had already forgotten the joy of strife and was no different from a puppet. However today he felt truly invigorated.

Sometimes one has to trust their intuition. Although he had never met Skeleton, as a CT Addict, he had watched Skeleton’s battle recordings endlessly, reliving every detail.

Technique, physical ability, experience and even his psychological state. One could unearth all of this from paying attention to the details.

He was truly a peerless and fearsome warrior.

Even though there were times where his performance seemed slightly strange, Solon’s intuition told him that Skeleton was definitely not very old. However watching the battle seemed to show that he was a 40 plus year old experienced warrior who was at the peak. There was no other way to explain how he could have carried out the actions shown in the videos.

Even then, was there any meaning to it even if he did find out?

If one wanted to accomplish something, they can not spend their time dreaming.

Our dear Student Wang on the other hand was not thinking of such complex matters. All the more he would not realize that his performance would cause the inner echelons of CT to be bathed in strife.

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