TSW Volume 4: Chapter 1


Volume 4: Chapter 1 – So Science Students Can Actually Be Like This!

Regardless of how it came about, Solon was extremely happy to have managed to set a new record. He was unsure what would have happened to him had he failed, but his stress was greatly reduced with the completion of the first step of his plan.

Solon was currently focused on Lin Huiyin’s music concert on Earth. The Heavenly Voice Huiyin Corporation certainly was not lacking in their finances, and although Lin Huyin was very popular and highly sought after, they mainly endorsed events that were geared towards the welfare of the public.

Even if they were not lacking money, Solon had to be diligent in ensuring a harmonious cooperation with them. After all, it would end up helping out both his plan involving Skeleton, and the CT Asian region itself.

One had to know that the price to attain the rights to broadcast her music concerts had skyrocketed, since it was the first time that Lin Huiyin was performing on Earth.


Without any doubt, the policemen of the capital were extremely busy and unusually flustered as the need to ensure a low accident occurrence rate became greater with the increasing population size . The exposure rate of the Sol Federation had recently increased with the arrival of Princess Aina, and now, the pending arrival of Lin Huiyin indicated that Aslan had good intentions for the Sol Federation.

Currently, the Sol Federation was in dire need of assistance from the Aslan Empire, particularly when it came to technology. Their prestige could also use some help, which meant they had to do their best in their present situation.

It was said that the VIP seats for the music concert had been either bought or reserved a long time ago, as the tickets to these seats were quickly swept up by several large figures of the political and economic scenes.

Of course, the music concert also catered to the youngsters, in particularly student groups . This aspect has been handled quite adequately by Lin Huiyin’s fan club, although they themselves had difficulty obtaining a single ticket.

Student Wang had no concept of music concerts , as he felt that even spending a dollar to listen on the Skylink was already more than enough. However, it was hard to resist the feverous atmosphere that exceeded that of the friendly contest held between the three great military schools.

Yan Xiaosu, who was willing to use any means necessary for the sake of making his beloved happy, had managed to get a hold of two tickets. Regardless of the money spent, the great effort he had put in and the actions he had undergone made An Mei extremely happy with him.

Fortunately, Student Aina was similar to Wang Zheng in which she loved listening to music, but not to the extent of frantically chasing after the singers everywhere they went.

The school had stepped up their preparations by a notch, and now Zhang Shan could only be seen a couple of times during an entire day. Ever since he returned, he had only seen Meng Tian only once during training, and according to her, their strategies had to be kept completely secret this time.

Wang Zheng continued on with his usual training routine and attended class normally, while spending the rest of his free time accompanying Aina. He had finally managed to strike a small fortune, so the two of them spent their time touring the capital together.

After the previous treat , Wang Zheng checked his balance to find that he had actually earned over hundreds of thousands of credits. To him, this could be considered a vast fortune, as he at least would not have to worry about school fees or living expenses.

Although Aina was a princess, she wasn’t filled with arrogance. She had no interest in expensive material goods, and instead was very much in love with streetside snacks. The first present Wang Zheng gave her was a small glass pendant depicting a bear, and its beauty lies in the fact that it was handcrafted by a person. At 10 credits a piece, Wang Zheng had found it convenient enough to buy, and cute too. After buying it, he felt that it was too cheap as a gift, but Aina loved it so much that she wore it around her neck.

Student Wang could not help feeling happy for a long while, and he would from time to time unconsciously think that this was what the common saying ‘all sufferings had their rewards’ actually meant.

Without a doubt, university life was the best, and that also applied to the military academies.

Within the dining hall, two large tables were joined together. A group of people were sitting around these tables with solemn expressions before suddenly erupting into peals of laughters.

“You must be mistaken, how’s that also possible!” said Yan Xiaosu with a gloomy look.

The makeup covered most of his face, making it almost seem like a facemask.

An Mei rubbed Yan Xiaosu and smiled. “Good boy, let’s go one more round.”

She took out some lipstick and drew a cross on a spot on Yan Xiaosu’s face that was devoid of any makeup.

Wang Zheng,Yan Xiaosu, Yao Ailun and Chen Xiu faced against the girls—Aina, Ye Zisu, An Mei and Du Qingqing.

Card games could go on forever, and the game they were playing was blackjack.

When the boys lost a round, the girls would use lipstick to draw in their faces, while if the girls lost, the boys would paste stickers on them.

Undoubtedly, the most formidable players were Wang Zheng and Yao Ailun while Chen Xiu and Yan Xiaosu had become the sacrifices. Among the girls, Aina and Du Qingqing had been pitifully pasted with a large amount of stickers.

Wang Zheng felt it a bit unbearable, but Aina was having a lot of fun while playing the game.

“Wang Zheng, did you and Yao Ailun practice for this? Why is it that both of you haven’t even lost once!” said Du Qingqing depressedly. These two people were drawing a lot of hatred to themselves.

Yao Ailun pushed his golden glasses up, his small eyes sparkling with intelligence as he said, “Actually, this is just a simple mathematics problem that requires only a little bit of calculation.”

“What about you, Wang Zheng? I, for one, haven’t done any form of calculation!” said An Mei as she stared at him. She then continued, “Our family’s Local Tyrant Su is already reaching the end of his road.”

Wang Zheng shrugged helplessly and replied, “I guess my luck is better than his.”

Actually, Wang Zheng had also been calculating and following his basic instinct. This sort of mental arithmetic was easy for him to do, and on top of that, he was playing against a group of newbies. The only time the matches turned vicious and sinister was when he played against the Old Merchant. The two of them would try their hardest to make the other party lose their concentration within a short period of time. Wang Zheng would usually lose in a spectacular fashion, but it meant that his brain was capable of a higher level of mental arithmetic calculations for his age.

“If that’s your luck, then you should be called the gambling god!”

Ye Zisu laughed and said, “Shishi, is this the first time you’re playing this game?”

Aina smiled while nodding her head. She didn’t mind the type of game they were playing , as what she liked was the atmosphere. Seeing Aina express  an appearance like that of a curious baby, Wang Zheng secretly grabbed her small hand underneath the table.

There was a saying: Men are carefree, but girls are extremely keen.

“I’m not playing anymore. Games with you science students are too insipid. The competition starts in three days. I wonder how Zhang Shan and Meng Tian are doing now. The two of them are the pride of us freshmen, so I hope they’ll bring glory to all of us!” said An Mei, before taking out a wet tissue to clean Yan Xiaosu’s face.

“This time we have Masasi, so there shouldn’t be any problems, right?” asked Yan Xiao Su.

“Don’t put too much faith in the strength of someone from the Moon. Neither the Apollo nor the Zeus College are to be trifled with , so even losing by a little  is good enough!” Yao Ailun said, smiling.

“Brother Ailun, you’re exaggerating. Our strength should be adequate this time around, right?”asked Chen Xiu doubtfully.

“Hehe, it’s not just the colleges that are preparing for war. The strong will always try to become even stronger, so they actively seek out and recruit local talents. The standard of Earth might be considered lower than that of other planets, but just how many of the elites in Aslan used to be citizens of Earth?” Yao Ailun said as he calmly analyzed the question. He seemed to be mimicking the actions of agent 007.

“Does that mean that there’s a tragedy incoming?” said Chen Xiu miserably. The girls were also getting a bit worried.

“That seems to be the case. After all, according to my findings, the leaders of the two colleges are extremely fearsome experts.”

“How do you know this?”said Du Qingqing doubtfully.

“Hehe, you guys should have heard about Wild Knight, right? That fellow is a freshman who was recruited specially by the Apollo military college. He is also a current member of the Skeleton army, and he loves to play CT. However, he could only be a substitute over at Apollo with his skills.”

Everyone present looked at each other in blank dismay. Continuing with the air of agent 007, Yao Ailun explained, “This exchange will be very important. That is because the people who demonstrate their excellence will be given a chance to represent Earth in the Sol Federation military academy competition. As such, individuals that typically do no showcase their talents will also paritcipate .”

Ye Zisu nodded her head and added on, “That’s certainly true, considering that the mecha being used in the competition are provided by OMG. The ones able to enter such a competition will most likely become the pillars of the armed forces upon graduation. Generally, most of them would directly enter the Sol Federation Army.”

Everyone displayed an expression of shock . In the Milky Way Alliance, the Sol Federation held one seat, but it was actually comprised of the great federations belonging to  the Earth, Moon and Mars. Each of these federations had their own garrisons, albeit of a low rank. The Sol Federation Army had the highest ranking, and their military strength was something any ordinary army could never compare with.

It was the dream of every student in a military college to gain a position in the Sol Federation Army, as only such a place could widen their horizons .

“That can’t be. We can’t be cheering for no reason. Everyone wants to see a refreshing victory for once,” said An Mei depressedly. She had not meant to scare anyone.

“Strength remains the ultimate factor. Getting a reversal of the situation will not be easy. On top of that, that Masasi fellow still isn’t completely trustworthy. There’s a possibility he’ll leave just like that.” Yao Ailun said as he cleaned his glasses.

“I never thought you were a pessimist,” An Mei said as he looked at Yao Ailun with one eye.

He gave a faint smile and replied, “I like being realistic.”

“Fuck, we’ll deal with it when we get to it. After all, we’re not students of the military department. Let’s just get hyped up for Lin Huiyin’s music concert,” said Yan Xiaosu seeking to change the topic of discussion.

Wang Zheng felt that it was a pity. This stage was going to be much harder than the one in CT but no matter how bad CT could be, it couldn’t simulate the experience of a life or death combat scenario. While sighing, he thought that it was going fine until that fellow Bonehead decided to create a problem at such a critical time.

With his strength, he wouldn’t have been chased back even if he could not become a part of the main force.

No matter what, what was  destined to come, would come. The delegations from the Zeus and Apollo military colleges had arrived and received the highest level of treatment from Gu Te. The school had also turned lively due to their arrival.

Before the combat battles could start, the problem of gathering all students came first. As the president of the Ares College student association, Wu Jin warmly entertained everyone.

Discussions and activities with a focus on combat topics came first, with the combat exchange taking place second to last among the events.

The captain of the Apollo college was a third year in the commander department called Canberra. He was the champion of the last meet and president of the student association, which granted him an unsurpassed amount of prestige in Apollo College .

The captain of Zeus College was Lear Cronus, a year one freshman under  the commander department. He was the president of the student association which was unheard of for a freshman. Just making his debut, he was famous, but for a different reason from Canberra , and it seemed like the Zeus College had plans to vigorously develop this freshman.

The captain chosen by the Ares College was Masasi, a first year freshman also under  the commander department.

It was clear that the Zeus and Ares colleges were using this kind of method to compete with Apollo College, since they had to do more to show their inheritance.

Although he was part of the opposition, Canberra’s welcoming was the grandest. He was considered a superstar within the university circles after all. It was already decided that he would be entering the ace squadron of the Sol Federation Interstellar Fleet upon graduation. Based on his current rank, it was entirely possible that he would be given a 2nd lieutenant rank, thus surpassing positions that many talents have  struggled to reach before.

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