TSW Volume 4: Chapter 3


Volume 4: Chapter 3 – Awesome!

“Haha, if we limit our standards to just the things that can be done, science will stop advancing. Since it’s a feasible direction, we must make progress in it. As such, Professor Xiao Fei’s topic of discussion is definitely correct.”

Wang Zheng smiled. At the side, Xiao Fei also nodded her head satisfactorily.

Kao Yisi became speechless. Research has no ending. After all, if it did, there would no reason to continue researching? That is why scientists continued to pursue truth, and he could do nothing to refute it.

Yue Jing’s face turned green. This bastard was still so eloquent, scaring her by saying a bunch of things she did not understand.


Gong Jin, who felt insulted, replied, “If you can’t even handle him, then I’m greatly worried for our future!”

Kao Yisi and Gong Jin glanced at each other. They felt terribly uneasy but there was no other way. They had previously promised Lear that they would settle the situation satisfactorily, so they had entered the Sol Federation’s Science Research Institute.

Gong Jin cleared his throat and said, “Student Wang, you are speaking in circles. I would like to know if, in all these years, the world-renowned genius Professor Xiao Fei has made any progress at all. Could you please show us some evidence to convince ourselves!!”

Everyone’s gaze fell on Xiao Fei. Gong Jin’s question was indeed something on everyone’s mind. After researching for so many years, there should have been a result of some sort.

However, conducting research was not the same as debating. Most research was conducted methodologically, eliminating hypotheses one by one. While Xiao Fei had experimented using numerous methods, none of them bore any fruit, so the research hadn’t progressed much. On top of that, she could not divulge secret information just for the sake of refuting a question.

At that point, Wang Zheng laughed. “We have already deduced the method!”

“Really? Then that must be good news for the Milky Way Alliance. I hope you won’t tell me that it’s confidential information!” Gong Jin smiled as he replied.

Absolutely rubbish. If someone had discovered a solution for the research, it would have caused an uproar.

Xiao Fei stared at Wang Zheng. The two of them had not talked about this before. Was this bastard trying to become a scapegoat?

“Wang Zheng, about this matter…”

“Teacher, although it can be considered a secret, I feel that divulging a bit of it will not harm anyone. Of course, I shall only divulge information on its feasibility!”

Wang Zheng paused. The gazes of everyone in the room, including Aina, rested on Wang Zheng. This topic was the forefront of science, did he really have an answer?

Wang Zheng was often full of surprises so Aina was already mentally prepared for it.

“Being unable to locate the 7th dimension is the current issue plaguing us. I believe that we can overcome it by splitting this problem into two parts. One, by treating the current 3rd dimension as a compound plane, allowing us to control two layers at once. Secondly, if the transmission is done in a state where speed is curved, thereby causing displacement, the positioning will allow the relative movement in spacetime to shift the relative coordinates of the object. Simply put, space can be moved.”

The entire class became silent. Even though most of the students in the class were from Year 3 or 4, all of them fell into deep thoughts, because, even for them, some of the concepts explained required time to understand.

On the other hand, Xiao Fei’s eyes were shining brightly. Her beautiful, wisdom-filled eyes shone brilliantly.

Moving space-time?!

It actually seemed possible!

The problem that had been pestering her for several years was solved with that one explanation!

Kao Yisi and Gong Jin looked at each other, even when they didn’t understand, they pretended they did. They had heard of other explanations before, but they felt that the one put forth by Wang Zheng would shake the entire Milky Way Alliance even without publicizing it.

This could only mean that Professor Xiao Fei had kept a low profile as she couldn’t be bothered to argue with others.

Kao Yisi and Gong Jin bowed deeply, “We thank you for your teachings.”

The bell signifying the end of class rang. Aina had been paying close attention to Wang Zheng and Xiao Fei’s expressions. It was obvious from Xiao Fei’s surprised and contemplative expression that it had not been her conjecture.

“Wang Zheng, follow me.”

Wang Zheng, who was about to take advantage of Aina, before leaving with her, had a frown on his face as he stopped.

“I’m going to borrow your boyfriend for a bit.” As they weren’t too far apart in age, Xiao Fei spoke quite casually.

“No problem, Professor. Just remember to return him!” Aina replied with a sweet smile.

This girl is extremely intelligent. As a fellow female, Xiao Fei was stunned.

Looking at Wang Zheng’s shadow, Yue Jing became so angry that she could not control herself as she stomped away. Wang Zheng had once again defied the odds by sowing chaos with his words.

“Kao Yisi and Gong Jin, you dared to be so arrogant with just your meagre abilities. It is a lie that the Physics Department produce the most illustrious students. That Wang Zheng is a useless piece of crap, how could you believe his random words!”

Kao Yisi and Gong Jin only replied after a brief pause. They were still trying to understand Wang Zheng’s words. “Yue Jing, you’re wrong about him. This Wang Zheng is a rarely found genius. The theory he revealed, would still stir up the entire scientific community even if it was incorrect. We cannot compete with him.”

Kao Yisi and Gong Jin no longer bothered with Yue Jing. The two of them went on their own way. Their eyes which had previously been clouded was now being cleared as though a window had appeared in front of them. Even if they were cynical individuals, they felt that what Wang Zheng spoke of was possible. It was like the time when Newton’s theory of gravity was superseded by the theory of relativity. It was sufficient to spur everyone on.

In science, truth was relative.

In the office, Wang Zheng had been dragged in by Xiao Fei and the door slammed shut while dear Student Wang was pressed against the table by Xiao Fei.

This posture…

However, Xiao Fei did not care at all about what the others thought. She observed Wang Zheng intently, as though she was trying to fully comprehend what Wang Zheng was.

Haha, Professor, if you have anything to say, we can just speak freely.” Although he had done intimate things with Aina, that didn’t include the things one would do with their body. Xiao Fei’s body was almost directly pressing onto Wang Zheng’s. As Xiao Fei was a mature individual, her bodily proportions were fully developed and Wang Zheng, a highly energetic young man could not take it.

However, Xiao Fei ignored his underlying words. “Brat, where did you hear those words which you just spouted!”

Although Wang Zheng was a genius, Xiao Fei did not believe that he could think them up.

Those were the words the Old Merchant had said. Just as Wang Zheng prepared to confess, he remembered what the Old Merchant had once said — the words spoken between them could not be mentioned to others.

Wang Zheng shrugged his shoulders helplessly. “Teacher, I was just speaking rubbish and spouting whatever my mind came up with. Even I didn’t understand what I was saying. As I said before, I believe in wild theories and that was all just verbal banter. You mean to say that it was actually reasonable?”

Wang Zheng opened his eyes widely as he spoke. It was said that doing so would make a liar seem more honest.

Xiao Fei could not find any loopholes in what he said. At times, science required brilliant strokes of luck, and this brat just had great luck.

Suddenly, he felt that someone was staring at his lower body. Wang Zheng felt his stomach lurch. Looking down, he could not hold back his reaction.

Xiao Fei then gingerly let go of Wang Zheng before giving him a nonchalant look, “You actually haven’t noticed that you are rather worthy. It’s a pity that you already have a girlfriend, or I might have just kept you.”

Dear Student Wang felt defeated. Is this how a teacher should be? She was just an evil demon. “Haha, Professor, if there’s nothing else, I’m going to leave first.”

“From your reactions I can tell that you are a virgin. You have an exceptional thought process, I will apprise Professor Marcus about you.”

Wang Zheng immediately escaped. Fuck. Demon Xiao is just standing there spouting merciless words. Wang Zhen would have dealt with her long ago, if, she wasn’t his teacher.

Xiao Fei did not bother about this little episode any further. The moment Wang Zheng left, she entered an extremely enthusiastic mood as she continued to make new inferences about the theory. It could be seen that although she was very boastful, her EQ and IQ were not on the same level.

The moment he left, Wang Zhgen gave Aina a call. She was waiting in the library for him.

Just by looking at Aina Wang Zheng felt revitalized. She gave him a wry smile. “Why are you here already?”

“I only knew a little and the rest was just something I came up with. If you did serious research you would realize that too,” Wang Zheng said helplessly as he waved his hands.

Aina stared silently at Wang Zheng, before saying,  “Do you know that what you said just now was sufficient for you to go down in history as a genius?”

Wang Zheng was very clear that the Old Merchant was an amazing geezer. After all, that conjecture had been the Old Merchant’s, not his.

“I’m not that amazing.”

Aina grabbed Wang Zheng’s hand. “Ah, I’m slightly worried now.”

“What are you worried about?” Wang Zheng curiously asked.

“Since you’re so amazing, more and more love rivals are bound to appear,” Aina said as she slyly ran out of the library.

Wang Zheng couldn’t help but sweat. “Okay then, my princess. Since you dared to ridicule me, I need to collect some interest!”

On the grassy plain, Wang Zheng and Aina energetically chased each other. In the end, the beautiful princess was caught by the big bad wolf and was knocked onto the ground.

During the Tri-College Meet, famous professors were bound to show up. However, Xiao Fei didn’t care and skipped it.

Gu Te also had no choice in the matter. He gave Xiao Fei a Skylink call but was rejected. On the third call, he was rejected rudely. Ah, even as a principal he felt wronged.

Still, he knew that Xiao Fei had achieved a breakthrough in her research, since her entire team, as well as Marcus’s team, were working hastily.

“Gu Te, this time we are also here because we wanted to meet Professor Xiao Fei. She really belittles you. How could you treat us so coldly?”

In the principal’s office, three old men were currently chatting and drinking tea.

The one who spoke was the principal of the  Apollo Military College, Jamal. His hair was golden in color, and he seemed to be in glowing spirits. These last couple of years, the Apollo Military College had been the best of the three.

“Jamal, you can forget about it. Unless you’re willing to step all over this old bag of bones, it won’t be possible to get Xiao Fei to join you.”

Of the three, the one that looked the youngest was the principal of Zeus College, Adonis.

Haha, if Xiao Fei joins us, our Apollo college will definitely be among the 50 best colleges in the Milky Way Alliance.”

This was Jamal’s dream.

Haha. Jamal, you haven’t won yet. Don’t be too excited,” said Adonis. “However, thinking as such is beneficial for us. We need to find ways to improve the college’s ability.”

Gu Te had a different means of defense. Jamal and Adonis sought to expand on their abilities, and he was unwilling to descend into obscurity.

Gu Te gave a wry smile. “I know what you mean. It is meaningless to hope to enter the top 50 schools in the Milky Way Alliance. At the very least, we have to protect Earth’s pride.”

Adonis had previously suggested that the three colleges merge. Jamal, on the other hand, felt that a new college should be formed completely independent of the three colleges, where they would focus their resources in order to create the best college on Earth.

Gu Te was in opposition of it. A college is meant for students and not status. Although one needed glory for cohesion, strength, and belief, if it was only for glory’s sake, then it was meaningless.

They could do it, if they were to focus the current strength of the three military colleges only on the exceptional students. However, how would that affect the status quo on Earth?

This was no different from drinking poison to quench one’s thirst.1

The three old men continued to discuss numerous methods and argued for some time. It was clear that among them, Jamal and Adonis were aiming for the position of champion. On the other hand, Gu Te was rather ambivalent.

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  1. Idiomatic Expression meaning a short-term solution.

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