TSW Volume 4: Chapter 5


Volume 4: Chapter 5 – Honeymoon

Yue Jing was fuming when she left. She thought that if she had to lead such a human waste around, her hands would grow coarse and rough.

Not all of the student presidents were good at articulating. For instance, Adonis was a powerful student president. He wished for every student to make contributions for the academy and treat the glory of the academy as their own.

Despite her displeasure, Yue Jing still had to show that she was doing something as well.

At this moment. student Wang was not aware that such a big matter had sprouted out. Since he considered Xiao Fei as his benefactor, he would help her whenever he could. Furthermore, he didn’t wish to lose face in front of Aina.


Although he did not like disputes, whenever Student Wang was with Aina, he would get the intense feeling of wanting to protect her. It had been the same back when he treated her as his sister, and it remained the same now that she was his girlfriend.

Maybe he had liked her from the very start. After all, he had never seen her as a princess, not even once.

Aina had noticed that Wang Zheng didn’t care about her status. He treated her like a girl, and in turn, that allowed her to clearly feel his strength.

As for whether he was famous or not, Aina did not care. They were a strange and unusual couple.

When they got together, they always ended up chatting away without end—about distant places, about culture or science. Of course, they also had their romantic moments. Through these discussions, Wang Zheng could feel his conversational skills becoming better and better.

It was only natural for their relationship to get deeper. Wang Zheng’s enticement towards Aina was immense. Every single time, after they parted, he would have to practice his Return to One skill many times just to calm his spirit. In addition, recently… he kept having wet dreams.

The pitiful part was that whenever things were reaching their climax, a frightening bone head would pop up. With its hands exploding with lightning, it would terrify Wang Zheng out of his sleep.

Without any barriers to prevent gossip, this matter started a huge commotion within the academy.

Professor Xiao Fei had made a huge breakthrough in the area of spacial physics. This was the glory of the Ares college, the glory of the Earth.

Back in dormitory 007, everyone was also celebrating since the omnipotent Yao Ailun actually managed to get the first hand information.

“Wang Zheng, you really are something! We will have to look up to you in the future! Your name is actually in the accreditation section at the bottom of the thesis paper, GOD!”

Yao Ailun exclaimed in an exaggerated fashion, however anyone could see his admiration and envy.

“Brother Zheng, you’ve achieved such a result as a university student! In the entire Milky Way Federation, the number of people with results like these can be counted on one hand!”

Zhang Shan was also happy for Wang Zheng. He added,  “It looks like our dormitory is going to have a famous person in it. Wang Zheng, I feel that you should just focus on doing research while I prepare to switch careers.”

The three of them were left gawking as they said, “Brother Zhan, you’re joking, right? Where are you going?”

Zhang Shan grinned and replied, “During this period of time, I discovered that the mecha department suited me more.”

Zhang Shan had been heavily influenced from a young age by his family by being exposed to research. Although deep inside he might have been more suitable to do something else, until now, he had not even thought of trying other things.

Different people may have talents for different things. However, the most important thing was for one to do what they wanted to do while still alive.

Wang Zheng shook his head. “Teacher Xiao Fei gave me too much face. I only contributed by giving some odd suggestions, while the entire thesis was her hard work. I feel guilty for stealing some of it away.”

“Wang Zheng, you brat. You may be very good at the things you do, but you’re too modest. Without your breakthrough ideas, it wouldn’t have mattered how long they had researched for!”

Zhang Shan flailed his hands and said, “You truly ought to consider for a while.”

“I’m not calm and collected enough, so I’m not suited for research. One day, there might be a way to turn this around, so I’ll slowly keep trying.”

The knowledge Wang Zheng had related to the world of physics was all imbued into him by the Old Merchant. Although he couldn’t be considered bad in terms of his ability to understand concepts, he did not innovate. It might have been that had no will to explore that aspect.

What he sought after was a vigorous life.

“Ah, only now that I’m with you guys do I finally understand what a psychological blow is,” Chen Xu helplessly said. Previously, he was seen as a talent in the eyes of the masses and the middle schools. Only after arriving here could he truly understand that there were many talents.

“Ailun, Chen Xu, the two of you are the ones that are truly fighting steadily. The both of you will definitely shake the heavens with your names.”

After Wang Zheng expressed this statement, Yao Ailun and Chen Xu shot a look at each other and thought of how that was a very exaggerated way of expressing praise.

This might have been one of the exaggerations commonly seen in university dorms, but it was true that this dormitory had spawned a group of outstanding people.

After the special training, Zhang Shan’s body and his muscles had turned even more resilient, he was now darker, calmer and steadier.

His physique could be considered rare, his muscles able to explode with great force while not being stiff and rigid. He truly was born a natural mechanized soldier.

By comparison, Wang Zheng’s physique could be considered rather weak. Had he not been eliminated from the special training, he might have had a chance. Yet as it stood, it would prove very difficult for him if he wanted to change departments. Especially considering his performance in the field of physics, everyone would prevent him if he tried doing so.

Student Wang had unknowingly created a troublesome situation for himself.

“Neither I, nor Chen Xu will take this psychological blow from you two. While the invincible Skeleton God is present, anything is possible!” exclaimed Chen Xu.

Both of them were in very high spirits. From this dormitory, the two of them were very diligent in their class attendance, as well as their self study. Their time management skills were very good, although all their leisure time seemed to be spent on CT. After seeing Skeleton pull off such a victory, the problems and barriers they faced no longer seemed that scary.

“Stop being so addicted, you two, it’s just a game. Just look at what it did to you.” Zhang Shan had no interest in this sort of entertainment.

“Zhan Shan, you seem to be interested in mech combat, yet you’ve obviously never seen Skeleton God’s combat videos before. I’m telling you, you ought to research them properly, since they would prove very beneficial for your combat ability.”

“Haha, there’s a huge difference between real combat and CT. Although I’ve heard that many people love playing it, such a game doesn’t suit me.”

Zhang Shan was still as stubborn as before, and on this point alone he was similar to the Wang Zheng from before.

This was because he was guy with a good background that did not understand the pains of the masses. Zhang Shan had already experienced being a true mechanized soldier while student Wang had only repaired mechs.

“Do you have any confidence for this meet? I’ve heard that the opponents are very strong. Since we are the hosts this time, you guys can show your power and prestige!” asked Yao Ailun, shrugging. He and Chen Xu didn’t see eye to eye on this matter.

Zhang Shan gave a faint smile and replied, “Relax, I won’t be worse than your little Skeleton. We’ll be fighting using true swords and real spears, and we’ll definitely knock our opponents flat on the ground!”!”

Cough cough. If you guys still need people, please remember to recommend me. I’m still able to act as a substitute,” Wang Zheng added.

“Relax. You’re my brother so there’s no way I’d forget. Did you truly give up on Meng Tian, though? Lately, that brat’s been training like her life depended on it; such a good girl,” Zhang Shan suddenly asked with a twist.

Wang Zheng bitterly laughed and replied, “She and I are just good friends. We aren’t at that level.”

Sigh, had I not seen Wang Shishi before, I would have truly advised you to consider Meng Tian. Such excellent girls are not often found,” said Zhang Shan, without being miserly with his words of appraisal and approval.

“Brother Shan, if you like her, you should chase her yourself,” said Chen Xu.

“Haha, I’ll be waiting for my chance. I’ve definitely got to bring out a good performance this time. Excepting that fellow Masasi with his immeasurably deep strength, the others don’t worry me.”

Ma Xiao could be considered a famous person within Ares college, being the head of the MMA club and of the CT club. However, the way Zhang Shan spoke, it was implied that ‘when the tiger is not on the mountain, the monkey becomes king.’

Now that Ma Xiao’s era had ended, they were just casually doing as they pleased.

Not long after their chat, Zhang Shan was once again summoned. This last moment of drill practice made Wang Zheng unable to resist showing envy within his eyes.

Student Wang Zheng could no longer sit still. He wanted to go out for a short moment of enjoyment.

“Brother Zheng, where are you going so late in the night?” asked Chen Xu curiously.

Yao Ailun shot a look at Chen Xu and replied, “You idiot, he’s in his honeymoon period. He’s not gonna keep two bachelors like us company.”

“Dating sure is good.”

“Say that again after you’ve gone through puberty.”

A short while later, Wang Zheng was already seated inside the city’s public transportation. Watching the bustling nightscape, a strange feeling crossed his heart as he thought, It sure is good to live; one can experience so many interesting things.

After experiencing the life within the Rubik’s Cube, not only did he learn a lot of skills and techniques but he also learned something else—

To treasure and to cherish.

The boss was as cordial as usual; he knew that Wang Zheng and the rest had already graduated. Although this place wasn’t very far from the Ares college, it wasn’t that near either. It could only be said that these kids yearned for the past.

Even with the addition of Wang Zheng, business would not miraculously turn profitable, although losing him would make a big impact. However, to be able to meet a customer like Wang Zheng during their lifetime would still make one happy. Furthermore, the boss saw Wang Zheng as a lucky star since, he didn’t know why, but whenever he was around, business would boom.

Wang Zheng entered the machine and wriggled his fingers. Indeed, as Zhang Shan had previously said, CT was fun to play. Yet, it lacked an oppressive pressure, and the burden it placed on the body was too light. That was natural, however, since if it were to place a burden on his body, the others wouldn’t even be able to play it..

An ID started to glow on the screens of innumerable players.

As reminders started ringing, it was clear that innumerable Skylinks had been activated. CT currently had the highest capacity and number of patrons, yet not everyone was online at that point.

For a game company, it was very important that their games were very active, and recently, the activity in the Asian region was quite high.

Solon had created a specialized team with shifts around the clock, so that no matter when Skeleton appeared, there would always be an employee on duty that could handle it. Furthermore, like this, he could receive this information via Skylink as soon as it happened.

Wang Zheng already was on a nine-win streak. Such efficiency in combat was quite terrifying, and if he were to find a match now, his opponent would probably be even more perverted whether in terms of their skills, or their mech.

Female dormitories, especially the university ones, were, without a doubt, holy land for many of the male students.

Aina was currently dragging Du Qingqing and Ye Zisu to watch the match.

“You and Zisu can go on, I don’t have much interest in this,” said Du Qingqing.

“Qingqing, this is a group activity, so you must participate. Maybe it’ll even inspire you.”

“Is that so? Wang Zheng’s physique would still inspire me more, though,” teased Du Qingqing.

“It’s a pity he already has an owner. As of now, he’s no longer a tiny plant but a famous one.”

Aina said, “Not you too, Zisu. Just because there’s a goalkeeper present, it doesn’t mean you can’t score a goal. We’re supporting you!”

Ye Zisu was still very calm and indifferent, although was hard to tell whether she was acting or not. She replied, “I have confidence and you’ll see in time.”

“Zisu, you’re definitely holding some kind of hidden ace. Please, tell us honestly what it is!” Du Qingqing exclaimed as she hugged Zisu. Many of the male students didn’t actually know what happened in the female dormitory. Truthfully, the male students were more casual, so the likelihood of them doing this sort of thing while walking down the hallway was even higher.

Ah, what a shock.

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