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Chapter 102: Disarm?

“This sword was forged with an 8000 year old spirit stone and thousand year mysterious iron, because it is ice attributed and its shape is unique, I decided to call it the pear flower sword.”

Lin Mu Yu laughed and said, “I also recasted Zhao Jin’s pear flower spear, the design was the same as this sword, so I did not need a spear and a sword that were so similar.”

Chu Yao’s cheeks turned red, she joyfully said, “Ah Yu, is this pear flower sword really a pair with the pear flower spear?”

“Of course, you think that, if I didn’t have the prairie sword, I would still give you this pear flower sword!”  Lin Mu Yu jokingly said.


Chu Yao was unable to stop touching the sword, she said, “Ah Yu, what grade is this pear flower sword?”

“Level 4 profound grade.”


Chu Yao was shocked, “Level 4 profound grade?  I’ve heard…..profound grade spirit weapons are very expensive, it would cost at least 10000 gold right?”

Saying this, she gave the pear flower sword back and said, “This kind of expensive sword… would be better to sell it right?  Giving me this kind of thing is too much of a waste, it’s enough for me to just use spirit grade weapons……”

Lin Mu Yu couldn’t help but laugh as he said, “Chu Yao jie, what does a trivial level 4 profound grade pear flower sword count for?  If I wanted to, I could make countless pear flower swords…..You keep this, this sword I specially designed for you, how can you not take it?”

“Then, alright…….”

Chu Yao tightly grasped the hilt, she felt her heart tremble, then she said, “Ah Yu, I’ve almost comprehended the sword heart!”



Chu Yao earnestly nodded, then closing her eyes, her body was covered with sword qi, this was truly the preliminary external stages of a sword heart appearing, Lin Mu Yu could not help smile as he said, “Chu Yao jie truly is talented, once you’ve mastered the sword heart then you can communicate with the beast spirit of the pear flower sword.  Once you’ve reached this step, I’ll teach you the four way imperial sword!

“Un, alright!”

Without staying too long, Lin Mu Yu left the Spirit Medicine Department, at this time his body felt incredibly weak, after a night of forging many weapons, the consequences of overspending his battle qi and strength had occurred, without thinking much, he fell down on the stone bed and fell asleep.

Disorientated without know how long had passed, he slowly woke up.

“Ji, ji……”

Opening his eyes and looking around, there was  a gray mouse in the corner staring at Lin Mu Yu, unexpectedly it wasn’t afraid.

Lin Mu Yu that had just awakened found his spiritual sense in full force, the Spiritual Pulse Technique had made his soul power surge forth, that moment was as if his spiritual sense had condensed into a single point, Lin Mu Yu gawked and then guided the gathered spiritual sense, he guided the spiritual sense to attack the mouse in the corner.


The mouse let out only half a cry, his eyes opened wide and then he stood there not moving.


Lin Mu Yu was surprised, he stood up from the bed and walked over to the mouse, lowering his head, he found that the mouse’s soul had flown to heaven, it did not move, finally after 10 seconds, he heard a “ji, ji” sound and the mouse turned and ran for its mouse hole.

“What just happened?”

Lin Mu Yu pondered, thinking about all the things that had just happened, the Spiritual Pulse Technique could gather spiritual sense to attack people, was that the strength of soul power?

Once he thought of this he couldn’t hold back his excitement, quickly washing up and running to the temple, he had to find someone to practice on!

“Sir Lin Zhi!”

Zhang Wei walked over holding a sword, he said with a smile, “You woke up really early!”

“That’s right, Sir Zhang Wei.”  Lin Mu Yu’s heart skipped a beat, he smiled as he said, “Sir Zhang Wei, can I ask for your help for bit.”


“You just stand there and not move.”

“Alright.”  Zhang Wei thought it was funny so he stood there, “I don’t know what kind of mischief you’re up to…..”

Lin Mu Yu did not say anything, his face was very serious, he suddenly channeled the Spiritual Pulse Technique and spiritual sense began to gather at one point in Zhang Wei’s brain. In that moment, but Zhang Wei’s body petrified, but it was very short, it did not even last half a second, he stood there gawking as he said, “What just happened?”

“What did you just feel?”  Lin Mu Yu asked.

Zhang Wei was stunned, he scratched his head as he said, “It was as if my brain had blanked, I do not know what just happened, Sir Lin Zhi, what did you just do?”

“Nothing, nothing…….”  Lin Mu Yu laughed, in his heart he was thinking, when this Spiritual Pulse Technique is used to attack people with strong souls, the effects are weakened, Zhang Wei’s soul strength was obviously much stronger than a mouse’s so the spirit attack only affected him for half a second.  It seemed he had to practice the Spiritual Pulse Technique more before he could use it in actual combat.

That morning, Ge Yang took out the roster to call training pairs, but he did not call Lin Mu Yu or Zhang Wei’s names, Zhang Wei could not help asking, “Deacon Ge Yang, did you forget about me and Sir Lin Zhi?”

Ge Yang laughed and said, “No way, although my brain is getting old, I still wouldn’t forget about you two.  Lin Zhi and Zhang Wei, you two are being sent out on a task this morning.”


Lin Mu Yu stared, after entering the temple he had always been training, he had never been given a task, this was the first time, so he asked, “What task, Grandpa Ge Yang?”

Ge Yang stroked his beard and said with a smile, “Simple, you two will be bringing 50 temple guards to go the ministry of war base to get three month’s ration of spirit weapons, food, soldier’s pay, etc.”


Leaving the training hall, outside there was a group of guards waiting, the so called temple guards were soldiers who carried out the duty of guards for the temple, although these guards were not direct subordinates of the temple, but they did live in the temple all year with the teachers and the sparring masters, currently the temple had around 200 guards that had a decent military strength.

“Sir, the horse carriage is ready and here is the Great Deacon’s written instructions!”

A guard walked forward and gave Lin Mu Yu written instructions from Lei Hong, as if he had deemed Lin Mu Yu as the leader of the team and not Zhang Wei, but Zhang Wei was not angry, he knew he was crude at handling this kind of matter, it was better to leave this kind of task to Lin Mu Yu.

“Let’s go, guide the way.”


Getting on their horses, the large strong group left the temple, Lin Mu Yu and Zhang Wei were wearing the temple battle dress, a heroic air around them, a group walking by like this drew much attention.

At the military base to the north of the Imperial City, when the temple group arrived they found a sea of people, beside the temple group, there were many other armies here waiting to pick up rations, outside the warehouses there were voices of men shouting, horses neighing and horses flying by, it was utter chaos.

Lin Mu Yu knit his brows and said, “What do we do now?”

“Subordinate will submit the paperwork.”  A temple guard said.


Outside the military base, the temple guard rode his horse in, after entering the camp, he came back not before long, his face filled with shame, his hand still holding onto the papers.

“How did it go?”  Lin Mu Yu asked.

The temple guard angrily said, “That bastard quartermaster is making things difficult for us, he told use to continue waiting, the temple could only pick up their supplies after the Divine Battalion.”

“Why?”  Zhang Wei’s temper started to rise, he angrily said, “The Divine Battalion is Marquis Shen’s private army, they should not receive rations from the imperial capital, they actually arranged them before us, doesn’t the ministry of war know that the temple receives rations without orders or limits?”

The guard said in a low voice, “Sir Zhang Wei, it’s definitely because the temple hasn’t provided any benefits to them that they’re intentionally making it hard for us.”

“How unreasonable!”

Zhang Wei raised his blade to charge into the military camp, Lin Mu Yu couldn’t block him in time, he quickly said, “Come, follow me inside!”


He lead several dozen guards to pursue, but when Lin Mu Yu came to the front of the camp he heard a “bang” sound, he saw a person fly out of the tent, blood flowing out his mouth, his chest had a faint trace of burning flames, it was clearly caused by Zhang Wei’s fierce soul fists.

A “Hua la” sound was heard and Zhang Wei walked out of the tent, his martial spirit’s strength was still lingering on his fists, he loudly shouted, “You dog officer, you dare cause trouble for us if we don’t bribe you with gold coins?”

The officer had a buck head and rat eyes, he quickly shouted loudly, “Murder, murder!  The people of the temple want to commit murder in public!”

“You’re still talking!”

Zhang Wei raised his fists to hit, but Lin Mu Yu dismounted and grabbed Zhang Wei’s fist and said, “Calm down first Zhang Wei.”

“This villain, I have to properly teach him today.”  Zhang Wei could not keep down his temper, he angrily shouted, “Why does the Divine Battalion receive their rations before us, it was clear we were here first, what kind of thing is the Divine Battalion, how can they be this arrogant?”

At this time, a cold voice came from the right, “Yo, the temple’s gold star teacher Zhang Wei is truly violent, his temper is even worse, he simply does not know his place!”

Lin Mu Yu looked over, when he noticed the group of mocking Divine Battalion soldiers led by their general walking over, his heart began to worry.”

Taking half a step forward, Lin Mu Yu cupped his hands and said, “These sirs, the temple’s Lin Zhi apologizes to you.”

“Lin Zhi?”

The person that came was an around 30 year old officer, his eyes were bright, he calmly walked over, he was clearly an expert, the corners of his mouth rose and he said, “You are the Lin Zhi who cut off Zhao Jin’s arm?  Really strong and prestigious!”

Lin Mu Yu coldly said, “Sir, Zhang Wei does not mean to offend.  Since the Divine Battalion is to receive their rations first, then please take them!”

This person suddenly smiled and shouted, “Your words are good, but you’ve hit the quartermaster, now you want to walk away?”

“Then what do you plan to do?”

Lin Mu Yu’s eyes were cold, suddenly placing his hands on the prairie sword and lightly saying, “Even if there are less temple people, we aren’t afraid of you.””

This Divine Battalion thousand man commander was not a fool, he moved his hand onto his sabre and shouted, “Come, confiscate this temple group’s rations for me!”

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