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Chapter 103: The God Marquis’ residence attacks

“Dang, dang, dang!”

The surrounding Divine Battalion soldiers drew their swords, each one looking sharp, the surrounding people had already released their martial spirits, beast martial spirits, their martial spirits fused with their weapons as their qi surged forward, showing off their ability.

Zhang Wei lifted his hand to draw the sabre at his waist, the flaming bear martial spirit roared out as his cape swayed in the wind, a wave of energy surged out in all four directions, a look of stubbornness was on the gold star teacher’s face, he shouted at the Divine Battalion’s thousand man commander in a low voice, “Sikong Nan, don’t think that you can act without any regard for authority just because the God Marquis favours you, don’t forget, the temple was permitted by his majesty as a special exception to receiver rations first!”

Sikong Nan laughed, a purple shadow sword appeared in his hands, that was his martial spirit, its strength surged and it was wrapped in strong battle qi.


Lin Mu Yu was silent, looking at Sikong Nan he was slowly understanding the Divine Battalion’s military might, in this group Sikong Nan was the strongest, his cultivation was in the first tier Heaven Realm, there were two third tier Earth Realm Battle Saints, and then a dozen second tier Earth Realm Battle Elders.  Although this was only the tip of the iceberg in terms of God Marquis Zeng Yi Fan’s strength, it was still enough to make people flabbergasted, in an army of a thousand around 50% of them had martial spirits, there were even a few dozen Earth Realm experts, it was no wonder the Divine Battalion with only 5000 people could fight the 30000 imperial guards.

“Confiscate their rations for me!”

Sikong Nan shouted, the battle qi on his sword became stronger.


With everyone’s swords drawn, Lin Mu Yu suddenly pulled out the prairie sword, concentrating his battle qi, the Fire Jiao spirit inside the prairie sword let out a low roar, the roaring flames turned into a wave of heat that swept out in all four directions, directly forcing several Divine Battalion soldiers to step back, they could not resist Lin Mu Yu’s imposing aura.

“We are people of the temple, whoever wants to take out weapons, you are free to try!  If you want to take the weapons of the people of the temple, you’ll have to step over my dead body, otherwise just give up!”

Lin Mu Yu’s eye’s had a cold glare, the green gourd martial spirit came out of his body, forming a barrier over his temple battle dress.

Sikong Nan coldly laughed, “Lin Zhi, with your trivial tenth grade martial spirit you still dare shot it off?  Aren’t you afraid of others laughing at you, come, confiscate their rations for me!”

A group of Divine Battalion soldiers rushed forward, each one of them was holding a long sword, their martial spirits were roaring, in the next second, ten blades of sword qi shot forth together.

“Seeking death!”

Zhang Wei let out a violent roar, his long sword containing the flaming bear martial spirit’s power swept out.

“Zhang Wei, don’t kill anyone!”

Lin Mu Yu let out a low roar as he injected more battle qi into the barrier, in the next second, countless sword qi slammed against the gourd wall, the qi randomly flew with a “xiu, xiu” just like bullets.  At the same time Sikong Nan’s long sword flew out like a poisonous snake, bringing with it a purple lightning bolt, it struck with a “Peng” sound, directly carving a hole in the black turtle shell.

With battle qi rushing nonstop into the barrier, Lin Mu Yu immediately repaired the black turtle shell, at the same time he jumped forward, brandishing the prairie sword as he chopped at Sikong Nan’s neck.


Sikong Nan coldly snorted, his long sword swept out horizontally to block the prairie sword, but Lin Mu Yu’s hand suddenly let loose and the prairie sword shot forward covered in lightning at a strange angle right at Sikong Nan, this move was too fast and too accurate, Sikong Nan couldn’t guard in time.


Sikong Nan’s battle qi barrier dissipated as he moved back a few steps, his eyes flashed with a hint of surprise, but his reaction was fast, his sword suddenly shot up, with a “ding” sound he knocked away the prairie sword, turning to the side, the long sword shot out with a blood red glow as it shot for the nape of Lin Mu Yu’s neck, this was a killing blow.

This sword was fast enough to shock people, but Lin Mu Yu was faster, starlight flashed under his feet, the Falling Star Step instantly displaced him, Sikong Nan’s sword hit thin air and at the same time he saw Lin Mu Yu raise his fist from the distance!


The Demonic Sound Fist shot out battle qi into the crowd, sending three Divine Battalion soldiers flying back, but since Lin Mu Yu did not want to kill anyone here, so he did not use the Demonic Sound Fist to attack their vitals, otherwise no one in this crowd would have been able to dodge.

His raised right hand was still covered in the Demonic Sound Fist energy, then he suddenly raised his left hand, immediately the airborne prairie sword shot out in a fiery explosion right at Sikong Nan.

With the deafening sound of a sword strike, Sikong Nan was forced back several steps, at this moment his heart filled with shock as he said in his heart, “Where did this kid learn this kind of thing, with just his mind, his sword flame spiral could be this overbearing, making Father’s arms fill with numbness like this, he truly is a freak!”

At the side, Zhang Wei was letting his sword techniques fly loose, adding in Lin Mu Yu’s and the temple guard’s attacks, they had already injured around a hundred Divine Battalion soldiers and the temple guards only had around twenty people injured, the blue bricked ground was stained with countless blood stains.

The crowd was becoming larger and larger, it slowly became kill anyone in front of you, but suddenly a voice like muffled thunder rang out, “Everyone stop!”


A golden light shot over, bringing a biting cold feeling, it was the God Binding Lock!

“This is bad!”

Sikong Nan quickly turned around, but the God Binding Lock was already in front of him, he quickly raised his sword to block it.  He was knocked back several steps, blood dripped down the corners of his mouth, but he did not become angry, rather his face filled with respect as he loudly shouted, “Everyone stop!”

Lin Mu Yu also gestured for the temple people to stop, Zhang Wei let out a resentful expression, he still hadn’t fought enough.

At this time, Qin Lei rode his horse over, the Thunder Cleaver Blade was in his hand, behind him was a group of imperial guards, his face hard as he dismounted, he coldly said, “What is happening here?”

Sikong Nan cupped his fists and respectfully said, “Commander Qin, gold star teacher Zhang Wei acted without respect to the authority of the quartermaster department, unexpectedly he even harmed the quartermaster, then in front of my reasoning, he also attacked me!”

Qin Lei fiercely cast a glance at him and said, “Zhang Wei is only in the third tier Earth Realm, would he dare attack someone in the Heaven Realm like you?”

He really did dare attack me…….

Lin Mu Yu secretly pondered for a bit in his heart, he cupped his hands and said, “Commander Qin Lei, it was the fault of the quartermaster first, he made the people of our temple wait for a long time and in the end never gave us our rations, that’s why Sir Zhang Wei acted the way he did, as for Divine Battalion General Sikong Nan, he ordered for our rations to be confiscated.”

“Is that so?”

Qin Lei raised his brows, looking at Sikong Nan, he said, “General Sikong is truly daring, he even dares to confiscate the rations of the temple, as if you already forgotten the emperor’s decree, the rations of the temple, no one can take!”

Saying this, Qin Lei let out a cold smile then he said, “Sikong Nan, if I report this to his majesty, you know what your fate will be right?”

Sikong Nan’s facen instantly turned white, he hurried to kneel on one knee and said, “Commander Qin, why would I do this kind of thing, I respect Sir’s intelligence, this…..this was just a misunderstanding, then again, how would the Divine Battalion dare to offend the temple?

“Then that’s fine.”

Qin Lei raised the Thunder Cleaving Blade, he walked over to the quartermaster step by step, lifting his hand, an invisible strength held the quartermaster down.

His face whitened, as he hurried to beg for mercy, “Command Qin Lei, little one will not dare, from now on he won’t dare!”

Qin Lei lightly smiled, “What kind of thing does this little person not dare to do?  Come, take him away, send him to the Firebird Division for interrogation, bring a officer to the quartermaster’s office, remember for me, if anyone dares to neglect the people of the temple, they will become an enemy of the Qin Family!”

Everyone was in awe, as they saluted one after the other.

Lin Mu Yu and Zhang Wei looked over the injuries of the temple guards, they only suffered minor injuries.  The Divine Battalion wanted to deal with it discreetly, so they did not use crossbows or strong killing weapons, otherwise it wouldn’t have been as simple as suffering light injuries.

“Ah Yu, you recently offended the God Marquis office, you have to be careful!”  Qin Lei was holding the Thunder Cleaver Blade as he stood beside Lin Mu Yu.

“Un, this time I really have to thank Big Brother Qin Lei.”  Lin Mu Yu slightly smiled, “But if the God Marquis people want to harm me, I’m afraid I can’t hide from them either, I can only face it one step at a time.”

“That’s right, my brother Qin Yan also enlisted in the temple for practice, did you see him?”

“Ha, I’ve seen him, Qin Yan’s cultivation is not bad, his personality is also pretty good.”

“Ha, ha, that brat is obsessed with martial arts, but he neglects human interactions, you have to properly instruct him.  Also, the Divine Battalion have acquired their power and influence for a long time, if you can hide then hide, these people are backed by the God Marquis so they don’t put other people in their eyes, if it wasn’t for my father being Ji Ning Wang, I’m afraid today’s encounter would not have ended so simple.”


Before long, the warehouse took out the grain and weapons, loading it one by one onto the carts, and Qin Lei escorted them back to the temple.

Late at night, Lin Mu Yu, Zhang Wei, and the others were all taking part in the temple’s late night training, all the way until the hour of the pig (9-11pm).

“Dong, dong, dong……”

Outside they heard a very intense knocking, as if the person was very anxious.

“Why is it?”

A temple guard went forward, opening the gates they saw a wave of torches and horsemen, under the light, a thousand man commander raised a sword to charge in.  He thrust out his palm and battle qi shot out knocking down the temple guards, then he raised a scroll up high and loudly shouted, “Sikong Nan is here on orders to capture Lin Mu Yu!”


Zhang Wei raised his blade to walk out from inside the training hall, behind him were several other teachers and a group of temple guards.

“Sikong Nan, what do you think you’re doing!?”

After seeing Sikong Nan’s face under the torch, Zhang Wei went into an uncontrollable rage.

Sikong Nan shook the scroll in his hand and said, “Divine Battalion has investigated openly and in secret, we have confirmed that the temple gold star sparring master Lin Zhi is the same Lin Mu Yu who killed the defender of Silver Fir City, our evidence is solid, someone take him away!”

“You dare!”

Zhang Wei let out a low roar, his martial spirit already appeared.

“Someone come!”

Sikong Nan’s face paled and he lightly said, “Archers!”

Behind him, over a hundred archers pulled on their bow strings, the sharp arrowheads coldly glowed under the torch light.

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