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Chapter 104: Showdown on temple grounds

“Heavy shields!”

With Zhang Wei’s low roar, a dozen temple guards move to the front with heavy shields.

Sikong Nan let out a cold laugh, “Fire the arrows!”

“Xiu, xiu, xiu……”


Cold bright lights flew forward one after the other, slamming on the heavy shields, at the same time temple guards miserably fell down on the ground with a snort, blood instantly flowed on the blue tiled floor.

Zhang Wei jumped out in front of the heavy shields, the sound of a sword flying out was heard!


The body of two archers was penetrated as they were nailed onto the temple gates.

“Zhang Wei!”

Sikong Nan let out a roar, holding his blade as he flew over, battle qi covered his armor, spinning his arm, several swords appeared.  But Zhang Wei was unarmed, he could only fend off the swords with his fierce sword fist, after a single round, both of his arms were scarred, the disparity between their strength was too much.  One was in the Earth Realm, the other was in the Heaven Realm, it was not even a contest.


The arrows of the Divine Battalion were too accurate, an arrow shot right into Zhang Wei’s arm, injuries upon injuries.  Sikong Nan roared as he raised his sword to sweep through the shield line, it was a sight too horrible to watch.

But right at this moment, a person’s outline flew out of the inner hall as a blue light shined out in all directions.

Lin Mu Yu in a rage had shot a devil sound blade from afar to save Zhang Wei, in the night, the devil sound blade let out a whistling sound as it flew for Sikong Nan’s neck, this was a killing blow!


Sikong Nan was a Heaven Realm expert so his vigilance was high, he already noticed the devil sound blade before it could reach him, he lowered his head and with a “keng” sound, a large part of his iron helmet was sliced off.

Lin Mu Yu sped over, using the falling star step to appear in front of the temple guards, the gourd wall condensed in his hands, with a “Deng, deng, deng” sound, the arrows were all deflected.  At the same time, his right palm gently rose and lightning shot out of his fingers, the prairie sword was rotating two meters away, covered in flames!


The power of the lightning sent the fire imperial sword flying forward.

Sikong Nan knew how strong is was, he quickly retreated, his boots fiercely stepping against the blue tiled floor as he anxiously spun, pushing himself to the limit to avoid the spinning sword attack.  The prairie sword flew by the armour on his chest slicing through it, with a “peng” sound it slammed into the crowd of archers behind him, in a flash three people had already perished.


Sikong Nan maintained his posture, his hands were holding him up from behind him, his face was livid, “Lin Mu Yu, you reckless scoundrel!  Come, cavalry charge!”

From the outside loud hoofbeats could be heard, in the next minute, over a hundred Divine Battalion Cavalry had crashed into the temple.  In their hands were three meter long iron spears and surrounding each spear was the power of a martial spirit.

Zhang Wei seeing this quickly said, “Sir Lin Zhi be careful, the Divine Battalion black armor cavalry is regarded as the number one heavy cavalry under the heavens!”

Lin Mu Yu knew that they were strong, but he had no choice, if he dodged, the low cultivation guards and teachers behind him would be slaughtered by the Divine Battalion.  Since Sikong Nan had come with his so called “evidence”, he would have fully prepared for this, so even if the temple guards and teachers die they would die in vain, their deaths would be justified with the charges.

“Weng, weng, weng……”

The gourd wall protecting his body slowly spread out, the demon sound blade was still rotating in the air, Lin Mu Yu gripped the prairie sword in his hand.  Both his hands gripped the sword, in front a dozen cavalry had charged over, the moment they got close their iron spears shot out at the gourd wall, the might of several hundred kilogram warhorse and rider body weight adding in the high speed charge, it was too terrifying to imagine.

“Peng, peng, peng……”

The black tortoise shell was quickly broken through, Lin Mu Yu dodged away from the spear of a cavalry and he quickly cut him down with the prairie sword, quickly turning his body, his battle qi suddenly rose and he cut down another one.  His back was hit with an iron spear, moreover it was a cavalry riding a horse hitting him, using his full strength!


The hit knocked Lin Mu Yu onto the ground, he lifted his head to see two more cold glows shooting right at him, instantly the battle qi barrier protecting him collapsed, he didn’t even have time to react, he raised his hand and shouted in a low voice, “Binding Roots!”

Green vines sprouted from the blue tiled floor, entwining around the cavalry’s horse’s feet, making them slam into each other, but this did matter since more cavalry charged in from outside.

“Arrest Lin Mu Yu, it’s fine if you kill him!”  Sikong Nan was loudly shouting from within his army, he already knew that it was unlikely to take Lin Mu Yu alive.

Knowing he can’t win, but he wasn’t allowed to lose!

Lin Mu Yu forced out his battle qi and steeled his heart, suddenly his body slightly bent forward, his right fist was covered in a blood red energy, the dozen Divine Battalion cavalry that was rushing forward were all blown away with a single fist!

First Luminary Mortal Turmoil!


The sound didn’t stop, the dozen cavalry members were all dead or injured, the horses on the ground were whinnying.

“No…..No way…….”

Zhang Wei looked on dumbfounded with a group of other teachers, they knew how strong the Divine Battalion’s heavy cavalry’s charge was, unexpectedly Lin Mu Yu could massacre a group of this cavalry with only a single blow, this was only something that people with a Saint Realm cultivation could achieve!

At this time, Lin Mu Yu’s body was covered in injuries, there were two arrows stuck in his arm, on his shoulder was the mark left from 7-8 spear piercing him, these attacks had pierced through his skin and muscles, but they could not hurt his bones.  The Dragonforged tome had turned his bones into indestructible dragon bones, they would not be vulnerable.

But right at this time, an imposing aura fell down on him, instantly making it hard for Lin Mu Yu to move his body.

“You bold felon, you still dare to stubbornly resist?”

A cold voice rang out, Lin Mu Yu’s body was covered in blood as he raised his head up to see in front of him.

Under the torch light, a fragile bodied person slowly walked across the blue tiled floor, each step seemed to deepen the pressure.  Lin Mu Yu felt as if he was tied down by a wire screen, no way to move.

“Pu, pu…….”

Two arrows shot right into his chest and he felt intense pain.

Lin Mu Yu wanted to resist, but he didn’t have the strength to do so.

“It’s the God Marquis…….The God Marquis is here……”

The group of teachers stared on dumbfoundedly, there were even several people who immediately kneeled down and respectfully shouted, “We greet the God Marquis……”

Zeng Yi Fan, he had the highest reputation in the kingdom’s army, in the hearts of the soldiers he was a god like existence, he was placed even higher than the king.

Zhang Wei clenched his armoured hand, even though he was injured he still went forward, standing in front of Lin Mu Yu to block him, his eyes stared at Zeng Yi Fan as he said, “God Marquis, if you want words nicely say them…….Sir Lin Zhi is definitely not a criminal!”

Zeng Yi Fan lightly laughed, “Zhang Wei, how do you know he’s not?”

This one sentence asked to Zhang Wei made him freeze in place.


Zeng Yi Fan’s voice was soft as he said, “Put Lin Mu Yu into a cage for me!”

Several Divine Battalion soldiers walked forward, using a strange wire rope to tie up Lin Mu Yu’s hands and feet, he was completely unable to move.

“Take him away.”

Zeng Yi Fan flicked his sleeve, he wanted to leave like this.

But at this time, another imposing aura filled the area, Lei Hong had walked out of the main hall, his voice was loud and clear, “Brother Zeng, we haven’t seen each other in a while, how could you come to temple and not come to greet me?”

Zeng Yi Fan turned around with a smile, “It’s Brother Lei Hong, actually this time I came for an unimportant matter, I just came to arrest a little brat, since he is a member of your temple, then since I’m here I should offer a greeting.”

“Did Brother Zeng say that Lin Zhi is Lin Mu Yu?”

Lei Hong lightly smiled as he said, “Even if he is…..this doesn’t really matter, but Lin Mu Yu was someone that Princess Xi of the Seven Seas Tang Family has entrusted to the temple, his body carries the Tang Family’s Iron Command, Brother Zeng, I’m afraid I can’t let you take him away today.”

“Is that so?”

Zeng Yi Fan stared at Lei Hong, he did not make any moves, but the blue tiles under his feet exploded one of the other, an invisible terrifying aura spread into the surroundings, soaring right at Lei Hong!”


The invisible force exploded in front of Lei Hong, he slowly made his move, his hands were still behind his back, he eyes still had a happy expression in them as his own aura shot out.

Two great Saint Masters were having a showdown with their domains, everyone stared on in fear.  The teachers stared on dumbfoundedly, they knew that God Marquis Zeng Yi Fan was skilled in military tactics, he was the god of the empire’s army, but they did not know that Zeng Yi Fan’s personal strength was this strong, he was able to evenly contend with Lei Hong!

“Everyone move away!”

Lei Hong suddenly loudly shouted out, Zhang Wei took advantage of this to grab the bound Lin Mu Yu, bringing him back into the main hall.  The Divine Battalion soldiers behind Zeng Yi Fan also moved back, they didn’t want to be caught in the crossfire.

“Pa, pa, pa…….”

Under the pressure of the domains, the walls of the surrounding halls began to flake and crumble, the aura in the air slammed against each other, wrestling with each other, just like two armies clashing, just like water spiraling down the basin.  The space of the main area slowly began to distort from the clash between the two experts.


A loud sound rang out and the aura shot out into the surroundings.

Zeng Yi Fan’s body slightly trembled, his face pale as he said, “Brother Lei Hong’s cultivation is truly deep……”

Lei Hong’s complexion was also pale as he lightly said, “Brother Zeng has truly hidden his strength well.”

At this time, a loud voice rang out from outside, there was only a single person in a white robe, his hand held onto a long sabre as he walked in, his face was full of anxiety, it was none other than Feng Ji Xing.

“Great Deacon…..”  When he saw Lei Hong’s condition his heart dropped, he had never seen Lei Hong this weakened before.

Zeng Yi Fan coldly said, “What is Commander Feng Ji Xing here for?”

Feng Ji Xing cupped his hands and said, “God Marquis, an urgent message had been sent over from Silver Fir City, in addition to the ambiguous evidence that Chu Huai Sheng of the Imperial Guard had obtained before, there is now proof that the death of Hua Tian was his own fault.  His majesty has already pardoned Lin Mu Yu and this is a special order that his majesty personally wrote!”

Zeng Yi Fan did not even look at it before turning around to leave, he then said, “Commander Feng is truly capable……”

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