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Chapter 105: Still haven’t seen enough

Looking at Zeng Yi Fan leading the Divine Battalion away, Feng Ji Xing finally relaxed, he turned and asked, “Great Deacon, are you alright?”

Lei Hong’s face looked extremely bad, he suddenly spit out a mouthful of blood and the gray hair on his head turned white.

“Great Deacon!”

Zhang Wei and the others quickly rushed over.


Lin Mu Yu broke out of the beast lock and grabbed Lei Hong’s arm as he said, “Grandpa Lei Hong, are you alright?”

Lei Hong’s face looked bad as he said, “Everyone had always thought that the empire’s two Saint Realm Experts were me and Qu Chu, I’m afraid…….perhaps the strongest Saint Realm Expert in the kingdom is Zeng Yi Fan……”

Feng Ji Xing said, “Is Zeng Yi Fan really that strong?”


Lei Hong nodded his head and a smile appeared on his face, he looked at Lin Mu Yu as he said, “Ah Yu, since his majesty has already pardoned you and Chu Yao of your crimes, you can now use your true identity in the temple and Imperial City.”

Lin Mu Yu nodded his head, “Un!  Thank you Grandpa Lei Hong, also thank you Big Brother Feng!”

Feng Ji Xing hesitantly nodded his head and said, “This kind of thing isn’t that important, how about……I’ll go ask for an audience with his majesty and ask his majesty about bestowing upon you the status of an Imperial Guard, like this if the God Marquis Palace wants to move against you, they would still have to think twice about it, how about that?”

“Can you do that?”  Lin Mu Yu didn’t reject him.

Lei Hong shook his head at the side, “You can’t, Ah Yu is a rising star for our temple, how can we just give him the Imperial Guards, not possible, no matter what you say I won’t agree to it.”

Feng Ji Xing couldn’t help but smile, “Great Deacon truly is persistent……”

Before long, a group of medics had come from the Spirit Medicine Department to treat the temple members, as a result Chu Yao had also come, when she saw the heavily injured Lin Mu Yu, her eyes turned red.

“What happened here?”  She asked as she helped Lin Mu Yu apply the medicine.

Lin Mu Yu was sitting on a stone in the temple ground, wincing from the pain, smiling as he said, “Chu Yao jie, we no longer need to hide ourselves anymore, his majesty has pardoned us of our crime.”

“Oh, really?”  Chu Yao was smiling with joy, then she became depressed as she said, “Ah Yu, you’re always fighting and killing, look at yourself, your body is already covered in scabs like this?  Promise me you’ll fight less from now on, okay?”

“Un, as long as no one provokes me, I won’t provoke anyone.”


At the side, Zhang Wei was being treated by another medic from the Spirit Medicine Department as he looked at them, smiling as he said, “Sir Lin Mu Yu truly has luck with love, he has such a beautiful doctor to help treat his injuries, moreover the two of them seem to be a perfect match.”

Chu Yao’s pretty face turned completely red, staring at Zhang Wei as she said, “You’re this spirited even though you suffered such a serious injury, it seems like you won’t need any medicine to recover.”

Zhang Wei begged for mercy, “Please don’t, if my injuries aren’t treated with medicine then they’ll be inflamed and begin to rot.”

“Humph, it’ll be a good lesson for you to talk less!”  Chu Yao smiled as she coldly said this sentence.

Zhang Wei looked like he was about to hand over his soul as he said, “Sir Lin Mu Yu, if I had such a great elder sister, then I would definitely take her as my wife, how could such a country destroying beautiful elder sister be given to anyone else!”

Chu Yao’s face became even redder, “You’re still talking!”

Lin Mu Yu sat at the side, staring at Chu Yao’s beauty, he felt a bit moved, but he knew that he didn’t belong to this world, perhaps he would be leaving soon, if he couldn’t bring Chu Yao with him, why would he break her heart like this?

But this little brat didn’t know, this beautiful woman’s heart had already be thrown into chaos by him.

He rested for the night, his injuries were too serious so he could only lie down and practice the Dragonforged Tome and the Spiritual Pulse Technique.

Lying down on his bed, looking at the starry sky from the hole in the secret room, Lin Mu Yu eyes were wide open, the Spiritual Pulse Technique’s spiritual energy surged out in waves.  This Spiritual Pulse Technique was truly mysterious, it could condense spiritual energy to directly attack people’s souls, but it required one to be concentrated.  When Zeng Yi Fan had stepped onto the temple grounds, Lin Mu Yu had tried to attack him with the Spiritual Pulse Technique, but unfortunately he failed, Zeng Yi Feng’s soul was stronger than his, and his domain was stronger.  If he wanted to use the Spiritual Pulse Technique on someone, it required him to have a stronger cultivation than them.

Moreover today’s battle gave Lin Mu Yu a look at the strength of the Saint Realm, Heaven Realm experts choosing to fight Saint Realm experts was nothing but seeking death.  Because once the enemy’s domain opened, the Heaven Realm expert would not be able to move, unable to do anything.

But how far was the Saint Realm?  No one knew.

After Lin Mu Yu had stepped into the Heaven Realm first tier, he had been halted at the 60th level unable to advance forward.  Cultivation was not easy, there were thresholds everywhere.  Feng Ji Xing, Qin Lei, and the others have been stuck in the Heaven Realm first tier, unable to advance day after day, these kind of experts were everywhere.  Lei Hong, Qu Chu, and the other have been stuck in the Saint Realm first tier for over ten years, unable to step forward.

Late in the night, Ze Tian Palace.

An elegant palace maid was lying on top of the white jade bed, at the side there was a drawing board, the ruler Qin Jin was holding a brush, he was drawing the beautiful and graceful outline of the beautiful woman.

Although Qin Jin was the emperor, but he was also called “excellent” by the common people, he was good at calligraphy and painting, it was reported that the emperor had ordered people to take his landscape paintings out to sell, each one sold highly.

But the graceful girl on the drawing board was completely different from the elegant girl, everything between the eyebrows was completely different, this picture was not like her, instead it could be Qin Jin’s artistic charm.


The door suddenly opened, Qin Yin walked in step by step, seeing the Qin Jin standing behind the drawing board, he suddenly smiled, “Royal Father was drawing Queen Mother…..”

Qin Jin stared, he could not help but smile, “Xiao Yin, why are you still not asleep?”

“I can’t sleep, so I came to see Royal Father.”

“Quickly go to sleep, how can a girl be staying up this late?”  Qin Jin waved his hand, signaling the palace girl to leave.

Qin Yin slightly smiled, “Royal Father, did I grow up to look like Queen Mother that much?”

“Un, you look exactly the same.”

Qin Jin had a charmed look as he looked out the window, then he said, “After she left, Royal Father has given everything to you, come, let Royal Father comb your hair, after you can go to sleep.”


Qin Yin obediently sat down in front of the bronze mirror, taking off the princess crown from her head, the pitch black water flowing hair fell down, Qin Jin picked up the silver comb, seeing his daughter’s appearance in the mirror he couldn’t help but tremble, charmed as he said, “After all these years, if I could see her just once more that would be fine, I would trade everything in this world just to see her once…..”

Qin Yin’s eyes turned red, “Royal Father……”

Qin Jin slowly combed his daughter’s hair, his face had a spoiled look as he said, “My Xiao Yin is growing up…….When you were still small, I was always thinking about how long Royal Father can be by your side, but Xiao Yin has grown up this fast, she’s about to marry…….Xiao Yin will have someone other than Royal Father by your side to spoil you and love you.”

Tears filled Qin Yin’s eyes, she closed her eyes, but the tears would not stop.

Qin Yin’s palms shook, he kept saying his thought aloud, “Time is passing too fast, in a single blink of an eye you’ve grown this big, with no idea how it happened, Royal Father……Royal Father still hasn’t see you enough and you’ve grown old enough to get married……”

Qin Yin’s shoulders began to quiver, “Royal Father, Royal Father……Don’t say anymore, I won’t marry anyone.”

Qin Jin could not help by smile, “Stop speaking nonsense, even if you’re a princess you need to marry someone, otherwise who’ll inherit our Qin bloodline?  Royal Father is only a little emotional…..Xiao Yin, the family’s younger generation, who are you the most pleased with?”

Qin Yin just gawked, she wiped away her tear and said, “I’m still small, I don’t want to marry anyone, Royal Father don’t ask me again, Xiao Yin still doesn’t want to marry.

“Still saying nonsense, Qin Lei, Qin Yan, as well as Zhen Nan Wang’s sons, whoever you like, Royal Father will arrange a wedding.  You are already 20 years old, your Queen Mother was already married to me when she was 20 years old……”

“I won’t marry, let’s wait another few years.”  Qin Yan said with red eyes, “I don’t like anyone that Royal Father mentioned, I want to stay with Royal Father a few more years, alright?”

“Silly Xiao Yin…..”Qin Jin sighed.

At this time, a sound rang out from outside, “Your Majesty, Imperial Guard Feng Ji Xing requests a meeting.”

“Let him come in then!”


Quickly the door opened and Feng Ji Xing came in, he kneeled and cupped his hands as he said, “This lowly commander has seen Your Majesty.”

Qin Yin had a slight smile, “For Commander Feng to come this late, it must be something important right?”

Feng Ji Xing nodded his head and said, “Your Majesty, half an hour ago, God Marquis had lead 3000 Divine Battalion cavalry to attack the temple.”


Qin Jin trembled and said, “How is this possible, the God Marquis Palace and the Temple are both under the Empire, how can they fight?  What happened in the end Commander Feng?”

Feng Ji Xing said, “After this lowly commander came the battle had already stopped, both sides had a dozen people injured.  Moreover the reason for the battle was because the God Marquis wanted to kill Lin Mu Yu, so in the end this lowly commander ask Your Majesty to induct Lin Mu Yu into the Imperial Guard.”

“Oh?”  Qin Jin frowned as he said, “What kind of person is this Lin Mu Yu, to be able to make Commander Feng recommend him like this?”

Feng Ji Xing raised his head and said, “According to my knowledge, Lin Mu Yu is a thousand year genius of martial arts, such a person should be useful to the empire, we can’t let the God Marquis kill him, so I hope Your Majesty can approve Lin Mu Yu’s entry into the Imperial Guard!”

At the side, the corner to Qin Yin’s mouth trembled as she said, “Royal Father, you should just approve it ok?”

With his daughter saying this, Qin Yin did not have the heart to say no, so he said, “Alright, I’ll write the decree immediately, specially approving Lin Mu Yu to join the Imperial Guard, Commander Feng, I’ve trouble you.”

“This lowly commander thanks Your Majesty!”

After saying this, Feng Ji Xing raised his head to look at Qin Jin and said in a low voice, “Your Majesty, the God Marquis is getting bolder and bolder, they even dare move against the temple, how should we take care of them?  This lowly commander thinks, if necessary, we can recall the 100000 men army from the Cangnan province to Imperial Capital……to take care of this problem personally!”

Qin Jin took a deep breath and said, “Zeng Yi Fan is one the pillars of the empire, over half of the military officers with the post of Commander were all former subordinates of Zeng Yi Fan, as long as he doesn’t become too excessive we’ll let him go.  Besides we need Zeng Yi Fan to deal with the Northern Desert and the Southern Barbarians if war breaks out, isn’t that right Commander Feng?”


Feng Ji Xing knit his eyebrows.

“No buts, go back and rest Commander Feng, you can take the imperial decree tomorrow morning.”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

He turned and left the Ze Tian Palace, starlight shined against Feng Ji Xing’s white cape.

His hand was on his sword hilt, silently raising his head to look up at the sky, then slowly walking down the lonely stone paved road, under the starlight, his figure was a lonely one.

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