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Chapter 108: Who will decide their fate?

Riding atop their horses, they slowly rode them past Tian Street.

The pedestrians walking on the street looked on with awe.  In the eyes of the common folk, the white battle dress worn by them was considered as a symbol of strength so many people moved out of the way for them.

Lin Mu Yu frowned and said in a low voice, “Do the common people fear us?”

Wei Chou gave an awkward smile, “Yes, but also no…..”


“What do you mean?”

Wei Chou said, “The Imperial Guards is the greatest contributor to the safety of the Imperial Capital and the 7000 people that make up the army are known throughout the empire as impregnable, but……On normal days, when the imperial guards are free, they sometimes threaten the common folk.  Commander Qin Lei is too busy to deal with this and also can’t take the time to take care of it.”

Lin Mu Yu knit his brows and continued leading his horse forward.

A stand in front of them shook and very quickly a woman’s cry came from a white walled house.  A “squeaking” sound rang out as the front door opened.  They saw thirty women in rags being escorted out by guards.  Each one had an ashy face and their eyes lacked any light.

“Walk faster, you cheap whore!”

A guard used the sword hilt to pound down on one of the girl’s shoulder and he knocked her onto the ground.  She raised her head to give an angry look at the guard but did not say a word.

Lin Mu Yu instantly froze.  This girl’s eyes was just like Xiang Xiang’s!

“What’s happening?”

Lin Mu Yu directed his horse over, he had already drawn out the prairie sword.  The long sword quickly shot over and with a “keng” sound, it broke the sword the guard was holding.

“Who dares?  Who are you?!”  The guard quickly turned around, but once he saw the hundred man commander symbol on Lin Mu Yu’s collar, he quickly said respectfully, “Seen…..I’ve seen the commander.”

“What’s happening with these women?”  Lin Mu Yu lightly said.

The guard stared and said, “Commander, this is an orphanage……These women are camp women, little on was leading them back to the Imperial Guard barracks to take care of daily tasks……”

Behind him, Wei Chou followed him and said, “Commander, these are camp women…..”

“What are camp women?”  Lin Mu Yu asked.

“Camp women, camp women are……”  Wei Chou seemed to have some difficulty as he clenched his teeth and said, “Camp women are clothes washers, they take care of washing clothes in the barracks, other than that……Camp women are in charge of taking care of the desires of the soldiers, so Commander…..”

Lin Mu Yu stared at the girls in front of him.  Every one of them had dead eyes and there were even some very young ones, but their bodies were already covered in scars.  A fire of anger lit up in the bottom his heart as he lifted his hand to gesture with the prairie sword and said, “Someone detain him for me.  Come, let’s go into the orphanage together.  I want to see what kind of place the orphanage is!”

“Commander…..”  Wei Chou quickly tried to stop him, “The camp women are a tradition passed down from War God Wei Tian’s era, we can’t…..We can’t go against military customs!”

Lin Mu Yu’s heart felt pain.  He clenched his teeth and said, “Wei Chou, are you willing to watch this suffering continue?  If you can’t, then come with me.”

“Yes, Commander!”

The ten Imperial Guards rushed forward with their horses and rode up to the main gate of the orphanage.  Inside the gate, the guards were staring at which Imperial Guards had come to trouble them.  Each one of them stared blankly as they stood there.

This was a large yard and not far away, the miserable screaming of young girls could be heard.

Lin Mu Yu went forward and kicked down a large door at the side.  He saw a fat man bending over the body of young wriggling girl.

“Who is it?!”  The fat man’s face turned and he shouted, “You dare to interrupt bad father’s good deed, seeking death!”

The didn’t even look at who it was, the naked man just grabbed a sabre from the side and his martial spirit appeared on the sabre.  This man’s martial skills were not low.  It didn’t matter that he was fat, he was quite fast.

Lin Mu Yu got off from the horse and he used his sword’s edge to hit the opponent’s sabre.  He turned his body and he brought the fat man out with him.

The minute he brought him out, Lin Mu Yu’s body exploded with battle qi.  The pressure from the prairie sword forced the fatty to sink into the ground.  He turned around and kicked, a strong battle qi enveloped his shoes.  With a “peng” sound, the kick landed on the back of the fatty’s head.  Under the might of this attack, his fat couldn’t protect him as he was sent flying into the wall.  The blue bricks were sent flying all around as the true qi covering the fatty dissipated and he fainted.

The surrounding people stared on in a daze as they stood there.  A young guard muttered, “Sir Zhao had a cultivation in the second tier Earth Realm and was defeated in a single move, this man from the Imperial Guard is truly strong……”

Lin Mu Yu turned his head to look back into the room.  The girl was just sitting on the bed, silently weeping in pain.

He slowly entered the room and he used the white battle dress he wore to cover the girl’s bottom as he said, “Don’t cry, it’s all over now.”

The young girl threw the white battle dress onto the ground.  Her eyes were filled with despair as a pair of bloodshot eyes stared at him and said, “Don’t be so hypocritical.  All of you army men are all bastards, you’re all bastards!”

Lin Mu Yu stood there in a daze.  He didn’t explain anything and turned to close the door.

Outside there was some noise and another group of guards came in.  There was an one thousand man commander with them who had a pale face as he said, “What happened, just what happened here?”

A guard said, “Commander Man Jin, earlier Sir Zhao was having some “fun” with one of the camp women and these Imperial Guards rushed in and beat up Sir Zhao!”


Man Jin angrily looked and Lin Mu Yu and said, “What kind of person are you, don’t you know the customs?  Attacking the orphanage is like attacking the royal army, does your so called Imperial Guards understand that?”

“Can this place be considered part of the army?”

Lin Mu Yu knit his brows and his body was covered in battle qi.  His martial spirit had already been released and he was filled with killing intent.  He looked at the soldiers and each word he said was said through clenched teeth, “You treat women as tools, in other words you don’t treat people as people.  If you act like this, even if you treat yourselves as a part of the army, if this Qin Empire trusts you to guard it, I’m afraid it would be ripped apart to pieces!”

“You!  You……”

Man Jin’s face filled with anger, but he could tell from Lin Mu Yu’s powerful battle qi, he was not a match for this Imperial Guard.  He drew his sword and said, “Spearmen, surround him for me.  Father doesn’t care if he’s an Imperial Guard or any kind of soldier.  If he dares interfere with my orphanage then I, Man Jin will definitely send you to the judicial office!”


Lin Mu Yu’s mouth turned into a smile, he actually took the initiative to provoke them.  Behind him was a group of naked girls, these girls were slaves “collected” from different regions.  Were their only purpose to use their bodies to please the soldiers of the army?”


Man Jin loudly shouted and a group of long spearmen surrounded them.

The people that Lin Mu Yu brought with him weren’t herbivores.  Wei Chou gave a roar and drew out his sword, his true qi turned into sword qi as it swept through the crowd.  Instantly 7-8 spear heads were chopped off by him.  It seemed like anyone who could be selected for the Imperial Guards weren’t weak.

The other Imperial Guards drew out their sword and mounted their horse in preparation to charge out.

The soldiers outside began to grow.  The symbol on that person’s shoulders shined out, even Lin Mu Yu could recognize that Man Jin was an one thousand man commander of the Imperial Guard Army.

“Weng, weng……”

His finger gently rose and he remotely controlled the flaming prairie sword.  As he prepared to attack, Lin Mu Yu lightly said, “Commander Man Jin, Imperial Guard Commander Feng Ji Xing is my big brother so I do not want to cause strain on our relation.  If you know what I mean then call off your men, otherwise don’t blame me for being impolite!”

Man Jin was after all a thousand man commander, how could he bear this kind of humiliation?  He raised his long sword and shouted, “Why are you talking that much?  Attack!”

A crowd of long spearman charged in, they came forward from all four directions.

Lin Mu Yu saw everything clearly as his left hand swept across.  Instantly his gourd martial spirit formed the gourd wall and the spears bounced off with a “dang, dang, dang” sound.  His right hand controlled the prairie sword to attack and the sword changed into a ball of fire as it swept forward.  Bringing a low whooshing as it swept across with the power of the fire dragon sword spirit, it roared as it swept across a group of spearman.  Afterwards, the spearmen were screaming as they tried to fight the fire.


Man Jin roared and his long sword turned into three glows as it chopped forward, his martial spirit gave a long hiss!

A strong general with weak soldiers.  Once Man Jin attacked, one could see that he wasn’t weak.

But Lin Mu Yu was stronger and he was stronger by quite a bit!

His left hand swept across the horse’s back and the sparkling pear flower spear appeared in his hand.  With only a gentle shake, the spearhead shot out to meet Man Jin’s blade.


There was a sharp collision sound and Man Jin felt his arm freeze.  He saw a beast spirit condense on the pear flower spear.  This was the refined 11000 year old Frost Qilin spirit!


The spear spirit flashed forward and sharp claws of the Frost Qilin swept across Man Jin’s armour creating snowflakes.  Man Jin was forced back several steps and his face was filled with shock.  His body was filled with a numb sensation as the frost climbed up his skin.  He had instantly lost in terms of battle strength, but the Earth and Heaven Realm were completely different, it couldn’t be blamed on him.


Man Jin’s face was filled with amazement and the surround Imperial Guards all stopped.  Everyone knew that it was impossible for them to even deal with this young Imperial Guard.


The fight didn’t even last two minutes before it stopped, but the bloodstains on the ground were proof the battle had occurred.

Wei Chou held his blood soaked sword and said with a solemn expression, “Commander, we’ve offended the Imperial Guard patrol.  We’re in a lot of trouble, what should we do?”

Lin Mu Yu’s eyes fell on the woman trapped inside the orphanage.  There were over 200 people.  He frowned and asked, “Wei Chou, I leave like this, what will happen to these women?”

Wei Chou stared and said, “Their destiny will be the same.”

“Then if I let them go, what will happen?”

“They will receive their freedom, but commander, you……will probably offend the military.”

“Then I will let them go……”

Lin Mu Yu let out a light sigh and said, “Any responsibilities, I will be the one who takes care of it.”

“Yes, Commander……”

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  1. What a man. I don’t think he was against the notion of slavery but to disregard them as people is crossing his bottom line. If they were slaves but we’re treated with some respect and not used as sleeves then he might not have gone this far.

  2. It definitly sounds like like it’s better for the girls to set them free, but I also feel like a large part of them will just fall back into brothels as they have nothing (no family, money or skills)

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