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Chapter 124: The two lovers

The moonlight shined on the capital’s Rain Listening Pavilion while the relaxing sounds of a zither rang out.  The melodious fluctuations and the slow rhythm seemed like it was telling the audience what was in this young girl’s mind.

Chu Huai Sheng blankly stood in front of the curtain, listening like he was hypnotize.  He began thinking about all the effort he had spent over the years, training under the moonlight and he couldn’t help sighing in his heart.  It was as if this song could penetrate into his mind and caress the softest places deep down in his heart.  Up until now, everything he had done seemed useless. His grandfather had been killed and Chu Yao had come to the capital, it had all seemed like dream.  What was he chasing?  Was it the peak of martial arts?

Then he gave a gentle sigh.  Where was the peak of martial arts?

Before long, the melody was finished.


The curtain slowly opened and a maid smiled as she said, “Sir Chu Huai Sheng, the young miss is asking you to come in for a chat!”

Chu Huai Sheng was extremely flattered and nodded, “Alright!”

An Imperial Guard at his side patted his shoulder as he smiled and said, “Go, go.  Young miss Zeng Xiang wanting to see you could be considered a blessing!  To be honest, even I am a little jealous of you!”

Chu Huai Sheng gave an embarrassed smile and entered into the courtyard.  There was a beautiful young girl sitting in front of a zither and a pair of beautiful eyes stared deeply at him.  This was no one else other than the Divine Marquis Zeng Yi Fan’s daughter – Zeng Xiang!

“Sir Chu, please sit!”  Zeng Xiang revealed a faint smile as she ordered, “Give Sir Chu some tea.”


A maid slowly walked over and poured a cup of tea for Chu Huai Sheng.

“Sir Chu, what did you think of this young girl’s melody?”  Zeng Xiang smiled while showing faint dimples as she asked this question.

Chu Huai Sheng was a little absent minded as he quickly said, “This melody is divine, rarely heard in this world.  Young miss Zeng Xiang, why did you ask to see me?  I……I am but a lowly Imperial Guard.”

Zeng Xiang laughed and said, “Does Sir Chu remember the sword fighting tournament three years ago?  You were shining after defeating over ten experts before finally losing to Feng Ji Xing, it was truly a pity.  This girl was by the stage at that time and had personally witnessed Sir Chu’s heavenly talent.”

Chu Huai Sheng couldn’t help turning red with embarrassment, “That was only some insignificant skills, it could not compare with young miss Zeng Xiang’s zither skills at all.”

Zeng Xiang gently smiled, “Out of the outstanding people in the capital city, Feng Ji Xing and Qin Lei are unsurpassed in terms of martial arts, but they do not have the right temperament.  It is only Sir Chu that is talented in all fields.  Today I have invited Sir Chu here to let you help guide this young miss in terms of the zither!”

“I don’t dare.”

Chu Huai Sheng cupped his hands in a terrified manner and said, “How could this subordinate possibly guide the young miss.  I have lived in the capital all these years and to me, young miss Zeng Xiang’s zither skills are unsurpassed.  Perhaps only her highness Yin’s Orchid Goose Ballad could compare with your skills.”

“He, he, it’s Xiao Yin……”

Zeng Xiang covered her lips as she laughed and said, “It’s not strange if it’s her.  Xiao Yin is very intelligent and has good perception, her skills are far above mine already.  That’s right, Sir Chu, I heard that your little sister Chu Yao is also in the capital city, right?”

“That’s right.”

Chu Huai Sheng said, “Young miss, why are you asking about Ah Yao?”

Zeng Xiang’s eyes turned a little dark, “Sir Chu should also know that the contradiction God Marquis Palace and the Imperial Guards are growing deeper and my father and little brother are filled with resentment everyday because of it.  I invited you here this time because I want to solve this and try to solve the conflict between the God Marquis Palace and the Imperial Guards.”

Chu Huai Sheng’s heart trembled as he asked, “This subordinate wants to ask, what does the young miss have in mind?”

Zeng Xiang gave a low sigh.  Then a pair of beautiful eyes looked at Chu Huai Sheng and said, “To be honest, after seeing you at the sword fighting tournament three years ago I had no way of forgetting you.  Perhaps you do not even notice my existence, but I only have you in my heart.  These past few days, my father has been compelling me to marry the Military Police Commander Xiang Yu, but I have long known that Xiang Yu is proud and ruthless person.  If Sir Chu’s heart has Zeng Xiang, I hope Sir……”

Saying this, Zeng Xiang’s face turned red as she stood up like a lady and said in a low voice, “I hope Sir can come ask for marriage at the God Marquis Palace.  I……I am willing to be with Sir.”

Chu Huai Sheng’s body trembled as happiness and shock filled his mind.

After a long time, he cupped his hands and said, “Chu Huai Sheng is only a commoner, I am not suited to be with the young miss…..”

Zeng Xiang was stunned and then sat down.  Her face revealed a crushed expression as she said, “Since Sir isn’t willing, then I will also give up……”

The nearby maid’s face revealed an indignant expression as she said, “Sir Chu, my young miss is willing to be with you, so how could you be so cruel?  Do you not care about my young miss at all?  My young miss……In terms of looks, there are only a few woman like her in Orchid Goose City.  I remember that in the beautiful women ranking last year, my young miss was ranked third.  As well, Sir Chu, you must know that two years ago, during the emperor’s hunting trip, my young miss followed along for a long distance just to catch a glimpse of you, but you didn’t come.  In the end, she stood in Orchid Goose City’s first snow for a whole eight hours.  A year ago, when the Imperial Guards was holding a martial arts contest to pick talented people, my young miss insisted on going and had the chance to see you that time, but you did not look at her at all.  The young miss is so devoted to you, is Sir really that unfeeling?”

Chu Huai Sheng was also filled with anxiety.  He had completely fallen in love when he heard Zhen Xiang’s zither, but this matter came too quickly and he was not prepared at all.

“It is not that Chu Huai Sheng’s heart does not have the young miss, but……”

Chu Huai Sheng’s slanted brows knit together and he said in a hesitant voice, “Lin Mu Yu is my brother and he has a grudge with the young marquis Zeng Fang.  If I go to the God Marquis Palace and propose marriage, it would be improper.  I do not want to disappoint the young miss, but I also do not want to betray my brother!”

These words made Zeng Xiang’s beautiful face turned red.  It took a while before her face returned to normal as she smiled and said, “The matter of proposing marriage is not that important now, it’s fine as long as Sir has me in his heart……”

Chu Huai Sheng cupped his hands and said, “I hope the young miss will not blame Chu Huai Sheng for being offensive.  Just give me a bit of time and I will not disappoint the young miss.”

Zeng Xiang happily laughed, but her face turned red and she did not dare to look at Chu Huai Sheng.  She lowered her head and said, “Then……Then could I meet with Sir Chu tomorrow?”

Chu Huai Sheng was surprised, “Young miss, I am on duty tomorrow…..”

“Then when does Sir have free time?”

“The day after tomorrow……”

“Then let’s meet the day after tomorrow.  Is that alright with Sir?”

Chu Huai Sheng’s face turned red with embarrassment as he awkwardly said, “This…..Chu Huai Sheng is just a commoner and has a normal Imperial Guard salary.  How about we arrange to meet up in an appropriate place, otherwise I’m afraid of offending the young miss.”

Zeng Xiang laughed and her beautiful eyes looked at him, “You won’t offend me.  Wherever Sir goes, it is a wonderful place for me.”

“Then……Chu Huai Sheng will be returning to the Ze Tian Palace.  I cannot delay any longer.”

“Un, Zeng Xiang will send you out…….”

Under the night sky, Chu Huai Sheng and Zeng Xiang walked side by side out of the Rain Listening Pavilion, but they did not know that there was someone watching them from the other pavilion.  It was a thin man around thirty years old with a hate filled expression on his face as he said, “What kind of thing is Chu Huai Sheng, a toad that dreams of eating swan meat.  My young miss is not someone you can approach.  Once the God Marquis learns of this, you will definitely wish you were dead!”

Zhen Xiang and Chu Huai Sheng were not aware of this encroaching danger as they submerged themselves in the joy of their love.

This was a very important day for the two of them.

The happiest thing in the world is knowing that the person you love also loves you.

A wild pheasant’s cry broke the silence of the night and the sun’s light pierced through the clouds as the sky turned bright.

Lin Mu Yu woke up from his sleep and felt fully rested, completely regaining all the strength he had lost in the Heaven Connecting Tower.  Sitting up and waving his hand, he felt his body was filled with battle qi and had been restored to its peak condition.  Just in time for his next Falcon Guard mission.

“Sir, you’re awake?”

Wei Chou in the distance smiled and said in a respectful voice, “The Spirit Fire Department has already made breakfast and we can leave as soon as we finish eating.”


The Spirit Fire Department was just the name for the kitchen workers, but it sounded much better.  In the team of fifty Lin Mu Yu led, there were five people in charge of digging the fire pit and cooking, so even though they only had five people, they were still very important.  After all, meals were very important for marching armies.

The breakfast was not bad, it was two standard issued marching pies and a bowl of meat stew.  The meat stew was made from local ingredients, namely the Swift Wolves they massacred yesterday.  Although the meat was a little fishy, being able to have meat to eat was already considered pretty good.

Lin Mu Yu finished his breakfast in a few bites and then clapped as he said, “Wei Chou, bring a map of the Dragon Seeking Forest!”

“Yes, Sir!”

They opened the map.  This was an imperial army issued map and every Falcon Guard team had one.  The map was very detailed.  Lin Mu Yu took out their task list and smiled as he said, “I really don’t know where to start……”

Wei Chou smiled and then pointed on the map.  Then he said, “The autumn leaves are wilting, so fire attributed spirit beast will start hibernating in the next few days.  The autumn wind are very cold, so it seems like winter is coming early this year.  How about we go to the southeast side of the Dragon Seeking Forest to look for fire attributed spirit beasts?  We aren’t as anxious to find the rest anyway.”

“Un, where are the fire attributed spirit beasts mainly concentrated?”

“The Dead Wood Stone Forest area.”

“Alright, Wei Chou, lead the way.”

“Yes, Sir!”


After finishing their breakfast, everyone mounted their horses and left after extinguishing the fire.

The spirit beasts they met along the way was not very strong.  The highest was not past 2000 years old, so Wei Chou and the other Imperial Guards easily took care of them.  As for the other imperial guards, the majority of the soldiers were in the Human Realm, so their main duties for this trip was for transporting and shooting arrows from afar.  If a truly strong spirit beast showed up, they would not be able to directly participate because it would very easy for them to die.

Lin Mu Yu had already made his decision in the Falcon Guard camp.  These people would be his men from now on, so he could not allow them to die that easily.  Otherwise he would be letting them down as their Hundred Man Commander.

When night fell, a 2400 year old wild bear attacked the patrolling guards, but Lin Mu Yu had pierced it with the Pear Blossom Spear, killing it in a single strike.  Everyone was filled with awe and the team became even more closely knit together.

Marching, resting, and cultivating had become Lin Mu Yu’s life here.


Three days passed without him knowing and the team finally arrived in a desolated forest area.  This was the Dead Wood Stone Forest and there were burn marks everywhere.  This was the habitat of fire attributed spirit beasts and a good place to hunt 4000 year old and higher fire attributed spirit beasts.

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