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Chapter 157: Mind reading technique

Under the starlight, Lin Mu Yu rode away from Orchid Goose City.

The Dragon Courage Camp was a mercenary group that required a lot of money.  Whether it was weapons, horses, or even recruiting people, it required a lot of money and that money would come from the cooperation with the Imperial Capital Store.  However, Lin Mu Yu was very confident because there was no one that could compare to him in terms of alchemy and forging in this world!

Moreover, no matter how much it cost, Lin Mu Yu firmly believed that it was right to set up the Dragon Courage Camp.  In this world of strong eats weak, without an army in his hands, he had no right to speak.

It was almost day break when he returned to headquarters.  Without caring about anything, he went to sleep first.


Five days passed in the blink of an eye and everything passed like usual.  Ji Yang and Li Qian Xun were all very polite to Lin Mu Yu, sending him high class wine and delicacies every day and Lin Mu Yu calmly accepted it all.  In his heart, he knew that not long from now, Ji Yang would work him to the bones. This was a natural thing.

At night, a Silver Ranger respectfully said outside the door, “Sir Envoy Lin Yan, the Great Envoy wishes to invite you to a feast!”

“Alright, I’ll go immediately.”


When he arrived in the main hall, he found that there were quite a few people present at this feast.  There were quite a few Gold and Silver Rangers that died last time, so Ji Yang promoted quite a few people.  In the end, all the Silver Rangers ranked and up were all here and there were over twenty people in the hall already.  When Lin Mu Yu entered the hall, a group of Gold and Silver Rangers cupped their hands and respectfully said, “Sir Envoy Lin Yan is here!”

Cupping his hands in return, he sat at the place beneath Ji Yang’s seat.  This was the place given to him.

Ji Yang smiled and said, “Lin Yan, you’re here!  How has your cultivation been lately?”

“I haven’t broken through yet.”

“Ha, ha, just be patient, no need to be anxious.”

“Many thanks for the Great Envoy’s care.”

“Let’s drink then.  You’re not allowed to leave without becoming drunk.”


Everyone proposed toasts with each other and Lin Mu Yu alone received many of this.  What was even more exaggerated was that Li Qian Xun clapped his hands and several dozen girls danced into the main hall.  They were the most graceful and beautiful girls of the maids and were also the girls that personally served the Great Envoy, Ji Yang.

Although Ji Yang was old, he still enjoyed women.  Just him alone had over thirty maids serving him, so it was easy to imagine how extravagant he was.

These girls were all wearing skimpy outfits, covering just the bare necessities.  After they finished their dance, they scattered apart, proposing toasts to the various guests.  One maid dressed in pink kneeled beside Lin Mu Yu, raised a cup of wine and said with a smile, “Sir Lin Yan, you have to drink a bit more today…..”

After saying this, she casually rubbed her full chest against Lin Mu Yu’s arm.

Lin Mu Yu slightly knit his brows, but did not say anything.  She could rub if she wanted, but the Spiritual Pulse Technique refined a strong Spiritual Sense, so his heart would not be easily disturbed.  The maid revealed a charming smile and finally directly entered into Lin Mu Yu’s arms.

This was still considered quite simple.  Lin Mu Yu looked around and found that there were even more intense scenes around him.  Many Gold and Silver Rangers already had girls sitting in their laps and their hands were going up and down as their faces turned red.  They were drunkenly enjoying Ji Yang’s favour, but Lin Mu Yu could see through it all. How could Ji Yang be this good and let others use his own servants?

He clearly would not.

Not far away, Li Qian Xun was sitting there mumbling something.  Without knowing when, the large iron doors of the headquarters closed.  As long as the doors remained closed, they were isolated from the outside world.

“This is bad…..”

Lin Mu Yu’s heart turned cautious.  Was Li Qian Xun finally going to use his witchcraft technique to control the people in front of him?

At this moment, Li Qian Xun opened his eyes.  His eyes burned as he looked at a Gold Ranger and said while laughing, “Sir Gold Ranger Deng Tie Shan, you’ve drank too much.  How about you perform a sword dance for us to make things more interesting?”

That Gold Ranger immediately pushed aside the maid beside him and held his sword as he moved to the center of the hall.  His eyes seemed empty as he stood there swaying and said, “Yes, Envoy Li!”


True Qi began to surround his blade as he quickly swung the sword around, letting the True Qi wreck havoc around him.  His cultivation was not bad and his sword technique was considered pretty good. However, when Lin Mu Yu’s spiritual sense passed over him, he could not feel any reaction from the original owner’s soul.  It was like this body was completely being controlled by Li Qian Xun.

Witchcraft technique!

Li Qian Xun revealed a faint smile on his face and said, “Everyone here must fully enjoy yourselves.  You can’t have any scruples and must enjoy yourselves all night, ha, ha, ha……”

This seemed to be an order.  Suddenly, the Gold and Silver Rangers were more unscrupulous as many people began to reach inside the clothes of the women at their laps.  They were playing without care, but their faces had a confused look on it. They were already under the control of Li Qian Xun’s witchcraft technique, not a single one was spared.  There were some that were even more absurd and some of the weaker willed Silver Rangers had already placed the maids on the table, displaying their sexual acts to everyone. Only the sounds of drunken laughter and the charming cries of the maids could be heard.

Lin Mu Yu supported his chin with his hand and slanted down on the table, looking like he was drunk.  He was forcefully releasing his Spiritual Pulse Technique, making his mind calm and clear. Although not a move was made against him, it was even more dangerous than if one was made.  Once Li Qian Xun and Ji Yang noticed that he wasn’t affected by the witchcraft technique, wouldn’t they try to kill him on the spot?

To be honest, Lin Mu Yu had the ability to fight Ji Yang alone, but if Ji Yang and Li Qian Xun work together, Lin Mu Yu would not be able to escape with his life.  Not to mention the group of Gold and Silver Rangers being controlled by the witchcraft technique, he would not stand a chance.

“Is Sir Envoy Lin Yan drunk?”

The maid moved side from side, curling around Lin Mu Yu’s body like a beautiful serpent.  She then moved up and a warm breath came across Lin Mu Yu’s ear and neck.

Ji Yang narrowed his eyes and looked in the direction of Lin Mu Yu before saying, “Brother Lin Yan, aren’t you strong with your liquor?  You haven’t drank too much today, it doesn’t seem right…..”

Lin Mu Yu smiled and raised his cup before saying, “Sir Ji Yang, cheers……”


Ji Yang suddenly drank another cup of wine.

A pungent taste came from his mouth and Lin Mu Yu felt his brain swoon.  He immediately swayed and secretly thinking this was bad. This wine had Li Qian Xun’s poison inside, they really stopped at nothing!

The Seven Luminary Demon King’s voice came from the depths of his sea of consciousness, “Lin Mu Yu, you idiot, you’ve fallen for their tricks again!”

Lin Mu Yu secretly lamented over this and suddenly increased his battle qi, evaporating all the wine inside his body.  His blood seemed like it was boiling as the poison was quickly destroyed. With the blood of a true dragon, how could it tolerate this kind of poison?

The Seven Luminary Demon King wanted to help this brat control his body again, but he never thought that he would avoid this danger so naturally and he was instantly speechless.

“This is bad, I drank too much…..”

Lin Mu Yu suddenly collapsed on the table and closed his eyes, falling into a deep sleep.  He had to fake his unconsciousness, or he would not be able to escape today.

“Sir Lin Yan, you’ve drank the wine?”

Li Qian Xun came down from his seat and walked beside Lin Mu Yu.  With a faint smile, he said, “Did you really drink too much?”

After saying this, he placed his palm onto Lin Mu Yu’s shoulder.  In the next instant, a spiritual force quickly entered into Lin Mu Yu’s sea of consciousness.  It was a spiritual force control technique!

Lin Mu Yu’s heart turned cold as he lied on the table.  He quickly used the Spiritual Pulse Technique to send his spiritual sense to the depths of his sea of consciousness, creating a state of unconsciousness on his sea of consciousness.

Everything was empty!

That was all that Li Qian Xun could see.  His spiritual energy could not see into Lin Mu Yu’s mind and all he could see was a white emptiness that contained nothing at all.

On the contrary, after Lin Mu Yu retracted his spiritual sense, a part of it left his body.  It went to the two people he wanted to see through the most, one being Li Qian Xun and the other being Ji Yang.

In his dazed state, it was like he heard a voice, “Yi, what is happening?  This brat seems like he’s affected, but it also seems like he’s not. Just what is happening here?”

Lin Mu Yu was a little stunned.  This voice……could it be the voice in Li Qian Xun’s heart?  Was this a mind reading technique?

He never thought that when he retracted all his spiritual sense, there would be this kind of effect.  Could this be a mind reading technique?

But when Lin Mu Yu read Ji Yang’s mind, he could hear nothing.

He focused on retaining this dazed and empty state.  Since he was pretending to be a drunk, a true drunk would ignore your witchcraft techniques and only care about sleeping.  Ji Yang and Li Qian Xun were regretful about this. They could not know whether the poison worked or not, so they could not attack.

After waiting a while, he finally heard a few continuous sounds in his ear, “Deer Cry Court…..Cang Bai He…..Deer Cry Court…..Cang Bai He……Deer Cry Court…..Cang Bai He……”

The strength of Ji Yang’s soul was much stronger than Li Qian Xun’s, so he could only read a bit of it.

After two hours, Lin Mu Yu’s loud snoring sound was ringing out.

Li Qian Xun resentfully turned around to return to Ji Yang’s side.  Shaking his head, he whispered, “I don’t know what is going on. Perhaps Lin Mu Yu’s cultivation is too high and I can’t control the poison inside his body.”

“Did the poison disappear?”  Ji Yang asked.

Li Qian Xun continued shaking his head, “I don’t know……”

“That’s fine……”

Ji Yang gave a soft sigh and said, “We’re making our move tomorrow, so don’t ruin these large matters because of the poison failing.  Lin Yan is only a smal person seeking fame and fortune, we will make him carry out his mission tomorrow. As for the other matters…..Humph, I will take care of it.”

“Yes, big brother!”

That entire night, Lin Mu Yu was excruciatingly hot.  He could not sleep at all and it was even worse pretending to be asleep.  When dawn finally came, a group of Rogues came into the main hall and sent the various Gold and Silver Rangers back into their rooms to rest.  He was also lifted and sent back by two Rogues, finally letting him relax.

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