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Chapter 158: Earth Drilling Dragon Snake

“Dong, dong, dong…..”

Without knowing how long passed, there was a knock on the door and the sound of someone loudly shouting outside, “Sir Envoy Lin Yan, there is a special mission this afternoon.  Please wake up early to prepare yourself!”

Lin Mu Yu opened his eyes and looked out the window, it was currently noon.  He stood up and quickly washed his face first.

Several Rogues had already prepared his armour and horse.  When he became an Envoy, his benefits seemed to have increased.  He had received a set of red armour that was very heavy to put on.  Although it was exquisitely crafted, Lin Mu Yu still thought about his temple’s gold star armour, after all it was crafted with buoyancy gems that made it very lightweight to wear.


After finishing his lunch, the sound of a cannon rang on the mountain.

The Great Envoy Ji Yang, Envoy Li Qian Xun, and the other important characters appeared one after another.  Moreover, all the Rangers on the mountain seemed to have been gathered, over two thousand people without anyone missing.  The flags were fluttering, blocking out the sun, looking very imposing.

Riding up beside Ji Yang, Lin Mu Yu cupped his hands and said, “Sir, what are we…..about to do that requires this much manpower?”

Ji Yang stroked his beard and said with a smile, “No need to ask sir Lin Yan.  As long as you properly finish your orders when the time comes, I can guarantee that sir Lin Yan will be able to become a ten thousand men commander!”

“Ten thousand men commander?”

Lin Mu Yu knit his brows, but did not keep asking.  He was thinking that there weren’t even ten thousand people in the Swordsman Hall headquarters, how could he become a ten thousand man commander.


The large group rode off the mountain and did not take the main road, rather taking a detour through the Dragon Seeking Forest.  Ji Yang and the others were very familiar with the way and in just a single afternoon, they arrived in a place that Lin Mu Yu did not recognize.

However, his heart was vaguely unsettled.  His mind kept thinking of the two words he read from Ji Yang’s mind yesterday.  Deer Cry Court and Cang Bai He, what did it all mean? Did Cang Bai He return to the royal capital?

As for Deer Cry Court, where was this place?

At this time, it was already close to night.  Lin Mu Yu moved to the back of the team, protecting the rear.  There were several Silver Rangers with him that seemed like they were protecting him, but they also seemed like they were monitoring him.

“Pa, pa……”

In the sky, a white figure descended down with the sound of flapping wings.  Lin Mu Yu looked up and found a silver bird landing onto his shoulders. It was Chu Yao’s letter carrying bird, Xiao Bai.

Lin Mu Yu looked around and saw that the Silver Rangers were talking to each other, not paying attention to what he was doing.  So he took off the letter from the bird and unrolled it, reading the words that Chu Yao clearly wrote on the paper, “Ah Yu, where did you go?  You haven’t been in the capital for a long time. Big brother went with the sovereign to Deer Cry Court to hunt today. Your elder sister misses you!  If you receive this, reply.”

It was Chu Yao!

Lin Mu Yu’s heart felt warm, but when his eyes fell onto the name “Deer Cry Court”, his heart deeply trembled.  Deer Cry Court, there was a back palace there? If this was true……Then Ji Yang’s target was Deer Cry Court’s back palace!

He wanted to kill the sovereign!

Instantly, Lin Mu Yu’s heart turned cold.  He finally understood by Ji Yang was so secretive and why he was thinking of Cang Bai He.  Cang Bai He was clearly going to participate in this assassination!

This is bad.  If Qu Chu wasn’t by the sovereign’s side, then this might be truly dangerous.

The most important thing was that Qin Yin should have gone with Qin Jin to Deer Cry Court to hunt, so she was also in danger!

Even if Qin Lei, Feng Ji Xing, and the others were there to protect them, they were unaware of Swordsman Hall’s actions.  Once they were attacked, perhaps they could protect Qin Yin and themselves, but it was hard to speak for Qin Jin.


Thinking of this, Lin Mu Yu’s heart began to burn.  He couldn’t become an accomplice and had to leave, but how could he do so?  Thinking about it, he would try to escape by using the bathroom.

“I’m going to pee, I’ll be right back.”  He suddenly turned around and said.

A Silver Ranger said, “Then this subordinate will go with the Envoy?”

“No need, I can’t go with people watching.”

“Then, alright.  This subordinate will wait for sir Envoy here.”

“No need, you should stay with the group.  If a spirit beast appears here, no one will save you if you’re eaten.”


Riding into the deep jungle, he immediately pulled out the prairie sword.  Using the reflection of the sword light, he wrote a reply to Chu Yao, “Elder sister Chu Yao, Swordsman Hall is planning an assassination tonight at the Deer Cry Court, please find a way to immediately contact Qin Lei and Feng Ji Xing.  Ah Yu.”

“Hua la……”

Xiao Bai flew off in the direction of Orchid Goose City, which was also the direction Lin Mu Yu was pointed in.  He wildly rushed his horse towards that direction.

The warhorse was already panting, running continuously for several days had already used quite a bit of strength.  However, it was urgent right now, so Lin Mu Yu pressed his horse forward.

After four hours, the warhorse finally fell to the ground, foaming at the mouth as it could not longer move.

Lin Mu Yu gritted his teeth as he raised his prairie sword and activated his Falling Star Steps.  His Falling Star Steps’ speed did not lose to the warhorse, but it consumed large amounts of his battle qi.

In half an hour, he crossed a mountain and Orchid Goose City appeared in front of him.

However, Lin Mu Yu did not have time to enter the capital for reinforcements, so he directly went to the falcon’s nest.  There were one hundred and ten elite soldiers there and no matter how many it was, he needed as many as he could get.


Falcon Nest Mountain, the lights were sway as quite a few soldiers were drinking in the camp.  When Lin Mu Yu came in with a set of Envoy clothes, a group of imperial guards raised their bows and shouted, “Why are you, daring to come to our Falcon Nest Mountain?!”

Lin Mu Yu slowly removed the cloak from his face, revealing a resolute face and said, “I am Imperial Guard Lin Mu Yu, let me in.”

“It’s sir Lin Mu Yu, please wait.”

The doors slowly opened.  When Lin Mu Yu entered the camp, Wei Chou and a group of imperial guards came out to greet him.  They said with smiles, “Sir, you’re finally back!”

Lin Mu Yu was completely anxious as he said, “Prepare a horse for me and then prepare a set of imperial guard armour for me.  Wei Chou, gather our team and prepare to leave immediately!”

“Yes, sir!”

Wei Chou was very loyal, not saying saying anything before heading off to handle this.

At this time, the Falcon Nest commander Meng Fang came out and shouted, “Lin Mu Yu, without authorization, you can’t mobilize the forces of the Falcon Nest Camp!”

Lin Mu Yu’s face turned cold, “Right now, there are a group of people heading to the Deer Cry Court to kill the sovereign.  I will head out right now, but I might not be able to catch up.”

Meng Fang was stunned, “You…..What do you mean?”

Lin Mu Yu raised his fist and said, “If you’re willing to defend the sovereign, then come with me!”

Of a group of hundred men commanders, only Xiahou Sang raised his sword.  With a smile, he said, “Sir Lin Mu Yu, I Xiahou Sang am willing to go with you.”


After changing to a set of imperial guards clothes, he had collected over three hundred people.  Lin Mu Yu mounted his horse and said in a low voice, “Wei Chou, lead the way! We’re heading to the Deer Cry Court!”

“Yes, sir!”

Hoofbeats broke the tranquility of the night and over three hundred imperial guards quickly descended the mountain, heading for Deer Cry Court to the north of the city.


Deer Cry Court, a back palace near the Dragon Seeking Forest and also where the sovereign usually hunted.  Today, he had brought Qin Yin once again to the Deer Cry Court and was accompanied by a few dozen ministers.  The main hall of this back palace was lit and the sovereign and ministers were all drinking, partying into the night.

Outside the hall, Feng Ji Xing stood there in a white robe with a frown on his face.  His hand was on the Slicing Wind Blade’s handle as he said to Luo Lie, “Have the night troops been deployed?”

Luo Lie cupped his hands and said, “Sir can be assured.  We have brought five thousand imperial guards, with four thousand soldiers being deployed to the north, west, south, and east, forming twelve different outposts, not even a fly can get in.  Not to mention that commander Qin Lei is leading fifty Dragon Guards to protect his and her highnesses. Relax, nothing will happen.”

“Un, then that’s good.”

Feng Ji Xing was a bit unsettled, as he said, “I feel like something isn’t right.  Has sir Qu Chu not returned yet?”

Luo Lie revealed a faint smile, “Sir Qu Chu is fascinated by the medicinal herbs on Black Mountain, so before he finishes picking them all, I don’t think sir Qu Chu will be back.  Then again, Deer Cry Court’s defense are so serious that it doesn’t matter if sir Qu Chu returns or not.”

Feng Ji Xing thought about it, “That’s fine…..Have our brothers focus themselves, no one is allowed to rest tonight.”

“Yes, sir!”


Dragon Seeking Forest, at night.  The sound of thunder came from below the ground and with a “peng” sound, a giant vicious snake’s head popped out of the ground.  The edges of the scales on its head was curved like blades. This was an Earth Drilling Dragon Snake, who had twelve gold lines and three silver lines, indicating that it was 12300 years old.  A few scales scales on its skull were peeled off to reveal golden scales, indicating that this snake was changing into a dragon. Perhaps in a few hundred years, it would become a real dragon.

On the neck of the Dragon Snake, there was a scale that was loose with something sticking out.  It was an old expert that had their legs pierced into the Dragon Snake’s flesh. He had white hair and a proud expression.  The long cane in his hand gently tapped the nape of the Dragon Snake and he said, “Little treasure, continue onward. Whether we can kill that useless sovereign this time will all depend on you!”

“Si, si……”

The Dragon Snake looked up and hissed, feeling angry and unwilling.

Under the moonlight, the old man’s hair fluttered in the wind.  It was Cang Bai He!


The Dragon Snake raised its head and drilled down once again.  The scales on its head were spinning like blades as it drilled through the earth and rocks.  Cang Bai He lowered his head and his body was pressed up against the Dragon Snake’s body like a scale.  He was not hit by the rocks as he held his breath and travelled underground with the Dragon Worm.


At night, the White Robe Imperial Forest Guard’s white robe was fluttering in the wind.  Qin Lei had a gourd in his hand and opened it to have a sip of wine. After warming his body, he said, “Increase the guard!”

To the side, Chu Huai Sheng raised his sword and vigilantly opened his ears before saying, “Commander, do you hear that noise?”

“What noise?”  Qin Lei was surprised.

“It’s like…’s coming from underground…..”  Chu Huai Sheng’s eyes turned cold. He confirmed the sound’s origin and said, “It’s indeed coming from underground.  There is something coming, be careful!”

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