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Chapter 161: Dragon Snake’s assault

“Falcon Guard!  It’s the Falcon Guard!”

The ministers were filled with joy.  Lin Mu Yu’s arrival had allowed them to see the hope of survival.

“Your majesty.”

Lin Mu Yu did not participate in the fight and turned to greet Qin Jin as he said, “I’ve come late, I should have come earlier.  I could not see through Ji Yang and Li Qian Xun’s thoughts, causing Deer Cry Court to be attack. This is my fault.”


Qin Jin smiled while shaking his head, “No, you came right on time!  This is a great merit!”

Lin Mu Yu nodded and stood guard beside Qin Jin, not making a move.  He had already used his Spiritual Pulse Technique to sense the aura of experts around when he arrived at Deer Cry Court.  Around the Deer Cry Court, other than the auras of Cang Bai He and the 12300 year old Dragon Snake, the next strongest person was Ji Yang.  However, Ji Yang’s aura had been weakened by fighting, so Lin Mu Yu chose to attack Ji Yang as soon as he entered the Deer Cry Court. He immediately used the dragon flame spiral and the Third Luminary, his strongest move to disable Ji Yang’s fighting ability with a single clash, so this was already enough.

The next few minutes was the time for him to recover his strength.

Wei Chou, Xiahou Sang, and the other Falcon Guards were stationed outside of the capital city, only being responsible for hunting and gathering information, they were never in charge of guarding the emperor.  So, when this precious chance had appeared, they all charged forward to greet the Rangers. With the three hundred people fighting the thousand Rangers, they were not at a disadvantage.

Not long passed and another thousand imperial guards charged in.  Being attacked from both sides, the Swordsman Hall soldiers had suffered large casualities.  The Silver, Bronze, and Iron Rangers died under the rain of arrows and even two Gold Rangers had been killed by Wei Chu and Xiahou Sang.  Ji Yang and Li Qian Xun had escaped, but the Imperial Guards did not chase, leaving it to the imperial guard cavalry.

“Lin Mu Yu!”

Qin Jin suddenly knit his brows and said, “Xiao Yin is still in the southern yard and I don’t know what the situation is right now.  Feng Ji Xing has led people over, so you should go there as well, perhaps you’ll be able to help Feng Ji Xing!”


Lin Mu Yu was stunned.  Without saying anything else, he held his long sword as he used the Falling Star Step to head towards the southern yard.

“Long, long……”

Hearing these strong sounds, Feng Ji Xing looked beneath him.  He knit his brows and said, “The Dragon Snake has burrowed into the ground.  Where is her highness Yin?”

“Her highness is inside the hot spring hall, we are guarding here.”  A thousand man commander replied.

Feng Ji Xing narrowed his eyes and said, “I don’t know how Qin Lei and Chu Huai Sheng’s fight with Cang Bai He is going…..Ai, they attacked so suddenly, we couldn’t guard against them in time…..”

The thousand man commander revealed a faint smile, “Sir commander shouldn’t blame yourself, we are all at fault.”


At this time, with a sudden “peng” sound, the earth split apart and a giant black figure came out, which was the Dragon Snake.  It had already received Cang Bai He’s orders, so the Dragon Snake came alone to find Qin Yin. Its giant head came out of the ground and it opened its mouth to bite at two imperial guards.  With a swing of its head, even the horses they were riding on were shred to pieces.


Feng Ji Xing pulled out his blade and roared, “Bastard thing!  Come with me and kill it together!”

It was like the Dragon Snake was laughing at them.  It suddenly raised its head and red flames appeared around its neck, as it prepared to use a dragon’s breath attack!

Feng Ji Xing was stunned and loudly shouted, “Dodge carefully!”

His martial spirit was the Purple Lightning Blazing Wolf which focused on attack, so it didn’t have the defensive abilities of Lin Mu Yu’s gourd spirit.  He held his blade in both hands and wind formed around his sword. With the addition of his battle qi, it formed a giant glowing shield as he roared, “Blade Dance!”


The roaring flames was released and enveloped Feng Ji Xing’s figure, while also turning several imperial guards around him into ashes.  The flames quickly spread across the pavilion and most of the southern yard was covered in flames.

The moment the flames disappeared, Feng Ji Xing appeared from the smoke with a face covered in soot.  His eyes were filled with hate as Slicing Wind Blade became a cold glow that slashed at the Dragon Snake’s neck.  The wind sword style technique – Great Wild Desert Wind!


The sword hit the dragon’s scales and left a deep mark, but it did not injure the Dragon Snake.

The head of the Dragon Snake reacted and slammed into Feng Ji Xing’s shoulder, sending him flying with his blade.  A group of imperial guards came forward, but they couldn’t react to the Dragon Snake’s tail which quickly slashing across them.  The imperial guards stood there in a daze with blood splashing everywhere. The top part of their body fell down and they had been turned into two pieces.

The slaughter outside was something people could not bear to watch and the maids inside the hall stood there in a daze.  Feng Ji Xing raised his blade again to stand in front of the Dragon Snake, with his blade wildly dancing.

“Sha, sha……”

Hearing the sound outside, Qin Yin whose hair had dried after her bath put on her princess’ armour.  She raised a large sword and said to the maids, “You all wait her, I’m going to help commander Feng Ji Xing.”


A maid quickly kneeled in front of her and said, “Your highness’ body is worth a thousand gold, how can you let yourself fall in harm’s way?  This servant has heard that the Dragon Snake outside is a ten thousand year old spirit beast, even general Feng Ji Xing is not a match for it.  If your highness were to encounter an accident, his majesty will surely blame us. We ask the princess to please reconsider!”

“Weng, weng……”

The God Binding Lock appeared around Qin Yin like a protection god, making these maids without the slightest bit of cultivation unable to say anything else.  The God Binding Lock was a royal martial spirit and had the prestige of a king, how could mortals look directly at it? However, when Qin Yin rushed out of the hall with her sword, she saw the Dragon Snake’s tail wiggle in the air as it drilled itself back into the earth.

Feng Ji Xing blade was covered in battle qi as he angrily said, “After killing all those people, how can you still think of leaving!?

Jumping forward, the imperial guard army commander without any fear jumped into the hole made by the Dragon Snake.

“How can it be…..”

The pretty princess’ heart was filled with fear.  She did not have the courage to jump into the dark hole.  She had been afraid of the dark since she was young and she even needed a lantern when she slept!

A “long, long” sound came from beneath the ground as the drilling Dragon Snake caused the earth to tremble like an earthquake was happening.

After a few minutes, with a sudden “peng” sound, the Dragon Snake appeared again.  It had appeared inside the hot springs hall, causing water to splash everywhere. The Dragon Snake gave a roar and opened its mouth to swallow a maid.  With a single bite, blood scattered across the floor.


Qin Yin gritted her teeth in anger as she charged over.  She did not wait until she was close to raise her arm, condensing her battle qi from a distance.  A golden light was released and the God Binding Lock smashed into the lower jaw of the Dragon Snake, instantly causing several golden scales to fall off.  There was also a faint trace of the Dragon Snake’s red blood that dripped down.

Feng Ji Xing was following the Dragon Snake’s tail, holding on with one hand and raising his Wind Slicing Blade with the other.  He was chopping down at the Dragon Snake, creating a very funny image.

“Si, si……”

The Dragon Snake’s large body swayed and charged at Qin Yin, opening its mouth to try swallowing her!

Qin Yin quickly summoned the God Binding Lock, creating six different locks in front of her, but it was all shattered by the Dragon Snake.  It spat out its blood red tongue which went around Qin Yin’s arm, sending her towards its mouth.

“It’s over……”

Qin Yin’s heart burned out like ashes.  She raised her sword to slash out, but she couldn’t slash through the Dragon Snake’s strong tongue.  Moreover, the Dragon Snake was much stronger and directly sent her flying towards its open mouth.

She couldn’t help closing her eyes as tears flowed down.  She never thought that after escaping the poison of the Dragon Snake, she would this time be buried in the mouth of a Dragon Snake.

When Qin Yin was filled with despair, a warm feeling came from beneath her feet and green gourd vines shot into the sky.  They wrapped around Qin Yin’s body and pulled her back.

“Ah Yu…….”

She quickly turned around and saw Lin Mu Yu charging over wielding the prairie sword, with his gourd martial spirit around him.  There was lightning surrounding the prairie sword as it slashed out at the Dragon Snake’s long tongue!


It did not break like before.  Qin Yin’s God Binding Lock which was the number one attack martial spirit could not break it, so naturally Lin Mu Yu’s tenth grade gourd spirit could not chop through it.

But Lin Mu Yu looked very anxious.  His eyes turned cold and he opened his mouth to bit the Dragon Snake’s tongue!


His teeth were about to break, but it was very strange that the tongue could withstand the God Binding Lock, but it couldn’t withstand Lin Mu Yu’s “clever bite”.  With another bite, a fishy taste appeared in his throat as he bit open the tongue!

“Si, si……”

The Dragon Snake was filled with pain and quickly withdrew its tongue.  Feng Ji Xing took this opportunity to slash at the Dragon Snake’s back with the Wind Slicing Blade.  His blade spun as he roared, “Flaming Sand Melting Gold!”

With three continuous attacks, the Dragon Snake was retreated, but there was no time to be proud as the Dragon Snake’s tail slammed into Feng Ji Xing’s shoulder.  With a “kacha” sound, his left arm was broken. With a pitiful cry, he fell into a corner in the hall and his face turned pale, “Ah Yu, your highness Yin, be careful……”

“We can’t hold on, this Dragon Snake is too fast!”  Qin Yin said.

Lin Mu Yu raised his sword to move forward and the gourd wall protected Qin Yin.  Naturally the Dragon Snake launched its swallowing attack and tail whip, landing three times against the cold gourd wall.  Instantly the Black Turtle Shell and the Dragon Scale Wall broke. Lin Mu Yu slammed into the wall behind with a sweet taste in his mouth, not being able to hold on.

Feng Ji Xing broken left arm hung down as his right hand used his sword to stand up.  His eyes fell onto the Dragon Snake’s nape and his eyes lit up as he said, “Ah Yu, there is a scale on the back of its neck that has been destroyed, it must have been destroyed with the imperial guard’s acid.  I’ll divert the Dragon Snake and you think of a way to pin the Dragon Snake to the ground, not letting it drill again or move.”

Lin Mu Yu crawled up from the ground and nodded with a sorry appearance.

Not far from them, a group of imperial guards stood there, but no one dared to move forward.  With a ten thousand year old spirit beast and three Heaven Realm experts, this was not a fight they belonged in and would be just fodder if they went forward.

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