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Chapter 162: Fighting in the snake’s stomach

Wind blades spun around the Wind Slicing Blade.  When the Dragon Snake opened its mouth to attack, Feng Ji Xing’s blade danced as it quickly released a tornado which quickly filled up half the hall.  This was one of his famed skills – Wild Storm Blade!

Each part of the tornado was filled with blades that could slice through the hardest defenses.  The tornado swept over the Dragon Snake and its scales began to shake, but… failed to penetrate the scales!


The Dragon Snake sent a series of attack, but it was deflected by Feng Ji Xing’s sword.  He spat out a mouthful of blood as he crashed into a corner, but he had already fulfilled his promise to Lin Mu Yu to cause a “diversion”.



With starlight under his feet, Lin Mu Yu was surrounded by battle qi.  He used the Falling Star Step to reach the Dragon Snake’s back and quickly found that “wound” Feng Ji Xing mentioned.  However, when he was just a bit away from it, the Dragon Snake raised its head and looked right at him with a pair of emotionless eyes.

“Ah Yu, I’ll distract it!”

From the ground, Qin Yin gave a shout and quickly raised her hands.  Her left hand gripped together and she looked down to concentrate. Her battle qi trembled with rhythm and her sword released a “weng, weng” sound as the God Binding Lock quickly trembled around her.  That’s right, it had a rhythm like a zither, just like Qin Yin’s name. This sound wave attack changed into energy that slammed into the Dragon Snake’s head!


An invisible attack penetrated the armour!

The Dragon Snake was stunned.  After wildly shaking its head, it charged at Qin Yin.


Qin Yin spat out blood as she fell.  The sword left her hands and her face turned pale as she lost all ability to fight back.

Lin Mu Yu jumped at this rare opportunity as he reached his hand into his Qiankun Bag and grabbed an ice cold spear.  With a “weng” sound, a strange scene occurred as the little Qiankun Bag released a two meter long spear, which was the pear flower spear.  Holding the spear with both hands, he stabbed out at the corrosion wound on the Dragon Snake’s back.


Blood scattered in all directions as less than half of the spear pierced in, but most of the spear was still outside.  No matter who it was, they could not pierce through as if there was still a defensive layer in the Dragon Snake’s body.

He grit his teeth and went all out!

He jumped up again and raised both of his fists in the air.  Starlike energy began to gather around his fists as it exploded out at the end of the pear flower spear!

Third Luminary, Disaster of All Living Beings!


With a clean strike, the power of the Third Luminary hit the handle of the spear and it instantly pierced through the Dragon Snake’s body.  It went right through with a “kacha” sound, and the spear’s head hit the ground beneath it.

The strength within him was empty.  Using the Third Luminary twice, he was already at his limit, but looking up, he found that the top half of the Dragon Snake was still wildly charging at Qin Yin.  It had its mouth open as it prepared to swallow the empire’s princess.

Lin Mu Yu did not have time to think about anything as he charged forward and grabbed Qin Yin in his hands, but it was too late.  With a fishy smell behind him, everything turned dark in an instant as he and Qin Yin entered into a dark space. They had been swallowed!


Qin Yin was already severely injured, but she weakly opened her eyes.  She could not see a thing, but she could feel Lin Mu Yu’s warm embrace as she softly said, “Ah Yu……”

Lin Mu Yu tightly held her, “Don’t open your eyes, the Dragon Snake has poison in its body which can harm your eyes.  Don’t be afraid……Don’t be afraid…..We’ve only been eaten by the snake……”

He said it very easily, but he already wanted to die.

Qin Yin closed her eyes and buried her face into Lin Mu Yu’s chest.  After the two of them had entered the Dragon Snake’s intestines, they could feel the barbs along its digestive tract. If they continued sliding down, she and Lin Mu Yu both knew that the next place was filled with acid which was where the Dragon Snake digests its food.


In the blink of an eye, the lack of air made Qin Yin unable to breath.  She quickly lost consciousness and the hands holding Lin Mu Yu let go.

Lin Mu Yu’s heart was in chaos.  He couldn’t let Qin Yin die, otherwise everything would have been in vain.

He quickly released his martial spirit and the gourd vines pierced through the Dragon Snake’s scales, creating gourd leaves outside, letting in fresh air.  With the combination of spirit and body, the fresh air was sucked in by Lin Mu Yu. In this enclosed compartment filled the Dragon Snake’s stomach fluid and acid, Lin Mu Yu raised Qin Yin’s face and kissed her red lips, transferring his air into her.

Qin Yin’s slender body trembled before finally understanding what was happening.  Lin Mu Yu was currently saving her life, but it was also her first kiss.

Although this was the man she liked, this space was not very suitable.  They were surrounded by the Dragon Snake’s gastric juice, as well as broken pieces of bodies and blood.  There was even the corpse of an imperial army soldier. This was not considered a very romantic place.

It was a pity, this young girl’s first kiss that had been anticipated for twenty years happened in a place like this!

Lin Mu Yu naturally did not know what Qin Yin was thinking.  He and she were being pushed down to the next level by the Dragon Snake’s intestines and they were about to be digested!

He tightly held Qin Yin with one hand, while wildly grasping around with the other hand.  Suddenly with a “pa” sound, he grabbed something made of iron. It was the handle of the pear flower spear, his life saving straw!

His hand used strength as he released his battle qi.  He used his mind to release an order for the refined soul to make an attack!

“Come out, Frost Qilin!”

The 11000 year old Frost Qilin came out of the spear with an angry roar, clawing all around in the Dragon Snake’s intestines.  Although it only attacked for a short period of time, it had completely destroyed the Dragon Snake’s digestive tract and it froze everything around.  It allowed Lin Mu Yu and Qin Yin to stop moving, not letting them fall into the Dragon Snake’s stomach.

He had overdrawn his power and Lin Mu Yu found it hard to breath.  All this hard battling had used up all his strength, but it was a good thing their surroundings had been frozen.  Qin Yin in his embrace was no longer moving, having fainted already, unknown if she was still alive. Lin Mu Yu couldn’t help secretly ridiculing himself before his head felt dizzy and he fainted like Qin Yin.

“What happened?!”

A group of Imperial Guards and imperial guard soldiers came in with torches.  Qin Jin walked in while being surrounded by people. He was astonished when he saw the giant Dragon Snake’s corpse and there was the Dragon Snake’s beast spirit floating in the sky.  Qin Jin’s heart fell into chaos as he loudly shouted, “Xiao Yin….Where is Xiao Yin?!”

The maids all looked down, not daring to say a word.

The heavily injured Feng Ji Xing in the corner muttered, “Her highness Yin and Ah Yu were swallowed by the Dragon Snake……Hurry, slit open the Dragon Snake’s stomach, perhaps we can still save them.  Hurry……”

Qin Lei was covered in blood, charging forward with the Thunder Cleaver blade.  He slashed out several times, but was shocked back by the Dragon Snake’s scales.

Qin Jin gritted his teeth and then threw his saber to Qin Lei as he said, “Ah Lei, use this one’s Desolate Sword!”

Desolate Sword, a Sixth Grade Sacred Weapon, the strongest weapon in the Orchid Goose City.


Qin Lei’s hands gripped the Desolate Sword and he gave a roar as his God Binding Lock gathered around the Desolate Sword, covering this sacred grade sword with light.  With Qin Lei’s slashes, the Dragon Snake’s scales were cut off, instantly forming a bloody hole. In front of everyone’s eyes appeared…..

Ice qi was released and even the blood had turned into ice.  Between the cut off limbs, there was Lin Mu Yu tightly holding Qin Yin who slid out and fell to the ground.  His white battle dress was already blood red and his face was covered in ice. Qin Yin’s face was placed into Lin Mu Yu’s chest and neither of them were moving.

“Xiao Yin…..”  Qin Jin’s body trembled and his old eyes teared up.

“Ah Yu…..”  Chu Huai Sheng painfully looked at Lin Mu Yu and tightly gripped his fist.

Qin Lei knit his brows and said, “Your majesty, is her highness still breathing?”

Qin Jin came forward wanting to pick up Qin Yin, but he could not separate her from Lin Mu Yu’s embrace.  He quickly said, “Quickly melt their ice and quickly save her highness Yin!”


Chu Huai Sheng quickly came forward, ignoring the bloody wound on his own shoulder.  With a roar, he sent a palm out towards Lin Mu Yu and Qin Yin, quickly raising his battle qi and sending warm qi to the bodies of the two of them.  Out of everyone, Qin Lei and Feng Ji Xing’s power were very strong, with only Chu Huai Sheng having a soft power that wouldn’t hurt the two frozen people.

The ice quickly melted and Qin Yin fell from Lin Mu Yu’s embrace.  Her body slowly twitched as she opened her eyes. She had actually woken up before Lin Mu Yu.

The first this she saw after opening her eyes was Lin Mu Yu’s closed eyes and pale face.  Qin Yin thought that Lin Mu Yu had died and was filled with sadness as tears began to pour out, “Ah Yu…..You can’t die, Ah Yu…..”

Chu Huai Sheng pulled her from the side and said, “Your highness……”

Qin Yin angrily pushed him away, “Don’t touch me, don’t touch me!”

Chu Huai Sheng sullenly rubbed his nose, “Your highness, Ah Yu is not dead.  He still has a single breath…..”


Qin Yin’s sad face disappeared and she smiled at Lin Mu Yu, touching his face, “Ah Yu, if you’re not dead, then respond to me, alright?”

“Ke, ke…..”

Lin Mu Yu suddenly gave a few coughs and spat out the blood clots in his throat.  He knit his brows and said, “Xiao Yin, you pressing down on my chest hurts…..”

Qin Yin looked down and found that she was a mess from being in the Dragon Snake’s stomach.  With how dirty her clothes were, she did not look like a princess at all. The clothes on her chest slid down and her proud peaks covered in blood was tightly pressing down on Lin Mu Yu’s chest.  She was very proud of her figure, but her chest was not light and it was no wonder Lin Mu Yu’s chest hurt. In an instant, the proud princess’ face turned red and she quickly stood up holding her chest.  After putting on a cloak, she said, “Quickly help Ah Yu up and see if there are any injuries…..”

In the corner, Feng Ji Xing was lying there.  His eyes were filled with bitterness as he casually said, “Who is more injured than me?  Why is there no one caring about me…..”

Chu Huai Sheng walked over, “Ai, I’m coming over to care for you.”

“You can go away……”


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