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Chapter 164: Promoted to Wandering Dragon General

The central yard, this place was currently the most heavily guarded area in the Deer Cry Court.  All the ministers were currently gathered and the hall was surrounded by Imperial Guards and imperial guard soldiers.  After the assassination attempt by Swordsman Hall, Feng Ji Xing gathered close to ten thousand soldiers to protect the emperor and the princess inside the Deer Cry Court, not daring to show any neglect.

The ministers were split on both sides.  Feng Ji Xing, Chu Huai Sheng, and Lin Mu Yu wearing white robes walked into the hall, walking on the blood red carpet until they were in front of the emperor, Qin Jin.  They gave military salutes and said, “Greetings to your majesty!”

Lin Mu Yu was secretly pleased.  When he entered Orchid Goose City, he immediately became a soldier which was a good thing because he only needed to give a military salute when seeing the emperor and didn’t have to kneel like the other ministers.  Kneeling so easily was not good for his moral character.

Qin Jin nodded with a smile, “No need for ceremony!”


Qin Yin was standing beside her father, giving Lin Mu Yu a smile.  The ministers looking down all had their uvulas move. This was the most beautiful woman in the empire, even a grimace would be beautiful with her face.  Chu Huai Sheng couldn’t help secretly smiling and shaking his shoulder, but Feng Ji Xing immediately glared at him and said, “Old Chu, be a bit more serious…..”

Lin Mu Yu forced back his smile and looked up at Qin Yin, slightly raising his brow.


The princess could not hold back her laughter, having no seriousness to her at all.

“Ke, ke……”

Qin Jin looked back at his precious daughter, but couldn’t bear to scold her.  He gave another cough before saying, “Swordsman Hall is a group of ill hearted rebels that attacked Deer Cry Court at night, this is the greatest offense.  This one has decided to suppress Swordsman Hall with the entire nation’s might. Immediately send orders to the province governors, this one wants Swordsman Hall to be completely destroyed within a month!”

“Your majesty is wise!”  The ministers all praised.

Qin Jin let out a sigh and then said, “This time, the Saint Realm Cang Bai He has also participated in the rebellion, but luckily Feng Ji Xing, Qin Lei, Chu Huai Sheng, and the other soldiers were there, otherwise this one and her highness Yin would have fallen to their plot.  Un…..This one understands that the one with the greatest merit this time is Lin Mu Yu. If he had not defied the Falcon Guard commander Meng Fang’s orders to lead three hundred Falcon Guards here, the consequences would be unimaginable.”

Looking at Lin Mu Yu, Qin Jin’s eyes were filled with praise as he said, “Lin Mu Yu, what reward do you want?”

Lin Mu Yu was stunned before saying, “Your majesty, this subordinate did not think about receiving any rewards……”

The ministers all smiled and even Qin Jin revealed a smile as he said, “You have saved this one and the other ministers, and you even risked death to jump into the Dragon Snake’s stomach to save her highness Yin, this is already an unrivalled merit.  If this one does not reward you, then wouldn’t others say that our empire does not reward merits? Speak, do you want wealth or position?”

Lin Mu Yu knit his brows.  He thought for a while before saying, “Your majesty, I don’t lack wealth and as for position, I do not fully understand the categorization for the empire’s positions, so I don’t know what to want.  Your majesty should give whatever you wish to give and this subordinate will happily receive it.”

Qin Jin couldn’t help breaking out in laughter, “Good Lin Mu Yu, your personality is just like sir Flame Cauldron Qu Chu’s.”

Saying this, Qin Jin looked at Qin Yin beside him and said, “Xiao Yin, what do you think father should give Lin Mu Yu?”

Qin Yin blinked before saying with a smile, “Ah Yu does not have experience leading troops, so he isn’t suited for a high military position.  In my opinion…..we should give him a special thousand man commander, Wandering Dragon General rank. Then we should give him control of the Falcon’s Nest and allow him to freely enter Ze Tian Palace.  What does royal father think about that?”


Qin Jin said with a smile, “Lin Mu Yu, will you accept her highness Yin’s proposition?”

Lin Mu Yu nodded, “Un, we’ll listen to Xiao Yin.”

Qin Jin gave a laugh before saying in a bright voice, “Lin Mu Yu, hear this proclamation.  This one promotes you to the rank of Wandering Dragon General and you will receive the salary of a thousand man commander.  You will also become the Falcon Nest’s commander and as for that waste Meng Fang, he will be sent to the border as a thousand man commander!”

“Many thanks your majesty!”  Lin Mu Yu respectfully cupped his hands.

Feng Ji Xing couldn’t help smiling as he said, “Congratulations Ah Yu.  The Imperial Guards have a total of three commanders, one for the Dragon Guards, the Tiger Guards, and the Falcon Guards.  You are now one of the three commanders… you have the same rank as this brat Chu Huai Sheng!”

Chu Huai Sheng was the Dragon Guard commander, so two thirds of the Imperial Guards were controlled by Lin Mu Yu and Chu Huai Sheng.

Afterwards, Qin Jin awarded Feng Ji Xing, Qin Lei, Chu Huai Sheng, and the others.  He gave them simple gold coins, land, and others, since they already had high enough ranks.

Lin Mu Yu stood silently to the side because in fact he was not qualified to listen in on this kind of meeting.  After all, the Wandering Dragon General was just the sixth of the fourteen general ranks of the empire. There was still the Side General, East Guarding General, Country Protecting General, Country Guarding General, and High General, these five ranks above him, it was still alright.  After all, there were still the Brigadier, Feathered Commander, Cavalry Commander, Spearman Commander, Team Leader, and Group Leader ranks beneath him. He could be considered an upper middle class commander.

Moreover, if the Wandering Dragon General was deployed out of Orchid Goose City, the main government center would be higher than the local government.  The power in his hands was completely different. A lowly commander of the central government could be a general in the border army, this matter was not rare.

After the rewards had been given, Qin Jin held the Desolate Sword and said, “Now, let’s discuss.  How do we get rid of a rebel force like Swordsman Hall?”

Country Protecting General Yu Wen Xie came forward and said while cupping his fists, “Your majesty, Swordsman Hall is very well integrated into the empire and each state has a headquarter and several branches.  It’s said that Swordsman Hall exists in all of the major cities and there are over three million Rogues in total, so we need to further consider the matter of eradicating Swordsman Hall.”

“Further consideration?”  Qin Lei’s sharp brows rose and he said, “General Yu Wen, Swordsman Hall almost killed his majesty and her highness Yin, do we need to consider anything else?  Tell me, does this world not belong to the Qin Family? His majesty has given the order to eradicate them, so they will be eradicated, there is no room for leeway!”

Yu Wen Xie was stunned before saying, “Commander Qin Lei, this subordinate did not have this meaning.  This matter needs to be taken slowly and can’t be rushed.”

Qin Jin said, “Don’t quarrel.  Feng Ji Xing, you are the most cautious and experienced here, speak, what do you think we should do?”

“Yes, your majesty.”

Feng Ji Xing cupped his fists as his eyes sparkled and he said, “It’s very simple, we’ll first eradicate Swordsman Hall around Orchid Goose City and then send out elite forces to eliminate the Swordsman Hall branches in the north.  Once the situation in the north has been stabilized, we will slowly push our way down south. Humph, even if Swordsman Hall is deeply rooted in the empire, we will still eradicate them!”

Qin Jin nodded with a smile, “Alright, then this matter will be given to you to handle.”


Feng Ji Xing cupped his hands and said, “I still have a presumptuous request that I wish your majesty to agree to.”


“I want two people.”

“Oh?  Which two?”  Qin Jin was stunned.

Feng Ji Xing revealed a smile, “Lin Mu Yu and Chu Huai Sheng.  These two Imperial Guards are smart and strong, if they help this subordinate destroy the Swordsman Hall branches, the matter will be twice as easy.”

“Alright, I agree!”

“Many thanks, your majesty.”  Feng Ji Xing was filled with joy.

Lin Mu Yu curled his lips and said in a small voice, “Asking for people like this, why don’t you ask if big brother Chu Huai Sheng and I are willing?  Is there any human rights…..”

Feng Ji Xing was still cupping his fists, but he said in a low voice while having a smile on his face, “Stinky brat.  Big brother Feng needs your help now, who would help me if you won’t? Then again, the matter of I, Feng Ji Xing eradicating Swordsman Hall, do you know how many people are waiting to laugh at me?  Once I fail, perhaps I will be court martialed and I won’t even be able to keep my imperial guard commander position.”

Lin Mu Yu gave a secret smile, “That’s good, you can act as the leader of my mercenary group.”

“I don’t want to talk to you…..”  Feng Ji Xing said in a speechless voice.

Chu Huai Sheng also gave a secret smile, “It seems like…..these two heroes both don’t belong to the pond…..”

Feng Ji Xing: “……”

Lin Mu Yu: “……”

After the official discussions were over, the ruler allowed everyone to disperse and planned to return to Orchid Goose City in the afternoon.  The group of ministers left one after the other. When Lin Mu Yu was about to leave, a messenger suddenly came forward with a smile and said, “Sir Lin Mu Yu, his majesty is asking you to the rear palace!”


Lin Mu Yu followed him.  When he came to the rear palace, he found that Qin Jin and Qin Yin were both there.  Qin Yin was still wearing the princess robe and Qin Jin had taken off his dragon robe, changing into a set of white clothing.  He said with a smile, “Lin Mu Yu, do you know why this one called you here?”

“I don’t know……”  Lin Mu Yu honestly answered.

Qin Jin laughed, “I’ve heard that you lost your memory in Silver Fir City and can’t remember who you are or where your family is.  Can you remember them now?”

Lin Mu Yu was stunned as he replied, “I still can’t remember……”

“That’s good!”

Qin Jin flicked his sleeve and said with a smile, “This one wishes to adopt you as a son, what do you think?”

“Adopted son?”  Lin Mu Yu was stunned once again.

Dragon Seeking Forest, on a cold mountain before the sun rose.

With rustling sounds, an old person came out of a nameless hole.  He had a head of grey hair and there was a bamboo basket on his back which was filled with medicinal herbs.  His face revealed a proud expression as he laughed and said, “Even level eight herbs were found by this old man.  Humph, let’s see if that brat Ah Yu still dares to say I, Qu Chu don’t understand alchemy?!”

He flew in the sky, heading in the direction of Deer Cry Court.

The sound of hooves came from beneath the mountain and a black warhorse was breathing hard as it ran over the mountain road.  On the battle horse, there was an old man wielding a cane covered in blood. There was blood congealing in his hair and beard which was without a doubt the blood of Imperial Guards and imperial guard soldiers.

Cang Bai He did not even have 30% of his battle qi remaining and he looked very tired.  His face was covered in hate as he spoke to himself, “I never thought that Qin Lei would enter the Heaven Realm Second Tier.  Damn Qin Lei, damn God Binding Lock! If it wasn’t for him, this old man would have succeeded. My pitiful Dragon Snake, it’s gone like this……”

At this time, a scalding hot domain appeared in the air above him.

Cang Bai He suddenly looked up and saw a giant fire palm falling from the sky.  A powerful Saint Realm pressure came with it and Qu Chu’s sharp voice could be heard, “Old dog Cang, you don’t take the path into heaven, but rather rush into the gates of hell!”

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