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Chapter 186: Zenith Beast

“Roar, roar……”

This spirit beast with blood red fur all over it seemed like a lion, but it wasn’t a lion because it had a head like a dragon.  Its four claws were very powerful and each claw extended out ten centimeters, which was the reason it could cut Han Shao apart with a single attack.  Lin Mu Yu who saw this charged forward, slashing out with a roar like that of an angry beast.


Jumping out, the spirit beast used the same technique.  It slashed its claw out and it was aimed at Lin Mu Yu’s neck.


But Lin Mu Yu was not Han Shao, he had a total of four layers of defenses which was the Black Turtle Shell, the Dragon Scale Wall, the Green Rock Shell, and the battle armour.  When the wild beast’s quick claw fell onto the Black Turtle Shell, it actually shattered instantly with a “peng” sound. Lin Mu Yu did not let this chance go and he slashed out heavily with the sword being held in his hand.  The sword blade was covered in the True Dragon Flames and the Dawn energy!


The attack hit, but it didn’t slash through its body.  The Dragon Spirit Sword only left two marks on its front leg.  The gold blood splashed onto the snow and as if it was lava, it quickly melted all the snow in a meter radius.

“Roar, roar……”

The wild beast gave another angry roar and stepped off the ground with its back foot.  Like a flash of lightning, it sent out a pair of claws that destroyed the Dragon Scale Wall and the Green Rock Wall, as its open mouth bit at Lin Mu Yu’s neck.  It was too strong and Lin Mu Yu couldn’t directly fight against it, so he used the Falling Star Steps to fall down and roll out of the snow.


The wild beast bit thin air, but it didn’t turn, as the iron like tail behind it quickly swept out.  Lin Mu Yu could not dodge anywhere and felt the tail slam down on his back as he gave a groan, instantly feeling a burning sense of pain.  This wild beast could use its tail alone to almost destroy his battle armour, but it was a good thing he had his battle armour, otherwise this attack would have shattered Lin Mu Yu’s spine and even a deity would find it hard to save him at that time.

“Save sir, quickly!”

Xiahou Sang raised his blade as he charged over.  Lin Mu Yu rolled across the ground, but he also raised his hand to summon the gourd vines.  A large mass of gourd vines came out of the ground and tightly surrounded the wild beast, while he shouted, “Xiahou Sang, retreat!  No one is allow to approach! Wei Chou, shoot its eyes!”


Wei Chou did not dare to shoot rashly.  He gripped his bowstring and waited for the right opportunity.

Lin Mu Yu also quickly condensed the Black Turtle Shell and the Dragon Scale Wall again, but because it was the second time, it was much weaker.  The Dragon Spirit Sword flew out and it contained the piercing power of the True Dragon Flames, about to pierce into the wild beast’s abdomen. That place should be its weakness, right?


With an explosion, the Dragon Spirit Sword lived up to expectations as it created a hole in the wild beast’s abdomen.  Golden blood splashed out, but wild beast just gave an angry roar when it saw the wound. Like a shockwave attack, it directly sent the Dragon Spirit Sword flying while also shattering the gourd walls layer by layer.

Lin Mu Yu opened one hand to control the Dragon Spirit Sword while his left hand searched around.  He found the Demonic Sound Blade and condensed his battle qi, as he threw it at the wild beast with a sharp whistle.


The wild beast was relentless as it met the Demonic Sound Blade with its head.  It flew away with a “dang” sound and only a few tufts of fur were cut. It had a really hard head.

Seeing the wild beast charging, Lin Mu Yu did not retreat.  His right hand came back as his face was covered in anger and the space around him began to distort.  There were figures of ghosts and deities that quickly condensed on the surrounding snow, following Lin Mu Yu’s summon and gathering by his fist, turning into an overwhelming punch flying at the wild beast!

Fourth Luminary, God and Spirit’s Cry!


The battle qi shockwave instantly erupted, blowing away the snow on the ground in the surrounding several meters.  Lin Mu Yu was forced back by the shockwave and his right hand went numb.

This wild beast actually withstood the power of the Fourth Luminary without dying.  Its body slightly bent before charging into the sky again, opening its bloody mouth to bite at Lin Mu Yu’s neck again.

He couldn’t be bit in the neck or he would definitely die!

Lin Mu Yu was suffering the backlash of the Seven Luminaries after using the Fourth Luminary, so how could he dodge.  He could only slightly move his body, causing the wild beast to land on his shoulder. With a “puchi” sound, the sharp teeth entered his armour and blood spilled out.  The long teeth slowly penetrated Lin Mu Yu’s flesh and the severe pain fill his body and soul.

Bearing the pain, Lin Mu Yu reached out to grab the Dragon Spirit Sword handle and stabbed the Dragon Spirit Sword into the wild beast’s abdomen from the side.  It entered with a “pu” sound and with more force being used, the Dragon Spirit Sword entered the spirit beast’s body, reaching the handle!

At this time, an arrow flew out with a “peng” sound.  The wild beast on Lin Mu Yu’s shoulder trembled before it let go of Lin Mu Yu’s shoulder, howling with misery.  There was a poisoned arrow in its eye and it was the arrow Wei Chou shot.

“Roar, roar……”

The wild beast ran back as it pulled out the Dragon Spirit Sword, running into the forest.  When Wei Chou wanted to shoot another arrow, he found that the wild beast jumped out and disappeared in the air with a flash of golden light, only leaving a few bloodstains on the snow.


Lin Mu Yu couldn’t help calling out in pain, falling to the snowy ground with a pale expression.  His shoulder was giving off a sharp pain, but it was a good thing the wild beast’s mouth was not bigger, otherwise the teeth would have reached the vein and it would be hard to save him then.


Xiahou Sang quickly came forward to support Lin Mu Yu.  He looked around and shouted, “Stay on alert!”

The other two Imperial Guards were shocked, they had never seen this kind of fight before.  Were the most fierce battles between humans and beasts like this?

Lin Mu Yu took out two bottles of recovery medicine and quickly applied it to his wound, while also taking off his armour.  He said with a pale face, “Just what is that thing? I have never seen it before…..”

Actually, Lin Mu Yu had gone unfettered in “Conquest” all those years, but he had never seen this kind of monster before.

Wei Chou knit his brows and said, “It’s a Zenith Beast, the legendary hunter.”

“Zenith Beast?”  Xiahou Sang was stunned.

Wei Chou nodded, “That’s right.  I’ve seen the Atlas of Ten Thousand Beasts and the Zenith Beast is one of the top beasts, even being comparable to True Dragons.  Its strongest ability is to use light energy to blind others, which is what we just saw. It can also hide its aura to launch a sneak attack.  From ancient times, it is unknown how many peak experts had died in the Dragon Seeking Forest from the Zenith Beast’s ambush, there were even Saint Grade Experts included.  So, the Zenith Beast also has another name which is “Hunter”. Sir, us being locked onto by the Zenith Beast is already truly unlucky……”

Lin Mu Yu was stunned as he said, “Didn’t it run away now because it was wounded?”

Wei Chou’s eyes had a trace of fear as he said, “I’m afraid it isn’t like this.  The Zenith Beast is vengeful by nature, so those locked onto as enemies can only die.  It will certainly come again even if it is injured. We…..We need to quickly leave this place, the further the better, otherwise we might lose our lives because we injured it.”

Lin Mu Yu had no strength to fight, so he nodded and said, “Then Han Shao’s corpse…..”

“No need to worry.”

Wei Chou softly said, “Han Shao is an Imperial Guard, he is prepared to die at any time for the Ze Tian Palace.  This time he died on the battlefield, so his soul is filled with honour. We can’t sacrifice our own lives for his corpse, that is not smart.  Not to mention commander is the emperor’s adopted son, you can’t die in a place like this. Although it is hard for us…..”

“Alright, don’t say anymore.  We’ll leave quickly.”


Lin Mu Yu mounted his horse with difficulty, looking around himself with a pale face.  The Zenith Beast was a hunter by nature and his Spiritual Pulse Technique has already lost its use against the Zenith Beast’s hiding abilities.  It’s like Wei Chou said, staying here to pester the Zenith Beast was no different from seeking death.

With a slap of his horse, the horse quickly began to move across the snow.

Everyone had heavy hearts.  They thought they could easily finish this mission, but they never thought they would be locked onto by an evil beast like the Zenith Beast, risking life and death.

While wildly running, Wei Chou said, “I clearly saw that the Zenith Beast just now was 13400 years old, it can be considered a Divine Beast.  It’s already lucky that we could wound it, so it’s better to go as far as possible…..”

“Over ten thousand years?”  Xiahou Sang was stunned.

Wei Chou revealed a faint smile, “The Zenith Beast is a Moon Sealing Beast, a kind of legendary beast that can absorb moonlight.  All the places with Moon Sealing Beasts does not have any moonlight and after the Moon Sealing Beast reaches ten thousand years of cultivation, it will transform into a Zenith Beast after a tribulation.  The top of the Atlas of Ten Thousand Beasts, the rarely seen Zenith Beast, us being able to meet it…..I really don’t know if we’re lucky or if we have eight generations of bad luck……”

Lin Mu Yu’s heart was heavy and his expression was deep.  He kept revolving the Dragon Forged Bone Tome to heal his wounds because at this time, he had an unlucky premonition.  He felt like he was being locked onto by something, that’s right, it was the same feeling as before. It was like the power the Spiritual Pulse Technique gave him had turned into a kind of instinct.  He could feel the Zenith Beast watching them, but he did not know where the Zenith Beast was.

Lin Mu Yu had an undeniable part in Han Shao’s death.

In that moment, Lin Mu Yu felt true fear, as if he could feel the contempt and determination of the Zenith Beast.  It wanted to swallow his soul and flesh, that was the feeling the Zenith Beast gave him.

After a few minutes, Lin Mu Yu narrowed his eyes as he suddenly felt his entire body being filled with killing intent.

If he didn’t kill the Zenith Beast, how could he do right to Han Shao’s soul in heaven!

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