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Chapter 187: Tailed the entire way

At night, they decided to take a little rest.  They decided to camp under a cliff and Wei Chou started three bonfires, protecting Lin Mu Yu with the cliff and to guard against the Zenith Beast’s ambush.

After rushing for around a day, they were several hundred miles away from the Sharp Ghost Forest, but there was still an unclear premonition in Lin Mu Yu’s heart.  His expression was a bit ugly as he looked into the distant darkness. His face was pale as he lowered his voice and said, “Wei Chou, how many spare bows do you have?”

“Three.  Sir, what is it?”

“We’ll set a trap.”


“Ah?”  Wei Chou had a surprised expression as he said, “We have already ran several hundred miles away, will the Zenith Beast still ambush us?”

“It will, believe me.”


Wei Chou’s eyes revealed understanding, as Xiahou Sang and the others took out their blades and spears to dig a ten meter wide and five meter deep hole.  Then they took dead wood and scattered snow over it, creating a trap. Wei Chou pulled out three bows with arrows loaded, all aimed at the hole, preparing to fire at any moment.

Of course, this was done very blatantly.

“Will this really fool the Zenith Beast?”  Wei Chou squatted beside Lin Mu Yu and said, “The Zenith Beast is not a normal beast, it has already achieved spiritualization, it isn’t a normal kind of smart.  If it has really locked onto us, doing all of this is just a waste of time.”

“No, there will be a use.”

Lin Mu Yu looked up and the cliff above them was like a demon’s mouth stretching out, looking very big and was covered in snow.  Only the heavens knew which direction the Zenith Beast would come from, so he could only guess.

“Si, si……”  

Lin Mu Yu placed his hand on the ground and the gourd vine silently entered the ground.  It wildly spread out into the earth in two different directions. Very soon, Lin Mu Yu had silently made a trap that was less than five meters wide, but it was over ten meters deep!

“There, now no one move around.  Tie up the horses and don’t let them wander.”  Lin Mu Yu pointed at a spot not far away on the snowy ground.

Wei Chou seemed to realize something as he said with a nod, “Alright!”

Although Xiahou Sang and the other two Imperial Guards were nervous, they kept their calm.  If it was a weaker person, they would have lose their calm already. With a 13400 year old spirit beast locking onto them, but able to launch a fatal ambush at any moment and this spirit beast could stealth itself, this was a pressure that no one could bear.

“Sleep.  When it comes, I will wake you up.”  Lin Mu Yu softly said.

“Can we really sleep?”  Wei Chou was stunned.

Lin Mu Yu curled his lips and said in a low voice, “Don’t be so straightforward, don’t you know how to pretend to be asleep?  If we don’t sleep, that injured Zenith Beast definitely won’t attack.”

“Understood, hei…..”

Everyone leaned against the rock wall, taking a short nap.  The flame danced as it shined against the faces of the four people who had peaceful expressions.  Although Lin Mu Yu had closed his eyes, his spiritual sense was released, already confirming that the Zenith Beast was not far away, watching them.  The Zenith Beast could hide its aura so the Spiritual Pulse Technique could not discover it, but thankfully it was snowy and the ground was covered in snow.  As long as the Zenith Beast came, the sound of the beast’s paw stepping on the snow wouldn’t escape Lin Mu Yu’s ears, no matter how soft it was.

The cold wind howled and Lin Mu Yu needed to distinguish the footsteps of the Zenith Beast from the wind.  His brows knit as he gripped his Dragon Spirit Sword. Although it seemed like he was sleeping, his body and mind were completely tensed up.

They didn’t know how much time passed, the Zenith Beast was like an experienced hunter.  It was competing in intelligence and bravery with Lin Mu Yu’s group, always patiently waiting for the beast opportunity.  When the Imperial Guards gave the sound of sleeping, the Zenith Beast finally made its move.

“Su, su……”

The sounds of snow being stepped on was caught by Lin Mu Yu and he just needed to determine how far the Zenith Beast was, and when it would attack, this was the important point.

“Don’t me.  Be careful, it’s coming.”  Lin Mu Yu voice was as low as a mosquito’s

Wei Chou and the others prepared themselves, but they were still in their sleeping positions.

“Su, su……”

The footsteps came closer.  When the Zenith Beast was just ten meters away, Lin Mu Yu suddenly opened his eyes and said, “It’s here, everyone be on guard!”

Everyone took out their blades.

At this time, an angry beat roar sounded.  The moment the Zenith Beast appeared to attack, Wei Chou quickly pulled out his bow and sent an arrow flying.

The Zenith Beast attacked from the right, but it suddenly stopped in front of the trap Wei Chou and the others sent before dodging Wei Chou’s arrow.  Instead it attack from the left and even the corners of the Zenith Beast’s mouth slightly raised, as if it was laughing at Wei Chou, Lin Mu Yu, and the others’ stupidity.


The Zenith Beast jumped out with an angry roar, going at least five meters.

Lin Mu Yu stood up and raised his right hand.  There was demonic energy dancing around his as he instantly used the Second Luminary with the strongest single target attack!


The Zenith Beast angrily roared out.  Although its skin was thick and it used its spiritual energy to resist the Second Luminary, it still fell down on the spot.  It was pushed down into the trap Lin Mu Yu had set and it couldn’t help falling into it.

Lin Mu Yu jumped up with his sword, climbing over ten meters up the cliff wall.  Turning around, his long sword slashed out and with a “kacha” sound, the overhanging mouth of the cliff fell broke off.  Instantly, several dozen giant rocks fell from the sky into the trap.


The Zenith Beast opened its claws and tried to climb up, but then it saw the giant rocks falling from the sky, landing on its head.  It howled out as it was pushed into the bottom of the trap by the rocks. This was an over ten meter deep trap, so it was not easy to climb out after being pressed down by rocks.

“Sir, great plan!”  Wei Chou pushed down the shock in his heart and said, “Is it dead?”

“No, it’s not dead!”

The Zenith Beast was currently roaring out.  Lin Mu Yu’s spiritual sense could tell that it had been weakened, but it was not crushed to death by the rocks.  If it was that easy to kill it, it would not be worthy of being called a Divine Beast.

“Quickly leave.  We’ll leave during the night, it’ll take a bit of time for it to crawl up.”


Wei Chou raised the Demon Devouring Bow and shot seven-eight arrows at the Zenith Beast’s claws struggling outside the stones.  His face was covered in anger, “This bastard killed Han Shao, I really want to cut it into ten thousand pieces!”

“Quickly leave, we’ll have a chance in the future.”


A line of people rode their horses through the night, but Lin Mu Yu’s mood was not relaxed at all.  He knew that the Zenith Beast would not let them go this easily. The Zenith Beast seemed to consider humans as scum because it killed them without any hesitation.  A petty and grudge filled spirit beast like this was quite rare.

The horses ran wildly for an entire day and very soon, the four of them came to the edge of the Dragon Seeking Forest.  They were only half a day’s journey from Orchid Goose City.

But the horses were too tired to run anymore and needed to rest.  Even Lin Mu Yu’s horse had white foam at its mouth and it would die a pitiful death now if it didn’t receive any food and rest.

They chose to camp inside a cave.  The original owner of the cave was a 700 year old blind bear, but Wei Chou killed it with a single slash.  Their boiler was set up and they cooked the bear paw at the cave entrance.

This time, Lin Mu Yu finally didn’t sense the feeling of someone watching them.  It seemed like the Zenith Beast already couldn’t get up after being crushed by the giant rocks which truly was a good thing.

But when everyone was enjoying the bear paw soup, that feeling came again!


Lin Mu Yu angrily cursed out as he put down the soup in his hand and released his Spiritual Pulse Technique.  This time he was actually able to lock onto the Zenith Beast’s position. It seemed like it had been too hurt last time and this Zenith Beast couldn’t hide its aura anymore.

However, with the Zenith Beast’s power, it could still easily kill Lin Mu Yu’s group.

The Zenith Beast was hiding in the forest less than a hundred meters in front of them.  With the spiritual sense, he could tell the Zenith Beast’s aura was much weaker which was the effect of the arrows from Wei Chou’s Demon Devouring Bow.  The Demon Devouring Bow was refined with the beast spirit of a poison attributed spirit beast, so the attack of the poison had already reduced the strength of the Zenith Beast by half.

However, Lin Mu Yu was already injured and he couldn’t use more than 60% of his strength.  If they really fought, the Zenith Beast could kill them and eat them like a midnight snack before leaving.

However, the Zenith Beast was too careful, waiting for the perfect opportunity like before.  Perhaps the Zenith Beast did not know that everything about it had already been seen by Lin Mu Yu.

Looking inside the Qiankun Bag, he found several bottles Gathering Scattered Divinity.  He took them out and said to Wei Chou and the others, “Everyone drink a bottle of this medicine, quickly.”

“This…..What is it?”  Wei Chou asked in shocked voice.

“This is something that will save your lives, quickly.”


These three people already deeply believed in Lin Mu Yu’s words, immediately drinking it.  Lin Mu Yu also drank a bottle before taking out a bottle of Clear Breeze Drunk, pouring it in front of the cave, which was dispersed by the wind.  It was impossible for the Zenith Beast a hundred meters away to avoid this move, even with how cautious it was, it would still suffer a loss. The longer it waited, the stronger the Clear Breeze Drunk would become, this was the result Lin Mu Yu wanted to see.

After an entire four hours, Wei Chou and the others were about to fall asleep when the Zenith Beast finally made its move.  It slowly came out of the forest and although it was being stealthed, Lin Mu Yu’s spiritual sense had already locked onto it.  He vigilantly opened his eyes and said, “Careful, it’s coming again…..”

“Sir, what do we do?”  Wei Chou’s eyes were filled with despair.

Lin Mu Yu smiled, “This time it’ll be fine.  First you’ll shoot out its other eye and I’ll just cut it down.”

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